A true story. More or less.


Back in 1989 I was managing a Burger King and I was also dealing with a failed marriage. I got married in 1987 to a girl I met in college and the wedding took place after no small amount of needless drama on her part. In retrospect I shouldn't have married her but I was smitten and despite her soap opera behavior I tried to commit.

By January of 1989 it was clear that the marriage was over. My wife moved out of our shitty, low-rent apartment and moved home. By the end of August 1989 the uncontested divorce was final.

Now wind the clock back a bit to the spring of 1986. This was before I got married and when I was an assistant manager at the Burger King in question.

I can't go on with this story without explaining some of my biases as the hiring manager for the restaurant. I didn't like hiring smokers because they were always taking cigarette breaks and the non-smokers only got to take their regular breaks. Hate to shock some of you but I also avoided hiring single mothers because they were not at all dependable. If the kid got sick they'd call in and you'd be screwed trying to cover a position and trying to run the deliveries and etc.

California law at the time allowed for hiring fourteen and fifteen year old kids and I never hired them. Why? Because one law said the minimum that anyone could work was two hours. Another law said that 14/15 year old kids could not work over two hours. So if the kid clocked out one minute late or one minute early the company could be subject to a fine either way.

That didn't stop one of our other idiot assistant managers from hiring Raelene. Larry had a thing for little girls and that was the long and short of why he hired her. Despite my protests the general manager had me schedule Raelene and I did my best to keep her off of Larry's shifts.

I had to intervene a few times when Larry got too forward with Raelene and at the time I didn't notice that she got all starry eyed because someone cared enough to protect her. I'll admit that I just didn't want any trouble with the police coming to the restaurant and it had almost nothing to do with any feelings I had for the girl.

Little did I know that Raelene was nursing a crush. I was oblivious to such things at the time simply because I was painfully in love with my then-fiancé.

After I got married I transferred to a different location and lost touch with Raelene simply because to me she was a little kid and there was no reason for me to stay in touch with her.

Now we come to September of 1989.

One day I stopped into a downtown sandwich shop and went to place an order. I didn't recognize the girl taking the orders but she recognized me.

"Baz, how are you?" she said.

She had changed a bit over the years. Also, the fashions of 1989 had a way of camouflaging what a female actually looked like. Big hair and too much makeup can hide a person.

"It's me, Raelene!" It was then I registered who she was even if I still couldn't match my memory of the little girl with the person in front of me.

She asked her boss to take a break and we sat down to catch up. I wasn't looking for a connection at the time but was just trying to be polite. She was quite the chatterbox and told me of a few boyfriends who hadn't worked out, the various members of her immediate family who were in prison, and her aborted attempt to attend a junior college. Somehow she already knew about my divorce.

We exchanged phone numbers and when I left I expected that was the end of it.

In the restaurant business it's typical for a general manager to have Sunday and Monday off and that held true for me. Raelene was astute enough to observe this and she was also quite the detective who could find out where I lived and this was in the time before the internet made it easy.

This came up because I'd been missing Raelene when she was calling my number and I didn't have an answering machine.

One fine Sunday morning, October 15th to be exact, I'd been up early, gone for a bike ride, got home, got showered, and was getting dressed to go do some shopping when I got a knock at the door.

I opened the door and it was Raelene. Tight white jeans, a blue and white striped Polo shirt, and taller than I remembered. She had a familiar pink box in her hands.

"Hi, Baz! I brought donuts if you have coffee!"

She had basically invited herself in and it was kind of sweet so I ushered her into the apartment and closed the door.

"Do you mind if I take off my shoes? They're killing me!" she asked as she simultaneously undid the straps and stepped out of her four-inch Famolares. She was now the five-foot tall pixie I remembered and suddenly a bit more familiar. At age eighteen she was essentially the same as she had been at age fifteen and there was a cute quality to her that caught my eye.

There was also the fact that she was in my apartment and I hadn't had sex in well over a year. I was twenty-five at the time and I'll admit that despite not being immediately attracted to Raelene the fact of her being in my apartment and taking off her shoes aroused me.

Coffee, donuts, and small talk followed and she stayed long enough that we had an awkward moment around noon. It was that moment when we both knew that it was time to either call it a day and move on or else do something else.

She stood up and so did I.

"Do you want me to stay?" she asked.

I walked around the table and leaned down to kiss her. As I leaned down her arms came up around my neck and we kissed. It was something we both needed.

I'm 6'6" tall to her 5'0" so when I stood up and she kept kissing me I ended up lifting her off her feet. She only weighed about 95lbs at the time. Maybe a little less.

I went to my couch and sat down and had her straddling me. She broke our kiss and smiled at me.

"I've always loved you!" she said. And she said it in a breathless sort of way as if she'd been wanting to say it to me for years.

I was honest, "I had no idea you felt this way!"

She sat up and pulled her Polo shirt over her head and tossed it on the carpet. Her bra still covered her cute little tits. She kissed me again and started grinding herself on me. My hands were on her back feeling her bare skin and I found myself wondering if I was going to cross the proverbial Rubicon.

I felt her tugging at my t-shirt and we broke our kiss again. I raised my arms and she lifted it up and off of me. There was a certain poetry to how she tossed it on the carpet with her own top.

