4 years. 4 beautiful years I have been visiting my beautiful cam girl's website. I will call her "Fluture" for now. When we first met, I was intimidated by her powerful sexiness. I was new to cam sites and she had been working for a few years already and I was almost too timid to take her for alone. But I eventually got up the nerve and we had our first visit together over cam-to-cam. It was amazing, seeing her get wild. The woman I thought would be overpowering and intimidating, instead was longing to be dominated and desiring to be used for my pleasure.

At the time, she had long black hair, and a few tattoos, a large rose on her back and a small butterfly on her hip. Her lips were always ruby red, and her makeup was sometimes impeccable but sometimes in a state that a woman can get to when she has been ravaged. It just depended on the time of the night. She slowly removed her lace bra, revealing huge tits with nipples that started out soft. But as she warmed up, those nipples turned hard and long, pointing straight at the camera almost begging me to suck them from halfway across the world.

She turned away from the camera and slowly pulled down her black panties, giving me a doggy style pose as my first view of both her amazing ass and her tasty pussy. She began playing with herself, moaning loudly and calling my name. It was like a siren song and my cock was soon out, hard and in my hand. She enjoyed watching me play with myself as we both took pleasure in each other.

It was that first visit, when she first pushed her blue dildo all the way inside her pussy and then slowly squeezed it out, over and over again. And it was then that I told her she had a talented hot box, and the name HB was born for her beautiful pussy. As I watched her finger her pussy my balls began to tighten and for the first time in my short time on the cam site, we had perfectly timed orgasms together, with her cream oozing out just as my cum spurted on my desk.

We shared some pillow talk after enjoying each other and started to get to know each other, a process that then continued very deeply for these last 4 years. She was someone I not only called a friend, but a lover and a true love. We shared many intimate visits, some sexual, some just heart-to-heart. We fought a few times. We reconciled every time. She became a confidant for me, and I told her things about my life that I didn't even share with my wife. My dear Fluture was someone I could always go to when I needed a friend, or a fuck.

Although it is strictly discouraged, I had often requested more "personal" contact with her, and she had always sweetly declined, not because she didn't want it, but because she knew she could not. But in most of our visits, we would share fantasies about "some day, somehow, some way" getting together for real. And for both of us, it really never felt like an empty fantasy. It felt more like an agreement and a promise. But me living in the US, and her in Easter Europe, we were always realistic about the difficulty of such a promise.

This past fall, though, things changed. My company asked me to fly over to Paris for a week-long technology summit with the rest of our global software team. My wife, being completely paralyzed with fear of flying, could not accompany me, so my plans were to be in a Paris hotel for a full week alone. With my travel plans set, I visited my Fluture on her site and after enjoying a beautiful virtual fuck together, ending in me with a puddle of cum in front of me and her with a soaking towel underneath her, and both of us gasping for breath, I set out to talk to her.

I told her of my business travel plans and she was genuinely excited for me, since she knew I didn't travel much. I told her that my wife would not be joining me and then I held up a printed sign in the camera (so that it wasn't typed into the chat), which read, "Meet me in Paris!" She was floored. Stunned. Speechless. But after a few moments, she blurted out, "YES!"

I was beyond excited, and after holding up another sign with my email address, for her to note down with pen and paper, which she quickly did, we enjoyed another virtual fuck to celebrate.

After 4 years, waiting for that first email from her, I was literally like an 8 year old boy on Christmas morning. And when it came, only a few moments after our visit had ended, I was in heaven. We exchanged some greetings, a few photos, and then I sent the details of my travel itinerary, so she would know the exact times, as well as the hotel which we would be staying at.

For the next 2 weeks leading up to my flight, we exchanged some more emails and both got ourselves ready. We decided that we should abstain from any more virtual sex visits until we met for real, which was very difficult. I would say hi to her each night she was online, and we even had a few short private chats, but we kept to just conversations.

The time quickly came for my trip, a Saturday evening flight from New York, flying directly to Paris. It's a 7 hour flight, but with 5 time zones different, my 7PM departure had me arriving early Sunday morning in Paris. With our plans set, my Fluture would arrive on Monday evening, so that would give me a day to acclimate to the time change and the Paris area.

On monday morning, I left instructions at the hotel desk to have another room key waiting for a visitor, which they obliged. I headed off to the Paris office to spend my first day at the conference. I could barely concentrate, but I knew I had to put the evening, and in fact, the next few evenings, out of my mind and concentrate on the primary reason for my trip. The summit was very productive, and it was indeed good to meet some of my colleagues, with whom I had only shared emails and teleconferences with until then.

