Sandra, the IT Exhibitionist: Vice-president

This story is a sequel to Sandra, the IT Exhibitionist, following directly on the plot developments in that story. It is also a tangent to the Helping Alexandra series, in which Fred playfully blackmails Alexandra into stripping at work and then extends that first incident into an informal club, which soon involves Mary Jo as well. For further details, check out those stories.


Fred and Alexandra were in his office one Thursday afternoon, discussing some possible exhibitionist jaunts, when Lynn, their senior vice-president, barged in. "Fred, I want to introduce you to our new vice-president of IT Security, Sandra Phillips."

Lynn stepped aside, and a striking woman-long brown hair, medium height, athletic build-stepped forward and stuck out her hand to greet Fred. As they shook hands, he was immediately struck by her large brown eyes, which dominated her angular face. He felt she was looking right past his defenses, with no hint of hesitancy or shyness, yet no aggression either. He was both impressed and unsettled in the first few seconds of meeting her.

"Sandra will be working with Charlie," Lynn pointed to the portly man, hovering in the hallway, "to strengthen the security of our entire IT system. And not just in the technology. She says she wants to work on the culture of their department and our whole organization. When I told her that you were part of the culture change committee, she asked to meet you right away."

Alexandra suggested quietly that she should step out, but Lynn stopped her. "This is Alexandra Robbins, part of our media team, though she and Fred have worked closely on a number of projects, including the culture work, right?"

"Well, just a little," Alexandra started to explain, but did not get very far before Lynn cut her off. "I'll leave Sandra to meet with you briefly. Could you bring her back to my office when you're done?" Without a further word or waiting for an answer, she turned and headed down the hall, with Charlie following in her wake.

"I didn't mean to interrupt," Sandra said, looking as though she might back out as well.

"Please, sit down," Fred said. "I'd love to know more. And to tell you more, since Lynn tends to give cursory descriptions of the culture committee."

Sandra chuckled as she sat down. The sound of the laugh broke the hold that her eyes had on him, and he got a fuller look at her. Her strong face dominated her obviously fit body.

"I could tell that she was a little dismissive of the idea," Sandra said, as she crossed her stockinged legs, "so that's why I wanted to talk to somebody involved with it. She said you had some training in that area."

Fred loved to talk about organization development and suggested they meet later when she had more time. She smiled again. "I know Charlie and Lynn want to get me around to everybody, so I guess I should honor their wishes, though I would rather spend time with the two of you." Turning to Alexandra, she said, "What's your specialty?" This surprised Alexandra, since she had adjusted to thinking of herself as part of the wallpaper. She was flustered at the sudden attention. It took her a moment to put her thoughts together and give a coherent answer.

"Thank you both," Sandra said as she stood up. "I hope to be in touch soon." As she shook hands with both of them, Fred noticed that her blouse was loose enough to conceal whether or not she was wearing a bra and that her skirt was tight enough to outline her body, but not so tight as to ruffle feathers. The length, down to just below the middle of her thigh, may have been on the edge of violating the dress code, but he doubted that anybody would care.

He stood looking at the door for a few seconds after she had turned the corner, until Alexandra spoke up. "Well, you've been pole-axed."

"What?" He seemed startled, as though he had forgotten she was there.

She laughed. "You are so smitten with her."

"No, l'm not."

She laughed. "From the moment she looked at you, you could not tear yourself away. You forgot I was here. Don't worry, I felt the same when she looked at me. She is a sexy woman, in her looks, her dress, her behavior. I was getting wet just watching her, and then when she looked at me, I was caught off guard. I swear, it was like a teeny orgasm suddenly happened by complete surprise."

"You're crazy."

"I would love to work with her some day, just to get to know her and let some of that self-confidence rub off on me."

"You've grown pretty self-confident."

"There's always more to learn. I swear, though, you're not going to get her naked, unless it's on her terms."

Fred waved her off, as though to brush away the idea of seeing the woman naked. But the thought was planted and unlikely to go away.

