When we started the action, Ania could lick her friend's pussy at the same time, but Angela couldn't do the same due to their height difference, so had to use her fingers. As things started to speed up, Jack slipped out of Angela and inadvertently pushed between her legs to find a happy mouth to suck him.

"Oh wow! Ohh Ani, that was a nice surprise!" leaving it there for a few seconds before guiding his cock back into Angela.

"Hey that was sneaky!" She laughed, "I want to try some of that!"

They had to shuffle down the bed to reach the desired position, then repeated the previous action, with my cock having a nice suck. As our passions rose, I rolled us onto our backs for a short time then I carefully spun Ani around until her feet were by my shoulders.

She spread her legs and sat up, tucking her knees under her and gyrated for a while, which was really good. Next she leaned forwards and straightened her legs to lie face to face, I gripped her hips and moved her forwards and back, using her pussy like a cock-sleeve.

After a short time we rolled over again, and she spread her legs wide and crossed her ankles behind her head. She used her elbows to hold them there by wedging them behind her knees, giving me access and a good angle to pound her hard and fast.

I was taking my weight on my straightened arms, then flexed my waist to give her my full length, but I held the tip just inside until she begged me to fuck her. At that point I gave her the whole thing, making her grunt, again and again I ploughed into her, turning the grunts to moans of pleasure.

I turned to look at the other two, they were still in the spoon position, but Jack was giving it hard and fast too. He had his right-hand squeezing Angela's breast, while she was doing the same to her left one, both had a glazed look on their eyes as they watched us fuck.

Ania looked too and moaned, then scratched my ass as she came hard, squeezing me tightly, which started me off as well. I pounded her faster and with a cry of "CUMMING!!" filled her pussy with my second load of cum. I slowed down, still enjoying the last few spurts, then sat up, my cock slipping out. I reached for the tissues and cleaned us both up before any juices leaked onto the bed.

I turned to watch Angela receive Jack's liquid love, then heard Ania cry "Jamie, please..." I looked back to see that she was still in the same position and couldn't extricate herself. I carefully unlocked her ankles and slowly lowered her legs.

"Why couldn't you do that yourself Ani?" I asked, as she flexed her legs.

"I too... I stuck, I not practice enough, I do it to surprise you for different position... you like?" she said hopefully.

"I love it but practice some more so that you can get out of it easily Honey."

"Maybe you can help me do that, I'm sure it would help jack's recovery if I could do that for him" Angie giggled.

"Oh yessss" was all he sighed in reply.

I was up first and made tea for the others, then it was a lie-in and a love-in, swapping again for some gentle anal sex at the end. We went for a drive after lunch, followed by a walk in a country park. Angela and Ania cooked dinner, I had brought some wine and a small bottle of the kirsch flavoured 'Double Distilled' vodka for them.

A couple of hours of lovemaking and a good night's sleep later, Ania and I made our way back to my parent's home. We used Dad's computer to look at houses for sale in Bath and the suburbs, having worked out roughly what was the top of our budget.

We were quite disappointed at what was available, either properties that required a lot of work or that were too expensive. The discussion at lunch was a little depressing...

"Listen Jamie," Dad said, "At the moment, neither of you have any official debts from your college courses (apart from what you owe us Jamie), I grimaced at that.

"And you both have the promise of jobs (hopefully), so if you can put up with living here with us old people and save as hard as you can, you could have a good deposit for a house in a year or two."

"Less of the 'OLD' Chris" my mother snapped.

"Thanks Dad, Mum, and we'll do our share of the housework too." I added.

"Perhaps you could help me in the garden and learn how to grow your own vegetables, ready for your new house" Dad continued.

"Okay, I suppose I have some incentive now" and we all laughed.

The rest of the week went quietly, some housework, some running, browsing local estate agents on the internet for properties. Friday night was spent at Angela's apartment, but Saturday, she was expecting a rare visit from her parents, so we would leave after breakfast and start to get our gear ready to go back to Loughborough that afternoon instead of Sunday.

As usual, when we arrived back at the apartment, we sorted through the accumulated mail, advertising flyers and takeaway menus, before going shopping. We cleaned up all the dust that had settled and wiped the kitchen down, before having an early night, after Skyping Rosie and Sarah for an hour.

