Dear readers,

I mainly wrote this story because there aren't a lot of this type out there. A story where the female gets off on her husband fucking other women and humiliating her. Cuckquean. Also, I am aware that there are grammatical errors. This story is for folks who are here to read and get turned on. I plan on writing more, and by doing so, my skills should get better. I am somewhat busy now so I don't have the time to make things perfect.

My husband had been fucking our next door neighbor for about 2 months now. She was in her early 20s. Trudy was her name. She was a natural blonde with small perky boobs. Just the kind of tits my Jonathan likes. She was barely 5 foot tall and likely a size 2. I on the other hand, was pushing 200 lbs, 5'5". My tits were big and saggy, all 40 DDD of them. I never knew what my husband saw in me. He was 6'2, very masculine. You could tell he was muscular, even under his business suits.

When we got married, I heard the talk around town. Why is HE with HER? I thought the same thing. But he assured me that he was in love with me. He treated me like a princess. I always felt something was a little off in the sex department. I say that because he spent more time masturbating than fucking me. I never questioned him about it though. When he fucked me, it seemed like a chore. He enjoyed it when I sucked him off though. He never ate my pussy. He said he just wasn't into it. How I longed for it though.

Six months into our marriage, I found out why he married me. He wanted my money. We are not rich, but my family is. My dad loved him. Probably happy someone actually married his fat daughter. Jonathan was quickly given a job at my dad's company.

One day I overheard him on the phone talking to a female. I heard him say, I only married the pig for her money. I was sad when I heard that, but at the same time I was aroused. I've always loved being humiliated.

I knew what I was about to do was stupid, but I was so hot thinking about our neighbor I just had to do it. First, I started to secretly watch her. I wanted to know her routine, that way I could be outside when she was, to find an excuse to interact with her, even if it was from afar. It started with neighbourly hellos, although while she wasn't exactly rude to me, she usually had her nose turned up when she spoke to me. Of course this led to masturbation sessions. This went on for a few weeks until the perfect opportunity presented itself. Her garage door would not go up. She had bags to bring in. I quickly rushed over to offer her a hand. At first she didn't want to, but then she got this wicked look.

"You know, on second thoughts, I could use a hand." she said. I was more than willing to help. I noticed that she did not grab anything, so I went ahead and grabbed some bags.

"Nice play you have here."

"Thanks. I do appreciate you helping me. I'm awfully tired. It's nice of you to let me sit here and rest while you bring the bags in."

While I had the hots for her, I'm still human, so my natural reaction was to get mad and think, WTF. But when I looked at her, she was snickering, but looking like it was how it's supposed to be. My emotions were mixed.

"Yes of course. I don't mind. Relax. I got it. That's what neighbors are for."

As I walked back to the car, I heard her laugh, so I paused. She was calling someone.

"Guess whose pig wife is bringing my bags in?"

More mixed emotions as I walked to her car. As I brought the last of the bags in, she said to me. "You look thirsty."

"Yes. I am."

"There are some water bottles in the fridge, grab us some."

That was enough. I could not take it anymore. "Uhm. NO thanks. You can get your own water. I'm leaving now. "

She rolled her eyes as I left, and I heard her call me fatty as I was closing the door. When I got back home, I was disappointed in myself. Did I mess things up? How can I make it up to her. My thoughts were all over the place. She had pissed me off, but yet I found myself in my bed with my hands in my panties. They were soaked. I orgasmed in less than a minute. How I wanted her. I wanted to serve the bitch.

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