Disclaimer: This is a hypnotic text trance induction that builds off my previous file cum to sleep. If you haven't read that yet, you should do so first. This file will bring you back down into the deeply open trance state and implant more ongoing suggestions such as a desire to continue to read this and other related files, and further requiring you to engage in some wonderful edging before being able to release the block holding back your orgasms. Reading on means consenting to these effects, so please do so knowingly. Feel free to read past the induction to see just what you are getting yourself into if you want.

Back for more huh? I suppose you must have enjoyed yourself if you're back again for more, but let me warn you as the title suggests it won't be so easy to cum this time, but if you're a good girl then maybe I'll get you off...eventually... Follow along and enjoy the relaxing bliss you can achieve just by focusing in and letting the world slip out.

As before sit back into your seat and continue to focus on each and every word you read on the screen. Notice how every word relaxes and calms your body and mind.

Take a big deep breath in.

Hold it...and breath out.

Take another deep breath in.

Hold it again...and breath out slowly.

Continuing to breath slow deep breaths as you read on and relax more and more.

As you continue to relax more and more with each word your read, let your mind wander to all those gloriously naughty fantasies you have about loosing control of your body and mind. All those arousing desires you hide away from the world about how good it feels to give in and give up control to the will of another.

Remember how good it felt to give into me and the words before. Feel how that memory makes your sex begin to tingle, heat, and drip.

Continue to read and float down into a deeply relaxed state while continuing to focus on every word on the screen. Become more and more relaxed with each word you read. Remember to scroll and keep your eyes open as the world around you slowly fades away into a hazy fog.

Whenever you feel your mind or eyes wandering away from the text your eyes easily come back to the screen reading and re-reading as necessary so you can continue to become relaxed and aroused as you tune out the rest of the world.

As the world fades and you relax more and more feel how your arousal grows and grows.

I know that giving up control excites you, that it makes your pussy tingle. If it didn't you wouldn't be here would you?

Focus more and more on your naughty fantasies about loosing control, about giving control to someone else, and surrender more and more to the pleasure those thoughts bring.

Let the world and thoughts of it fade ever more as your arousal increases. As you're body tingles more and more, as the heat in your chest and between your legs grows and grows let your hands wander as they want to increase that wonderful sexual need more and more and pull your mind into open blank obedience.

Remember to take in every word as you read it, internalize its meaning, relax and arouse yourself more and more. Arousal growing as you imagine falling into the deep haze giving control over to me to mold and shape your open willing mind.

As the arousal grows continue to let your hands wander to those sensitive places that you know can bring you such wonderful bliss

Don't let your self cum! Cumming now would stop the glorious pleasure slowly engulfing your entire body. The pleasure that with each increased step is tuning out the world and pulling your mind ever more down into blank obedience.

If you keep reading and fantasizing, the arousal will only grow and grow until it has completely consumed all your thoughts leaving you totally open to me and my will once again.

As before though, you can just stop now and let the ever increasing ache between your legs fade away or you can continue...Continue to read, and relax, conjuring those naughty desires for submission, however small, into the forefront of your mind as your arousal grows and pushes your thoughts out more and more to allow the comforting haze of arousal and thoughtlessness to fully envelop your mind.

Still reading..?

Good Girl, aroused and mindless is what you want. What you need. What your pussy needs.

Let your hands wander more and more, brush them over your hot tingling sex. More and more aroused and relaxed. Grope your hot tingling body as you continue to let in the words, tune out the world, and feed that tingling need for pleasure until it forms a white hot fire that consumes all your thoughts.

Remember, All the scary but sexy hot things your mind has imagined are available for you in trance. All you have to do is keep feeding the aroused fire between your legs until there are none of your thoughts left. Until only the words and the deep aching pleasure for release remain.

If its not there already, move one hand to your now tingling aching pussy. Feel the heat and wetness it is radiating. Its telling you how much you crave to be blank, open, and obedient. How easily and automatically each pulse of pleasure pulls your mind completely into the deep haze that continues to grow more and more with each word you read and each stroke of your fingers across your sensitive lips and clit.

Let your hands rub your sex and increase your arousal ever upward. Let that pleasure push your thoughts further and further out of your mind.

