Editor's note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


Pikachu did it.

He appeared suddenly in a mad flash of light, sat on top of the X Box I got for my 18th birthday.

Me and my Big Brother Benjamin looked at each other speechless. Then the Pokemon spoke, saying he'd reward the next winner by granting a wish! I wasn't sure it was a good idea at all. Ben always beat me at video games. I did my best, tapping on the joystick like crazy and breaking a sweat, dreading what Ben's wish would be when he inevitably won.

My Brother bullied me mercilessly, and I just knew he was already cooking up some mean trick to humiliate me with. He was always calling me a faggot and pushing me around. I never even kissed another boy before, but if by some crazy chance I did win, I'd wish that he was my boyfriend. Then he'd have to kiss me and hold my hand and take me to movies and fuck me like one of his girlfriends at the end of the night. That would show him! Then he'd be a faggot, and couldn't tell me shit.

Of course Ben won tho, and I trembled as he triumphantly howled his wish.

"Turn him into my boxer shorts!" he grinned.

It was just exactly the kind of stupid Frat Boy joke he would come up with.

Pikachu blushed, giggling behind his little paws. But then with a wiggle of his nose and sprinkle of magic dust I was immediately transformed. Where only moments before I had been a living, breathing human boy, I was now just a regular pair of blue check boxers.

The Pokemon vanished, his golden light fading away, leaving me and my Big Brother alone again. Ben snatched me up and stretched me out, testing my strength and dimensions.

"Ha! Amazing! You like that, you little faggot? I'm gonna put you on right now.

Ben stripped fully naked before stepping into his new shorts.

I could feel everything; the warmth and little hairs of his legs as I stoked his muscular thighs. And then the tight curves of his pert ass cheeks and the weight of his package as he let my elastic snap shut around his waist. Frozen in a state of panic and shock, I could only hang there pressed close against his slowly hardening cock.

Ben turned to catch his reflection in the long mirror. With a smirk he made a manly grab for his balls, wrapping my blue fabric around them in a neat bunch.

"Feels good, right?"

I wanted to thump him and tell him to fuck off, but I was just a pair of shorts. His long dick was fully erect now, poking a corner in my cotton. Somehow I could smell his body as well as feel its heat, and his faint musk promised just a little something of what his foreskin was hiding.

I didn't want to admit how much I liked it. I wanted to be furious, and boy did I get mad when he reached in to put his boner through the fly! Swinging his dick around, he trailed sticky drops over the crotch, and I freaked as the precum soaked my fibres. I could taste it! Salty and fragrant. There was no getting away from him, Ben was saturating my senses.

Soon Ben was laid out flat on his mattress, yanking his shaft and caressing his nuts. I had a front row seat at the Benjamin masturbation show. His meat towered over me.

Didn't take long for him to shoot. His victory was just too delicious, and he squeezed his load out over his belly.

"...ah, fuck." he gasped, and reached for his phone to take pictures of his mighty boner protruding from his favourite new boxers.

I waited while he got absorbed in his iphone, checking his facebook and that. This was just so humiliating; detained at my Brother's pleasure as his wet dick sank back down onto my textiles.

Ben finally stirred with a casual sniff, wiping himself down, and getting back in the mood to torment me.

"Hey, let's go take a piss!" he smirked, making a steady march for the bathroom.

He didn't bother to shut the door behind him, and made good use of my fly a second time. I'd never hung so close to pissing dick before. Ben's soft tube pulsed gently, ejecting a steady yellow stream into the babbling water below. In predictable contrast to his premature ejaculation, his piss went on forever! He kept making exaggerated sighs of relief as he gushed. Such a dickhead.

Just when I was thinking I got away without any mad splash-back, Ben threw his dripping penis back into his shorts, letting several generous pee spots sink into my cotton.

"You getting that, faggot?" he jeered, "Soaking up all my dick juices, nice and tasty."

I wanted to cry, but boxer shorts don't cry.

Ruminating on the bitter flavour of Ben's urine, I wondered how long this would go on? He jerked off another two times that night, tucking me tight under his big balls and clenching me between his butt cheeks. Then he fell asleep. I guess I must have fallen asleep too.

I don't think I had any dreams, but when I woke the next day I was still a pair of shorts. Ben only took me off to shower, flinging me under the toilet bowl to watch as he lathered his sexy body.

Then he sprayed himself down with a cheap deo and pulled me back on. He wore me to college, getting boners in every class and tugging on my creases. Throughout the day precum and drops of pee seeped from his meaty bellend.

