The next day he went to the campus and met Amber for lunch. During lunch Amber introduced him to the rules and tastes of Miss C. After lunch Amber and Chiara were walking across the campus and saw Miss C. talking with the football team Coach. She signaled them to approach, and introduced Chiara to the Coach.

"This is Chiara, my new sex toy I was telling you about, would you like a road test?"

Miss C. was very generous in sharing her toys, and thought being shared was good for the toy's character.

Chiara felt deeply humiliated by the way she spoke about him, but for the other three it seemed to be perfectly natural.

"Sure Miss C., he's cute, with those full lips and bubble but, it'll be a pleasure!"

Chiara's embarrassment grew deeper and deeper.

The Coach was one of Miss C. bulls, and besides fucking her ass, one of the perks was having full access to her sex toys. The Coach took Chiara to his office, he was no sex molester, but loved fucking young boys, he just made sure it was consensual, it was a big campus and there were plenty of young faggots falling for a manly stud like the Coach, some even hit on him shamelessly.

The office had a door to a store room, the Coach locked the office, took Chiara into the store room, and shut the door. Now they were fully isolated in his private fuck room. He pushed the boy to his knees and presented him with his cock, roughly the same size that the dildo that had deflowered Chiara. Like the cock of the last night driver, it was not clean but Chiara began sucking it anyway. He knew it was not up to him to complain or demand, obey and serve were his only rights.

The Coach smiled at the total subservience of Chiara, the boy needed some training for blowjobs, but with his beautiful full lips and large oral cavity he would be a wonderful cocksucker, able to deep-throat any cock, however large. Chiara had his hands at his back, and the Coach began handling his head to throat fuck him. He noticed Chiara still had a gag reflex and relished poking his throat hard and deep.

After abusing Chiara's throat for a while he wanted a piece of ass, he bent the boy over a table, undid his pants and underwear. He saw the canning marks across the beautiful butt and slapped both buttocks with a heavy hand. Like Miss C., he was not especially sadist, but enjoyed seeing the sex toys accept the pain as normal, and knew most of them appreciated the pain inflicted by a Top.

Chiara cried, he laughed and lubed his hole with some maintenance grease from an open jar, then shoved his cock to the balls in one go. Chiara again squealed in pain, as his ass was teared open. The Coach laughed,

"The pain of a tight asshole, enjoy it boy, it won't last long, in no time your hole will be as sloppy as a hooker's cunt!".

The pounding began. As Chiara's hole accommodated the man meat pain began to be replaced by pleasure. The coach was an astounding ass-fucker and soon Chiara began moaning like a bitch in heat, he had liked being fucked by Miss C., but this was much, much better.

"Oh Coach, that feels so good, it's wonderful, please don't stop, please fuck me more!!"

The coach knew the boy was reaching an orgasm, took a condom and expertly put it on the boy's rock hard cock, he didn't want his cum all over the place. A few more deep poundings and Chiara came without touching his cock, the Coach was securing his hands against the table. The Coach was impressed, the boy had cum just from anal stimulation, he was a natural anal whore!

He continued pounding for as long as he could, and Chiara continued moaning, even after coming the cock in his ass felt like heaven. The Coach discharged his load deep into the boy's asshole and Chiara shivered and cried in pleasure. Shoving a piece of cloth into the boy's hole to prevent the cum from leaking he presented his cock for the boy to lick it clean. Chiara sucked him clean in a loving manner, he was enthralled by the fuck.

"Oh Coach, that was incredibly wonderful, I think I love you!"

The Coach laughed, "You don't love me, slut, you love my cock, being the faggot you are you'll love any man meat that fucks you!"

The Coach took the condom from Chiara's cock and made him eat his own cum. They both dressed and left, Chiara barely made it in time for a Physics' class. During the class he felt the taste of his sperm in his mouth and the Coach's sperm in his guts, he hardly paid attention to the equations being presented. A different equation was going round and round into his mind: humiliation pain pleasure, he needed more of that, much more.

After the class he went to do the chores ordered by Miss C., piercing, tattooing, hair removal. After that he had to go to Miss C.'s house. Miss C. saw him leaving the campus and smiled. The Coach had told her about the road test.

She was happy Chiara had been such a good choice for sex toy. She knew he was carrying the Coach's load into him.

For the evening she had planned a little party with Amber, Chiara and the Coach. She wanted to be fucked in front of Chiara, to show Chiara the difference between him and a Man. With Chiara's oral abilities and the Coach's great ass-fucking she was expecting a very merry evening...

Written by NicoDeviante.

Edited by Sungmehetu.

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