Play any rub with abandon as you focus on all the hot dark thoughts of hypnotic submission that make your body and sex ache and shutter. Rub knowing that each stroke and burst of pleasure pushes your thoughts from your mind. Each stroke rubs away your mind towards sleep, submission, obedience, pleasure, trance, openness to me and the words.

Each bust of pleasure granting me more and more access to your mind to shape and mold in the naughty ways your dripping pussy fervently desires.

Focus on the words and the aching need between your legs. Let your mind and thoughts go. rub and stroke until the arousal overwhelms your mind completely.

Are you close to the edge now dear?

Are you close to the edge of oblivion?

Has the pleasure pushed all your thoughts away?

Rub that hard sensitive clit more and more remembering to let the hazy fog in with each rush of needy aching pleasure in your hot glowing pussy. Reading the words as you stroke yourself more and more to the deep submission your wet aching pussy is screaming for.

Beg the words and pleasure to bring you into trance:

Make me trance, Make me open, Make me blank, Make me drop into mindless sleep

Repeat it again and feel the aching need in your hot aching cunt propel the thoughts more and more form your mind

Good girl

Say out loud:

I submit, I obey, Good girls rub their minds away

Rub chant and repeat above until you are soaking wet and desperate to release, and read on only once you are ready to burst and give your thoughts and mind over to pleasure and trance.

Good girl

Continue to rub more and more holding back on the edge of the precipice as I count you down from 10 to 1. Growing more and more honey aroused, desperate and mindless with each number.


More pleasure less thought


Good girls rub their minds away


Let your thoughts drip out your cunt


Waves of arousal, lust, and fog grow and grow throughout your body and mind


Opening your mind to me and the words with each number and blast of lust filled pleasure


Rub away the outside world with each stroke of your desperate slit


Give into pleasure and let me and the words in to shape your open obedient mind.


So close now to the bliss of surrender. Tune out everything but the aching need in your pussy. Feel your body high on arousal and lust, tuned out from anything but the aching roaring pleasure. Remember the password that drops you down into mindless bliss so so easy.



STOP touching now. Hands off your body and sex. Feel the aching pleasure. Feel it pull your mind into blank open obedience with each pulse of desperation.



DROP, DROP, DROP to sleep.

let the pleasure in your hot tingling pussy push out your thoughts







Feel the device implanted deep in the pleasure center of your mind roar into life and push the calming pleasant mist directly into your mind and push out all your thoughts again just as before.

The mist taking you 100 times deeper as it fully clouds your conscious mind.

Feel the mist and fog filling your mind with reckless abandon pushing your thoughts out making you a blank mindless obedient shell for me to mold and shape.

Let the mist bring you back into total thoughtlessness and reflexive acceptance of me and the words.

Say: I obey, I am mindless, I accept without thinking

Good girl. Feel more pleasure and arousal every time you do exactly as I and the words command.

Again Say: I obey, I am mindless, I accept without thinking

Good girl,

Once more say: I obey, I am mindless, I accept without thinking

Very good. You are so deep and open for me now. So ready and able to accept as true what I and the words tell you, but your mind can still be made even more pliable and open to suggestion. Even more automatically accepting of how I and the words mold and shape your pliable mind.

Let the lust and unsatiated ache of pleasure pulsing throughout your body continue to remain and radiate as you read and absorb everything I and the words tell you.

Traverse the mist filling your mind until you again come to that mysterious contraption connected directly into the pleasure center of your mind. If it is not green already see the indicator light on the device blink to green locking away your orgasm for the time being.

Study the device more closely until you find the vertical gauge below.

Fully Awake

|10 |









|01 |


Mind Blank Deep Asleep

Notice how the pointer is pointing to 00 and how that is an accurate true marker of your current trance state: Mind Blank Deep Asleep and under my power and control. Open fully and automatically to my will and the words.

Whenever you receive the password, CUM TO SLEEP, that activates the device to fill your mind with this wonderful mist the gauge will immediately and automatically drop to 00 and each and every time the gauge drops to 00 you will fall even deeper, even more open and obedient than you are now.

Furthermore, to fully signal that you have reached this wonderfully open obedient mindless state you will say out loud "Mind Blank Deep Asleep" each and every time you are triggered to fall back here.

Now to wedge open your mind even more and put you even more under my power, I'm going to repeatedly bring you up almost out of trance and quickly drop you back here until all thought and resistance has given way into automatic thoughtless obedience.

