Continued from My Wife's Second Adventure.

The scene that greets me is one I'll never forget. You are sitting between the two guys, all three of you naked and slightly sweaty, limbs on top of limbs. One of the guys has his cock resting against your leg and you put your hand on it as I look, immediately showing that you're your own woman now.

The heating is on full blast and the room is very warm. Tracey is sat on the arm chair, still fully dressed and looking immaculate apart from the wine stain on her skirt and blouse. The stain gives her a definite slutty edge, which I love and my cock immediately betrays by flexing beneath my dress!

"Well hello sweetie, I was a bit worried that all this might be a bit too much for you, but it seems you've made a special effort" you say "I see you like Tracey's outfit too! "You make eyes at my rapidly expanding dress tent and everyone has a little laugh.

I roll my eyes, "Guilty!" This is such a strange situation.

"Well, you're here so this is lovely that you've come. Come quite a bit looking at what you've done to my dress!" much sniggering.

"This is Adam." You look at the guy on her left while gently squeezing his rather large thick cock "and this is Ryan." You turn to the guy on her right and give him a very deep and wet kiss. Holy shit.

"H-Hi" I stutter weakly and I take a seat on the other sofa.

"I've been telling the guys and Tracey all about you. About how understanding and lovely you are about my sexual appetites and about how you like to dress up in my clothes and wank yourself off when I'm out." I gulp. "Now since we're all having such fun tonight I thought you might like to watch us all getting each other off? No touching for you mind, eyes only!"

"There is a bonus though, David." Tracey speaks up.

"oh? Tell me more"

"Well, I'm having a clear out of my wardrobe." My eyes widen. "So David, anything on those two rails in the dining room is yours to wear tonight if you want to." She smiles her naughtiest smile and starts to unbutton her wine stained silver satin blouse.

"Or maybe you would like to start with this outfit? "she purrs, taking off the blouse.

I nod vigorously and she throws the blouse over to me and unhooks her bra, her gorgeous tanned breasts swinging free. I start to strip out of your suit and look at you with wonder in my eyes.

"You enjoy yourself my love, we're all adults here just having fun." You blow me a kiss and bend towards Adam , taking his stiffening cock in your mouth.

"Catch!" Tracey throws me her gorgeous black midi skirt and I see she is not wearing any panties! "I think I'll call you Davina from now on." She says, and walks to the sofa, kneeling in front of Ryan. She takes his already hard cock into her open mouth and starts slowly working his shaft up and down, reaching across to massage your bum at the same time!

I'm truly in disbelief at the hardcore movie scenes unfolding in front of me. I step into Tracey's skirt, still warm from her body and I slide it up my legs. Ohhh, fuck it feels so good and fits me perfectly! I finish buttoning her blouse and I take a seat opposite the sofa to watch the show.

The two ladies are greedily sucking cock side by side with lots of gorgeous wet slurping and sucking noises and the odd grunt and sigh of pleasure. Tracey's hand is massaging your bum and she cheekily slides her hand between your cheeks. I hold my breath. I know you don't like anything in your bum, so I'm hoping Tracey doesn't persist and risk the mood.

To my utter astonishment (and envy) you grab her hand and press it into the crack of your bum! She pulls her hand away and slips two fingers into your sopping vagina, pulling them out and sliding them slowly up your bum!

You moan softly as her fingers slide in and she starts working them back and forth. I feel a little humiliated, why won't you let me do that?

She pulls away from Ryan's cock and turns to you, sliding two fingers from her other hand into your pussy.

"Mmfff!" You stop fellating Adam and cry out, "Oh fucking hell Tracey!" Your eyes roll back in your head and your mouth is open as you turn to give her better access. Jesus. You always said touching another woman was a massive turn off for you! It doesn't look that way now.

Adam looks across at me and smirks, he stands up between you and Tracey and slides his cock into your open mouth. You gag at first but them grab his hips and pull him onto you, holy FUCK you have never ever deep throated me. But here you are with Adam's cock buried to the hilt in your face like a pro.

Ryan is slowly wanking himself off as he watches the show, Tracey having abandoned him in favour of you. Your body starts to shake and the familiar colour rises to your chest and throat, your face blushes. You sit down hard onto Traceys fingers, forcing them all the way into you front and back as you cry out, pulling Adam's cock out of your mouth.

"TRACEYYYYYYY! FUCKK MEE!! FUKKKK!!" You convulse and buck in your ecstacy! Suddenly, SQUIRT! SQUIRT! SQUIRT!! Three torrents squirt out of your convulsing vagina all over Tracey's hand and the carpet as your orgasm rocks you with a second wave.

Tracey's face is a picture of shock and pleasure, obviously happy that she's brought you off so intensely but amazed at the big wet patch on her lounge floor!

You collapse onto your back, smiling. Meanwhile, the guys who were enjoying getting their cocks sucked before Tracy started on you, turn their attentions to our beautiful hostess.

Adam guides her down onto all fours as she reaches for his cock. Smiling up at him, she slides his hardness between her ruby lips. At the same time, Ryan enters her from behind and starts to fuck her with a slow rhythm.

I leave my seat and kneel down next to you. I stroke your face and you turn to me smiling. You reach out and gently slide your hand over the front of Tracey skirt, brushing my erection.

"Mmm, I've already made one person cum in this skirt today, maybe it's time for number two." You purr as my hardness twitches against the expensive fabric.

"W-what?" I ask.

"Hee hee! I made Tracey cum in the toilets in Bar Luga, my love." I just stare open mouthed.

"I watched her pee and then brought her off right there in the cubicle." You say.

"I did say things were going to change, sweetie." You say with a wry smile.

"Oh god that is so sexy!" I gasp, as you start to massage my iron hard cock through the fabric of the skirt. You tell me more as you rub.

"I didn't really like the taste of her pee at first, but after she came her flavour changed and I started to like it."

Holy fuck. I didn't realise you'd brought her off with your MOUTH! This is too much, and I can't stop myself. I cum all over the inside of Tracey's skirt as you grin, knowing how shocked I am at your revelation.

I was totally lost in myself but as I come down from my ecstasy, I'm aware of Tracey standing up and the guys pulling on clothes.

It seems we're all cummed out and the party is over. You and Tracey show the guys out and head upstairs to bed.

I head into the dining room to see what delights await on Tracey's clear out rail...

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