*Everybody in this story is 18 or over*

It was a dark and stormy night. Rain pattered on my windshield as I drove my friends and I home. They were all in varying stages of drunkenness, except me as designated driver. Stacy was passed out with her boyfriend, and I had to admit, I snuck a peek at her cleavage as she slumped over at every red light. Her top two buttons were undone, likely due to her boyfriend Dave, as they had been making out. Creamy cleavage was nearly spilling out the confines of her black bra. Patrick wasn't being subtle at all as he ogled our mutual friend from the shotgun seat.

"Hey Sean," Patrick whispered with a drunken slur.


"Stacy's tits are almost out."

I smirked. "I noticed, Patrick."

"They're hot."

"It's rude to stare, Patrick."

"Ah Sean, she wouldn't care even if she was awake." Patrick's speech was getting sloppier. "Remember that time she played strip poker with us?"

"Ah, I'll never forget." The image of Stacy's naked body was still fresh in my mind. It was three months ago, and Dave had only just started dating her. She got completely naked and danced around the room after she lost. Her pubes were shaved and her large tits and ass jiggled as she moved. That was a fun night. Fortunately, Dave also didn't seem to care about us oogling his naked girlfriend. So I guess lusting after her now wasn't entirely wrong from a moral standpoint.

The light turned green at the intersection, and I pulled forward. Lights got brighter on Patrick's side of the car and before I could realize what was happening, a metallic crunch changed everything. Shards of glass flew everywhere, and my head whipped side to side. Streetlights turned into streaks as the car spun. The steering wheel locked and despite my best efforts it wouldn't move. My mind played everything in slow motion, but my body still had physical limits and everything was beyond my control. A sudden darkness ended it as quickly as it had started. Red and blue lights interrupted the silent darkness momentarily. There was no pain. I always thought there would be pain. Everything went dark again.

A slurping sound interrupted the dark silence. Masculine groans reached my ears, and I struggled to open my eyes and saw a hot blonde giving a man a blow job. She wore a white nurse outfit that was unbuttoned to show her beautiful tits. He was barely able to stand, and he wore a white lab coat as her head bobbed back and forth on his member. His groans grew louder and she went back and forth faster. She grabbed his butt through his coat and sucked until he climaxed with a groan.

"Thank you, Doctor," she said.

He responded to her with a stoic nod, put his cock away, and carried on business as usual.

I faded back to sleep. When I woke up again, I was in a hospital bed and my head was spinning. A redhead in a white nurse outfit was standing next to my bed and grinned at me. "Glad to see you're awake."

Looking closer, it looked less like a nurse outfit, but more like a nurse costume. Cleavage of the dress showed her ample jugs that jiggled with every movement. The skirt of the dress showed off plenty of thigh, and anyone behind her could've got a glimpse of butt cheek. Her red hair was pulled behind her head in a ponytail. Thick ruby lips curved in a smile.

"What is this place?" I managed to ask in a groan.

"All questions will be answered soon," the nurse said. "First, a simple exam."

Somehow I was naked, and I wasn't sure if I had woken up naked or not. Awareness of my nudity made me want to cover up, especially as the nurse's outfit was beginning to arouse me. The nurse put a gentle hand on my forearm and told not to be embarrassed. "You have a very nice body, nothing to be ashamed of. Now, do you remember what happened when you first got here?"

I tried to think as the nurse rubbed my arm. She didn't seem to be checking for broken bones or injuries, but she was just rubbing my skin. Her feminine touch sent pleasure down my body, and cock began to swell. I willed myself not to get an erection in front of this nurse, but my body wouldn't listen. Her hand made its way up my arm and proceeded to my pecs. She was now using both hands, and again, the excuse of looking for injuries didn't make sense. "Well, my friends and I were in a car crash. It was night and raining. Cops came and I passed out."

The nurse simply nodded while listening to my story. Her hands went further down my abdomen, and my cock was starting to rise on its own. "Anything else, love?"

I remembered the doctor getting blown, but I felt it best not to mention that. "That's about all I remember. Are my friends OK?"

"Oh, you'll see them soon." Her hands went to my thighs and her fingertips were in my pubes. "I must finish this examination of you, first."

"What kind of examination is this?" I asked as her fingers got closer to my balls.

The nurse leaned down and I caught a great view of her tits as she did so. Her lips approached my ear and her hot breath excited me more. "The best kind."