As I count you up from 00 and drop you back down you will feel and see the gauge move to reflect your journey up and down.










Mind Blank Deep Asleep

All the way back at 00 but deeper and more open then before.

Going up again












Mind Blank Deep Asleep

All the way back at 00 still even deeper and more open then ever.

And up again













Mind Blank Deep Asleep

So very very deep your unconscious mind fully open to me your conscious mind repressed

One last time up and down to fully make your mind pliable clay for me to freely mold.














Mind Blank Deep Asleep

Good Girl

No thoughts left, only my will and the words

Mind Blank Deep Asleep

Good girl

Now that you are fully and completely my obedient pliable subject, I am going to upgrade that curious device lodged in the pleasure center of your mind. I have studied its logs and you are not supplying it with enough power. You are not generating enough aroused sexual heat for it to function at its maximum capacity. But don't fret my dear, I can easily change that.

Feel how aroused, hot, and needy your drippy wet pussy still is from your journey down here. Feel how that pulsing ache for release feeds directly into the device. That aroused edged need for release is just what the device needs to keep its power banks full. Without that it will not be able to switch itself over into standby mode to allow you the blissful orgasmic release.

To make sure you are fully providing the device its needed power I am upgrading the device with some new delicious edging functionality.

First, whenever, I or someone else you trust tell you to "edge your thoughts away" the device will flood your mind with the deeply appetizing sexual fantasies of submission you desperately desire and compel you at the next appropriate opportunity to spend at least 15 uninterrupted minutes rubbing and edging your needy body into hot desperate oblivion.

Second, you can trigger this effect yourself by asking the device out loud to "edge my thoughts away"

Third and finally, from now on the device will only be able to switch into standby mode for a period of 1 day beginning 1 hour after you, I or someone else you trust activate the device's new edging functionality. One 15 minute session of mindless desperate edging will give you 1 day of being able to properly use the command as many times as you need to put the device into standby mode and achieve orgasmic bliss.

When this started, I promised that you would be given the chance to cum, and I am a man of my word. You must certainly be very needy and desperate by now, but unfortunately there is only so much I can do to help. Upgrading the device take a bit of time, normally 3 hours to be exact, and until those 3 hours are finished the device will keep you in your presently needy state not be able to switch into standby mode so that you can have an orgasm.

However, you have 2 options to deal with this situation. 1) you can wait the 3 hours from when I wake you up, at which point the device will automatically switch into standby mode to allow you to relieve yourself or 2) if you are so desperate for release that you cannot wait it out, you can message me directly or post a comment where your found this file saying "Thank you for blanking my mind" which will turbo charge the installation and immediately switch the device into standby mode so you can take care of yourself.

In a moment I am going to bring you up to fully awake so that the device's gauge reads precisely at 10 and with each step toward wakefulness you will lock in all the new suggestions you've received and feel your arousal and need for pleasurable release grow.

Feel the rush of pleasure and open relaxation it brings you to accept everything the words say.

You have enjoyed this file greatly and after I wake you up again to full conscious thought and awareness you will have a continuing and ongoing desire to come back and read both this and related files again and again. Each time you re-read the suggestions and changes will become stronger and more potent. A day or two may go by but the tingling desire within your pussy will bring you back to my files to reinforce and strengthen each and every suggestion I have given you.

Good girl

Feel the mist being to slowly flow out from your mind returning your thoughts one by one as it does and locking deep into your unconscious mind each and every suggestion you have read.

10 breaths and steps on the gauge back to full conscious wakefulness.

01 leaving behind the mysterious device.

02 more and more awake with each word.

03 the mist flowing out more freely now, your thoughts retuning more and more.

04 begin again to sense the rest of the world, remembering all the new functionality added to the device.

05 remember that good girls obey.

06 so close to the surface. Only a small fraction of this mist remaining.

07 thoughts and feelings of the world around you returning more and more so close to wakefulness.

08 remember to return to my files again and again to strengthen all the wonderful suggestions you've received.

09 remembering that I can so easily bring you back down to the deep deep open trance with just a few simple words.

10 the mist gone now, the gauge on the device firmly at 10 and wide awake. All thoughts and feelings returning.

Fully awaked and refreshed. Still Horny and aroused but content with the pleasing wonderful journey you've just experienced.

Ready now to go about your day until the next time you fell the pull to read along.











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