"Turn here, it's about a half-block down."

I drove slowly down the block, and Elaine said, "That's it, the red brick house, that's my brother's place."

I was now on the outskirts of Seattle, in Bellevue, just across Lake Washington from the Seattle metro region. I pulled up and parked in the driveway.

Elaine looked out the passenger side window and started waving happily as a man stepped out of the house.

"There's my brother, Hi bro!"

She got out, and ran to him, and gave him a big hug. I stepped out and came around to her side of the van.

Elaine was bringing him forward, and said, "This is the white knight who came to my rescue. Tony, this is Colin Morrison."

He was smiling, and took my hand in a firm handshake, and said, "Thank you for saving my sister from a boring bus trip."

I smiled back and replied, "I was happy to offer my help, and since I was on my way to Seattle to visit some friends, it worked out well."

"Tony, could you get my suitcase, I want to say goodbye to Colin, and thank him."

He gave her a knowing smile, and said, "You bet Lainey, I'll take this up to the guest room. We have your stuff all safely stored in the basement."

Elaine smiled and led me back into the van. She clung to me, and our tongues twisted together in a swirl of passion. When she broke the kiss, her eyes were misty.

"Colin, thank you so much for saving me when I was on the road. And especially for the hot, sexy loving, you gave me, mmmm, it was so nice to get my Oriental cunt pounded hard as it should be. This morning, you were such a tiger, I felt like I was shaking apart as my creamy fuck hole was given the hard-driving fuck I needed! And, as you requested, here is something to remember me by."

She was wearing a skirt, and she reached under her skirt and tugged her panties down. When they dropped to her ankles, she stepped out of them, picked them up, and handed them to me. Black lace tanga style, very nice.

"So sexy, asking for such an intimate souvenir. Enjoy them, and use them for your stroking fun. My dildo is going to be pounding my Oriental fuck hole tonight, and I'll be fantasizing about you, driving your cock into me!"

I walked her to the front door, and she cooed, "You have my cell number and Facebook page, let me know how your life is, lover, I really want to stay in touch with such a sweet, noble man. And let me know about the friends you are visiting, are they by chance, female and very attractive?"

When I nodded, she grinned and said, "Umm, such lucky ladies, let me how all about it, especially the hot, sex-drenched parts, I love reading hot, nasty, and real sex stories, and masturbating wildly to them afterward!"

After another sizzling kiss, I went back to the van, climbed in, and set off.

It was another 15 minutes when I pulled up the driveway of the address Jenni had given me. I saw a lady step out, oh yes, it was Jenni, so nice to see her again. She was wearing a sexy bikini, I drank in the vision of her shoulder-length red hair and bright green eyes, full lips, a light spray of freckles across her face and upper chest, her cleavage was deep and plunging between the cups of her bikini top, that well-remembered curvy flare of her hips, she gave me a huge smile. I smiled back, enjoying the sight of her awesome body again. She ran to my side of the van. I stepped out and she grabbed me, pulling me to her and kissing me wildly.

"Colin, oh it's so good to see you again!"

I slipped my hands down to her ass, and cupped them, remembering the full, firm, well-rounded cheeks, and I felt her wiggle against me.

When we came up for air, she purred, "Come and meet my beautiful wife, Kat is so eager to meet you!"

She led me around to the back yard, and stretched out on a chaise lounger next to their swimming pool was her lovely wife.

"Kat baby, he's here, Colin's here!"

Kat stood up, gave me a beaming smile, and I was reminded of what a hot wife Jenni had chosen. With the long blonde hair, sapphire blue eyes, and a classic 36-24-36 body, she looked like a teenager's wet dream. She strode up to me, her body barely covered by one of the skimpiest bikinis it has ever been my pleasure to see, gently took my head, and locked lips with me, her lips opening mine, and her tongue gently probing. My tongue immediately rose up to join hers, and we kissed with a rush of passion. When we finally broke the kiss, her eyes were wide, face flushed. I was feeling pretty warm faced myself.

"Welcome to our house, Colin. It is wonderful to meet you in person, after what Jenni told me about your shared shower."

Her eyes twinkled, and she said, "So, let's get you into the guest room, so you can get settled."

I went to the van, and got my travel bag, and followed Kat's incredible body inside. Oh, that ass was spectacular, a very thin thong strip disappeared between the cleave of those awesome cheeks, putting her glorious globes on display.

Jenni said, "How would you like to take a winery tour today? We have some wonderful winemakers in this region. We can hang out by the pool for a bit, have lunch and drive over to the vineyards."