Sunday we prepared all our books, notes, DVDs and everything else we needed to start our final term at college, with the all-important exams at the end. All before flying to Poland to get married with Ania's mother and sister, in a triple wedding.

It was bright and sunny the next morning, so we decided over breakfast to walk to college, saving money on fuel. We decided to eat less takeaways and cook more often ourselves, if we were going to be saving hard for a house, then we might as well start now.

Chapter 46.

The first day of my final term, for me, involved some reviewing of last term's work, followed by this final term's schedule, of which there was a practical aspect, prior to the final exams. We were each given a written description and all the dimensions of a set of six engineering components.

We had to draw the designs, in rough to show how we envisioned the pieces to look and showing the sizes, then draw a composite of all the components fitted together, before going to the Drawing Classroom and create the blueprints for each piece at twice its actual finished size and the final assembled item from three different angles.

The next stage was to manufacture the components in the workshop using the forge, lathes, milling machines, grinders and polishers, then fit them together to make a completed project. I estimated that it would take approximately three to four weeks, after that it was mostly revising the whole four-year course, ready for the final theoretical exams at the end of June.

Ania's class was to make a series of designs for a fictitious advertising company, they were given the name of the company and some product details. They had five weeks to complete the graphics, logos and some sort of slogan for each one.

Of course, we agreed that the work we had done in Bath would be a great advantage for both of us, while preparing dinner that evening. We talked about each other's projects and the time scale allowed for each stage and were satisfied that we would be able to complete them ahead of schedule to allow more time for revision.

My project was going well and after six more working days, I was ready to start the manufacturing process. Three of the components had to be machined from plate metal and bar, and took five days to complete to exact standards, the other three had to be cast first, this took the rest of the third week to complete. The Monday of the fourth week I started the final stage, cleaning up the cast parts and adjusting them, a little at a time, until the whole thing could be assembled as a final snug fitting product.

When I had completed it to my own satisfaction, I polished the components, assembled it and presented it to the adjudicator, with the sketches and schematics, for him to lock away, until all the projects were ready to be assessed at the end of the fourth week. Now I could get down to revising the whole course, until it was time to take the theoretical exams.

Ania was in a similar position, she was the first one to finish her project, hand it in and start her course revision, but still intended to go to college with me, so that we could have our breaks together. Once I had finished, we changed our minds and only went a couple of times a week, preferring to study in the park, if the weather was fine or at home if it wasn't.

Rosie still slept over with us on Friday and Saturday nights and spent a few hours revising with Ania, but Sarah wanted to concentrate on revising in her room, promising that we would have a party when the exams were over, but before everyone went to their respective homes.

Part of the way through the two weeks of revision, I had a call from Angela, they couldn't both have a week off to come to Poland for the wedding as was originally hoped for, which was disappointing. It was time for the exams to start, I had three, two-hour exams, the subjects being maths, engineering design and general engineering.

Ania had English (which was becoming a lot easier for her since she started living with me), art and digital computer designing. Both of us having one a day, either mornings or afternoons but only one at the same time.

Sarah and Rosie organised the party for Wednesday night, all her classmates plus me, were invited to go to our usual club (by arrangement with the management). Karen and Linda decline saying that they wanted to go home as soon as possible after the exams (no great loss there, I thought).

Wednesday was the only day that we had exams on the same morning and when it was all over, we met in the cafeteria to celebrate, minus the two girls who had gone directly back to their student house to pack and go home.

At about nine pm, Ania and I drove to her former student house to collect Rosie and Sarah as it was raining. This meant that I could not have any alcohol as I would be driving home. The night was a great success and I danced and kissed quite a few of Ania's classmates (the female ones of course).

At one am we walked... well I walked and the other three wobbled to the car park, giggling all the way. I drove for a short distance, then got pulled over by the police for a breathalyser test (my first one), which was zero, then drove back to the apartment (Rosie and Sarah had brought overnight bags).

