There was Gigi standing between my wide open legs, sucking my knob while Sally and Kim sucked the base of Big Boy either side of me, although Kim was giggling now and gave the game away. What a feeling, another half minute and I would have lost my load. Gigi popped my knob out of her sweet warm mouth and blew me a kiss, Sally moved up and kissed me on the lips, then Kim lent across me and kissed Sally, before we all merged into a warm wet group hug.

Sally asked " What were you dreaming Billy?"

"I dreaming I was being sucked off by an octopus, it was so bizarre, yet the physical feeling of having you three sirens gobble my cock was extremely erotic and in my dream the octopus mimicked what you girls were doing. My mind is so crazy this weekend, I guess it has been a massive turnaround of my quiet suburban life"

"Well, it is getting weirder for you now Billy, can you check for us, we want to make sure out winky holes are clean as a whistle" Kim asked.

The trio then turned and bent over and spread their butt cheeks open, exposing all their femininity to me as well as their cute butt holes. I drank in the stunning view, studying each girl in turn, every detail clearly lit by the morning sun. My darling Sally had the tightest and lightest coloured butt hole, just a hint of brownness surrounding the symmetrical crinkle before turning quite pink towards the middle. It was a gorgeous bum hole, crowning her amazing tight pussy with the neat lips. The tiny landing strip, carefully shaved into a fine skeleton frame by Frank the other day, was the only pubic hair amongst the three girls, and the droplets hanging from her pubes looked like shiny jewels. I must ask Frank to re shave it before we leave.

Kim's bum hole had a wider and darker brownness to it, maybe from all the years horse-riding, but the crinkle hole was elliptical, rather than the perfect tight circle of Sally's. Her bum hole centre was quiet red compared to Sally's tinge of pink, I wondered if that was from my pounding of it last night. Her larger lips adorned her cunt temptingly as the sea water dripped of them.

When I saw Gigi's offerings I knew I would have no trouble plunging my hard cock into her arse when the time came shortly, it was a vision of alluring perfection. Unlike the other two, her skin colour was darker and even though her butt hole was darker than the rest of her ass, the smooth transition in colouring was unnoticeable. It was like an artist had coloured her flawlessly. Her crinkle hole was firmly closed and no pink to be seen there. Her stunning pussy however, surrounded by the smooth dark lips, was spread open by her thumbs, showing her vivid pinkness. Her inner lips were the darkest, almost black on the outer edges, they were thin and tight with the spread,but contrasted stunningly with the rich pinkness, her vaginal entrance just peeking at me, at the bottom of the spread pussy.

Any concerns, doubts or thoughts that were in my mind were now replaced with pure lust.

"Well, are we clean, are you going to do the taste test?" Sally quipped, as she looked back at me with a cheesy grin.

I grabbed hold of her butt cheeks and was about to dive in and feast on her when Frank yelled out,

"Come on, you all need sun cream on now!"

The girls squealed as they ran up the beach to Frank, as he viewed their young bodies bouncing and shaking. I too, was now watching the sight of the girls running, their legs pounding in the soft sand, their bums rolling from side to side and their gorgeous backs twisting as their arms pumped in time with their legs. I slowly walked up, my full erection standing proud and it had no chance of dying as I watched the view in front.

Frank had three towels laid out, two on the sand and one on his tailgate of his truck. Each girl was on her stomach as the men rubbed sun cream on them. Ol Charlie was revelling in his task of looking after Gigi, a big toothless grin and a decent stiffy holding his pierced cock high as his hands felt the young goddess below him as he knelt by her side.

Roger was right between Kim's spread legs, applying the sun cream by rubbing it on his chest and beer belly, then sliding up and down Kim's back. Occasionally Kim would murmur "Hey watch where you bump that thing!" but it was lighthearted, as Roger slid up too far, nudging his cock at her crutch.

Frank had laid out my girlfriend on his tailgate, Sally was getting a unique application of sun cream. Frank coated the underneath of his massive dong and was using it like a paint roller, rubbing his Godzilla over Sally's back as she laid there biting her lower lip and squirming a little. I stood there, transfixed, as Frank dominated Sally with his heavy cock as he used it to cover her in sun protection. Between his cock-sure-ness and Sally's excited whimpering I was speechless, yet hard as a nail. When Frank tapped his cock a few times on Sally's bum cheek to tell her to spin around so he could do her right side, Sally jumped to it straight away, but paused halfway in her turn to kiss Godzilla on the head. Frank continued and I would have watched but Kim squealed out.

