"Listen, Greg." I said, not sure how long my voice would last. "I have to go. We'll talk about it tomorrow." I said as I felt the heat of my dad's body against mine, felt his fingers slid slowly up my thighs, higher, teasing, ever higher until they were beneath the fabric of my t-shirt and he could feel the naked flesh of my ass beneath him. I shivered, almost moaned and stretched as far as I could over him, almost throwing the phone at the cradle.

He moved as soon as the phone fell, turning me over and following with his body pressed to mine. He lay on his side as I came to rest on my back. My eyes rose to his, his face set in determination. "We shouldn't be doing this." He whispered, his hand moving to trace just above my knee, his head lowering to place a soft kiss on my lips. "You know it's wrong?"

I nodded, but I didn't care. Tingles of electricity raced over me as his fingers made small circles on my lower thighs. "I know, dad." I whispered, pulling my lower lip between my teeth again before letting it pull through. "I...I don't care." I voiced the thought pounding through my mind.

"Good." He replied as his hand settled onto the middle of my thigh, then rose, pulling as it slid so my thighs parted. A moan slipped from me before his lips found mine again, lingering a bit this time, then his tongue came out to trace my lower lip. I shuddered from the feeling. I wanted more of it.

His hand moved ever higher, teasing, causing an ache between my legs. He lowered his head, kissing me, but this time opening my lips with his tongue and easing his with a soft lick over my own. I felt my body jerk from the sensation, my eyes feathering closed, my breathing deepening. "Oh, wow." slipped from me.

He smiled as he pulled back from the kiss, one of his fingers teasing over my outer, swollen lips. I shifted my hips, moving to open my thighs wider to him, to expose more of myself. I moaned as I felt his finger slip into the waiting heat and moisture at my core, his own moan echoing out. "Oh, sweetheart." The rest of his thought vanished as his fingers slid through me, parting me, tracing through me, his mouth coming to mine as his tongue pressed deep into my mouth, dancing along mine as I tried to return the kiss, the intensity behind it.

I felt my knees trembling, my eyes pressing harder closed as he moved his fingers in long strokes through me, highlighting each with a gentle, urgent flick over the bundle at the top. I shuddered, my body jerking hard each time he flicked over my clit, the sensation almost too much.

He leaned back from the kiss, watching me, watching my reaction as he stopped his fingers from stroking and instead used the tip of one to circle my entrance. He shifted just slightly, pressing it slowly into me and feeling my walls stretch to accept him. Our groans matched, mine from pleasure, his from surprise. "So tight, baby."

I didn't know how to react to his words, but my body was moving on as if on its own. My hips rolled, moving into the slow, gentle press of his finger as he slid more into me, his eyes never leaving my face as I tried and failed to keep my own eyes open. It felt so good. Too good. My body tensed, my breathing ragged, pleasure powering through me.

He slowly slid his finger from me, I felt him shift on the bed beside me before his weight lifted, his boxers getting lost in the movement, then settled back into the bed. His hand, a few fingers slick with my excitement wrapped around his length. My eyes moved to it, watching carefully as he pulled and stroked the length of it. It looked huge, not that I had anything to compare it too.

I moved my hand to his, wrapping around this shaft above his hand and letting him lead me, trying to judge the pressure at which to squeeze and move. It was an amazing contrast, soft skin, but firm beneath it, almost spongey. He moaned, his eyes watching my small hand try to wrap around him, before they came back to me. His hand left, leaving mine to work over him alone before he caressed my cheek, pulling me into a deep kiss. When he moaned into it, I felt a surge of light-headed excitement race through me. I had made him do that.

I smiled when he pulled back, panting hard as our excitement combined, my hand still wrapped around him as he leaned further, falling on his back against the bed. I moved, shifting over him as one hand moved up and down his length. I settled with a knee pressed to each side of his thighs, my hand still moving and my inexperience showing through. I didn't know what to do.

He smiled, as if able to read my loss on my face. Both of his hands moved to my hips, picking me up and sliding me forward just enough that I had to struggle to keep my grip on his cock. I was above it, struggling to keep stroking it as he lowered me slowly. "Line it up, baby." I nodded, uncertain, but guessing where he meant. His moan as his head slid between my lips made it clear I was on the right path.

He lowered me until I felt the tip of him press against the opening of me, huge and unrelenting as I let go of his length. His eyes met mine and he pulled me down, my voice catching and squeaking out in pain as his tip impaled me. "It's...it's going...fuck...it's going to hurt a little." He finally said. I nodded, my breathing hard and foggy headed excitement keeping me from caring.

