Sophie had been riding the high of her life. It was her senior year at the university of her dreams, she'd spent the past four years attending on an amazing athletic scholarship. She had a great internship lined up for after her graduation. As the cherry on top, she had attained a sort small, but unexpected, celebrity status for her performance at a recent track meet where she had been the star athlete, bringing home medals and trophies. That got her invited to a party; by Michelle Wilson, no less.

Michelle was an absolutely gorgeous cheerleader, and a long-time crush of Sophie's. Long, curly blonde hair, emerald green eyes, a smattering of freckles, and a smile that could light up a room. Popular, but not a queen-bee of campus. She was kind, too, always waving and making polite conversation as their teams crossed paths on the athletic field. Sophie had been head-over-heels for Michelle since freshman year. Invited to a party by Michelle Wilson, after winning trophies, medals and fame. It was like a dream come true.

Even still, she felt like a total wallflower at the party, standing in a corner, tending to a drink, watching the world pass before her eyes. She didn't mind. She was just happy to be there. Although, she did find herself feeling tired quite early on. It was probably just her body coming back to earth after all the recent excitement. She was dozing off, though when she snapped back to attention, she saw Michelle was standing next to her. Michelle looked at her and smiled warmly.

"Hey sleepyhead." She said gently "You feeling okay?"

"Hnh? Michelle! Uhm. H-hey. Yeah, I'm just..." Sophie yawned "A bit tired."

"I can tell." Michelle said, taking Sophie's hand, their fingers began lacing together.

Sophie blushed. Michelle gave her hand a light tug "Come on, let's go sit on the couch."

Sophie followed along and found herself sitting next to her college crush. In her sleepy state, she found herself snuggling closer and closer to Michelle. She was too tired to worry about the embarrassment she was feeling. Drifting in and out of sleep, she lay her head on Michelle's shoulder. She felt Michelle's arm wrap around her and heard a friendly whisper in her ear.

"Aren't you just adorable. Go to sleep, cutie. I'll take good care of you."

With those beautiful words dancing through her head, Sophie let herself drift off into dream-land. In a warm, contented sleep, she felt herself being petted, hugged and cradled in the arms of another. Assuming in her sleepy state that this was the beautiful cheerleader she loved so much; she couldn't help but feel perfectly happy. She heard voices talking. A familiar voice spoke, distant though, as if through a mile of cobwebs and fog.

"Don't worry, I'll make sure she gets home safely."

Half awake and half asleep, she felt herself being supported, walking dozily, sitting in a car, going up stairs. Then she felt the softness and warmth of a plush bed swallowing her. It was larger than she was used to, and so delightfully soft. Thick covers... Silk sheets against bare skin... This all felt strange and new, but she was so sleepy, she didn't care. She sank back into happy dreams as she felt a warm body curl up next to her and wrap her in a loving hug. Sophie curled into the embrace as the darkness overtook her completely.

She woke, completely, with a start. It felt like she had been drifting in and out of sleep for ages, but she was awake now... So why couldn't she see? She quickly realized a deliciously soft, impenetrably dark, silk scarf was wrapped around her eyes, tied neatly at the back of her head. As wonderfully tied as could be. Her wavy brown boycut must have made it relatively easy. Nothing in the way of a pretty bow at the back of her head.

She tried to move to pull the blindfold away, only to realize she was bound at the wrists. Though she would hardly know it. This was so... Strange. The binds around her wrists felt so soft. They were firm and thick, only permitting her to squirm slightly, but they were more comfortable than tight, and they did not chafe. Whatever she had been bound with, it was lined and padded with a soft, fuzzy material that tickled her wrists slightly. Frustrated, curious, excited and scared, Sophie accepted that she was trapped. Her legs were free at least.

Going by feeling, she recognized from her half-sleepy world, the sensation of marvellously soft sheets and thick, warm covers against her bare skin. She had been stripped down to her underwear. She could also feel the presence of a body next to hers. Fingers began dancing gently over her sides, causing her to inadvertently let out happy giggles.

"H-hey!" she squeaked.

"Good morning, sleeping beauty." A familiar voice, full of love and affection said "Comfortable?"

"I... Uhm... Yes. Good morning. Uhm. Say, why am I all tied up? And blindfolded? What's the big idea?"