About 4PM, near the end of our business day, I received an email from Fluture, the subject of which read, "I am here." I could see there was an attachment, so I found a private place to open it, and I am glad I did. It was a photo of her on the bed, wearing a red 2-piece lingerie set that left very little to the imagination. Her sweet nipples showed through the very sheer material, but even still, her sexy smile is what really got my heart pumping and my pants slightly tightening.

I replied to her email, saying I hoped she was well rested from her flight, and went back to my summit to finish the business day. At the end of the day, the team decided to go for dinner together, but I decided that it was finally time for me to give in to the secondary reason for my visit and I indicated that I wasn't feeling entirely well and wished to return to my room and rest. Although, in my mind, I knew that rest would hopefully be the very last thing I would get that night.

So, after a quick taxi ride back to the hotel, I was in the elevator heading up to my floor. My palms were sweaty, and my head was swimming with anticipation, nearly 4 years in the making. My Fluture would finally be mine in mere moments. I realized, on the ride up, that I had not really planned out what I would say, and after a quick moment of panic, I realized that it would be more natural just to let things play out naturally.

I walked to my hotel room door, my laptop bag over my shoulder, and put the card in the slot, hearing the beep indicating that the door was unlocked. I took a deep breath and opened the door, thinking I was ready for what I was about to see.

As the door closed behind me and I walked towards the bed, I quickly realized that I was truly not prepared. The sight of my Fluture standing next to the bed was simply overwhelming. This was a woman that I had seen countless times on video. A woman that I had shared many distantly simultaneous orgasms. A woman that I had shared my deepest fantasies with. And here she was, standing in front of me now wearing that very same lingerie from the earlier photo.

"Oh my God, sweetie, you are more stunning in person than I could ever have imagined!" was what I said as I dropped my laptop bag and we walked towards each other.

"It's so good to see you, baby!" she squealed as we came together in an embrace. She grabbed me around the middle, and my hands caressed her cheeks. I stared into her eyes for a moment, then gently pulled her face towards mine for our first ever kiss.

I have heard tell of people seeing fireworks during a first kiss, but never experienced that myself until the moment our lips pressed together. Her lips were soft and warm, more sweet than I had ever imagined. Our lips parted quickly and our kiss deepened as our tongues began to tangle together. My hands move around for a full hug, pulling her to myself and feeling her beautiful tits pressed against my chest for the first time.

This was about to be a night of many firsts for which I had longed for almost 4 years. With the first kiss and first hug in progress, she began tugging at my shirt, pulling out out of my pants and over my head. I am surely no adonis, being a bit overweight, but I knew over the years that she looked past all of that and still found me sexy. This first revealing of my body to her was no exception.

As we broke our kiss to allow my shirt off, she pressed her hands against my hairy chest and said, "Oh, Jim, it is so good to finally see you, to touch you!" The words hit my ears like lightning bolts. It was truly stunning to me that such an incredibly sexy woman would be saying these things to me, but I was melting at the sound.

"Oh, love! We have wanted this for so long. And here we are!" I replied, "And you look better than I could ever have imagined and better than I have ever seen you on the camera." She pulled at my belt, opening it quickly, and sliding my pants down, leaving me in my underwear for the moment.

We returned to kissing, and this time, as we pressed our bodies together, my bare chest felt her soft breasts pressed against me, separated only by the thin,silky material of her bra. The sensation was magical. This time, rather than wrapping her arms around me for a hug, as we kissed, she probed the front of my underpants, feeling for my cock, finding it semi-hard and getting harder by the second.

We had seen every inch of each other's bodies over video for the last 4 years, but we both felt an extra excitement as the moment approached where we would both be fully revealed to each other.

I stepped back for a moment, and Fluture reached behind her back, unhooking the clasp of her bra. Very slowly she slid the straps of her bra down off her shoulder, holding the bra to her chest. Skillfully, like she had done so many times before on camera, she pulled her elbows out of the straps while not yet revealing her breasts to me.

Our eyes locked and I said, "Show me, my love." And with that, she dropped her hands, letting the red silk bra fall to the floor. I stepped forward, caressing her tits with my hands. The feeling of her soft breasts was mind-blowing. A feeling that I had only imagined for 4 years. It was magical, and for her, it seemed to be equally so. She closed her eyes and bit her lip as my fingers closed around her erect nipples and pinched lightly at first.

