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09 April 2020 - WhatsApp is one of the most popular messengers worldwide with both of mobile and web version. From the Digital 2019 report, you can find out that the number of its users has already exceeded 1.5 billion.

The popularity of WhatsApp is understandable - It has several advantages:

⚫ this messenger is simple and easy to use, it does not need to be configured for a long time;

⚫ you don't need to pay for using it;

⚫ using WhatsApp you can share various content with people - not only text, but also voice messages, images and videos;

⚫ finally, it has a huge user base, which means you can probably quickly write to many of those who are in your mobile device's contact list.

Along with the advantages, there is also a problem - WhatsApp does not have a built-in search for groups. You can eliminate it, add your own group and open access to it for many new users. To do this, use the Topmg WhatsApp groups list.

Why do I need to search for WhatsApp group?

Firstly, you can easily find like-minded people in it. People can have a variety of interests - from breeding aquarium fish and collecting antiques to repairing machines and building houses, and almost certainly everyone will find a suitable group to communicate with.

Secondly, this messenger is a convenient tool for finding potential customers. This aspect deserves special attention.

Modern gadget users are mobile people. It is important for them to quickly receive personalized information «at their fingertips», and WhatsApp is great for this - better than email. You can use the messenger to sell products, encourage guests to register at the hotel, arrange transfers, solve many other tasks. You need to provide access to your group to representatives of the interested audience. The Topmg WhatsApp groups list will help you do this.

How do I use the list?

Very simple! To start, find the «Add group» button at the bottom of the page and click it.

You will see a simple form to fill out. Enter your current email address in it, then enter the name of the group in the form, and leave a brief description so that users understand what it is dedicated to.

Fill in the «Invite link» field. You need to enter a link to access your WhatsApp group that you want to promote. Remember that if in the future you will close access to the group by clicking the WhatsApp group link, the account will be deactivated and you will not be able to get new users. Later you can restore your account for a fee.

Last of all, click the «SEND» button. Your work is finished - the developers of the Topmg catalog will take care of the future. Expect new users in your group, advertise your products or services and take your business to new levels of development!

How do I create a WhatsApp group?

Some people ask this question. We hasten to please you! This is no more difficult than including a group in the Topmg list.

⚫ First of all, open the WhatsApp mobile app installed on your Android or iOS device.

⚫ Find the «Chats» link at the top of the screen and tap on it.

⚫ Tap on the «New group» link. Next you need to enter the name of the group that you are creating.

⚫ Last of all, select from your contact list those who you would like to add to the created group. These people will receive notifications, will see all messages in the group and will be able to communicate together in it.

Now that the group has been created, you can safely add it to the Topmg list, attract new users, and expand your customer base.

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