THE NEXT DAY, Sandra's secretary called and set up a lunch date for the two of them the following Thursday. When he showed up, Sandra was on the phone and waved him to a chair while she kept talking, moving around the office. She was wearing a soft, light blue blouse and a red skirt that was part of a suit. It seemed a fairly traditional outfit, yet he could not help noticing that she wore it with a distinct flair.

"They tell me this Irish place up the street is pretty good," she said as soon as she hung up the phone and started putting on her jacket. "It had better be, since I've made reservations. Ready?"

She set a brisk pace as they walked to the restaurant, chatting about the whirlwind of meeting board members, officers, and directors from across the system, even as she and her husband were looking for a place to live. Once they had ordered their meals, she turned her attention to him. "You didn't get much of a chance to talk about your culture work when we first met, and I'd like to know more. I have some ideas, and I need some informed allies to help with them."

He gave her the concise story of his training and first efforts at group facilitation. He got more loquacious as he talked about his work with the hospital's diversity council and then the culture change group. When he started on the latter, she shifted forward and was obviously paying closer attention. "I understand the impulse and the goal," he said, "but I guess, with my little bit of anthropology studies, I don't think you can sit down and decide how to change a culture. You've got to change behavior, and the culture will shift. It takes time."

"I'm with you on that," she said, as he took a break to eat. " But how do you get that shift to happen when there's no sense of urgency about it?"

As they talked some more, he came to realize that a couple of the buttons on her blouse had come undone and he could see a hint of the slope of her breasts. He quickly turned his attention back to what she was saying, but the question of how many buttons might have been undone when they got to the restaurant threatened to distract him.

By the end of lunch, he had agreed to find ways to work together on IT security and the expansion and standardization of the various member hospitals' intranet, which was his primary responsibility under his recent appointment as director of strategic internal communications. As he got up from the table and stepped back to let her up, he got a quick view down the front of her blouse at the gulley between her breasts. Clearly, she was not wearing a bra.

By the time they got back to her office and shook hands with a promise to meet again, the extra buttons had been done up again, and yet he had no idea of when she had done so. It was clear to him as he walked back to his office, that she knew exactly what she was doing and that he should pay close attention.

SANDRA GOT BACK to her apartment around 7:30 Friday night at the end of her third week in the new job. Rarely in that time had she been home earlier than that, and she was exhausted. She was glad that the children were off with her parents so she could unwind, and the smell of dinner told her that Jerry was somewhere nearby. "I'm home," she called out as she tossed her bag and jacket onto a nearby chair.

Jerry came out from the kitchen, carrying his iPad, saying, "Mommy's home!" He turned the screen toward her to show their daughters, face-timing from her parents' house in Massachusetts. "Hi, Mommy!" they erupted together.

"Hi, girls," she replied, leaning her head on Jerry's shoulder as he put his arm around her. The noise did not help her headache, but she was very happy to see the children. She delighted in their stories of going to the beach, getting ice cream, and playing horsey with Granddad. Her parents chimed in briefly to say that all was well, and they all wished each other good night.

As soon as they had disconnected, Sandra collapsed onto the couch with a sigh of exhaustion and frustration. "What's the matter?" Jerry asked as he sat down next to her. She rolled her head toward him.

"I had a long talk with Charlie this afternoon. I don't know if I've made the right choice."

"It's only been three weeks, how can he tell how you're doing?"

"No, he thinks I'm doing great, and he says he's had nothing but good feedback from everybody I've talked to. But this is so different from being on my own. I'm going to have to supervise people and evaluate them and talk to them when they make mistakes and fire them. I've never had to do that. II don't know if I'm up for this."

Jerry kissed the back of her neck and told her to lean forward. He climbed onto the couch behind her and placed his hands on her shoulders, then squeezed the big muscle with his thumb pressing from the back. Tension drained out of her, down her arms and back.

"Magic hands," she mumbled as she grew limp under his continued touch, applying pressure rather than massaging. After a couple of minutes, he slid his hands slowly down and undid the button at the top of her skirt. "Stand up," he whispered.

