It was very cold in Ohio where we live, and my wife and I needed to get away for a while. Chuck and Jessica, another couple who have been friends of ours for years, felt the same way. We hit upon the idea of renting a place to stay for a week in in Texas, in a little town on the gulf coast. The place we found was an AirBnB condo. It was right on the beach and had two big bedrooms, each with its own bath, and a nice balcony and deck. I was hoping for a re-occurrence of what I called "vacation sex", where my wife would get a little more adventurous and a little more horny than our usual cycle of fucking every couple of weeks.

Jessica is about my age, a year or maybe two younger. She and my wife have known each other since high school. I've always liked her, and she's fairly attractive. Not usually my type, to be honest, but nice looking and I like her personality. I had gathered from the occasional comment from Chuck, her husband, that they very rarely had sex any more. I didn't have any detail, but I knew he'd been complaining about that for a long time.

This trip was the first time we'd been around them for longer than a few hours during a party, dinner, or day trip. For the first couple of days in the condo, things were perfectly normal. The weather was great, even though it was winter in Texas - still a lot warmer than home. I did notice that Jessica and I were getting along very well. In fact, we two seemed to have a lot in common. Both our spouses spent a lot of time out on the deck smoking or playing games on their phones, leaving the two of us to talk. I was feeling more and more attracted to her for some reason. This, combined with the fact that sex was pretty much not happening, led to some impure thoughts about her creeping into my head. It didn't help matters that she was usually dressed very casually in a tank top and no bra, sometimes with shorts or leggings that showed off her legs and ass quite nicely.

About the fourth day something happened. I was up very early and was downstairs in the kitchen making coffee. Jessica came down to join me, and I poured her a cup as well. We were both moving around the kitchen getting various things out for breakfast. Both of us were still wearing what we'd slept in, meaning pretty loose pajama type bottoms and a T-shirt in my case, and a tank top in hers. As we moved around the kitchen I was trying to keep far enough away, or behind the island counter, so she wouldn't notice that I was about half hard. I tried to keep it out of sight as much as possible. I was doing pretty well until by chance she happened to move past me and brushed her ass right up against my cock. I was about to panic. There was no way she didn't notice THAT. In a split second I could hear her yell, see my wife and her husband run down to see what the problem was, see her pointing out my erection, the disgust on their faces, the yelling, the anger, and the quick and acrimonious end to our otherwise very nice vacation.

Then she did it again... but this time a little more deliberately. She was still facing away from me, and slowly pressed back and ground her ass against my rapidly stiffening cock. I didn't say a word. Once the shock wore off a little, I slowly slid my hands up along her hips, then up past her waist, and around the front of her top, finally cupping her small breasts. As she leaned back a little I found and caressed her nipples, which rewarded me with a barely perceptible low moan as she slowly gyrated her ass against my cock which had now achieved its fully erect state and was throbbing against her.

This was unreal. Here we were, with her husband and my wife asleep upstairs, grinding against each other like teenagers. Even if we had enough warning of one of our spouses coming down the stairs to move apart, my cock wasn't going to deflate fast enough to avoid a scene. But you don't think with the big head at times like this, you think with the only one that's getting blood flow, the little one. Se went on like that for a couple of minutes... her writhing against my cock, me rubbing and pinching her nipples. I had moved my hands up underneath her top to feel the bare skin of her tits, and I was leaking pre-cum as she rubbed her ass against me. Finally I couldn't take it any more. I turned her around and lifted her up, feeling her legs wrap around me. My cock was now positioned just under her pussy, but we were still separated by two layers of fabric. Fucking was, in my judgment, not a good option... but I knew what I wanted to eat for breakfast. I slid her PJ bottoms down past her ass and sat her on top of the island, peeling them down to her ankles. I dropped to my knees and buried my face in her neatly trimmed crotch, tasting her pussy for the first time ever. She leaned back and supported herself with one hand, while grabbing the back of my head with the other. I slid my tongue between the folds of her labia, tasting the juices there, and eagerly lapped at it like a starving man. She let out a muffled gasp as I found her clit, flicking the tip of my tongue over it repeatedly.

It was then that we heard a toilet flush upstairs. Our time was over. I reluctantly pulled my head from her crotch, and she quickly slid off the countertop and pulled up her pajamas as I made a dash to the bathroom until my dick was back under control. When I emerged a few minutes later, there were four of us in the kitchen. Jessica never gave any indication that anything unusual had happened, though it did seem that she had a little twinkle in her eye as we all sat and had breakfast together. Not so much as a wink passed between us, though. I figured that was as far as things would go, and hoped I could convince my wife to get in the mood to fuck that night. It was unlikely, but I was going to need some relief.

