Chapter 8 - Jenny's Hard Lesson

Meanwhile, trouble was brewing for Jenny. She received a text from her coach.

"Young lady, get over to my house, right now, if you want to stay on the team. And I mean - NOW!"

The festive mood among the team members ended in an instant as they all fell silent. None of the other players volunteered to go with their team captain. They slipped away and quietly went back to their homes, leaving Jenny to face whatever crisis she had to deal with alone.

Jenny dutifully went to Strickland's house. Obviously unpleasantness awaited her, but she didn't know what it would be.

It turned out Strickland knew how to access social media accounts and secretly followed a lot of her students' online activities. For the most part it was a precautionary move to make sure the girls weren't doing anything that would cause problems for the school or the team. Given that she had put so much effort into promoting Jenny and obtaining scholarships for her, the coach was especially interested in anything her team's leader was doing while on-line. Within minutes after they were taken, the coach was alerted that Eveline's pictures were being posted to a bunch of different social media accounts and personal blogs.

Strickland was totally furious that Jenny had made Eveline do all that stuff in the park and was trying to turn her into a naked Internet celebrity. Her reaction was not so much sympathy for Eveline as it was anger that Jenny was trying to usurp control of her house-guest and had undercut her authority.

"Listen, young lady! There is only one boss around here, and that's me! Not you! Get it?"

"Yes, ma'am."

"You fucked up! You really fucked up and pissed me off! You know how I don't like fuck-ups! You know that! And you know what happens to fuck-ups around here, don't you?"

"Yes, ma'am."

"So let's hear it! What happens to fuck-ups?"

"They... we... they... . uh... get punished... "

"Exactly! So, get those clothes off and stand next to the wall! I'll give you some time to think about fucking up, and what happens to stupid girl-jocks who piss off their coaches!"

Jenny reluctantly took off her clothes and positioned herself facing the wall. She had no choice in the matter, not if she cared about her future. Coach Strickland had nominated her for a full sports scholarship at the state's most prestigious university. If she didn't do what the coach told her, Strickland could rescind the recommendation and she'd have to pay for college herself. She'd go horribly into debt and end up working as a barista, just like most other students.

Jenny was worried that Coach Strickland might be planning to spank her with the paddle that she often used as the "motivator" during the team's "remedial" practices. She was surprised when her mentor instead sat down on her sofa, grabbed her hand, and pulled her across her lap. Unfortunately for Jenny, she had just celebrated her 18th birthday a few weeks before. She was of legal age, so there was nothing to stop the coach from caressing her bare bottom. When she tried to tense up, the older woman ordered her to relax her muscles, or she would be kicked off the team. Given that tens of thousands of dollars of scholarship money was at stake, Jenny forced herself to relax and allow the coach to explore her thin muscular backside.

"Keep in mind you can get up and walk out the door any time you want, but if you do, don't bother coming to practice anymore."

Jenny started trembling with fear as the coach caressed her bottom, but did not dare move from the coach's lap. Strickland was deeply satisfied as she continued fondling Jenny's unprotected backside and re-asserted her dominance.

Jenny blushed with her body reacted to Strickland's touches. She got wet as soon as she felt her mentor's fingers exploring between her legs.

"Well, young lady. Don't we have our interesting little secrets? Hmmm?"

The pleasurable sensations from Strickland's fingertips didn't last long. The coach rested her hand on Jenny's bottom and commented:

"I'd imagine you think you're getting a break, you know, with me spanking you with my hand. Well, not exactly. You see, young lady, I want to stretch this out as long as I can, and a paddle or strap would speed up our little discipline session. That's not what I want. Besides, your scrawny little ass doesn't give me much to work with. I want to take a nice, long hour or two. Give you plenty of time to think about how much you fucked up with your teammate, how much you pissed me off, and how you're going to make it up to me."

Jenny squealed and squirmed from the first hard slap on her bare bottom. It was just from Strickland's hand, but she was incredibly strong and the swat stung like hell.


The coach took her time, spanking very hard, but with the swats spaced apart so that Jenny could feel and appreciate each one. The girl squirmed, but she knew better than to try to get up or beg for mercy.

After nearly an hour, Coach Strickland stopped spanking. The student's bottom was burning with pain, but so far she had managed not to cry. She was relieved that the spanking was finally over. Except that it wasn't over at all. The coach had only stopped because she wanted to force the culprit to stand so she could swat her from a different angle. Jenny's relief turned into despair when Strickland dragged one of her large living room chairs into the middle of the room and told the student to spread her legs, grab the back, and bend over. Strickland grabbed her shoulder to help steady her, and continued spanking. Jenny's legs were shaking and her body heaved with sobs.

Finally, the physical part of her punishment concluded, but Coach Strickland was not finished. While Jenny stood crying and rubbing her sore backside as she tried to recover, the coach set up a camera on a tripod. She ordered Jenny to face the camera as soon as she quieted down and dried her tears.

"You seem to like pictures, so I'd like to take some nice ones of you. I'm sure, after what you posted of Eveline, you won't mind at all, now will you?"

Coach Strickland took a series of pictures of her teary-eyed student, making sure both the girl's face and her sore bottom appeared in as many of the photos as possible. She was surprised by how compliant Jenny had become during the photo-shoot: it was as though Strickland had totally broken her. Completely breaking Jenny was not exactly what Strickland was after. She always liked Jenny, and didn't want to see her change. Also, the team captain would not be of any use to the other players if she remained in such a defeated mood.

What Coach Strickland wanted was to establish that only she was in control over what happened to Eveline and that her houseguest was not Jenny's plaything. She also wanted to ensure that Jenny would delete Eveline's pictures from her account as soon as she could get back on her computer. While it was true the pictures already had gone viral and hundreds of copies were circulating around the Internet, the coach figured there would be much less damage if the original source of the images was removed. The pictures would remain floating around and getting re-posted, but if no one knew where they came from, over time they would be buried among millions of other anonymous images of naked young women.

