"At once, Meine Proprietress."

Jean the possible butch scurried off and returned quickly with a selection of gags on another black velvet display tray. The Proprietress took her time examining them, picking one up here and there, holding it in front of my face, then trying another. She looked like she was having a difficult time making a decision.

"Jean, are you sure this is the correct selection?"

"Oh, yes Meine Proprietress. We updated this selection just the other week together. Don't you remember?"

"Are you implying I've forgotten something?"

"Of course not, Meine Proprietress. I was just..."

The Proprietress hand quickly darted out and slapped Jean's cheek. It was hard enough to generate an echo in the room. Jean almost dropped the tray of gags. I had a feeling it was a very good thing for her she didn't. Jean's face was suddenly flushed. Embarrassment? Fear?

"What have I told you about forgetting your place as an assistant?"

"Yes, Meine Proprietress. So sorry, Meine Proprietress. Please forgive me, Meine Proprietress. Thank you for the correction, Meine Proprietress."

The Proprietress promptly went back to ignoring Jean. She picked up two black gags, and held up the one in her right hand.

"This ball-gag works very well for punishments. The breathing holes are perfect for slaves who get too flustered to breath through their nose during punishment. There is also nothing like the classic ball-gag look on a slave. The breathing holes also allow greater access for drool to drain down the slave's chin. That can be very sexy for a dominant. Or it can provide them with another reason for punishment, which is it's own reward to a dominant. I imagine you can be a bit of a drooler with the right persuasion."

She lingered on my chin for a bit, imagining it glistening in drool, no doubt. But then she held the other up in her right hand.

"However, the hard plastic can be very unforgiving for one's jaw during times of stress. This ball-gag with a leather cover is made of the softest PVC material available. The leather cover completely covers the mouth and lips, helping to mask her facial contortions. The cover also enhances the appearance of total subjugation. The soft PCV gag itself is very forgiving for the teeth and jaw, since those inevitable sudden shocks will cause one to bite down hard."

Wow, I was actually getting the official sales pitch. This was kind of cool.

"I'm betting that this will be your first gag, unless you were mouthy last night. But I doubt that. You seem perfectly subservient, so I'm sure you obeyed your Mistress last night. Am I right?"

"Yes, Proprietress. I was very obedient last night."

"Good. I'm sure your Mistress was pleased. However, you must be gagged for your punishment. Since you are a neophyte, I think this will be the correct choice for tonight. Let's see how this fits you, shall we?"

The Proprietress put the ball-gag back and stepped up to me. She was so close that her body pressed into mine. I'm sure this was intentional. I opened my mouth like a good slave to take in the gag. The Proprietress practically breathed into my ear as she leaned in to tighten the leather straps behind my head. She seemed to be very particular about getting my hair tucked in just right. The feel of the interior of the leather cover was just slightly rough. It felt very kinky against my lips. When she was done, The Proprietress stepped back.

"Perfect! I know your Mistress prefers red in her gags, but I'm sure she'll agree that this is the perfect choice for a beginner. Now...ah, of course. You need to be plugged."

Plugged!? What!? What is plugged!? That couldn't mean...oh God, I'd been fantasizing about taking that strap-on up the ass again all day, but nobody ever said anything about being butt-plugged. I didn't know if my poor ass could take it.

Scratch that. I knew there was no way my poor ass could take it.

A horrid selection of butt-plugs was presented for the Proprietress' approval in no time at all. She took her time holding them, stroking them, and making little remarks. Butt-plugs apparently came in all shapes, sizes, and colors. I didn't care much about the color, but I was sure concerned about the shape and size. Some were short and stubby, and some looked longer than my dildo. The Proprietress held up a particularly gruesome looking one with that was long and ribbed, and smiled at Jean.

"Ah, remember your first night with this one, Jean?"

"Yes, Meine Proprietress."

From the look on Jean's face as she looked down, I'd wager that wasn't a particularly happy memory for her.

"Such a wonderful night. I bet you never thought we'd get the whole thing in."

"I knew you wouldn't give up, Meine Proprietress."

