Kissing her affectionately on the temple, I gave her a small smile. "Sure," I whispered, reaching down to unbutton my jeans and undo my zipper with one hand. "Want to help pull it out?" I then wondered, since I still had my other arm wrapped around her.

She nodded, focused intently on my lap now as she reached in through the opening in my boxers, with me tugging on my jeans more, allowing her to wrap her fingers around me and carefully begin pulling me out.

Initially, she gasped when she felt me, her face flushing all over again as she experienced my warmth.

Then, once I was out, she began tenderly caressing up and down, her expression growing even more passionate.

"Oh," she said in surprise after a second, stopping her movement briefly. "You're leaking already," she commented, focusing on my gaze. "Is it precum?" she wondered seriously.

I nodded, not needing to look to know, leaning forward to meet her lips again.

She moaned as she wrapped her fingers around my shaft more tightly, almost as if she was using my cock to keep from falling backwards, even though I still had my arm wrapped firmly around her. When I broke the kiss a moment later, she focused back down on my member in her grasp.

"Do you like it?" I wondered softly.

She nodded, taking a shallow breath. "Very much," she agreed quietly, only to grow more serious. "Although, I'm a little nervous about putting something this big in me," she added, looking embarrassed again as she met my gaze. "Largest thing I've had up there is a tampon. And even those can be uncomfortable."

I leaned forward to kiss her on the lips again, before responding. "Well, there's no rush," I whispered. "We can wait to go all the way."

She frowned at that, pouting slightly. "Yeah, but you and Gabriella have already..." Her voice trailed off.

"It's not a competition," I replied gently. "And in a year or two, it won't matter if we waited a few days, or even a few weeks. Plus, I still need to get you a ring, which might help it feel more official."

She sighed heavily then, pulling away a little, even as she kept my cock in her grasp. The tip had leaked enough that I was sure some of my clear precum had gotten her hand a little wet, but she didn't seem to mind at all.

"Speaking of that," she said quietly, focusing on my chin. "How are we going to do this with her involved? And Avery for that matter? I'm not sure how sharing is going to work."

I sighed. "Well, it's sort of a four-person relationship at this point, so it can kind of go any way we want. Like, to be completely honest, I won't be surprised if Gabriella tries to seduce Avery."

Instantly, Serenity looked up at me in shock. "Wait, what?" she said in disbelief. "You aren't serious, are you?"

I grimaced. "Umm, yeah kind of," I admitted, uncertain about her reaction. "D-Does that bother you?" I asked, suddenly wondering if I shouldn't have mentioned it.

She frowned at that, glancing away. "Well, I guess not. I'm just surprised is all, since she never even hinted at swinging that way." Her frowned deepened. "I'm also not sure how I feel about her liking your classmate so much. Kind of feels like she's cheating on both of us."

I looked at her in surprise. "Sis, you don't like her, do you?" I said in disbelief. "Because she totally is interested in you," I stated bluntly, causing another shocked expression from her. "In fact, when I asked her about it, she said you were the reason why she started wondering if she might be interested in women too."

Serenity just stared at me for a few seconds. "O-Oh," she finally managed. "Umm, that w-wasn't exactly what I meant. I was sort of talking about 'cheating on her best friend' by suddenly being into another chick, but umm..." Her voice trailed off as she glanced away again. "Kai, I'm not sure what I think of all this. I do sort of find her attractive, which might actually be because she's part-succubus, now that I think about it, but I've never seriously considered..." Her voice trailed off a second time.

Part of me was surprised my sister seemed to be accepting all this so easily, including Gabriella's possible non-human lineage, but at the same time I supposed she'd seen enough to realize there was more to the world than she originally assumed.

But honestly, I felt like all of us were coping really well, considering everything that had happened in the last couple of days. It made me wonder if I had some kind of psychological buffer to such dramatic stress, due to my non-human heritage. Also made me wonder if I could passively make others more accepting of things too.

Granted, if my incubus father could steal a nursing woman from her baby and husband, only to willingly make her take care of me instead, then he at least must have some kind of ability to make women accept their new life as one of his concubines.

Or rather, as one of his sex slaves.

So then, maybe everyone was adapting so easily because of me. Because I was influencing them without realizing it.