As it turns out, I was wrong. Late that afternoon, we once again found ourselves alone in the condo. My wife and her husband had gone on a run to the grocery store. Jessica and I were sitting on the deck reading when they left. Once the front door closed, she stood up, stretched provocatively, and gave me a look as she stepped inside the sliding doors. I followed, of course. I would say I'm not stupid, but what I was pretty sure we were about to do was somewhere between stupid and suicidal. We didn't know how long our spouses would be gone, and there would be no warning when they returned. But there was unfinished business that needed to be attended to. I stepped inside the condo and found her facing me in the middle of the room.

"I think there was maybe something you left unfinished this morning", she said. "Did you want to continue?"

"I think that would be a very good idea, for both of us", I answered. And those were the last words spoken for a while.

I moved over to her and kissed her full on her lips, sliding my hands along her body and sliding her shorts down. She stepped out of them and pulled off her top, leaving her completely nude. I did the same, then held up a single finger and left her there for a moment as I walked over and locked the front door. This would at least give us a few seconds of warning if the shopping trip ended early. When I got back to the living room, she was already reclining on the couch fingering her pussy with one hand and playing with her nipples with the other. I didn't waste any time. Kneeling on the tile floor, I once again buried my tongue in her pussy and gave her my best oral attention. I loved the way she responded to this, arching her back and clutching desperately at my head, pulling my face deeper into her. I was alternately sucking on the swollen lips of her pussy and swirling my tongue around her clit. While doing that, I had both hands playing with her tits, alternately rolling her nipples between my fingertips and gently caressing her breasts.

I could tell she was getting close, and found the right combination of licking, swirling, and gently pinching her nipples. Suddenly she was cumming, grinding her slippery pussy against my face as she arched her back and moaned loudly. Her orgasm rolled into two or three in a row, and I backed off when it was obvious that she was reaching the limit of her endurance. I didn't want to leave her over-stimulated and unable to continue. I had a rock hard cock and heavy balls that that were demanding release, and I couldn't have her pushing me away because she was done.

As her orgasm subsided I flipped her over. Now her knees were on the floor and she was laying over the front edge of the couch. I rubbed my cock against her as I fondled her tits, sliding along between her pussy lips and letting the head slip up against her clit. She gasped, and I withdrew and entered her in one stroke. Her pussy felt amazing as I drove my cock into it, and she let out another gasp as I reached full depth with my pubic bone up tight against her ass. I began thrusting, using short strokes and then longer ones. Now her arms were against the back of the couch, holding her partly up off the cushions so I could reach around and play with her tits while still getting full depth strokes into her puffy pussy. Her cunt lips were sliding along my shaft as I pulled out and drove back into her. The little pink rosebud of her ass teased me as I fucked her, and I caressed it with my thumb as she made little mewling sounds of ecstasy. I knew I couldn't last long at this pace. I also knew that her husband and my wife could return at any time, and she had already cum at least a couple of times. I could feel the pressure building in my balls, and I didn't try to hold off. With a final thrust, I buried my cock as deep inside her as I could and unleashed a torrent of cum. It had been two full weeks since the last time I fucked, and for various reasons hadn't even jerked off since. She got it all, every drop of the load of jizz I had been storing up. I came hard, and when she felt the first spurts flooding her already wet cunt she started to cum again as well. Feeling her pussy spasm around my cock only made me cum harder.

Finally our orgasms subsided. Slowly deflating, my cock slipped from her pussy as she breathed heavily, face planted on the couch. But she had shocked and surprised me that morning, and I felt the need to repay that. I had one more surprise for her. I gave her a pat on her bare bottom and rolled her onto her back on the couch. Then, much to her surprise, I went down on her again. Her pussy was dripping with a combination of her juice and my cum, which was now running from her love canal and covering her pussy lips. I lapped and sucked at her drenched cunt, licking it all up and swallowing all of it. As soon as the shock wore off she was moaning and again clawing at my head. I swirled my tongue as deep inside her pussy as I could possibly reach, tasting the warm, sweet fluids there. I licked the cum and juices from her labia, and even dipped down to clean up her delicate little ass before returning to her pussy. As I got the last few drops and once again swirled my tongue over her hooded clit, she had one final orgasm and collapsed, completely satiated.

Neither of us spoke. She remained there motionless for a couple of minutes, then grabbed her clothes from the floor and pulled them on, carefully making sure nothing was inside-out of backward. I did the same, after wiping the accumulated pussy juice and cum from my cock. Finally she came over and kissed me deeply, pressing her whole body against mine. When she broke the kiss she went and unlocked the front door, then we both went back to enjoying the winter sun and warm breeze on the deck. At dinner that night my wife remarked that it looked like I'd gotten a little sun, and Jessica said she was feeling it too. That would explain the slightly flushed faces as well as anything, I guess. & uid=940824

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