The nurse stood straight again and giggled at my expression while she undid her top. Her huge tits spilled out. Beautiful pink nipples were exposed to my sight, and her breasts were incredibly perky and needed no bra.

I stared at her exposed tits as her fingers went up the line of my balls to wrap around my hard cock. "What kind of place is this?"

She didn't answer my question and instead spit on my dick. Her fist pumped my cock up and down. Groans of pleasure escaped my lips while I stared at her body. I reached out for her breasts. I figured if it was OK for her to touch me like this, it was OK for me to return the favor. I grabbed her soft flesh and my thumb circled her nipple. Not only did she not object, she nodded and told me, "Yes, Baby."

She sped up her hand job while I felt her soft tits. Nipples hardened beneath my fingers and she let out tiny moans as well. "You like my titties?"

"Fuck yes!"

"For the next part of the exam, I have to ask you to stop, but you can fell my ass instead, if you want."

I was far too horny to ask about this next part of the exam when the nurse half turned away. Her breasts were just out of reach, but as promised, her ass was now well within my grasp. The short skirt exposed the lower part of her ass cheeks and my hand drifted up her skit to feel her firm flesh. My thumb found her moist opening, and I really shouldn't have been surprised to find, "No underwear?"

"Best way to do my job." She winked and engulfed my cock in her warm, wet mouth. Hard nipples raked my thigh and abs. I massaged her wet pussy and she moaned around my hard organ. Vibrations made it even better, and I let out moans of my own. Thoughts of someone hearing us entered my head, but she didn't seem to care, so I let myself enjoy it.

I pulled her skirt to get a full view of her naked ass slightly bent over. I gave it a hard slap and she let out a slight squeal. A few more spanks earned more squeals before I rubbed her clit. Her throat vibrated hard around my dick and she sucked even harder while her head bobbed back and forth. A tingling sensation went up from my balls to my cock and I gave her a warning. She somehow took more of me in, and I let myself explode inside her mouth. My groans filled the small room as waves of pleasure washed over my body. Her throat massaged every drop of cum I had to give.

Her tits rose and fell as she breathed deeply. My cock shined with her spit, and my fingers had her juice. I took a moment to taste it while she looked down at me. "Very good diagnostic. I will report this to the doctor. Please wait here."

The nurse didn't bother buttoning her top back up or lowering her skirt as she walked out the room. I was too dumbfounded to ask just what sort of diagnostic she was reporting to the doctor. It couldn't be that she just sucked my dick. What kind of diagnostic was that?

Before I could grow too curious, the doctor walked in. He was a young man with dark hair, not much older than myself. He had a chart and grinned in the way doctors do. He greeted me as he washed his hands. "How are you doing? Did my nurse service you well?"

I was still naked with a cock at half mast still shining with nurse spit. There was no way he didn't know what just went on, and at this point, it was too bizarre for me to worry about covering my body. "She was great. What am I doing here?"

The doctor asked me to retell the last things I remember. I told him about the accident and waking up here. I even told him that all the nurse did was suck me off, and didn't run any diagnostics. As great as the blowjob was, I wasn't about to have false info on my medical records after a car crash. The doctor simply laughed. "That's Becky. Great, isn't she?"

"Well yes, it felt great, but isn't this a hospital?"

"This is a hospital," the doctor said. "Though it is unlike hospitals you are used to."

"I noticed."

The doctor gestured to my body. "No signs of injury or distress. Sexual function is as normal. Do you feel any pain?"

"I was just in a severe car crash."

"But do you feel any pain?"

I thought about it for a second and sort of checked my body. My hands still worked obviously, as well as my dick. Full sensation in my body as the nurse tested. I wiggled my toes. "Um, I feel fine."

Better than fine. I don't quite remember my body being quite so fit. I mean, I was no slouch, but I definitely don't remember my pecs and abs being so well defined. Maybe dehydration after the crash?

"How could I be so injured I passed out, but not have a single bruise?"

The doctor sighed, almost sadly. He knew more than he was about to tell me. "I'm afraid I can't answer that."

"I have a feeling you could."

"If I did, you wouldn't get it." The doctor scribbled notes on his pad. "You are free to go. Your friends are waiting in the lobby. They're all in good condition."

"We're all fine after that crash?" I asked. "What a miracle."