While Jenny stood quietly watching, Strickland put her camera away.

"I have several dozen pictures of you. You're of legal age, so, if I want, I can post them at any time. I'd imagine you'd prefer I not do that."

Jenny stood silently, with tears streaming down her cheeks.

"Answer the question, young lady."

"No ma'am, I... I wish... you wouldn't post 'em."

"So that means your ass is now mine. We can make this interesting. What are you willing to do to keep those pictures off the Internet?"

"I'll do whatever you want."

"Well, to start out with, I think you can figure out what I want you to do about Eveline's pictures. In fact, I'd like you to completely delete the accounts and profiles you used to post them. Better yet, I think you should go off-line for a bit. Concentrate on training and playing."

Jenny felt sick. Delete her social media accounts and go off-line. That was harsh. She was expecting a sexual penalty, and for that she was ready. But to delete her profiles and go off-line... Wow...

Still, she had no choice. She didn't want her parents knowing about her behavior, nor did she want to lose her scholarship money. So, going off-line it would be. She forced herself to respond:

"Yes, ma'am."

"Yes, ma'am, what? Tell me, in your own words, what you're going to do."

"I... I'll delete my profiles... and my accounts... "

"More than that, young lady. Don't forget, you're going completely off-line until you graduate. The only time you're touching a computer is for school assignments and college correspondence. And anything like that you're doing from my computer, not yours. That's it. Get it?

Jenny sobbed: "Yes, ma'am."

"Now, let's get those files deleted!"

Jenny stood at her mentor's computer, (her butt was still too sore for her to sit down). With Strickland staring over her shoulder, she logged into her social media accounts for the last time. She felt sick as she began mass-deleting images and messages. To her, going off-line was the harshest punishment she could possibly endure, but what choice did she have? As Strickland said, the coach now owned her ass. She could post Jenny's pictures at any time, kick her off the team, rescind her scholarship recommendation, or even tell her parents about her behavior.

For each of her accounts she posted a final message.

"Taking a year off. Going off the grid. Will B back next summer. Love U all. Bye."


Eveline and Lance returned to Coach Strickland's house just as Jenny was leaving. Jenny walked stiffly, had a miserable expression on her face, and seemed totally unaware of her surroundings. She walked right past Eveline and Lance without acknowledging them. It wasn't that she was ignoring them: she seemed not to notice they were even there.

Lance was bewildered by the odd sight, but Eveline knew her coach well enough to realize that Jenny must have just been punished. Still, the team captain's situation was not normal. Everyone on the team had endured plenty of paddlings in the gym, but as far as Eveline knew, this was the first time any of the players had reported to Strickland's house for punishment.

Later Eveline would learn that it was not her sore butt that was making Jenny so miserable. Really that was nothing. Coach Strickland had hit her where it really hurt - her on-line life.


Coach Strickland opened the door for Eveline and her new boyfriend. She already knew that Eveline had taken off with Lance to get away from Jenny, but now it was obvious the two students were infatuated with each other. At first the coach was not pleased with Eveline's relationship. Prior to that afternoon, she had no way of knowing about the unspoken feelings that Eveline and Lance had for each other, or that in the course of a single hike and a few hours of chatting those feelings would develop into a full-blown romance.

The coach knew better than to do anything overt to interfere with Eveline's new love. There was the possibility that, if she expressed any skepticism about Lance, Eveline would simply rebel and become even more determined to stay with him. Since she was already 18, there was even the possibility she could run off with him, and there wouldn't be a thing Strickland could legally do about it.

Besides, Lance seemed like a decent-enough fellow, so maybe this was something positive after-all. Instead of considering any effort to break up the new couple, the coach pondered how to turn the Eveline's relationship with him to her advantage. She invited him and Eveline to sit down in the living room to get to know him and figure out his personality and tastes.

Trying to sound as cheerful and chatty as possible, she moved the conversation to prompt him to explain what he saw in Eveline. When he mentioned that he was thrilled to see her dancing in the park and that he liked her naked "free spirit", Strickland realized that she had what she needed to turn Eveline's romance to suit her plans for her house-guest.

"Yes, she is indeed a free spirit, and that's something I admire about her too. It's really hard to be that way, to want to live a free-spirited lifestyle, with the way our school and our town are. I don't want to see her lose that part of herself, so I'm counting on you to support and encourage her. If you promise to do that, then I'm totally good with you going out with her."

"Sure, Coach Strickland, I'll do my best."

"And that especially goes with her feelings about clothing and wanting to be free from it. I really want you to give her lots of support and reinforcement, because that's very important to her and she needs to pursue her beliefs."

"Of course, Coach Strickland"

"Then you'll watch over her?"

"Yes, Coach Strickland."

"Thanks. That's wonderful. Having someone as understanding as you are in her life to support her certainly sets my mind at ease."

The sun already had set when Lance left the coach's house. Eveline went outside to say goodbye to him. She was thrilled about being with him, even though their relationship had started under very strange circumstances. She still didn't understand exactly what her coach was after, but she did realize Strickland had just made it impossible to tell Lance the truth about her situation. After that conversation in the livingroom, how on earth could she tell him the entire "free-spirit" thing was just a bunch of fiction and the nothing more than the result of a series of freak accidents?

Well, that was a problem she'd have to deal with tomorrow. In the meantime she could enjoy a nice, romantic goodnight kiss.

Coach Strickland sent Eveline to her room to study. The fun was over and now the student had to worry about the next day. Yes, the studying was important, but Eveline's real concern was how to get to school before anyone else arrived and finally access her remaining set of clothing. & t=79594 & t=16685

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