He unzipped the skirt and slid it off, then started to unbutton her blouse, gently stroking each new part of her as it was exposed. When the blouse was fully open, she lifted her arms and let it drop to the floor. He unhooked her bra and lowered it down her arms.

She loved how he brought his hands up under her small tits, as though lifting the weight of the day and releasing them to float on their own. She knew that they would disappear under his hands, but they felt more present when he was stroking them, giving them an importance she tended to forget in the day-to-day. When he plucked her nipples, ever so gently, and rolled them between his thumb and index finger, she was always reminded of how playful they could be.

He slid his hands down to peel away her pantihose. He came around to the front, so she could sit back down as he took them off.. Then he caressed her foot, straightening each toe to release the tension that had been stored there.

He slid his own pants down as he stood up, so he was now naked in front of her. She put her hands on his hips and ran them down his legs, while he stroked her hair. She looked up at him, and he slid his hands under her arms to lift her up. His cock had started reacting to her touch and was stiff enough to bump against her thigh. He reached down and lightly stroked her pussy lips, still knotted from their confinement in her panties. She gasped as he slid his index finger over the thick folds and began ever so lightly rolling them between his thumb and finger.

She leaned on him as waves of pleasure radiated from her pussy. She felt herself getting wetter with each stroke. Then one finger slid along the slick plateau of orange-pink flesh dripping with her private juices, brought out by his gently rolling fingers. Her moans deepened as he slowly probed and slid into the loosening, gaping flesh.

She reached down and took hold of his cock, which was leaking pre-cum. She caught some of it on her fingertips and began spreading it around the rock-hard shaft. He lowered himself, and she aimed his cock upward, until it began sliding along the slick path and into her hungry cunt.

They gasped in unison as he slid into her with no resistance, no pain, filling her with his thickness. Their moans mingled as they swayed together till he leaned forward and whispered, "I'm going to cum," then he just overflowed. Waves of passion flowed from her cunt to her body, and she would have collapsed if he had not caught her, held her close as his cock continued to throb inside her, each pulse sending another wave through her. He lowered them both to the floor, never leaving her cunt, and she relaxed toward unconsciousness, realizing with a small measure of awareness that he was carrying her to their bed, where he curled behind her, the two of them nestled in a fog of union and warmth and love as she drifted away into . . . .

SHE WOKE UP and realized she felt famished. She rolled onto her back and bumped against Jerry, propped up against his pillows.

"What time is it?"

"A little past midnight." He closed the book he was reading and slid down next to her.

"I'm starving."

"I bet. You skipped dinner. Want me to bring something in here?"

She managed to pull herself up, and they headed out into the kitchen. He had apparently been up and put things away after she had fallen asleep.He quickly reheated some food and prepared a plate for her. They sat naked at the counter and he stroked her leg while she wolfed down some food.

"I guess I was kind of crazy about work," she said between bites. "I know that it will work out. Some of it will be weird, at least for a while, but I had a moment this afternoon of thinking, am I ever going to flash again? It's been so much fun, going to different places and taking risks, but now I'm going to be in one place, where there's more of a risk of coming across people I know. Getting caught could be really bad, you know? Yet I don't want to give that up."

"We'll figure something out. We may just have to adjust our expectations."

"Fuck that," she said and took another bite.

"Was that an invitation?"

"Only after I've finished eating. You don't want to fuck a hungry woman, at least this woman when she's hungry for food."

He kissed her shoulder and let her finish eating. When she had finished, they cleaned up, then walked back to the bedroom, his arm around her shoulder. This time, they got under the covers, turned the lights out, and slowly made love before falling asleep again.

ON THE THIRD weekend of September, the hospital system held its first gala, the first effort to bring together board members, officers, and major contributors from all the hospitals in the growing system. The idea ruffled some feathers, delighted others, but most of them still came to get a preview of the city's new aquarium, where the party was being held.

Sandra was dressed in one of her slinky gowns. She had been in the job for three months and had met all of the major players, so she figured she could take some risk. She could have worn one of her sedate gowns, which she wore when she had to appear modest and well-behaved. She also had a lacy gown, which she had once worn to a New Year's Eve party where the lights were too dark and everybody was too drunk to see that she was totally nude underneath.