"Not exactly." The doctor walked me to the door without explaining further. Dave, Stacy, and Patrick were just ahead in the lobby. I hesitated a moment, remembering my nudity, but suddenly I had my clothes back on. The exact clothes I was wearing before the crash. Not a scratch or bloodstain on them. There was too much glass flying for this to be possible. Such thoughts sort of drifted away in a haze.

"Hey, there he is!" Patrick rose from the waiting room chair and grasped my hand. He pulled me in and slapped my shoulder blade as we usually did. "Let's go home. I got us a cab."

"A cab?"

"Yeah dude, car is totaled."

"The car is totaled?!" My parents were gonna kill me.

"Yeah, but the insurance will get you a new one, relax," Dave chimed in. "At least we're all OK."

"And we all are OK, right?" I asked.

"I feel OK." Stacy looked around the group for approval. The guys nodded their heads, and I had to concede that I was OK too. "Great, so are all OK."

"Hey listen," Patrick told me. "It's OK to feel shook up about the car, but everything is working out fine. We're fine, and you'll get a new car. The crash wasn't your fault, and your parents will understand. Everything will be fine."

"Just like it says here." Dave pointed to a sign that said 'Everything will be fine' in green letters.

"Nobody else is concerned that we all lost consciousness, but none of have any injuries?" I asked.

Patrick shrugged. "All's well that ends well. Come on, the cab is waiting."

On my way out of the lobby, I took a moment to look around. There were a handful of other people in the lobby. Something was missing; ER lobbies usually have an energy of unease. Here, everybody seemed mellow at worst and happy at best. Just before leaving, another nurse walked by us. She wore the same outfit as the one that blew me, and she gave us a wink. Her hand grazed my crotch as she passed us, and she was gone by the time I turned around.

"Nurses here are fucking hot," Patrick said.

The hospital doors opened to let us out and the morning sun greeted my sensitive eyes. Outside was the usual hustle and bustle of our city. A yellow cab was right past a short stairway up to the doors. Standing by the cab doors was a tanned girl with bleach blonde hair. She had no tanlines on her body, and her nipples were the color of milk chocolate. Her pussy was shaved bald. I knew this because was completely naked.

"Thanks for using our cab service," she said with a smile that exposed her pearly whites. "We hope that you enjoy your journey, and feel free to grope me as you enter."

"Sorry, what was that last part?" I asked.

"Feel free to grope me! It's OK, I like it!"

Patrick didn't need the repeat and he reached for her tits with both hands. He took a moment to massage her, and her smile didn't break at all. "Amazing tits!"

"Thank you!"

"Do you mind?" Dave asked Stacy while Patrick entered shotgun.

"I mean, I'm going to grope her too." Stacy had a smirk on her face that I was not used to seeing. Dave shrugged and also squeezed the tan girl's breasts. The girl even put her arms back and thrust her chest out to let him feel more. When he was done, he got in the back of the cab. Stacy went a bit further and touched the girl's clit. Her eyes lit and immediately she grabbed Stacy with both arms. The girl pressed her lips against Stacy's and her hands explored Stacy over her clothes. Their lips locked and Stacy let her hands drift down to the girl's tight ass.

As they separated their kiss, the tan girl gave Stacy a few more pecks on the lips before they completely broke their embrace. Somehow, the top buttons of Stacy's top were undone again. They were both breathing heavily and Stacy seemed reluctant to get into the cab. The girl slapped Stacy on the ass through her tight jeans to encourage her to enter the cab. "May we meet again."

As Stacy entered the cab, it was my turn to fondle this tan girl. I put one hand on her breast and the other reached around to grab her ass. Her tits were perky, and a little on the small side. Just enough for a handful. They were soft to the touch, and her ass was firm. I could feel her muscles through the gentle flesh, and she gave me the pleasure of flexing as I held her. This position brought me a little closer than Patrick or Dave, but not as close as Stacy. The tan girl winked at me and kissed me on the cheek. "Go join your friends."

I released her body and got in next to Stacy. Dave was on the other side of Stacy and we three barely fit into the backseat. The naked girl closed the door for me and the driver pulled from the curb.

"Best pickup service ever!" Patrick shouted.

"Fuck yeah," Dave added. "Seeing Stacy kiss another girl was incredible. I could stand to see more of that!"

"She was incredible," Stacy said. "Exploring another woman was always in the back of my mind."

"You should've said something earlier!"

Stacy kissed her boyfriend. "Never too late."

