This story is about a dominant t-girl and her secret girlfriend at the workplace. The full story involves masturbation, blowjobs and hardcore sex at the office, with a little bit of exhibitionism. All of the scenes are consensual.

* * * *

Once I let her in, I locked the door shut letting go a sigh of relief. I don't know why I'm still hardened. That video she sent only made matters worse.

"Just... What the hell, Zoey?" I yelled, showing her my hard cock.

Zoey leaned against my desk, looking smug with her legs crossed and her eyes locked on my crotch. She let out a quiet chuckle and bit her lip.

"I guess you saw my gift."

"Of course I did, you slut!"

"Oh, you're one to talk." Her smile got wider.

No point on keeping it hidden, so I took off my underwear, and let her see my ladyhood. Her eyes brighten up more, and she pulled down her cleavage, letting out her breasts in the air. With her eyes still locked on my cock, Zoey picked her phone out of her back pocket and got down on her knees as I approached her. Once we were close enough, she kissed the tip and took a selfie with my cock on her face.

She kept taking pictures of herself with my dick on her face for a while, posing in different manners. She only stopped when I smacked her face with it. She laughed it off and stared at me.

"What? You want to be in the pictures too?"

"I thought you were going to suck me."

"Can't you wait?"

"Your video made me cum and I'm still hard; what do you think?"


Zoey wrapped her arm on my thigh and smacked my butt. That made me rub the tip on her lips, and she licked it at the same time as she snapped another photo. She kissed my shaft and looked at me as her hand went all over it.

"Did you bring the camera?" She asked.

"Of course I did."

"Give me a second."

Zoey got up on her feet and dressed her sweater properly again. She instantly went out the door and came back, with an empty folder on her hands. Concealed in it, it was the mask that she uses to hide her identity online. A simple leather mask with feline features that made her look more like a slutty superhero than an office drone. After putting it on, she went into my backpack, and grabbed both the camera and my crop. When she kissed me again, she passed the crop onto my hand.

"Just poke me with it," she whispered, before setting the camera up on a chair. I hid my cock below my skirt without her directing me to do so, and then she started filming.

She kneeled down again and kissed my thighs for a couple of seconds, caressing my butt and lifting my skirt slowly, forcing my penis to spring up to her lips and nose. She kissed it again and stared at me.

I used the crop to caress her breasts as she licked the tip, still locked into my eyes before wrapping her lips on it.

Once again, she pulled down her sweater and sucked me gently, playing with her tongue. I kept caressing her breasts as I let out a couple of quiet moans, resisting the urge to go further into her mouth. This video was hers, and I let her do what she wanted.

Zoey scratched my legs as she sucked my balls and attempted to tease my ass with her tongue a couple of times.

Zoey pulled out my dick and tapped her tongue with it, behaving even hungrier and sluttier than yesterday. The way she looked at me was telling that she wanted to have my juices all over her breasts again, even more so that her cleavage is not hidden on that stupid uniform anymore. We shared one smile before she sunk below my cock and went straight into my balls, sucking them like a pro. My eyes blanked as I felt my precum spur out. She released my balls and giggled when she used her tongue to reach for my ass for a bit, unable to get there.

After sucking my balls once more, she traveled all over my shaft with her lips, stopping once again at my tip, licking all the precum off and devouring it. This time, she slowly went further, until the last inch was down her throat. The moan I let out was loud enough to be heard alongside her coughing, and I held her in place before giving her back control. We looked at each other once again. She smiled, and I smirked. I can't help it, though: she always looked cute with a cock on her mouth. I massaged my breasts as she kept sucking me deep, before gasping for air once more.

Zoey worshiped my cock once more, allowing me to smack her face with it; offering kisses before sucking me again. This time, I grabbed her head and violently thrusted inwards. Her makeup was getting messy just as my moaning got louder. Her hands went all over my butt again as her nose touched kept poking my hips as she took the whole eight incher. She smacked my butt hard as a way to tell me to pull out. I obeyed, and smacked her back with my cock.

She offered her breasts this time, and placed my cock in between them. Her eyes were locked on my penis, and her hands pressed her boobs against it, jerking me off gently. Zoey stuck out her tongue and licked my tip as she stared at me. I fucked her tits deep enough not only to get some licks from her, but also feeling her lips wrapped all over the tip. That made me shiver, and I kept fucking her.

However, I didn't want a titfuck. So, it was a short one. Before she knew it, I stood on top of her, and once she opened her mouth again, I inserted my whole dick inside. I held her head on my hands as I fucked her throat, and she held herself on my thighs. I kept using her mouth as a pussy, until I got to the point where I couldn't hold it anymore. In the nick of time, I pulled out, making the first blast to hit her lips. Her breasts got the rest though, all of it right in visible spots. I kept moaning as I stained all of her chest, and the whole time she still had her mouth wide open.

Once I was done, I placed my dick inside her mouth again, letting her enjoy the taste of it one more time as she made sure to not waste any last drop. Once again, I went all in, and held it deep until she started to spit and cough. When she gasped loudly, I smacked her face with my cock and laughed.

"Are you pleased now, boss?" She chuckled, kissing the tip once more.

"For now," I said. "But I bet your pussy needs me now."

Zoey smiled, and went back to the camera and stopped recording. All that remained was to edit that video; a job that I'll take once we go home. She stayed in my office for a while, fixing her makeup while my cum dried out on her breasts. Before leaving, I gave each of her titties a kiss, and then I smacked her butt.

"See you after lunch, slut," I whispered on her ear, before she disappeared through the door.

I did my tuck again, and sat down in front of the computer to get back to work. With my mind off these things, the morning turned boring. Until, at some point, someone slid a yellow envelope down the door. Weird, considering we always have an intern to deliver any packages that we get. Upon picking it, I felt a hard piece of paper inside.

There was no identification on the envelope; only the words "FOR NINA" handwritten in big print letters. Inside, there was a picture of me and Zoey. It showed us having sex right here, at the office. It was a very recent photo too, as recent as it was taken in the morning. I looked at the door with an eyebrow raised, wondering whether I should open it and check the employees outside. Whoever was sending this to me... What's their aim? What do they get spying on us?

"Is this blackmail?" I asked myself out loud.

Behind the picture, something was written too: "Try to be quiet next time."

A quick glance out the window didn't answer the first question I had on my head. For all I know, it could be anyone from this building; from the guy who's looking for another cup of coffee to the other one who's trying so hard flirting with his hot co-worker. I can't judge him on that, but she's way out of her league. Still, as much as I keep staring out this window, I won't find out who the hell is this person. Could it be a woman? The writing looks from a woman. But, then again, I'm no expert in calligraphy, nor I'm Sherlock Holmes. Seriously, it could be anyone... Even Zoey, playing games on me...

But this isn't her...

"Who are you?" I whispered.

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