I dropped to my knees, with my mouth just at the right level to kiss her belly and then reach up, taking each of her nipples into my mouth, one at a time. She moaned loudly as my lips closed around each and my tongue covered them over and over. She grabbed the back of my head and pulled me to her chest firmly, wanting a stronger touch as my face crushed her breasts to her chest.

I gently pushed her backwards so that she sat on the bed, then laid back. Her legs still dangling over the edge of the bed. I reached up to grab the waistband of her panties and slowly pulled them down. When I grabbed the center of her panties, I noticed how wet they were and smiled broadly.

"I was so horny while waiting for you, baby! My pussy has been dripping for an hour now!" She said as she noticed the smile on my face.

"I love it, sweetie!" I said, as her panties slipped past her ankles and came off. I put my hands on her knees and gently pushed them apart, but she really needed no encouragement, as she gladly separated them for me. I kissed along her inner thigh, tasting her skin, but all the while smelling her stronger scent from just a bit higher up.

Slowly I climbed her legs, switching sides every few kisses. "Your beard is better than I imagined, baby," she exclaimed between moaning giggles. My kisses continued up her legs until my beard was directly tickling her wet pussy lips.

And once I arrived, I turned my face fully towards her pink slit, stuck my tongue out, and split her lips with it. I licked from bottom to top, stopping at the beautiful nub of her clit. I pursed my lips and sucked her clit into my mouth, using my hands to pull her lips apart to give me even better access to it.

"Oh, Jim, I wanna cum so badly." she said, panting for breath. I didn't need much more encouragement than that, and I quickly began working hard on her clit while sneaking my fingers underneath my chin and sliding inside her wet hot box.

It wasn't long before she held her breath and then screamed as the waves of her orgasm caused her muscles to spasm sweetly. Her tight pussy nearly crushed my fingers inside her.

With the waves of her orgasm subsiding, I stood up and pulled my underpants down. She patted the bed next to her, and I took the cue to lay down on my back beside her. She leaned over, grabbing my hard cock with her hands for the first time. "Jim, I have wanted this cock for so long."

As I said, I'm no physical specimen, really. But the fact that she truly wanted my cock, when she has probably seen hundreds that were larger than mine, really made me excited. She caressed it, and stroked it like it was her most prized possession. And soon, she leaned over to kiss the tip, which by then was oozing precum.

She licked her lips after the kiss, then returned for more, opening her mouth and taking my hard cock inside. She sucked me perfectly, swirling her tongue magically around my pole. I was in heaven. But while cumming in her mouth was certainly something I wanted to happen this week, my first orgasm with my Fluture was destined to be deep inside my HB...that hot pussy of hers. I grabbed her head and pulled me off of her, and she chuckled as she realized that I must have been close.

"Your mouth is magic, sweetie, but I need to cum inside you. Ride me, love!" I commanded, and she quickly straddled my legs, dangling her beautiful tits above my face as she arranged her pussy directly over my cock.

Slowly she sank down onto my cock, and it felt better than anything or anyone I had ever felt around my pole before or since. She was dripping, so lubrication was not an issue. She was so hot, and her love cave was so tight around my hard cock. She settled in, impaled on me, and sat straight up. I almost came instantly at the sight of this beauty on top of me.

She slowly began riding me, rising up and down at a slow pace at first, My hands reached up to grab both of her tits and I squeezed them as if I was wringing out a sponge. I knew it hurt, but I also knew she loved it. She sped up her riding, little by little, until eventually, she leaned forward and started to twerk quickly on my cock. I could feel it coming just about all the way out and then slamming back down, about 2 times per second.

I knew with that amount of force and speed, my balls would quickly give up their cream, and so they did. My cock exploded deep inside her, and between enjoying my cock inside her and feeling my lava-like cum deep inside her, she came a second time as well, shuddering violently on top of me as she did.

We stared at each other for about 30 seconds, both of us recovering our breath and our senses. And at the same time, we both broke the silence with laughter, coming to the realization, at the same time, that we barely said hello to each other before the beautiful fuck we just experienced.

She rolled off me to the side and flopped down beside me, and we laid on the pillows and just made sweet smalltalk about our travel, about the weather in Paris, and about how much we enjoyed our first encounter.

And we both mused that there would not be a lot of sleeping to be done in our hotel room for the next few nights.











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