The daughter was screaming something as he fucked her. It was words but it sounded like "Eeeeeooowww!" As he was fucking and talking, he would grunt "Uh uh uh uh!" He just kept pounding away.

The wife saw me staring and leaned over and said "She so lazy, all she wan is to be on phone."

Seeing this, my dick had responded instantly.

I grabbed the wife's arm and took her into a room across from the old man and his daughter fucking. I threw down a $100 bill on the massage table, pulled her close, and told her I wanted to fuck her.

She nodded. I had noticed she was not wearing much, just some light clothes. I grabbed her hips, turned her toward the massage table, and pulled down her shorts and thong to right above her knees.

I took in a long look at her beautiful ass. She was waxed and smooth. I spread her ass cheeks and could see a beautiful tiny asshole.

I rubbed my big fat dick up and down her pussy a few times and started to work my dick into her pussy.

She was wet already but her pussy just wasn't opening up enough to get my dick in. Also, I worked my thumb into her asshole and moved it slowly around. She started to moan "No no my ass."

I then realized my dick wasn't going in from that position. Her butthole was so sexy, I bent over, spread her ass cheeks, and kissed her button. It seemed that she liked that, so I licked and swirled my tongue around her ass hole until I had opened her up a little and then made out with it.

After some time of kissing her beautiful ass, I moved her over and up onto the massage table. Then I completely removed her pants and underwear down her gorgeous legs.

She got up on the table and I then told her to lay back. Once she was comfortable laying on her back, I grabbed her legs, pushed them up, and opened her legs wide. I love to see a woman laying back with their legs spread.

She had a beautiful pussy. I took in the sight and then dove my head straight in. I attacked her pussy with my mouth and tongue. I licked and shook my head in every direction as I ate her out. She came in no time and let out beautiful moans. I kept going for a while and could feel my face covered in her cum and saliva.

I then pulled back, lifted her up, and took off her shirt and bra. She was then fully naked with her legs spread.

She looked amazing in that position and her swollen wet pussy was then ready for my big fat dick.

I leaned forward to suck her tits and placed the tip of my big cock at the entrance. I left it there as I traded one tit for the other with my mouth.

Her tits were big and soft with thick pink MILF nipples. I can suck big tits for hours.

I crawled forward on the table and kept my dick leaning on her entrance. I laid my big body on top of her petite frame and it felt amazing our skin was covering each other. She was so warm.

Then I started to slowly add pressure working my dick in with my hips. I was going back and forth until her pussy started to open up. She started moaning loudly. After several thrusts and pushing hard, I finally got the tip of my dick in.

I left my dick there for a few moments, then I pushed all the way in and held my dick deep into her pussy. She screamed out loud with that beautiful Asian accent "Slooooowww!"

I leaned in and started to face fuck her mouth with my tongue. She grabbed my ass and pushed her tongue deep into my mouth.

Once she caught her breath, I started to really bull fuck her. My big shaved balls were slapping her ass as I pounded away. We started to make a lot of noise.

She began to really scream loud. I lifted up and looked down and could see that she was coming all over on my dick. I could hear the noise from us fucking and I could feel all the sex juices we were making on my balls and thighs. That just made me fuck harder.

As I was fucking her, our bodies became completely sweaty. Our bodies were sliding and grinding together. We were both mixed with oils, so the sweat made us all that more slippery. It felt amazing.

My balls signaled to my brain the impending exploding volcano my dick was going release deep into her tight little pussy.

Then, I blew my load. I saw stars and my balls strained. My orgasm had nearly made me pass out. I kept pumping hard releasing more cum with every thrust until I felt my balls completely empty.

Then I pumped a few more times and laid there on top of her with my dick still deep in her pussy, catching my breath and loving the feeling of our sweaty bodies mixed with sex juice.

We kissed for a few more minutes. I happened to look up and I saw the old man standing in the doorway. He was naked except for some slippers.

I noticed he was still semi-hard and his dick was still wet and shiny from fucking his daughter's ass. There was a two-inch-thick drip of cum just hanging from the tip of his dick. He nodded to me, then turned and walked off. I could still see his ass was wet and shiny from getting fucked earlier.

I slowly pulled out of her pussy and immediately saw cum leaking out the gape of her well-fucked pussy.

Then, I got up and off the table and started to get dressed. The wife threw on her apron and grabbed up her things. The table had a huge cum puddle with our mixed-sex juices. I was surprised at how much I came. We didn't say anything, we just headed down the hall to the front of the business.

When I left, I didn't see the old man or the daughter but I thanked the wife and she thanked me. I did however sit in my car and gave them the best review ever from my phone, texted a few friends, and posted a link on my Facebook page. I didn't want that place going out of business.

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