Thankfully, the Proprietress put that deadly looking weapon back down after her little reminiscence, and picked up a small ordinary black plug with a glittering emerald base.

"This is the Neophyte, our starter model. Wouldn't want to literally rip you a new one your first time out, would we?"

Jean looked back up, and she actually looked a little disappointed at that. Nice. Yes, my butt sure appreciated that!

"Well, we'll need you nice and lubed up first, won't we?" the Proprietress mused as she stared at me. Jean still stared at the floor rather forlornly. I couldn't tell you what disappointed the possible butch more: unpleasant memories or a buttplug that I might actually live through. Probably both.

The Proprietress turned and said to Jean, "Lube her for me, Jean. Three fingers only."

"Oh yes, Meine Proprietress!"

Well, this perked Jean right up! She put the tray down, grabbed some lube, and hurried on back behind me. I wasn't feeling at all sure about this. I was fine having my ass fucked by My Mistress last night. Hell, I'd been re-living it in my head all day at work, so I obviously liked it. But a big part of why I liked it was because I trusted My Mistress, and felt secure in her control. The Proprietress also inspired a sense of security in me. Sure, she was obviously a sadist. But she was also a businesswoman, and I had a feeling her sense of professionalism reigned over her other urges.

Jean on the other hand...I could not figure this one out, and that scared me a little. My sum total of SM experience now numbered about 20 hours, so I had no handle at all on the intricacies of dominant/submissive behavior. Jean was certainly subservient to her Proprietress, but was she subservient otherwise? Was she a frustrated sadist who was going to vent her frustrations on my poor butt-hole?

I felt Jean kneel down, heard some lube being squished out, and then felt my ass cheeks being pulled. The Proprietress kept her eyes locked on mine, so I supposed she was really in control. That made me feel better. I figured I could use the safeword My Mistress gave me if things went, uh, south. Everyone understands "red", right? Oh shit! I had this punishment gag in, and it was really stuffed in my mouth. I couldn't say shit if I wanted to. Would they stop if I started screaming though the gag? I'm sure the Proprietress must have seen the escalating emotions in my eyes. Then she yelled at her assistant.

"Jean! We use gloves here! You now the rules!"

"Meine Proprietress! Sorry, Meine Proprietress!"

Jean scurried away. The Proprietress closed that gap between us again, and hooked her finger through the hook in my collar.

"Jean gets very excited when I give her a little responsibility, and she sometimes gets carried away. She knows we do not insert our bare fingers into someone else's property."

The Proprietress leaned over to look down at my butt, and straightened back up.

"Hmm, no drool. That's surprising."

Jean returned to her place behind my butt to resume her duties.

" I'm not happy with the position you've put me in, Jean. I'm going to have to apologize to her Mistress for your little indiscretion, and you know how I detest apologies."

"Yes, Meine Proprietress."

The Proprietress kept my eyes locked on hers while holding the hook of my collar. She was so close that our noses practically touched. This had a strangely calming effect on me. I felt the same sort of trust that I did with My Mistress. Both of these women took their roles as dominants seriously. They had their sadistic demands, but they knew that the way to get those demands met was not by intimidation, but by establishing the trust that they would never let things become unsafe.

The first finger poked into my anus. I assumed it was gloved, since the Proprietress seemed satisfied now. I remembered My Mistress' guidance last night, and focused on my breathing. I felt as if the Proprietress was willing my body to relax with her gaze, even though I was gagged and trussed up like her prisoner. I lost myself in those complicated eyes.

Jean worked her finger all the way in. I felt her knuckles against my ass. She kept it still for a bit, while my ass got used to it, and then started working it in and out very, very slowly. Jean was being very patient in opening my ass up. I wondered if she had a naturally sensitive touch, or if she was watching her behavior around her Proprietress. Either way, she was being much gentler than I expected. It was rather sensual, actually. I didn't even notice as she went up to two fingers. My mind was back in the hotel room last night, as My Mistress took my ass as hers for the first time on her bed, and made me want to cum so bad.