He pulled again, sliding more of me onto him as he growled at the sensation. It felt like he was trying to split me open, trying to pry my core apart. He was. He had to fuck his way into me and my body was trying everything it could to resist him. He tried harder to pull me down, but my body wouldn't give, refused to open.

He swore, moving so suddenly the bed creaked hard beneath us. He was above me, still buried in my opening, but my back was pressed hard to the bed. He reached down, gripping both of my thighs and pressing them back just slightly. He leaned down, pressing a kiss against my lips as his hips moved and more of him slid inside of me.

I cried out from the sensation. Pain, mixing with pleasure and dancing through my body. He leaned back, watching my face as he moved, sliding ever more of him into me. "Jesus....baby..." he looked between us, his cock hard, rigid, and veiny, barely a few inches inside of me. I didn't know if more would fit. I felt so full, stretched so wide. I wanted him to stop, wanted to make the feeling go away, but before I could voice the words his thumb found the swollen nub of my clit above his cock and rubbed it hard.

So much pleasure roared over me that I had to close my eyes. My body tensed, my hands balling into fists at our sides. My hips moved, accepting more of him as I opened my mouth to cry out in pleasure, but my breathing stopped as he slid more of himself into me.

My tunnel clamped around him. The velvet curtains gripping and squeezing him, inviting, wet, and hot from the excitement he created. My dad could feel this, could feel me wanting so much more and he pressed forward, delivering all of it.

My body shuddered and my voice came in a deep moan as he slid completely inside of me. My core clamped, but it felt so good. I moved, my body tensing and relaxing on it's own while he remained still, letting me adjust to him. When the shuddering eased to a tremble, he withdrew, my moan low and guttural as I felt each and every inch slide slowly from me.

I thought it was good the first time he eased in, but I wasn't prepared for the second. He moved forward, his pace painfully slow, but my body was adapting, eager to feel him again. It was pleasure with an ache, but not the sharp jolts of pain. I whimpered with the pleasure of it, biting into my lower lip as he filled me completely again and rolled his hips to drive himself as deep as he could reach inside of me.

"Fuck, Daddy." The words slipped from me, my hands moving to wrap around his back, to hold him within me, but his hips moved on their own, pulling back, then sliding in, back, in. The tempo was careful, measured. His eyes watched me as he moved, rolling his hips, arching his back. He was panting, small beads of sweat forming on his brow as he pressed in and out of me.

"Yessssssss." Slipped from me in a hiss, my legs moving, wrapping over the back of his thighs. He smiled, taking this as his cue to speed up. He slid into me faster, still emphasizing every time he slid completely into me. I craved the pleasure welling in me. My head rolled back against the pillow, my eyes pressing tightly closed, my throat extended as his lips found it, sucking and nibbling in pace with his thrusts.

I felt his body tense, his pace almost falter. "Oh, honey, daddy's going to cum." My head snapped forward, my eyes locking onto his the moment before his thumb moved back over my clit, my body jerking from the pleasure of it. He drew small circles over it, fucking into me harder as he did. I felt myself tighten around him, felt his cock harden more, and we reached bliss together.

I felt him explode into me, felt his seed burst into the deepest parts of me as my entire body went rigid, my nerves flaring, my eyes forcing closed, white bursts behind the lids as pleasure crashed into me. It felt like we were there forever, his cock completely inside of me, painting me, my core clamping around him, milking him, our bodies and pleasures combined.

I fell against the bed, my hands and legs limp, my eyes opening lazily as I felt his head fall to my neck, kissing along it, teasing by my ear, his whisper sending another shiver through me. "Thank you, sweetheart."

I smiled, turning so I could kiss him again, my arms wrapping around his neck. "Thank you, dad." He collapsed against me, panting and kissing me, licking along my skin.

We stayed there, his length completely sheathed inside of me as my core milked around it, soft shudders of aftershock racing along my spine as we panted, trying to refocus on reality. He leaned back, just enough to look into my eyes as he placed a soft kiss on my lips. "You know we can't tell anyone, right?"

I nodded, pulling my lower lip between my teeth and knowing that as much as we had both loved it, no one would understand what we had just shared. "I know, dad."

He leaned down to kiss me again. "Good girl."

I smiled before softly pressing my lips to his. I moaned hard as he withdrew from me, a hollow ache in my core and sticky mess between my thighs. He rolled over, lying on his side as he pulled me close to him and placed a small kiss on my lips. "Teenage boys can bounce back almost instantly, but I'll need time to recover."

I lifted an eyebrow in soft confusion as he leaned close to kiss the ear closest to him. "We have the room for the entire night and I plan on trying that again."

I moaned at the thought as his hand moved to softly trace from my shoulder, over one breast, and teased a soft circle over my stomach. My voice was quiet and a little hesitant. "I would like that, Daddy."











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