Her slinky gowns, though, were her favorites. They showed off her physique with varying degrees of outright exposure. Some of them had slits up the leg, ranging from above the knee to above the hip, but she did not think the system was ready for those. This one was backless down to her waist, with two strips of cloth running down the front. They exposed enough of the slope of her breasts to confirm that she had nothing else on, but not so much as to offer any free glimpses. From the waist down, though, everybody was left to their own imagination as to what she may or may not be wearing.

She always enjoyed that kind of mystery, since people's reactions told so much about them. Some men tended to lose focus and forget what they were saying, others developed a stern attitude and seemed ready to start quoting scripture. Women could react with outrage, avoidance, or amusement. Each reaction gave her different information about the person she was dealing with.

"Nice dress," said a voice behind her. She turned and saw Fred, looking quite sharp in his tuxedo. He smiled as he took in her front view. "Oh, no buttons."

After several meetings with him, she realized that he had figured out that she played with the buttons of her blouse to gauge his reaction. She sensed that he enjoyed the game, yet was still able to stay focused on business.

"Makes it so much easier, don't you think?" she replied. "Now all I have to do is this," and she slid her finger down one side of her cleavage, pulling the material aside to reveal more of her breast without flashing her nipple. Fred smiled. "You look pretty sharp yourself."

"Yeah, I figured I should clean up for my new bosses."

"What do you mean?"

"Word hasn't got around yet, I guess. The whole PR team in the Charles County hospital quit, and Lynn is sending me down there to hold the fort till she can restaff. The place is in kind of a turmoil, and I think she wants me to see if I can help calm things down."

"Oh . . . so that could put a crimp in our culture change efforts." Sandra sounded disappointed.

"I've still got system responsibilities, so I'll be back and forth up this way. It may take me a little while to get myself sorted out down there, but we'll figure it out."

They talked a little more and agreed to have another meeting before he left. She went back to socializing with hospital presidents and system directors. At one point, she spotted Charlie and Linda working their way toward the dining room; they waved, and she ran a finger down her cleavage, giving them a slight flash of her breast. Charlie smiled and raised a warning finger, while Linda laughed and winked at her.

At dinner, she and Jerry sat at Charlie's table with other IT figures from across the system. He seemed to be quite comfortable talking with the other spouses at the table. He was wearing a tuxedo, but with enough non-traditional accessories to carry off a somewhat left-bank, bohemian look. She loved how he could make such a look seem so natural.

After dinner, they joined in the dancing. In the slow dance, he maneuvered her into corners where he could slide his hand inside the waistband and down onto her bare ass. Sometimes, he would spin her around and slide the thin band off of her breast and tweak her nipple. Always cautious, always aware of when she might be in view of others, he indulged himself with her. She felt herself getting hornier with each turn and often felt like flashing her tits and even dancing naked. But he was always there, keeping her in line even as she felt his cock getting hard against her thighs.

When they sat out a couple of dances, she spotted Fred across the floor, talking to Alexandra, the woman who had been in his office when she met him, and another woman she recognized as the head of medical staff services. Mary Jo, that was the name. She noticed an ease in the way they stood and talked to each other. A couple of other men were part of the group, seemingly equally at ease. Sandra prided herself on reading people's behaviors, and she was sure that there was something special there.

Later, she was on the upper level of the aquarium, looking out at the city. In the dim light on the ramp below her, she spotted Alexandra and Mary Jo, talking and laughing with each other. Alexandra was pointing down the ramp toward the bay, and Mary Jo leaned closer to her and said something in Alexandra's ear. Both of them laughed and walked back inside, their arms around each other.

Watching the scene, Sandra had a memory of being with Kathy the night they had dashed naked across the bridge in Chicago, the night they had caught Linda sucking on Charlie's cock. She missed Kathy and told herself to get in touch soon. On the way back down to the main level, she also remembered something Fred had told her and decided to seek out Alexandra.

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