Randy had held out as long as he was capable and ended the struggle, announcing "Now Halley."

She used his chest to push off and slide down to the floor, jacking his dick and sealing the head with her mouth for the cumshot. Randy groaned and shot four big loads of cum that she struggled to swallow, but she would not relinquish his cock and the thick white loads began to seep from her closed lips.

Without warning she began to deep throat him, taking him to the root with no pause and he saw her smile with her lips stretched around his cock while she had it deep in her throat.

Randy was impressed and it was further proof to him that at least part of her studies had been on him.

The music had continued to play through several songs and Cheap Trick's "I Want You to Want Me" was now coming from the speakers.

"Oh my, I see someone has been practicing," and she nodded slightly with is cock in her mouth as she continued moving her head in the trek from tip to root and the sounds of slurping.

When he began to feel the stirrings of another orgasm, Randy stood from the chair while she continued to service him. He bunched her long, hay-colored hair in his right hand at the back of her head as he looked down on her greediness.

Halley reached out and began to cup his balls and when Randy moaned, she moved to back off and lick them but found she couldn't as he held her there and pushed her deep on his cock with his hand.

"Not yet," echoed in the dimness.

Not being ready, she ran out of air quickly and started grabbing at his thighs with her hands and trying to get off his cock, but Randy held her there still longer as she began to choke and bubbles of cum escaped around the seal. Finally, he relented, and she came off his cock in full force; cum slowly sliding from her open mouth and gasping for air.

After a moment, she calmly said "Asshole," and settled back on her haunches, smacked her lips, and reacquired his cock with her mouth, working it with a tempo of want. Eventually more cum filled her mouth and she backed off freely this time and sat back on her ankles, a wide grin on her face.

Randy looked at her smiling at him, she was glowing as thick splotches of cum covered her chin and her throat and she rubbed more of his seed into her nipples. She reached to wipe some off her chin with a forefinger, but he stopped her. The music had stopped as well.

Silently he backed her around to the bed, pushed her onto it and paused to admire the sight of her, the dress shirt now wrinkled and stained, her eyes wild and wanton. He climbed on after her.

Halley looked into his eyes in silent want as he put both her ankles around his neck and plowed his cock into her pussy again with wet sounds filling the room as he slow fucked her.

When he picked up the pace she broke the silence; barely able to get out the words, "You took a little blue pill, didn't you?"

He didn't answer, he just began to work her snatch harder with his cock and it was then that Halley's body began to tremble, and her words carried that same tremble.

"Ohh, god. Ohh, fuck. Ohh. Ohh."

And he continued to pound her body down into the mattress.

"Ohh god fuck me Randy, don't stop. Ohh. Ohh."

Her legs began shaking uncontrollably and when she came, her entire body convulsed and clinched, triggering more cum to spurt from his balls into her vagina. Randy collapsed onto her and then slid off to the side, his dick still barely inside her and their combined juices seeping from her holes to the sheets.

After about twenty minutes he glanced at the clock and turned back to her, "Halley, it's almost 10:30."

"Shut the fuck up, I don't want to know," she replied as she sat up and began to write with her finger on his chest, a common occurrence after their love making.

"What about your parents?"

"They know I'm not coming home tonight."

"Well, in that case," and he rolled her over and began to kiss her deeply until she stopped him.

"I have something I wanna do," she announced.


"I wanna take a bath with you in that big ass bathtub of yours," and she smiled her biggest smile.

Randy smacked her on the ass playfully and rolled off the bed, "Let's go."

He began to run the water as she used the toilet and cleaned up her face and body.

"Do you have any bubble bath?" she asked.

Randy didn't reply, he just turned to her and gave her a an incredulous look.

"Hey, it doesn't hurt to ask. Be back in a sec," and she nakedly hurried out of the room. When she returned she had her handbag and produced a bottle of bubble bath. "A girl's got to be ready."

Randy just shook his head and grinned as she poured a larger than needed amount into the tub.