And for some reason, that particular idea was starting to bother me less. Not only that, but I was also beginning to feel a little more comfortable voicing what I wanted.

"Well, just being completely honest," I replied. "The idea of you two together is really hot." I then sighed. "But don't feel like you have to force yourself to do something you don't want to do."

She frowned. "Well, it would make sleeping arrangements easier," she admitted.

"It would," I agreed simply, knowing we could all fit comfortably in my sister's bed. Although, if Avery somehow started living with us, maybe after graduation or something, then I wasn't sure we could manage to all pile into the same bed.

Although, the possibility of potentially getting a bigger bed for my sister's room sincerely excited me. That, and the idea of this now being our room.

"What?" Serenity said after a second, her tone a little playful as she focused on my grin.

I shook my head. "Just thinking about it," I admitted.

She rolled her eyes. "Well, don't get too excited, young man. I haven't even tried being physical with you yet, and the idea of doing something with Gabriella feels surreal and kind of weird."

"Can I at least tell her you're open to letting her seduce you?" I wondered seriously.

Serenity's face immediately turned beet red. "Kai!" she exclaimed in shock.

"Just wondering," I replied, averting my gaze.

She took a deep breath, shaking her head in disbelief, before focusing down on my cock in her hand again. "Umm, well I guess it might at least be easier if you let her know I'm okay with talking about it. Otherwise, I'm not sure if I'd ever be able to muster the courage to bring the subject up myself."

"Sure," I replied, kissing her gently on the temple again.

Honestly, I had no idea if her acceptance of all this was completely independent, or if I was truly having an influence on her, but in this moment I didn't care too much. Because I didn't feel like I was manipulating her. If anything, from the sound of it, Gabriella might be the one who was unintentionally manipulating her.

Or maybe not.

After all, they were both fucking hot as hell, so maybe they just naturally found each other attractive. I mean, that kind of thing did happen without any supernatural influence, so maybe I was just worrying too much about it.

At the very least, I definitely wasn't compelling her like I'd accidentally done earlier that morning. On the contrary, I had been careful about looking her directly in the eyes while they were black and gold.

"So now what?" I finally wondered when she didn't say anything else.

She sighed. "I guess I'll have to talk to Gabriella about how we make this work. And also talk to her about how our friendship is going to be from now on, if I can get over my embarrassment. It's just..." She took a deep breath. "So much is changing so fast. It's a lot to take in."

"Well, Gabriella didn't seem like she was in any rush either," I replied. "Honestly, she might not have even told you how she felt, afraid it might ruin your friendship. She sincerely cares about you, so don't feel pressured to move too quickly. Just talk to her about it, and go from there."

She nodded, beginning to slowly stroke me again absentmindedly.

I was about to ask if she wanted to kiss more, but unexpectedly my phone rang.

Pulling it out of my jean's pocket, I saw it was Gabriella, automatically concerned that something was up. And then even more concerned, when I answered it and heard all the little signs that she was crying -- noises most wouldn't notice.

"Hey, what's wrong?" I asked seriously.

"Kai," she sobbed, trying to speak evenly. "Avery's mom is worse than they thought."

"She is?" I said in surprise. "How bad?"

My girlfriend made an effort to try to steady her breathing.

"Umm, well, I guess they've been giving her medicine to keep the swelling on her brain down, but the doctor said she started having a seizure from the inflammation, and they had to put her in a medically induced coma."

She tried to stifle a sob again, taking another shaky breath.

After a second, she continued. "The doctor seemed really somber about the situation when he came to tell Avery. And when he saw she was sleeping, he asked me if I was going to be staying for a while. Of course, I told him I was, but then he said Avery will need someone here if her mom doesn't make it." She sniffled, her voice strained. "Kai, I'll accept whatever you want to do, but I think Avery is about to lose her mom. The doctor didn't seem hopeful at all."

Fuck. Was she serious?

Fuck, fuck, fuck!

What was I supposed to do?

I mean, it wasn't like I could make the same offer to this woman that I made to Avery! Because not only was she unconscious right now, but she was also Avery's mom!


And even if she wasn't Avery's mom, she was still a married woman! A married woman who would end up transforming every time she tried to have sex with her husband!