My cock tented my pants uncomfortably, and I was very aware of how close I was to Stacy. Turns in the drive pushed us closer together, and feeling her thighs press against mine caused my thoughts to wonder. Bumps jiggled her breast against my arm and my cock strained within my pants. Another bump and her hand landed right on my crotch. Her hand gave a gentle squeeze before she seemed to realize what she'd done.

"Oh, I'm sorry," Stacy said in a tone that didn't sound sorry at all. When I glanced over to make eye contact, she gave me a wink. Wanting to respect Dave, I acted like I didn't know what was going on. Just as that thought process completed, I saw Dave sucking on her neck and he looked at me. It was not a look of derision, but encouragement. His hand took mine and guided it to her breast. For the first time, I felt my friend's girlfriend's tits. They were large and soft as I massaged over her clothes, and allowed my fingertips to graze her exposed cleavage. Admittedly, I had masturbated to this idea many times. But now it was happening. Stacy let out a long, pleasured breath as she enjoyed the attention.

"Like my girlfriend's tits, Sean?" Dave asked.

"I love your girlfriend's tits." I continued to rub Stacy's boobs.

"Stacy, do you like Sean touching you?"

Stacy breathed out a yes before adding, "I want him to touch me everywhere."

Dave looked at me. "You heard the lady."

I reached between Stacy's legs and rubbed her crotch through her jeans. She let out a moan and closed her thighs around my hand. "Oh fuck me, I'm so horny."

"As soon as we get to the dorms," Dave promised.

"I want Sean to take my pussy," Stacy said.

I couldn't believe my ears and I looked to Dave to confirm. He simply nodded.

"Hey you guys are almost to the dorms," the driver said. "If you pull her top down, I'll let you have this ride for free."

Stacy quickly unbuttoned her top to reveal her large tits barely contained in her lacy bra. Her flat stomach moved as she breathed. I prepared for a view I had only seen one other time as Stacy's hands went to the front clasp of her bra. She opened it and let her juicy tits spill. Her pink nipples were stiff as erasers.

"Nice set of jugs," the driver said.

"My nips need stimulation," Stacy said. "I'm so fucking horny."

"You heard her," Dave said. He leaned in and suckled on the breast closest to him. I did the same for the breast close to me. Having Stacy's stiff nip in my mouth was incredible, and something I could only fantasize about before. Her fingers ran through my hair and massaged my scalp as my tongue circled her areola.

"Fuck yes, guys!"

"We're here," the driver said.

Stacy took her bra completely off and half assed buttoned her shirt before getting out with the rest of us. People turned their heads as they saw the girl with the half buttoned shirt holding her bra, and she guided us inside. We went to Dave's dorm, and quickly undressed. It was quite a joy to see Stacy completely naked again, and even more as she was bent over and asking for me. My cock slid into her wet pussy with ease, and she moaned at my entrance.

"Fuck yes, Sean, I've wanted this dick!"

Stacy's walls tightened around me as I thrust in and out. I slapped her thick ass and watched it ripple. I sped my thrusts as she asked for harder. Dave and Patrick were just three feet away, jacking off. I'd never fucked in front of an audience before, let alone fuck a girl right in front of her boyfriend. It made it so much more exciting. Her ass rippled as I pounded her harder, and her moans got louder. I reached until I found her clit, and her moans became screams. Hearing my name shout from Stacy's moans of ecstasy drove me wild.

I tried to hold back as I neared my climax. Stacy seemed to sense this. "Don't hold back! Cum in my pussy, Sean!"

Each wave of pleasure delivered a new shot of semen inside Stacy's cunt. Her moans mixed with mine as her pussy squeezed me. I stayed inside until I fully filled her. She turned around and kissed me on the lips. "Our friendship is at a new level now."

We looked at Patrick and Dave, who seemingly had finished. Their cocks were at half mast like mine. Dave reached out and received Stacy. "I'm still number one man though, right?"

"Always," Stacy said. "I can have fun with them, but I belong to you."

It was reassuring to know I wasn't really hurting Dave's relationship.

"Them?" Patrick asked.

"Next time," Stacy walked over and kissed Patrick on the cheek.


Everything seemed a little off when I made my way back to my own dorm. People in the halls seemed a bit different somehow in a way I couldn't place. While I didn't know everybody in the dorms, this felt like every face was new. Except one. A black girl with a fit body flirted with me as I walked past. Somehow I knew her, but not from where. It tingled the back of my head, but I wasn't sure how.











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