"Roger, you dirty bugger!"

By the time I turned around Roger was sitting on his heels, the end of his knob looking wet, and Kim hastily laying on her back with her legs closed.

"OK, you can continue now, when you said you were going to turn me like a book page I didn't expect that!!" Kim said breathlessly.

"Well I lick me fingers to turn a page, but seeing how they were all covered in sun cream I thought I would dip my wick in that juicy honeypot of a cunt you were offering, then use that to turn you over. It worked better that I hoped" Roger explained. His eyes were fixed on the naked Kim lying at his knees, waiting for him to cover her in sun cream, Kim shading her eyes, looking at his lumpy hard cock, with a slight grin on her face. She was OK.

Gigi was the surprise, once Ol Charlie had done her back she insisted he lay down and she stood over him and squirted sun cream on him. Then she dropped her luscious long lean body on Charlie and writhed and rolled to get the sun cream back on her. Her nipples were like bullets, scraping the cream off, leaving trails of naked Charlie behind their paths. She was pushing her Mons into Charlie's hard on, sliding high on his cock, teasing her clit on his piercing. Ol Charlie was in heaven.

I turned back to see what my darling Sally was doing and my heart skipped a beat, not sure if out of fear or excitement. Sally was now on her back and she was using Frank's massive firm cock to rub sun cream on her tits while Frank stood there with his hands on his hips, staring at Sally's face. Sally was trying to rub her nipples hard into the underbelly of Godzilla as she rolled his cock over her breasts with one hand while the other was buried between her squirming legs. Even though that was my darling masturbating as she rubbed a mans huge cock on her breasts, who was more than twice our age, it was such an erotic scene, seeing her so turned on. I started to fondle myself as Sally slid down to rub Godzilla all over her face in complete submission to his maleness, while she grabbed one of Franks arms and pulled it to her now spread open crutch. Frank teased her by rubbing sun cream all along her inner thighs, making Sally twist her hips, seeking out his touch on her hot, urgent pussy.

I was wondering how far these two would take it when Roger called out.

"OK, it's time for the main feature movie, starring Kim, Gigi and Sally."

The sexual tension was so high in the air and this movie from last night will only add to it. The seven of us moved into the dark recess of the tent where to my surprise, earlier, while I was swimming, Roger the foul mouthed, uncouth, beer bellied boof-head has set up a mini projector and speakers ready for him to plug in his battered pocket digital camera to screen the events of the girl orgy the night before.

I made sure Sally sat next to me, as the seven of us were boy/girl/boy/girl seated. I was not surprised to find Gigi next to me, but Frank sat on Gigi's other side, with Kim next to him and Roger on her outer. Ol Charlie took the last seat, next to Sally, and Sally made him welcome by squeezing his hard on. What a girlfriend, I was proud of her looking after Ol Charlie with that touch of kindness!

"I hope you don't mind, but all he did for me last night it's the least I can do." Sally whispered to me.

"You are amazing Sally, I love you!" I said, but thinking here she is, apologising for a quick grab on Charlie's stork when she just spent 15 minutes meowing, purring and masturbating as she rubbed Frank's cock all over her naked spread self.

Kim asked,

"Roger, how come you have this great set up for the movie?""

"The lads on the fishing trips Frank takes out love watching the footage of the best catches they reel in, we play it on the last night, and I get better tips from them, one trip they called me Orson Swells, a pun on the famous old American film makers name and the roll of the ocean. I still fucken laugh when I think of that. Anyway Kim, here is your movie, I'll probably get a new nickname watching you fuck your girlfriends, Organ Swells, haha."

The movie started, it was not the dark, grainy jerky film I thought it might be, it was high definition and even though it was grainy in the deep blacks, Roger's camera had picked up the low light of the fire and camp lights really well as they cast a great side lighting from both sides. Sally and Kim, naked of course, had already removed Gigi's top and her firm small boobs were out with the nipples not yet fully erect. Sally and Kim's hands were soothing Gigi as they stood so close to her their bodies rubbed on Gigi's nude torso. Sally called out to Ol Charlie who offered his finger with his magic lotion on it to Gigi. Gigi shocked us all as she sucked his finger and Ol Charlie stuttered,

"You are supposed to to rub it on your skin. Let me d, d, do it OK?"

Gigi licked her lips tasting the lotion and feeling it tingle her tongue straight away and liked the effect.


