Raven sits on the couch, tapping her long black nails on her leg as she waits for her bestie to show for a movie night they had planned weeks in advance. The dark-haired beauty checks her phone and sees that Nico is almost an hour late without a text to explain himself yet. She chunks her phone across the room and gets up frustratedly pacing as she fixes her pleated black mini skirt so it covers her bum like its supposed to, her second circle around the room stops her as the doorbell chimes.

She runs barefoot across the white tile floor to yank open the door, she looks up at Nico and pouts her naturally pink lips "You, are late."

Nico bends down to kiss her on the forehead making her feel small as he smiles

"And you forgive me." A smile tugs at her lips slowly

"Yeah, I guess." She steps away from him quickly, far too aware of how close he had gotten to her. She spins and goes back toward the living room letting him in and leaving him to shut the door and lock it behind him. She bends to scan the row of DVDs she owns and sighs heavily.

"What are we gonna watch Teddybear?" She hears him chuckle deeply at the use of the nickname.

"You choose, Rave." She wiggles her butt passively as she scans the movies back and forth a few times before she sighs

"Um, how about princess bride?" Nico goes to protest but sighs

"Alright, I did say you're choice." Raven giggles and puts the movie in before running and jumping onto the couch, back in her corner where she had been before. She pats the seat next to her and Nico rolls his eyes before sitting with her...She smiles brightly and lays her legs across his lap turning her attention to the movie.

As time passes and they slowly adjust into comfier positions, Raven finds herself slid nearly into his lap with his head lain on her breast...Not uncommon for her and her best friend to cuddle but she realizes his hands drift from time to time, up her thigh a little higher or under the edge of her shirt pushing it higher than it was before.

After a while she catches his hand and pushes it away unsure of her feeling about the subtle moves Nico is trying, he had always been her best friend and nothing more...Not that Nico isn't an attractive guy, at 6 feet tall and 200 pounds of pure muscle...Nico has a heart of gold and is always so kind to everyone, but they grew up together so she feels like she should end this before he goes too far.

Suddenly Nico sits up and shifts himself over her before she can ask, his lips claim hers without any hesitation. His hand coming up to caress her jawline encouraging her to surrender to him. She freezes unsure of what to do, or how to react but Nico knows what he is doing as his pierced tongue snakes against her parted lips seeking her out. He steals her breath away, her body responding to his actions. Her tongue meets his on its own accord, her body heating with a lustful need that she hadn't ever felt toward her Teddybear before.

He yanks away breathing hard, his blue eyes dark with lust...He whispers lowly,

"I'm sorry, Raven...I don't know what happened." He sits back in his spot and goes back to watching the movie, leaving her laying there with a million questions and more than embarrassingly panties that are starting to get wet...

After the movie, Nico whispers,

"We should go to bed, it's late." He gets up slowly clearly adjusting his pants as he turns off the tv, Raven asks lowly a question that had been on her tongue since the kiss

"Why me?" Nico stops mid-step and asks lowly,

"What do you mean?" Raven looks down, toying with the edge of her skirt slowly,

"Why did you kiss me, you could have gone anywhere and been with anyone tonight...why me?" He doesn't look at her as he shakes his head "Why not you?" she snorts,

"I'm fugly, I'm covered in scars, I'm nearly always hurt or sick...I'm an awful person Nico." He spins and grabs her by the neck yanking her off the couch...

She yelps and he growls "you!....."

He takes a deep breath and sighs "You don't get it, Raven."

Her heart is racing with both fear and adrenaline, she had never seen Nico mad at her..."Explain it to me please."

He sighs and looks down "You are beautiful, imperfections and all... I love you, Raven, I always have and I always will."

She doesn't know what to say in response so she stays quiet, looking at him in slight shock and not for the first time tonight. After a few awkward minutes, he sighs "One more movie."

Before letting her go and turning the tv back on. She follows him placing a hand on his well-muscled back gently. She feels his muscles tense up under her hand, he doesn't say or do anything, at this moment she realizes she too loves him. She grabs his arm and turns him around slowly. She lays her hands on his chest and whispers "I love you too Nico."

She slowly turns her jade green eyes up to look at him, he just looks at her happily with a ghost of a smile on his lips. She smiles and laughs slightly "Kiss me you fool."

The smile disappears and his hands come up to her neck tilting her head back gently, he bends to kiss her sweetly. His lips not nearly as demanding as they were earlier, lingering as if he is memorizing the feel of her lips on his. She tangles her hands in the edge of his shirt, enjoying him this time instead of being shocked like before. One of his hands leaves her neck to grabs her hand and force it lower,

She gasps against his lips as he presses her hand to the bulge in his pants. He leans down and whispers in her ear seductively "I want you, Raven."

She bites her lower lip harshly as he runs his teeth over her earlobe gently.

His hands find her waist and wrap around her easily, lifting her off the ground easily...Forcing her to wrap her legs around him or fall...He walks them to the dining room table setting her on it before pulling his shirt off slowly. Raven bites her lip harder as she watches his muscles ripple with the movement, He grabs her chin and shakes his head "That's my job, Rave."

She releases her lip only for his lips to return to her, this time he isn't nearly as gentle...He means to let her know exactly what he wants as he dominates her mouth, holding the back of her neck so he has all the power. This side of Nico was new to her but she responds as if it was always meant to be, one of her hands going to his belt the other tangled in his dark shaggy hair pulling lightly. His belt comes loose and he lets her lips go to all but rip her t-shirt from her body, and her bra right along with it. He shoves her back on the table lowering his face to her rather large bust, she whimpers as he licks and kisses her nipples...

Her hands slide to her skirt trying to push at least her panties down and out of the way, her body burning with a need she didn't know she would ever feel. He pushes her skirt up and grabs her little pink panties and in one move tears them away from her...He tosses the shredded fabric away before shoving his pants off his hips freeing his cock from its prison. She doesn't even get to look before he is kissing her again...Yanking her body to his, he grinds himself against her pussy...She whimpers as his hot flesh meets hers, brushing against her clit making her tremble with need...

He growls "Tell me you want me."

Her hips grind with his needily but she doesn't speak...He pulls away a bit and repeats more sternly "Tell me you want me."

She gasps breathily "I want you, Nico please."

He doesn't wait, he doesn't give her time to change her mind...He lines himself up and slams into her tight little body...

Raven nearly screams, having not realized his size she wasn't nearly prepared for that move...Her body caught somewhere between intense pain and instant orgasm...He doesn't allow her time to adjust as his fingers circle her clit quickly, making the decision for her...She can't control it as her body tightens and spasms on his cock, she reaches up wrapping her arms around him digging her nails into his back as she tries to have some control...He acts as if she isn't already fighting for control and starts slowly stroking in and out of her pussy, he grabs her arms pushing them to the table. Her fingers are coated in his blood, he moans out "I won't last long Rave. not this time."

She moans lowly "just give it to me." He keeps her arms pinned as he lowers his lips to her neck, biting her harshly before picking up his pace...Pounding into her mercilessly, she was already hypersensitive so that pushed her to orgasm again. he lets her goes and stands up pulling out of her just in time for the first splash of cum to hit her thighs, he strokes himself slowly, dripping the rest of his cum onto her stomach and skirt...he looks up at her and smiles "I love you, Raven."

She smiles weakly "I love you too Nico."











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