An extract from my journal expresses best my feelings in the immediacy of the aftermath of that night. Suzie gave me the choice of sharing it or using it as a catharsis; seeing no binary choice here, I did both. What else could I do?

That was how I felt as we went to the suite Miss Penny and I shared, after her orgasm. Was I jealous? Would I be jealous? These questions had haunted me. It was time either to lay the ghosts to rest or to confirm them. The latter -- well I knew it would change my life, but risks sometimes need to be taken. I dislike risks. I had spent most of my life calibrating them to either minimise or avoid them; but here I could see no other way.

Love is not love, St Paul tells us, if it is not generous and kind. Shakespeare, in sonnet 116 goes further, telling us that: "Love is not love / Which alters when it alteration finds". Were it to alter then that would, I have always believed, be an impediment to the "marriage of true minds". Now, I knew and trembled; now I should find out.

Already aroused and not a little dazed from her recent experiences, Miss Penny allowed Suzie to lead her toward the bed. She indicated that I should remove Miss Penny's remaining clothes, so I unloosed the belt on her dress and helped it down her shoulders and bottom as she and Suzie shared a deep kiss. I unclasped her bra, and as she made each arm available in turn, I removed it.

As I stood back, watching Miss Penny in the arms of the woman I had always loved, the moment of truth dawned. This was the test. Miss Penny's arse was so beautiful I longed to kiss it. Her full breasts squashed against Suzie's, made a perfect erotic tableau. I looked at Suzie, whose hands were now cupping Miss Penny's arse cheeks. She nodded. I understood.

Walking over quietly, I unzipped her dress and, with her help, eased it down her body and off. Quickly, I pulled her knickers down, noting that she was so wet that the tops of her thighs were showing her dew. I unclasped her bra, as momentarily Suzie pulled away, before, now naked, pushing Miss Penny onto the bed and giving free rein to her passion.

Suzie was like a woman possessed, as she seemed almost to devour Miss Penny. As the latter parted her thighs, Suzie worked her breasts, making her moan loudly. Then, pulling Miss Penny to her in a passionate kiss, Suzie slid her leg between her thighs and began to scissor her. They were so wet that the whole room smelt of aroused woman. Maybe that should have been "we", as my clit was tingling and my knickers decidedly damp. Watching as Suzie rubbed herself against Miss Penny, I felt an overwhelming urge to touch myself; so didn't. Her nipples were swollen and I so wanted to suck them; but didn't. They were both breathing heavily, and the friction of Suzie's hair against Miss Penny's smoothness was clearly having a huge effect on the latter, who, after screaming loudly, came for the second time that night. Suzie followed moments later, collapsing on the bed, her leg between Miss Penny's. As she recovered, she looked over at me and nodded.

Carefully removing my dress, I slid onto the bed, moving to Suzie's long legs and worked my lips up them until I could taste her juices. Equally carefully, I licked her nectar, savouring every taste, until I moved onto Miss Penny's thighs, noting the change, as her juices were tangier with a slight citrus taste. I felt her hands on my head.

"Oh fuck, Pixie, you are so naughty!"

I had thought that her swollen pussy might need filling, and had slid two fingers into her, as I had, simultaneously into Suzie, who had clenched them, smiling at me, nodding in encouragement. As I pressed into them both, I felt a delicious sense of unity between the three of us, with me as the connection. They both pulled me in so that my head rested on Miss Penny's tummy, with Suzie stroking my hair. Their warmth, their smell, their arousal all created in me a sense of oneness. It was as though there was but one will at work, a desire to be together in that moment of pleasure.

Settling on my elbows, I pressed into them both, Suzie's wetness was gooey, Miss Penny's was more liquid, but the noises as I pushed in and out were all I needed to know that they were both as aroused as I was. I could feel them moving with Miss Penny crying:

"Fuck, fuck, yes, yes Suzie, pull my fucking nipples, they ache, oh my, my, oh fuck!"

I fear my thumb brushing her clit may have prematurely ended her sentence, but no one minded. As I repeated my trick with Suzie, she growled.

'Faster, harder darling, we can both take it!"

Nothing if not obedient, I obliged with gusto.

This time Suzie came first, leaving my fingers sticky with her girl goo. I dived in between Miss Penny's thighs, pulling out of Suzie, and applied my lips. Miss Penny moaned loudly before her orgasm exploded in my face.

I lay there with them both.

Love is not love which alters when it alteration finds; my love had not altered.

Suzie pulled me up between them. I slipped easily into place, with one of her breasts pressing into one side of my face, and one of Miss Penny's doing the same to the other side. We fell into a blissful sleep.

I woke with a sudden need. Drinking late is not, I have found, a good idea. Carefully, so as not to wake them, I slithered out and went to the bathroom to pee. After wiping I came back into the bedroom.

The dawn's early light illuminated a scene which warmed my heart. Miss Penny and Suzie were holding each other. They looked as satisfied as I felt. I pulled the coverlet up over them and kissed them both before retiring to the shower room where I quietly washed away the evidence of that wonderful and unforgettable night.

Whatever the morrow brought, the night had been an epiphany.

The least I could do was to surprise them both, a few hour's later, with breakfast in bed. It was amazing what Dame Suzie's name could produce when used in the right quarters.

"Why, Pixie, you are an utter sweetheart!"

Suzie's appreciation was more reward than I could have imagined.

"You are full of surprises," Miss Penny smiled, leaning into Suzie for a kiss.

"Why, thank you Miss Penny."

I was, indeed, as others would soon discover.

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