"Three fingers in, Meine Proprietress" Jean announced, once she was...you know. Damn. I was seriously getting aroused.

"I'm done with you, Jean. Wait out front with her Ma'am until you are called."

"Yes, Meine Proprietress."

The Proprietress waited until Jean was gone, and then let go of the collar. She lubed the butt-plug she'd selected and walked in back of me. I felt her body press into me as she draped her right arm around my chest. She rested her hand above my breast, instead of fondling my nipple.

"Just keep breathing. This will be fine."

I felt the plug being pressed against my butthole. It was big. Too big! No way that thing was going to fit inside me. I whimpered, and the Proprietress hugged me tighter. I felt her breath in my ear as she talked softly to me.

"Close your eyes. Just relax. Think about how it feels to surrender to your Mistress. Picture your arousal when she was fucking you like a little anal slut. I know how she operates. I know her five steps. A girl doesn't get to be her slave unless she takes it up the ass the first night. So I know you've taken her strap-on, and I know you liked it."

She was right. I didn't just like it. I literally spent all day dreaming about it. The feel of that hotel bed that I'd never felt before, even though I worked there. My Mistress' strong grip on my hip and shoulder, the orgasm I craved so badly as my ass was fucked for the first time. I still wanted it. I hoped my punishment wasn't too much for me. I wanted to please My Mistress, to get that strap-on cock back up my ass. That's how I wanted to earn my first orgasm. I knew that would really please My Mistress.

"You're a slave. It's in your nature to have your ass plugged. Once it's in, and you've had a little while to get used to it, you'll see that it's something you've craved all your life without realizing it."

The plug popped in. After stretching my butt-hole, it was securely in my ass. The Proprietress obviously knew how to handle slaves like me. She knew just what to do to get me to relax and escape into my head while she worked that thing inside me. She was a professional. I wondered how many asses she'd plugged? Are we talking double digits? Triple digits?

The Proprietress just stood there, leaning into me, with her right arm draped across my chest. She hugged me tighter as her left hand did some wandering. She squeezed my butt-cheek, and then let her fingers glide up and around my body, tracing little outlines here and there. She cupped my right breast, then squeezed and fondled. Her arms where completely around me now. I couldn't help but be aroused by this, but I was also a little disturbed. I wasn't her property, and I had a feeling she was going off the reservation. She whispered into my ear as she continued fondling my breast.

"It's too bad you're taken. I've been watching you across the street for some time, and I've been wondering about you. So has Jean. She knows exactly what time you leave your hotel for lunch every day. Jean loves it when it's a nice day out in the morning. She knows that if I allow it, she will be able to perch herself on my window-sill, and watch you eat your salad at your favorite sidewalk table at that café on the corner. Dirty things go through Jean's mind while she gazes at you. She probably imagines you working here for extra money under her...oops, I mean beside her. Dirty things go through my mind too. "

The Proprietress moved her right arm from my chest, and grabbed my hair. She tilted my head forward, baring my neck.

"This is all our little secret of course. Nobody likes a little snitch."

She placed her open mouth on my neck and gave it a love bite. It wasn't hard, but I could feel her teeth, and her tongue. I could feel the saliva on my neck when she removed her mouth from my neck, and tilted my head back up. She then let go of me completely.

"We should finish up. You're on a schedule, after all."

She walked behind the counter, and into the back, leaving me all alone. Wow! I was seriously freaked out now. I was also totally turned on, and frankly, confused about my feelings at the moment. I was also still completely immobilized by the stocks on the floor, the cuffs attached to the ceiling, and the gag. I wasn't going anywhere until someone was ready to take me there.

"What do you think, Jean?"

"You nailed it, my Proprietress. This collar suits her. God, what I wouldn't give for an hour with this slutty piece of..."


"Sorry, sorry. Can't blame me. You parade such natural slave meat in front of a girl, what do you expect?"

The Proprietress turned to Ma'am. "My apologies. It's been a few days since Jean's been disciplined. We will correct that oversight tonight."

The Proprietress stared hard into my eyes for a moment, then stepped in really close.

"Prep her for delivery, Jean."




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