Charlie reloaded the lotion on his finger and rubbed Gigi's nipples, as he did they rose to full hardness and stood out from her wide dark areolas, over an inch long and just making us all watching wanting to suck on those bullet nipples.

"Oh la la Charlee, you are making my body sing."

"Wait til he treats your love button Gigi!" Sally encouraged Gigi, wanting her to be experiencing the same sexual buzz as her own.

"OK, Charlee, can you pat my little poodle with your magic cologne, yes?" Gigi pleaded with big begging eyes, rubbing her hands across her breasts, her hard nipples flicking straight back up as her fingers bent them on their journey down her lithe and desirable body.

"Can you undress me please?" Those eyes were now looking at Sally and Kim, who wasted no time stripping the flared yellow/gold fashion shorts that looked so good on her beautifully toned skin, leaving her in just a tiny leopard skin print g-string. Kim and Sally looked at each other, winked, then bit each side of the underwear and lowered it slowly just with their mouths. What a vision, as the tiny animal print came away revealing Gigi's perfect bald cunt. With the naked Kim and Sally at her feet, dancing their fingers up and down her legs, the now completely nude Gigi looked to Charlie.

She then rubbed her fingers across her hips until the fingertips were pointing to her shaved Mons, then lewdly thrusting her crotch to Ol Charlie, before letting her fingers drift to her pussy lips and teasingly open them. As Charlie dripped more lotion on his finger the camera swung around and soon the whole screen was of Gigi's offered cunt, spread open in high definition. The young tasty looking cunt had a shaking old gnarled finger rub up and down it's slit, seeking out Gigi's clit. Whether it was the lotion or the erotic situation of being pawed on the clit by an old man as two naked hot girls teased her legs with their caresses as three other naked men watched, with one filming her everything, Gigi's clit blossomed so fast. It looked like a small lipstick being expressed from its holder, it's vivid pinkness standing out amongst the dark lips.

As Charlie's finger departed Gigi's juicy valley of love, Kim and Sally's fingers danced up Gigi's inner thighs. They stroked, fondled and pulled on her outer then inner lips, knowing exactly where to go and what to do, as only a woman knows. Gigi was rocking slowly, side to side, feeling the effects of the lotion far quicker as she had ingested it as well. Her pussy was getting very wet, with a dribble of her excitement running down the inside of one of thighs, that Kim managed to catch with her tongue.

"Mmmm, Gigi, you are a fine French wine, such a bouquet!" Kim savoured the taste before leaning across and kissing Sally, sharing the spoils.

"That looks so fucking sexy!" my voice boomed out of the speakers but I was not in the vision.

Gigi was working both nipples with her hands, twisting them and pulling them out, causing her small boobs to cone out with the force. Sally and Kim were now exploring deeper into Gigi's pussy, one inserting a slender finger deep into her vagina, the other rolling Gigi's clitoris between her thumb and forefinger. Gigi's legs started to shake and she reached down and grabbed Sally's head and pulled it up to her wet split. Sally dove on that clit, needing no further direction or encouragement, her lips vacuuming up that love lipstick, her cheeks con-caving in as she sucked on it. Gigi's knees bent, offering a more wider stance to her two lady lovers, a second finger penetrated her as a reward for opening up wider. Kim's spare hand snaked up Gigi's belly and latched onto one of her nipples, pulling it down as she thrust her fingers deep and fast inside Gigi, almost forcing Gigi to impale herself on her upward moving fingers, stimulating her G spot.

Sally had two hands pulling and stretching Gigi's lips as she sucked on her clit, her chin being rubbed by Kim's pistoning hand. Gigi left one hand on Sally's head and brought the other up to her unattended nipple. A long low moan starting coming from Gigi as she was overcome by the lotion, the sex and the situation. The pitch of the moan got higher, as Gigi sunk lower, her head now thrown back as her body convulsed in pleasure. Sally and Kim continued their pursuit of pushing Gigi over the edge and soon the moans were short sharp yelps as the sexual electricity created an aura all over her. Gigi was shaking, forcing Sally's face hard against her Mons, as she teared at her own nipple, Kim sensing she was so close, went from two fingers to four pounding into the dark skinned girl.

This sent Gigi well into sexual orbit, the yelps now one long high pitched scream,


Gigi collapsed, joining the girls at her feet, who both cuddled and soothed her as her orgasm smashed through her, her spasms and tremors shaking all three of them.