Once inside, I had a large 'DD' vodka and tonic, but the girls only had small ones, half an hour later the anticipation was getting too much for us, we took turns in the bathroom and retired to the bedroom. It was a bit of a squeeze for the four of us in the double bed, but Rosie and Sarah were quite slim, and the 'pixie' didn't take up much room either.

Sarah was the only one wearing a nightie, 'from habit' she said laughing as it flew across the room. She was on my left, Rosie on my right, with Ania on the outside, for now. I turned to Sarah and propped myself up on my elbow, taking in the view, as she looked at me, with glances down at my hardening cock.

I leaned towards her and brushed her nipple with my lips, making her gasp, the little bud hardening immediately. I smiled as her as I sucked it into my mouth and lashed it with my tongue, causing her to give a little squeak of pleasure. I slowly trailed a finger up her thigh, across her belly, tight and shaking with tension.

It swirled around her large breast, working its way up towards the excited peak and when it got there it was joined by the thumb and together they squeezed the nipple gently. This time she cried out and whispered 'You teasing bastard' but smiled, showing that she didn't mean it.

Her left hand crept towards my cock, slipping underneath it then her nails scratched their way up the shaft. I sat up and lay on top of her, my cock on her belly, noticing the slight disappointment on her face as she spread her legs.

I smiled inwardly and kissed her, she hesitated before kissing me back, then I moved down and suckled on each nipple before kissing my way down to her belly button. I moved lower to her freshly shaved mound and pussy. It was a little spotty and I guessed that she hadn't done it for a while as she was now single and had been spending most of her time studying.

She was shaking in anticipation until my lips engulfed her clit and gave it a good working over. With a cry, her legs came up and locked around my head, squeezing and humping my mouth.

"Oh god! Ohh fuck! It's been so long..." she gasped.

This was followed by a small scream as I pushed a couple of fingers into her pussy. I was watching as her eyes flew open and her mouth made a big 'O', then she humped faster, and I felt her juices flood her pussy and onto my plunging fingers. Fortunately for me, my tongue wasn't in her pussy so I could breathe through my nose as she came, slowly releasing my head as she relaxed.

"I know we've only done it once before Jamie, but I've really missed that, no other man has ever made me cum like you have. Ania is a lucky girl" she said between gasps of air.

"He make me cum like that all the time" Ania said happily from between Rosie's thighs.

"It's a shame that I live so far from you and I live with my parents..."

"When we get our own home, we'll invite you to come and stay for a weekend occasionally Sarah" I offered.

"We get BIG bed, so Rosie come too, more room than now" Ania added and we all laughed.

Sarah was now stroking my cock and got up on her hands and knees, then dived onto the eager shaft and sucked it like an ice lolly. As she worked I played with her firm white buttocks, squeezing the globes and slipping my fingers between them to tease her holes.

The other two had finished with their loving, having both cum and they joined Sarah to give my cock an excellent tongue lashing. I was wondering who was going to get my first load, when Ania pushed Sarah around. She didn't need asking twice and climbed on top of me and Rosie grabbed and then guided my rocket into her silo.

"Ahh... fuck! I'd forgotten just how big he is" she sighed as her ass cheeks settled on my hips.

I pulled Rosie up and sat her on my mouth, Ania knelt by my side, allowing my fingers access to her pleasure parts and she could fondle and kiss the other two. They swapped around twice more so that each girl had a bounce on me.

By then it was my turn to cum, so they all got off for me to choose which one. 'No problem' I thought and grabbed Sarah and pushed her onto her back and by the time I was close to her she had spread her legs wide to accept my rampant cock.

I had two friends who vied as to which one would feed me into the eager pussy, Rosie won with a laugh and guided it in. I paused at a couple of inches and looked at Sarah, she frowned and open her mouth to speak, when I thrust all the way in.

"WOO-HOO!!" she cried, then slapped my ass as I pounded her.

Ania and Rosie lay on either side of her and sucked on her nipples, I was going fast, but Sarah cried out for me to go faster and harder, so I obliged, ramming deeply, making loud slapping noises plus a few pussy farts, which usually get a laugh, but we were too busy.

"Ohfuck! Ohfuck! Ohfuck!!" Sarah panted, "AAAHHHHhhhhhh c-c-CUMMING!!!"

