She crossed her legs and turned away, showing her back to me, still riding my cock in a reverse cowgirl style, I held her by her waist, helping with her movement and rhythm. I couldn't see my mum's pretty beautiful face or her intoxicating eyes, I couldn't see her marvellous boobs nor feel, I pulled my mom back, as she laid on top of me.

We turned aside, as she was now on my right, her back facing me, but now I can feel her boobs, touch her face, my hand wrapped her by her tummy, tightly, as her ass was so close to my dick, pushed my dick in her pussy, my other hand wrapped and groped her pussy, we were fucking in a side-by-side position. She was moaning, until after a few minutes, I grunted, showing my mum, that I was about to cum.

She put her hands behind and caressed my cheeks. 'it's okay honey, let it go, mommy loves you, let go.' She said in a slow voice and gentle voice. After a few thrusts, I cummed in her pussy, 3rd time for the day, I have had an orgasm, my calves muscles contracted like it was gonna shrink forever, and my hips ached, and my muscles were sore, I was exhausted. I pulled my dick out and noticed my white cum flowing out of her pussy. I lay on the bed, as she crawled up to me, placed her head on my arms. She put her arms over my chest. She gave a peck on my cheeks. on the door, I saw a super girl poster, I was reminded of Melissa Benoist, and that reminded me of my sister, who looks exactly like Melissa Benoist.

Then she turned to me and kissed my lips once more, we kissed for a few minutes. Then we lay on the bed, naked, cuddling.

'I love you, Adam.' She spoke. 'mommy loves you.'

'I love you too mum...mommy.'

What did I do, I fucked my dearest mom, and fuck, it felt awesome, Then I realized, what's happened, happened, all I have to do is embrace it.

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