Which meant, even if I got Michelle to keep quiet, it would mean Avery's dad would find out too, assuming I didn't try to demand she not have sex anymore. Not to mention, what if all of the women I was changing were capable of using their blood to transform a regular human? No doubt Avery's mom might change her husband, and I could see the situation very quickly getting out of control from that point.


But at the same time, I knew the hell that awaited Avery if her mom died, including possible survivor's guilt since she was in the same accident. Without a doubt, I knew for a fact what my classmate was going to end up going through if I didn't fix her mom...

Because I'd already gone through it once myself.

And it was hell.

A devastating, unending hell.

Would Avery hate me if I let her mom die?



"Kai," my sister whispered when I didn't say anything, having let go of my cock, seeming to have heard what Gabriella said.

I took a deep breath, glancing at her as I finally responded. "Gabriella, my secret has to remain a secret, no matter what. I can't keep fixing everyone."

My girlfriend sobbed. "I know," she whined, taking a shaky breath.

I sucked in another deep breath, unable to believe I was really considering this. "But what that means is, if I do fix her, then it's got to be the last time. I can't be fixing either of your parents if they get hurt, and I might have to be a jackass toward Avery's mom, to make sure she keeps my secret. To make sure she doesn't do anything that would expose us."

My sister's brown eyes widened in shock, and Gabriella was silent for a few seconds, equally as stunned.

Finally, my girlfriend responded. "You mean, you'll do it?"

I sighed. "I guess, maybe? I don't know. But Gabriella I have to draw the line here. Like, if your mom or dad ends up in the hospital and they look like they are going to die, I can't keep doing this. I'm sorry, but we can't keep doing this. Every person who becomes like me ends up being a new risk. And as you once said, we aren't gods. We can all still die. Which means, we can't let normal people find out about us."

She sniffled. "I know, and I understand."

I sighed again, still unable to believe I was really considering this. But I felt like letting Avery's mom die just wasn't an option. Would I have to threaten her life to ensure she didn't try to change her husband or anyone else? I mean, if I was saving her life, then in a twisted cruel way, I could threaten to take it back, even if it was an empty threat...


I supposed I'd just have to figure it out, since I doubted we had time to waste. "Okay, well, I guess we'll head over there soon. Can you try to find out her floor and room number? If we can head straight there, that would be best."

"Kai," my sister whispered. "If you do this, she might not be able to live a normal life with Avery's dad anymore. Not without him finding out, at least." She paused, looking me over for a second. "Assuming you can't help but transform when you have sex."

I grimaced at that, obviously having already thought of it. And being reminded didn't help anything.

Shit! Why did this have to be so complicated?!

I sighed. "Well, both his wife and daughter are about to be given a new life because of me. And I really hate to be an asshole, but I might have to threaten him to make sure he keeps it to himself." I sighed again. "But I can't let her mom die, sis. I can't let her go through that. Not when I can prevent it from happening."

Serenity nodded in understanding, her expression sympathetic. Out of everyone in the world, she of all people knew how difficult of a decision this was. Because we really couldn't take this risk, and yet she knew full well that no one truly got over losing those they loved. They only slowly relearned how to cope with life again, but the pain never fully went away.

I took a final deep breath, making up my mind. "Okay, Gabriella. Try to find out Michelle's room number, and let us know. We'll head over there and get it done."

Gabriella took a shaky breath, sounding guilty now. "Okay, Kai. Just, please don't do this for me. Please do it because you really want to." She paused. "Obviously, I feel horrible about letting her die, but I don't want you to blame me if this goes wrong."

"I won't blame you," I promised. "I've made up my mind. Besides, Nick knows and is keeping it a secret out of appreciation for the fact that I saved his little sister. Maybe I can use that against Avery's dad too, since it sounds like his daughter would be paralyzed and his wife dead if I didn't do something."

"Okay," she replied quietly. "And I love you. I'll find out the room number for you."

"Thank you, Gabriella," I said sincerely. "Talk to you soon. Maybe call my sister's phone, since I'll probably be on the road by then."

"Sure," she agreed. "Love you. Bye."