Suddenly her juices squirted against my groin and my cock slid easier, I felt hands on my ass and then fingernails slowly were dragged across the cheeks and I exploded. I clenched myself as my sperm raced to escape with explosive force.

I felt pleasure in my nipples, ass, hips and thighs as well as in my cock. Four or five big spasms, followed by a few lesser ones, then just the odd twitch. The two girls had pulled away and I lay on Sarah, squashing her big titties but taking some weight on my elbows.

Sarah and I were panting as it we'd run a marathon, she was stroking my back and kissing my cheek and ear. I was in heaven until I felt a stinging slap on my ass from Ani,

"Get up lazy! It our turn now!"

I rolled off Sarah and felt a mouth cleaning my tender cock, I looked down to see Ania grinning with her eyes as she throated me. Rosie was between Sarah's thighs sucking my cum out of her pussy, then she crawled up her body and shared it with the girl.

Ania fetched a bottle of lemonade from the refrigerator, which we shared, then it was time for round two, with new partners. Rosie happily accepted my cum this time and sometime later we went for anal sex all round.

The other girls opened their overnight bags and brought out vibrators and used them on each other in pussies and asses, Ani sucked me to attention and slowly lowered herself onto it, wriggling and humming happily as it went deeper into her ass.

Rosie was next and wanted it 'doggy', Sarah was still a relative amateur compared to the other two, so spread herself in 'missionary. I used plenty of KY gel and eased it into her. She cried out as the head popped in and moaned as I slid in and out, gradually getting deeper until my balls were squashed against her ass cheeks, before speeding up.

We finished with a favourite of mine, with Sarah on her hands and knees on the side of the bed, with Rosie lying face down on top of her, and Ania being the lightest on top of her, with all their asses level vertically. I could then move up and down as well as in and out of the three of them.

I used the memories of my exams to delay my orgasm as I tried to give them theirs, it worked pretty well too. Ania came first as I knew she would, Rosie wasn't far behind, but it wasn't quite doing it for Sarah and as this was possibly the last time we would be together, I wanted it to be something to remember.

I pulled out and flipped the surprised girl over, who gave a little shriek and a giggle. I spread her wide and returned to her tight hole and the other girls went for a breast each, squeezing and sucking hard, as I pounded away. Rosie slid a couple of fingers into her pussy and fucked her with the opposite movement to mine and Ani worked on her clit, rubbing and gently pinching it.

All this action was too much for Sarah, she started to gasp and shake, small moans became much louder, until she screamed "OHHHH.... FUCK...CUMMING...FUCK ME NOW!" As if we weren't going as fast as we could already.

She came hard, her hand pressed the girls faces deeply into her breasts, her heels pounded my ass and her juices splattered around Rosie's fingers, coating them and our bellies too. That did it for me, I slammed as deep as I could get and let loose what seemed like a deluge, my cock, thighs and ass spasmed and blasted additional spurts.

As we came down from our orgasmic heaven, Sarah released Rosie and Ani and reached up and pulled me down and kissed me passionately for some time. When she stopped to breathe she smiled and said breathlessly,

"I love you Jamie... we may never... see each other again... but I had to tell you... I know Rosie feels the same way... and as for you Ani... you are one lucky bitch... and I love you two as well."

"We all feel the same way and Ani and I have decided that even after we are married, there will always be room in our hearts... and our bed for you" I explained, and there followed some passionate kissing all around.

We all went to the bathroom to take quick showers and had to change the sheet as it was quite wet, then we settled down to sleep. It was a snug fit, but it worked because we were so tired from the stress of the final exams, the clubbing and the rampant sex.

I still woke early, normally I would get up and make tea for Ania and myself but this time I was in the middle and couldn't get out without waking at least one girl. I lay there, going over our little orgy in my mind and getting hard when I felt a hand caress my cock.

Rosie grinned at me and whispered,

"You can't get away now."

"Why would I want to?" I grinned back.

"They don't need their tea yet, but I need this cock so let me slide on top..." she whispered and did just that, spreading herself carefully and guiding my hard staff into her eager pussy, with a sigh.




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