She heard happy laughter.

"You're my prisoner, that's the big idea, beautiful." She felt soft lips press gently against her cheek in a little peck. She then heard a whisper in her ear. "Don't be too scared, sweetheart. I love you so much, I'm not going to do anything scary or bad to you."

Remembering the night before, and realizing just whose arms she was curled up in, bound and helpless... Realizing just who had confessed love to her, Sophie's cheeks went a deep shade of pink. She spoke in a voice barely above a whisper, forming the question on her mind.

"M-Michel-?" she was interrupted as those soft lips pressed against hers, pecking gently, before giving way to a deeper kiss. Sophie couldn't help but respond in kind.

She was in Michelle's bed. Soft. Warm... Exposed. She picked up the faint scent of lavender. Perfume? Incense? She wasn't sure, but it was nice. She was tied up. Blindfolded. Michelle had called her beautiful. Michelle had told her that she loved her. Sophie felt as if she was melting, overtaken by the softness of the bed, the gentle, affectionate touches of her captor. She felt less afraid, though she could not completely banish that feeling, and infinitely more excited. The lips pulled away.

"I-... It is you, isn't- mmmm." Every time she tried to vocalized this question, she was met with kissing, it seemed. A punishment? Or a reward? Or maybe just fun... When the kissing stopped next, she felt a slender finger press against her lips, and heard the familiar voice whispering in her ear.

"Don't ruin the game, love. You're safe, I promise, but call me 'Miss' please?"

It was a game? This was definitely Michelle. The more she found her senses returning to her, the more familiar her captor became... The more familiar Michelle became, the more thrilled Sophie was, although her delight was still highlighted with a shy, easily controlled sense of fear. Just what did the gorgeous cheerleader have planned for her?

"Miss?" Sophie said, in both affirmation of the request, and the beginning of a question. She was rewarded with a little peck on the tip of her nose and a whisper.

"Good girl."

"Uhm. Why am I all tied up, Miss? Just what do you have planned for me? Y-you know if you wanted to get frisky, you could have just asked... I do lik-"

Another kiss on her lips. Gentle, affectionate kisses were proving to be Michelle's favourite way to interrupt her captive and control the conversation. The poor athlete could hardly complain. Her insides were squirming with delight, but it was still a bit frustrating. Michelle pulled away.

"I know you do, cutie. I've seen the way you ogle me whenever we're both in the field. Although... I don't think you've noticed the glances your perfect ass get from a certain cheerleader at track meets."

Michelle let out a happy sigh.

"Half the fun of the position is getting to watch your magnificent body put through your paces." Another little kiss on her nose "And now, that perfect, beautiful, toned body is at my mercy. Mine to tease and please however I want, all while your shy mind goes mad with love and lust."

Sophie felt Michelle's hands exploring her body as she spoke. Ever so gently squeezing her firm ass when it was mentioned, moving up along her sides, fingers gently tickling her midsection, tracing the faint lines of lightly defined abdominal muscles. She found herself taking deep breaths, before quietly asking again.

"P-please, what's going to happen to me...?"

"Nothing you won't love, Sophie." Michelle whispered in her ear "I promise not to hurt you. If I'm going to far, but you want to keep playing, say 'Yellow.' If you ever want to stop, just say 'Red.' Understand?"

Had... Had she just been given a safe word? She had, hadn't she?

"Yes, Miss." She said quietly "I understand."

"Good girl." Another little peck on her nose. That seemed to be the reward for good behaviour.

All this kissing, born out of her deepest fantasies, had turned her face a deep shade of scarlet. She felt Michelle's hands exploring her body again. One gently stroked her wavy brown hair, another explored her sides, settling on her hip. It was promptly joined by the hand that had been petting, as fingers gently traced the waistband of Sophie's boxers.

"You wear boxer shorts." Michelle said playfully "Sophie Green wears boxer shorts. That is so cute. I used to fantasize about what you had on under your track uniform. This is an incredible answer."

"T-they're comfortable." Sophie muttered, only to be answered with more kissing. When it was over, Michelle spoke in a tone that was both loving and chiding.

"You must really love kissing, pet. It's how I'm going to punish you when you speak out of turn, okay?"

Sophie nodded, and heard Michelle let out a deep, happy sigh.