They climbed into the mountain of bubbles and sat facing each other, their backs to the side of the tub.

Halley grinned at him, "Next time we do this we need to bring a bottle of wine."

"When did you acquire this taste for the grape?" he asked.

She shook her head, "It was my one concession to vice down in Savannah. After a day of classes and waiting tables I drink a glass or two before bed. Helps me relax."

Randy nodded, "What type of restaurant do you work at?"

"Actually," and she cocked her head, "I have two waitressing jobs. One at a seafood place and one at a steakhouse. Both downtown. I work weekdays at the seafood restaurant and weekends at the steak place."

"That's a lot of hours with studying and all."

She knew where he was headed and cut him off, "Don't even say it. I don't want your money. Besides, I have it all worked out on a timetable."

Randy let it sit and just nodded before she continued in a different vein, "You know you've turned me into a worldly woman." He didn't reply and she continued, "Before you, I never would have been like I am now. I would have always been hesitant and not just about sex. That's just one of the reasons I love you. Although I am only like this around you really."

He arched an eyebrow thinking of the new boyfriend, dismissed it, and then ventured, "What are some others?"

Halley tilted her head down and peered at him through the top of her eyes, and in a serious tone answered, "Your cock," and she tried to toss a handful of bubbles at him as they both laughed.

She then continued, "I don't know, you are just so easy to be with. To be intimate with. I want to be with you and I want to please you," and she paused for a second. "You know I got a bigger dildo to practice deep throating and then I started putting it in my ass."

"I kinda figured," Randy admitted.

It was then that Halley noticed some controls on the side of the tub by the center window and reached out to one of the switches, "Hey what do these do?"

Randy started to move toward her, "Halley don't," but it was too late, she had already flipped the switch. The whirlpool started in the tub and the bubbles began to multiply and fly into the air. In no time the entire room was filled with floating bubbles and their laughter.

"Looks like Lawrence Welk," Randy commented.

"Who?" came the clueless reply and he just shook his head.

"Before your time babe."

She gave him a stern look and then slid down, her head going completely under the water. When she resurfaced, she moved toward him. Their arms intertwined and their lips locked in a passionate fury that enveloped them before she climbed on top of him again with her hair drenched and dripping and reached down between them under the water and found that he was hard.

"Oooo, ready for me again?"


Halley eased herself slowly but steadily down onto his cock and began a sensual fuck in cowgirl, coming in close to him on the upstroke and then back away from him and upright on the downstroke. Randy let her control the pace and placed his hands on her ass, but did not guide her.

"It's all you babe," he told her, "your show, ride me," and she did, varying the pace and ferocity of her lovemaking while pausing occasionally to kiss him deeply.

Randy came first and sat up and clutched her body tightly as he did so. He sucked fiercely on her left nipple and she tipped over the edge, her arms tightly around his neck while she tilted her head and cried out to the ceiling.

Afterward they washed and dried, changed the sheets on the bed and slept intertwined in each other until early morning.


She woke him up at sunrise with her ass and back pushed into the folds of his body and her hand on his cock.

He didn't comment, he just lay there and let her get him fully awake with her hand. When she was satisfied with her work, she crossed her upper leg over her lower and worked the head of it into her pussy.

"Damn girl," and he started to go further but she cinched her Kegel muscles tight on him for emphasis and he shut up and spooned her in earnest. As he worked, she turned toward his face and placed her hand on his far cheek and kissed him.

He grunted out with the effort of fucking her, "I think you are trying to make up for the last four months all in one night."

In return Halley winked at him, "We aren't finished yet."

The wink almost melted his resolve, but he bucked up and turned her over, removing his cock from her.

Halley moaned in want, but Randy wasn't done. He got up and pulled down the bed by her left leg to the lower end of the bed.

Before she knew it was happening, he had looped a Velcro strap around her ankle and secured it tightly. Moving with haste, he repeated the procedure on her right ankle, spreading her legs very wide on the king-sized bed.