After hanging up, I tugged on my boxers a little to let my now soft cock slip back inside, taking a deep breath as I just tried to collect my thoughts. Shit, was I really going to do this? And how much of a hardass would I have to be to get them to listen?

Unexpectedly, it was like Serenity read my mind, speaking out loud. "Maybe you can compel her to make sure she doesn't expose us," she randomly commented.

I looked at her in surprise. "Maybe," I agreed hesitantly. "But I can't exactly ask her to not have sex with her husband anymore."

Serenity shrugged. "Maybe you can compel him too? I mean, we really don't know if it's limited to only women. And, at the very least, if it turns out that Michelle and Avery can use their blood to transform others, you can compel them to not do that. You can stop the spread with them."

I nodded with a sigh, having considered that angle. "Yeah, I guess you're right. Assuming I can really have that level of control over a person. The letter made it seem like my biological father expected me to only have traces of his abilities."

Serenity frowned. "Well, let's try now, then. Ask me to do pushups. No, tell me to do pushups. A hundred." She paused. "I can't do that many, and don't really want to, so let's see what happens."

"Are you sure?" I asked hesitantly.

She nodded, seeming completely confident. "Yes, we need to know if compelling Avery's mom is even an option right now. And the letter made it sound like you could learn to develop the ability, so even if it doesn't work, the two of us can keep practicing after you inject her with your blood. It might not seem like a lot of time, but you might actually get good at it after a few hours of practicing."

I glanced away, thinking it over.

"Come on, Kai. We don't have a lot of time. Let's give it a try, at least once, and then we'll head to the hospital."

I nodded, focusing on her. I was still transformed, so I simply met her gaze, intending on telling her to do a hundred pushups. What I didn't expect was for her eyes to abruptly widen, her pupils visibly dilating, as she stared at me almost in awe.

"Umm, Serenity?" I said hesitantly.

"Yes," she whispered, looking mesmerized.

Fuck, was this really working that easily?

I cleared my throat. "Umm, I want you to do some pushups."

She nodded without hesitation, still staring intently at me, like she couldn't look away even if she wanted to. "How many would you like me to do?" she whispered. "Or how long?" she added. "A hundred like we were talking about? Or do you want me to just do them until I can't anymore?"

"A hundred," I confirmed simply.

"Anything else?" she wondered.

I frowned. "Call me master, and then do them."

"Yes, master," she whispered, only to slip out of bed straight to the floor and position herself sideways at my feet, beginning to get her hands in the right spots for her first pushup.

Fuck! Was she for real right now? Holy fuck!

Holy fuck, fuck, fuck!

"Serenity, stop," I said in disbelief as she did her first one.

She immediately did, only to sink fully onto her stomach, her entire body beginning to tremble.

"Are you okay?" I whispered seriously.

She didn't respond right away, instead turning her head to the side, away from me, taking a few shaky breaths. "K-Kai," she finally managed. "T-That was really terrifying."

"I'm really sorry," I said sincerely. "I won't ever do it again. Certainly not on purpose, and if I do it accidentally, I promise I'll end it."

She nodded just slightly, before taking another shaky breath and slowly pushing herself up onto her knees, sitting on her heels. She then gently rested her hand on her forearm over the bandage covering the bite, but she didn't look like she was in pain.

Shit, I hadn't even considered that she might rip her stiches out.

"Thank you," she replied, only to carefully glance up at me. "But I think I need to elaborate. What was so scary was when you told me to stop. I felt like I'd disappointed you, and it literally made me afraid for a few seconds before it wore off. But before that, I didn't feel afraid at all. Suddenly, all I wanted to do was please you, and any plan I had to resist whatever you wanted me to do just went completely out the window. Like, I didn't care about what I wanted to do before. All I cared about was doing as you asked." She focused back down on the floor. "And that alone wasn't a bad feeling. I didn't mind at all, in fact, and know I would have done anything you asked. But the way you told me to stop was sincerely horrifying. That was the scary part."

Fuck, I didn't know what to say to that. "Umm, so I guess if we try again, I'll be more careful when I ask you to stop?" I said hesitantly, uncertain of what she was trying to tell me. "But then, did you notice a difference between what happened, and how you normally feel?"

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