I looked around our pop up theatre, there wasn't a dry seat in the house, all the guys cocks were dribbling precum from their stiffies, and the girls were all playing with their pussies with one hand, holding a neighbouring cock with the other. Except Gigi, she was forgoing her own pleasure and held both my cock and Frank's Godzilla in slow pulsating squeezes.

The four males clapped at the screen, amazed at the performance we had just re-witnessed.

Frank turned to Gigi and planted a big kiss on her willing lips and then said,

"That was amazing to watch again, great show ladies, great film work Rog!"

But the show was far from over.

With Gigi resting, Kim and Sally embraced, boobs to boobs, and kissed deeply, their hands caressing each other in an urgency spurred by Gigi's massive cum. Sally rolled onto her back, her young pert breasts standing proud, her stomach rising and falling with her short breaths, her legs falling open.

Rog moved in to film the next cunt on offer to be pleasured, my darlings hidden delights were now filling the screen, Sally's fingers spreading her lips wide as she arched her pussy up to the lens. The wet sheen of her excitement in such detail, so large, made us all lick our lips watching the raw display by Sally. Her clit was peeking out of its hood, her pink opening so young and fresh. The footage panned out and Sally was looking straight at the lens as she air fucked her hips to the filmmaker. Roger panned down and his lumpy erection was rock hard and he lined it up with Sally's open cunt. He then rubbed it up and down her slit before filming Sally's face.

We watched as Sally's expression changed from teasing minx to wide eyed shock before the camera dropped and was filming the roof tent. The sounds of wet flesh slapping together filled the room, it was masterpiece of erotica, we knew Roger was fucking Sally hard but the only vision was in our mind to go with the sounds we were hearing. To my embarrassment I appeared standing over the camera, masturbating furiously, watching the sex between my girl and the uncouth older fisherman.

I looked down as my foot kicked the camera and I picked it up.

The scene was wicked. Kim was squatting on Sally's face, gripping Roger's head as he was pounding into Sally. Gigi slowly came back to the land of the living after her earth shattering cum. The footage then showed that I was running around to capture the scene closer and from Roger's viewpoint. The screen was filled of Kim's spread cunt smothering Sally's face, but you could see Sally's jaw working as she sucked Kim off. Roger had now bent Sally's legs up and pulled her up and he was now kneeling with spread legs as he forced his pearled cock back and forth in Sally's love channel. I must have knelt down as the view was underneath the copulation, showing the pistoning in and out of Roger's erection, as Sally's lips and cunt were abused by the ball bearings underneath Roger's cock skin. The elasticity of her cunt was amazing to see as it accommodated the lumps and shut back to grip his normal shaft.

A thumb appeared in the view, rubbing the juices and cream flowing from my darling's vagina. The thumb then rubbed Sally's so cute anus, before slowly forcing its way in. The hi definition footage showed the thumb piercing the cute butt hole and sinking up past the first knuckle.

"Mmmmmffff." Sally cried.

Kim raised her cunt off Sally's face, Sally continued, screaming,

"You dirty fuck, get your hand out of my ass Roger!"

"Ain't me ya dumb drugged cunt, what do you think are squeezing your lush tits?" Roger was fucking her and using her young body as he verbally insulted her.

Sally looked down, saw Roger's weathered hands mauling her nipples and tits, then saw me half buried underneath them.

"BILLLIEEEE! Climb out of my anus NOW!"

Wow, Sally must be really high, to think I climbed up into her arse.

The footage showed I was pulling my thumb out of her butt, you could here the sucking pop as my thumb vacated her rear end, and I must have stood up and stepped back, so now the screen had a view of Sally really getting pounded by Roger, as Kim was getting femme on femme attention from Gigi. I must have moved quickly to get the view of the girls diddling each other but suddenly there was a loud thump and the camera dropped to the floor followed by a much heavier thump.

No vision as the camera was face down but the blackness seemed to enhance the recorded noises.

"Uhh uhh, cop that in ya cunt" Roger.

"Ohh, Ohh, Ohhhhhh!" Sally.

"Oui, oiu, more!" Gigi.

"Smooch, I love sucking your nipples, they are amazing Gigi." Kim's voice.

Barely audible over the 4 fucking we heard,

"Oh look, Billy walked into the tent pole and now he is out cold" Ol Charlie.

"Look's like he is still breathing, he'll be right, I am too busy watching my mate shag his spaced out chick." Frank's voice said. & id_article=1391 & id_forum=2907öglichen

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