She was flat on her stomach as she tried to turn to see what he was doing, but the way he had her tied she was unable.

"What have you cooked up?" she asked exasperated and then she felt the drizzle of cold lube on her ass and his body weight as he got back on the bed behind her. His hands began to work the lube, not only into her asshole, but her cheeks as well.

She was propped on her forearms, enjoying his ministrations, and turned her head to speak, but when she opened her mouth, he deftly placed a large red ball gag inside and pulled her hair aside to strap it in place.

"Mmmmm," she moaned through her widely stretched jaws. It was then that he spread her cheeks, saw her still gaping asshole, and spread it further with his cock.

"Mmmmmgghhh," came now, more urgently, and she grabbed two hands tightly full of the sheet.

It was not sensual and it was not tame. Randy began to pound her hard, supporting himself with his toes and hands and letting his full weight bring forth the length of his cock as it fucked Halley's ass.

"Unnhh, unnhh, unnhh," she grunted on each stroke as she pulled the sheets tighter in her contorted hands and he sought to pound her harder. She began to squeal into the ball gag, the sound distorted by the silicone.

When she came, she tried to close her legs and her body vibrated, trying to lift off the bed and he laid down on her, kissed her ear and removed the ball gag.

Ten minutes later, his cock still hard and still inside her ass, she looked at the clock.

"I was going to say, before you silenced me, that the next time we do get together I'd like you to tie me up some more."

"How about now?" was his reply.

Glancing back at the clock she demurred, "I guess we need to shower," she said softly and without reply he got up and unstrapped her.

When they got under the hot water, she began to play with the ten inches of his dick as they kissed.

"You want more?" he asked while their lips were pressed together.

"I'll always want more," she smiled, "But yes, it would be a shame to waste this," and she tugged on his cock.

Randy sat on the large Italian tile seat and Halley backed up to him, putting her feet up on the seat as well. He grabbed both her ankles to secure them and she reached down and put him inside her well-used ass again. With little effort she sank down on him to his pelvis and started working up and down on it using her legs with her hands spread to the walls of the shower. The water continued its waterfall down upon them as she fucked him with her ass and he kissed her back while holding on tightly to her ankles.

She continued unabated, pausing only to cum twice, until she felt him stiffen and jerk and knew he was about to cum as well. Quickly she got off his cock and twirled to the floor with it in her hand. The first shot of his jism escaped straight up into the air before she could get her mouth on him, but she deftly caught most of it in her mouth as she went down on him for half his length and swallowed all of the three streams he shot. When she came off his dick and looked him in the eye it was with a huge smile.


They dressed in silence with Randy finishing first. When Halley went to collect her bubble bath bottle, the dilator, and the bondage collar, he went to get the familiar white box. She was looking around in the bedroom to see if she had missed anything when he handed it to her.

"You told me this last time, so I had it made special for you," and he kept his eyes on the box in her hands as she opened it.

It was a round, solid silver pendant with little scallops along the edge. Inlaid in black onyx, were the words "i love fucking you" in lower case letters. It was topped off by a red enameled heart under the words.

She didn't speak, just kissed him tightly with a hand behind his head.

When they parted she was on the verge of emotion as she told him she had to leave to get back to Savannah in two days and did not know when she would get home again.

"It is what it is, I'll be here when you get a chance to get back," although by his tone it was obvious that he wasn't happy.

Neither was she and she kissed him again fiercely as the emotion continued to bubble up inside her, but she kept space between their bodies as she did not trust herself not to have to shower again.

Making their way to the front entrance, Randy continued, "To answer an unanswered question from last night, the relative with benefits thing works for me."

Halley smiled with her whole face. Her happiness permeated her entire body, and it showed as they made their way to the door. She kissed him once more and left but stopped and turned on the stoop.

With great flourish she placed a hand on her backside and announced, "My asshole is sore."

"I'm sorry, is that a problem?" Randy replied in mock seriousness.

"Not at all, I like taking you with me," and she grinned and skipped her way to her car.











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