I wake up. Feeling my bare ass next to Pete's cock. I move my hand so I can feel his member. It twitches awake and I rub it against my entrance. Pete moans as his hand begins to come to my chest. They go over my nipples, and I feel him beginning to move his hips. I moan in response. His right hand moves to my cock his left hand pulls my ass apart. I move my body as I feel his tip at my entrance. He pushes in slowly I moan as he strokes my cock harder and faster. I feel his hips move faster. His hand pulls my hair back and with it my head. He kisses my ear, nibbling on the ear-lobe. I can't contain myself as I begin to cum over his hand, in responses my ass bounces down his dick fully engulfing his length.

He moves his hand (the one covered in my cum) to my lips and pushes his fingers in my mouth. I move my tongue around his fingers, wanting to taste every drop of myself and swallow my own cum. This pushes my lover overboard as he cums in my ass filling me up.

"Even better today" he says.

"It definitely is, but I need to wash up."

"I'll join you." Pete responds. He slaps me on the ass and I giggle as we head into the bathroom together.

"I need to pee." I say as I stand over the toilet

"You can do it on me." Pete says confidently.

"I've never done that before." I respond.

"Would you like to try?"

I nod, as he gets into the bath on his knees and opens his mouth. "First I want you to piss on me than in my mouth. I struggle to let go as the nerves overcome me, but I relax and began to piss over Pete's face and chest. I then begin to move my cock closer to his mouth and aim it there. I stop and start allowing him time to swallow my piss. I finish up and he sucks me clean.

"My turn." Pete demands. I got into the bath and kneel my own pee was still on the floor of the bath. "Close you eyes." I closed them, I was in complete submission of him. He begins to pee; the warm urine strikes my body I shiver in response. I can feel the stream moving over my body and going up towards my face, my mouth open in anticipation. All of a sudden, I feel my throat being hit by his fluids. I swallow quickly ignoring the taste out of fear of drowning, I swallow again and again until he finishes, and I clean him up.

He helps me up and kisses me on the lips. "Thank you." I couldn't respond I was in shock at what I had just done.

We cleaned up and went downstairs to have breakfast together. Throughout our meal I was staring at Pete, still in shock at what he had turned me into, but also very excited for what happens next. "Are you ready for more fun?" he asks me.

"Yes" I respond with a grin on my face. we head back upstairs holding hands. Our fingers massaging each other's. As we renter his bedroom, he ensures we are both naked and heads to his wardrobe. He begins to pull out a plastic box takes the lid off and asks me take everything out.

I begin to look inside and saw a variety of toys. There were butt plugs of all sizes, ball gags, paddles I assumed for spanking. "Pick one out." Pete says as he pulls out 2 full babydoll lingerie. I ask for the red one, Pete gets the bright blue one. We both put our lingerie, helping each other. He bends me over the bed almost instantaneously and picks out a small but fat plug. He licks my ass. I moan, but this time there is little time to adjust as he quickly puts the plug to my opening. I feel it against me but it is too large to go in. "Relax." Pete commands and I do as I trust him. I feel myself begin to open the pressure goes as I feel it enter me, as he goes deeper I groan loudly. I'm on fire, then the pain stops as it reaches the limit. I feel more pleasure than pain once the plug is fully inside. He grabs one of the paddles and hits me hard against the butt. I lurch forward, as he hits me again and again. I scream louder and louder in a mix of pain and pleasure. He grabs the ball gag and puts it over my mouth, so I must begin to concentrate on breathing through my nose. I begin to become more submissive.

I suddenly feel empty as Pete quickly removes the plug from my behind my ass starved for attention. He slides 4 fingers inside of me with ease, as I know my entrance is worn out. He replaces his fingers with this cock I moan into the gag as it's the only noise I can make. He pins my arms behind me, to show he is in complete control. My own cock is keeping me upright as it is tall and at attention. I feel every trust as he alternates between going fast and slow but he begins to speed up, his moans and grunts becoming louder. He releases my arms and puts his hand on my hips as he pumps away at full speed, I feel his cock pulse inside of me as he cums. He spins me around and takes my own member in his mouth. I groan loudly into the gag, as I feel tongue caress the tip of cock. His hand begins to play with my balls and I erupt a volcano into his mouth, he continues to stroke my cock fully draining me. He brings his mouth to mind and opens wide letting my own seed drip from his mouth to mine. I swallow, as if it was my last meal.

"Thank you." I say as we kiss.


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