"Our adorable little track star, all trussed up in my bed, at my mercy. This is a dream come true. The only way this could be better is if I had some of your cute friends here. A little harem of you track girls, cuddled up together in my bed, all mine to amuse myself with."

She let out another happy sigh, apparently lost in her own fantasies, before turning her attention back to Sophie.

"I wonder..." Michelle muttered. Soon, Sophie felt the hands that had been stroking her sides and tracing the edges of her boxers begin dancing all over her midsection, intentionally tickling her.

"Eeep!" She immediately squealed, as she began to giggle, writhe and wiggle in her bindings, desperately trying to escape the tickly assault, to no avail.

"Sophie Green is ticklish!" Michelle cried out with delight "Sophie wears boxer shorts and is a ticklish girl! Oh my gosh, this is so amazing!"

To her credit, with the answer she was looking for, Michelle lightened the tickling, allowing her fingers to gracefully dance over Sophie's flesh, slowly drawing delighted giggles and happy spasms out of her poor, helpless prisoner. It went on like that for a while. The cheerleader and the athlete snuggled up next to each other, Michelle's fingers tracing little patterns over Sophie's toned body, every swirl slower, and gentler than the last. Soon, Sophie found herself curled up in Michelle's arms, getting the last few giggles out, and squirming only slightly, as a single finger twirled around over her toned stomach.

"Sophie, sweetheart." Michelle said happily "I thought you deserve a special treat in return for doing so well at the track meet."

Sophie perked up curiously "What did you have in mind, Miss?"

"I want to go down on you a bit." Michelle whispered softly in her ear. "Would that be okay?"

If Sophie's face hadn't been red before, it would be now. This had to be a dream. Was this really happening to her? Was Michelle Wilson really offering to do that to her? A reward, for her athletic accomplishments. She wanted to squirm with delight.

"I... I would love that." She gasped.

She heard Michelle laugh warmly, and then slip away from her. She felt fingers moving around the waistband of her boxers, gently tugging them down, then pulling them over her feet. She was fully exposed to her beautiful captor. She felt her body twist as she was flipped over on the bed. She felt soft, curly hair brushing against her thighs, little kisses moving closer and closer to her crotch, warm breath... and then a tongue running slowly, gently over her labia. Sophie could only whimper, moan and squirm as Michelle's wonderful tongue found her clitoris.

They lay there like that, Michelle snuggled up between her legs, lapping at her clit like a cat going at a bowl of milk. Sophie whimpering desperately, and swearing her eternal love to her beautiful, affectionate captor. Such words seemed to please Michelle. Little flicks of her tongue gave way to ever so gentle sucking and kissing. Quite soon, Sophie found her body trembling, her breath hitching, and lusty moans passing through her lips; followed by a series of yelps as Michelle gently drew an orgasm out of her. While her body was wracked with pleasure, while she trembled and gasped and moaned, Michelle went on licking, sucking and kissing, enhancing her pleasure. It wasn't until she was panting and basking in her afterglow that she felt Michelle pull away from her.

The bed was shifting. She felt warmth. A body. Softness. Pyjamas. Pressing against her. Arms wrapping around her. A blanket covering her. Michelle was cuddling her.

"Don't expect me to go that easy on you in the future." She whispered sleepily into Sophie's ear "Normally, I'm going to torture the orgasms out of you, nice and slowly. But you've been so lovely tonight, and you did so well on the track..."

Michelle yawned and gave her bound captive a gentle squeeze.

"T-the future?" Sophie murmured, snuggling into her captors embrace as best she could, with the final tremors of pleasure passing over her, it felt nice to cuddle. "What do you mean?"

"Mmm. Don't worry about it for now, beautiful." Michelle cooed "I have big plans for you, but they can wait until morning. Get some sleep."

She felt an encouraging squeeze. A loving kiss.

"Can't you untie me?" Sophie asked shyly.

"Hm. No. I don't want to. You're too cute, all trussed up like this." Michelle replied sweetly "I'll let you go tomorrow morning, beautiful, okay?."

"Okay." Sophie sleepily muttered, accepting her fate and snuggling up into Michelle's embrace.

Curled up in Michelle's arms, feeling incredibly safe and loved, Sophie sank into a deep, contented sleep. & t=79671 & t=75648,5947921 & t=21212

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