I replied, "Sounds great!"

When we drove over to the winery, I noticed Kat staying close to me, making a lot of contact with my side, smiling when I looked her way. After dinner, I stayed up as long as I could, but I could feel myself fading by 9 PM.

"I'm gonna fall asleep right here, so I think I'm going to bed."

Both Kat and Jenni got up and came over to stand in front of me.

Jenni said softly, "We have to give you a goodnight kiss before you go off to bed."

I could see Jenni's face, she gently drew my head forward, and our lips came together, parting easily, tongues coming out to play, then Kat took over, and more tongue filled swirls of passion ensued.

They said in unison, "Goodnight Colin, sleep well."

Once in bed, I was restless, and I started to hear noises of passion coming down the hall from the master bedroom. Unable to stop myself, I crept down the hallway, and watched as Jenni and Kat were kissing heatedly, naked bodies on the bed, pressed together with growing passion. I was ready to start stroking, then I saw Kat whisper something to Jenni. Jenni smiled, nodded, and they suddenly got up and turned towards the door. I backed away quickly and hurried down the hall, ducked into my room, and gently closed the door. I had been hoping to watch them making love, but my mind could imagine it. I was ready for a serious stroke session when I heard the doorknob turn. I was startled and quickly feigned sleep. I could hear the door open, and soft footsteps coming closer. My cock was rock hard, I could feel it tenting up the bedsheets.

Kat whispered, "Oh my god, so big."

Jenni purred, "Do it, baby, you know you want to. He's fast asleep, do it."

I felt the sheet being lifted away, and I slitted my eyes open. I could see Kat's head of blonde hair coming closer, then a warm, wet sensation as my cock head was surrounded, a tongue swirling around, then the sensation of my cock being swallowed, as Kat's head went down, and I let out what I hope sounded like a sleepy grunt as she swallowed my 8 inches in one gulp.

As Kat slowly pulled her mouth up and went down again, Jenni cuddled against her wife, and cooed, "Oh yeah baby, suck his cock, suck him dry!"

It felt like Kat had sucked some cocks before mine as she rode my pole, the tight grip of her wet lips sliding down, then back up again, oh that was nice. I felt her warm hand cup my balls, and start a gentle squeezing motion. That did it, and I suppressed the urge to grab her head and shove my cock deep, as I felt my cum start to spurt, mmmm, the warm wetness milking at me kept my cum going, and I savored the hot wet slide up and down, sucking every drop from me.

When Kat lifted her head, Jenni turned her head towards her. Just before the hot wet load of sperm could spill from Kat's lips, Jenni's lips pressed tight against Kat's, and they shared the snowball.

When they broke the kiss, Kat cooed, ''What a rush of cum, he was so pent up, glad I could relieve him of that pent up need.''

Jenni whispered, ''You are so hot, watching you suck his cock, then tasting the results, I need to give you a hard-driving fuck, right now!"

When they left, I had to go and peek in on them again as I heard renewed sounds of passion. The sight had me stiff in no time, Kat was on her back, legs around Jenni's body atop hers, and Jenni was fucking her wife furiously, I could heat the wet squelch as Kat's creamy fuck hole was pounded by the plunging dildo. The room was filled with Kat's squeals, cries, and groans of pleasure as Jenni gave her a power shafting.

"Cum baby, cum like a sex hungry slut, cum all over my cock, do it!"

Kat's voice rose up to a wordless shriek, as she did exactly as Jenni had told her, bodies thrashing together. When Jenni pulled out, she stripped off the dildo and planted her fuck-hole atop Kat's face.

"You've made me so wet. so horny, lick my pussy sweetheart, make me cum all over your face!"

The sight was like visual Viagra as I watched Jenni's body squirming in ecstasy, as her wife's tongue gave her the hot licking she needed. It looked like Kat's oral skills were just as good on Jenni's creamy snatch, as they had been on my cock.

"There, oh yes, lick me right there, make me cum!"

Kat went at her with a force, and Jenni shrieked out as she crested, her pussy squirted wildly, plastering Kat's beautiful face, as she shuddered wildly atop Kat's mouth.

When Jenni's orgasmic force was spent, she slid down and cuddled next to her wife. They whispered words to each other that I could not make out, then I crept back to bed.

My cock was almost painfully hard, it took less than I minute before my cock erupted in my stroking hand, god, watching them making love had been erotic beyond belief. As I drifted off, I wondered what else these two lovely ladies had in store for me.









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