My chest was bare and her petite hands ran over me. I made up my mind about the Rubicon and moved a hand to the center of her back. The clasp of her bra only had two clips and a simple pinch was all it took to undo it.

Rae looked me in the eyes as she contemplated the same thing I had. A decision was being made and we would either stop right now or not stop at all. She swallowed and then let her mouth hang open as she was breathing heavy.

She sat back and let her bra hang loose. It just seemed the natural thing to do so I pulled it off her shoulders and tossed it on the carpet. Part of me wanted to feel her tits with my hands but my modest experience had taught me to be patient. I pulled her close and hugged her and allowed her bare tits to press against my chest.

She kissed my neck and it struck me that my ex-wife had never done this before. It felt good. It felt passionate.

My attention now turned to how we were grinding on each other. My mind was made up that my cock had to touch her bare pussy so I pushed her back again. My hands went to her pants and undid first the button and then the zipper. She smiled and I watched her as she did the same with my shorts.

She got up and pulled her pants down and stepped out of them. She was wearing simple white bikini briefs and there was just a hint of pubic hair poking out from the edges of them.

"Stand up." she ordered and held her hand out to me. I took her hand and stood up and she pulled my shorts down, kneeling as she did so. I stepped out of them and then she reached up and pulled my briefs down, freeing my cock. Her hands went to my hard cock as if it had a magnetic attraction and she gently stroked it and cupped my balls.

In one quick move she dropped her panties to the floor and revealed a tuft of wiry sandy blond pubes to match her shag-cut hair.

Rae pushed me in the belly and giggled as I sat down again. She didn't hesitate to straddle me again but this time her pussy pressed my cock up against my belly. Her arms came around my neck and we kissed and ground on each other. I loved cupping her ass in my hands and started lifting her just a bit.

She tried to keep control as my cock slid back and forth in her moist furrow. I knew she was trying to hold me back but I wanted more.

She locked her eyes on mine as the head of my cock found its target and poked into her. Somehow her body told me I wasn't her first. But there was something else she was suddenly nervous about.

"Rae, are you okay?"

She nodded, "Yeah, I've just never done this without a rubber before."

I stopped moving. "You want me to stop? I can."

She bit her lip and closed her eyes. Her hips moved and I slid deeper into her. I couldn't help myself when I answered her by thrusting myself into her until our groins pressed together.

I'd like to tell you how we made slow steamy love but with so much kissing and grinding we were both hungry for the final act.

My hands cupped her ass with my thumbs on her hips and I moved her body up and down on my cock as I thrust at her at the same time. She was trembling and I could feel it and did my best to prolong the moment. She bent her neck so the top of her head pressed into my chest. Her back was bent and she groaned with her release.

That did it for me! I shoved myself deep into her and felt the cum racing up my cock to spurt into her pussy!

We rode each other for a while more and then we just held each other. My cock remained inside of her even as it softened.

It was one of the most intimate and erotic moments of my life. Rae had just trusted me with her body and I claimed her for myself. I ran my hands over her back and finally allowed myself the pleasure of feeling her tits. They were small, soft, and her nipples were like small gumdrops.

We stayed like that for a good long while. My cock inside of her body while my hands rubbed all over her.

She finally stirred and looked up at me. There were tears in her eyes as she kissed me. Rae pushed her hips against mine and my soft cock moved into her just enough to remind it where it was.

Gradually I firmed up and started moving inside of her again.

Deciding to move someplace more comfortable I held her tight as I stood up. She was impaled on my cock as I carried her to my messy bedroom where I gently laid her down on the bed. Holding her hips I stood at the edge of the bed fucking her.

Her arms were out on either side of her as we fucked. I had a wonderful view of her tits and could see my cock sliding impossibly deep into her. She smiled as she felt me coming in her again.

When we finally came up for air I took her to the shower and enjoyed washing and exploring her body.

Afterwards she was sitting on my couch wearing just a towel as we chatted.

"Rae, I know this is pretty fast but would you like to move in with me? Today?"

She screamed and ran to me and hugged me. I took that as a 'yes'.

That Tuesday was October 17th and she was moving in with me when the earthquake hit San Francisco. We were a safe distance from the quake but we felt it and the power went out. I liked to joke with her and tell her that we rocked the world!

It was just after New Year's 1990 that I came home from work one night and Rae had a silly grin on her face.

She looked magnificent throughout the pregnancy and the first of our three kids was born that same year.

We were married on Valentine's Day 1990. Thirty one years ago.

Through the years we had a lot of fun with the considerable difference in our respective sizes. We dressed as Beauty and the Beast for Halloween one year. About the time school uniforms were in vogue in the 1990's she got herself a complete outfit for one of the local high schools (white top, blue skirt, black shoes) and we'd get shocked looks when the 'schoolgirl' would kiss the 'dirty old man' in public! We ended that prank when the police got called one too many times.

There were a lot of fun vacations with the kids. There were a few fun vacations without the kids. We bought and paid for a house. We raised the kids in that house and watched as one and then another went off to colleges we could never go to ourselves.

We had a wonderful marriage even though our whole relationship was spontaneous from the start.

She's been gone since last March. It was something stupid and not any trendy disease.

And with our upcoming anniversary of Valentine's Day on my mind I felt a desire to put this story in writing. Someday I'll look it up again and the one person who ever truly, completely loved me will be with me again.











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