After school he brought his girlfriend Candice home and they made out on his bed. I had to coddle the torch he carried for her.

"I wanna fuck you in my new shorts," he murmured.

"What?" Candice laughed.

"Come on, it'll be sexy. You seen my sexy new shorts?" Ben smiled.

"Easy, Tiger," she chuckled, letting him have his way.

I just held on tight as my Big Brother boned his sweetheart, cradling his balls as they cooked up his jizz.

They huffed and puffed together with me trapped silently between. She didn't stay the night, but Ben didn't seem to want to take me off. He wore me again to college the next day too.

By the time he got home after another busy day of piss stains and jizz-flakes, I smelled fucking ripe. Ben finally took me off and stuffed me under his nose so he could jerk off to the delicious scent of his own yummy dick.

He'd given up speaking to me, and simply threw me into the wash-basket in the hall without a second thought. My Mum eventually came to put everything through the wash. Didn't she wonder where I was all this time? Pikachu's magic must have been super-powerful. Felt good to come out nice and clean again though.

Next time Ben put me on, he brought his best mate Dean back. I always liked Dean. He was so hot. If Pikachu had asked me whose boxers I wanted to be, I'd have said Dean right away. He was a local Rugby star and a total sweetheart.

My Mum cooked them dinner and they settled down to play video games late into the night. Perhaps it had been Benjamin's plan all along, but Pikachu returned the same way he did before, his golden beams illuminating the dark corners of Ben's room.

And the Pokemon set the same contest as before. I wanted to scream and shout, to let Dean know, but I could only wait and watch.

Of course Ben won the match, and Pikachu's magic worked just like before. Where the gorgeous Jock had been slouched with his joystick, there now lay a brand new pair of red check shorts.

The Pokemon disappeared, and Ben put his bestie through the same sordid humiliations I had endured. Watching from the bedroom floor I had to admit it was actually pretty hot. Ben suddenly looked less like a Bully and more like a Champ. Maybe Pikachu was giving us fags what we deserved; subservience to a higher caliber of Man; a Man who took what he wanted in life, no apologies or regrets. Only winning.

I wish I could have spoken with Dean. Did he even know that I was Ben's boxers too? My Brother alternated his new favourite boxers all the next week.

Next thing I know, he brought Dean's girlfriend home! He was cheating on Candice, and banging Dean's girl with his new red boxers on, the same way he'd done it with me. I can't imagine what poor Dean must have been feeling, but then again he should have won that FIFA game. I felt sure Dean would grow to like it as much as I did.

Ben didn't stop there tho. The sweet victories Pikachu granted him became an obsession. Andy was the next victim. The cute redhead lived a few doors down, and after losing his death-match Andy became a smart new pair of white sports socks.

Ben pulled them on right away. I tried to imagine how it might feel hugging my Brother's ankles and toes, and what new tastes and smells there would be to enjoy. All that sweat soaking in as he worked out in the gym!

Nick became new Calvin's. Chubby Sean became a fucking jock strap! Sam became a vest. Ben had a whole draw stuffed with the captured fit lads of the neighbourhood. We all cuddled his package and sipped on his liquors.

Andy was first to come back tho. Woke up with his face pressed up against Ben's feet. He left the house red-faced and fully humiliated, completely unable to explain the boner in his pants.

Night after night the boys slunk home, ashamed and perplexed. Dean came-to with his head in Benjamin's naked lap. He pressed himself close, kissing Ben's dick, unready to quit. My Bro just lay back and let his bestie give him a thirsty blow.

"Let me stay over, Benjamin," he begged, but Ben only scoffed,

"Fuck off! You think I want to sleep with a lame faggot cuck like you, mate? You're girlfriend Sophie's coming over, get out!"

Dean looked pretty heartbroken as he went out the door. Sophie showed up an hour later and Benjamin fucked her real slow, making her moan over and over. I watched in a little heap on the carpet, trying to imagine just how incredible it must feel to have Ben thrusting himself into you. If I'd won the contest Pikachu would have made Ben my boyfriend, and it would be me moaning on his fat dick right now. But was I still just a pair of smelly shorts. The last one waiting to be turned back into a boy.

Benjamin wore me another whole week. He'd given up on putting me through the wash, and I was thoroughly pee stained by Friday night. He pulled me off and threw me across his room in disgust when he finally got home. Before I hit the floor I was my human self again, dazed and disheveled. My Big Brother towered above me, his lovely penis swinging free with the wicked Pokemon sat on his shoulder.

Pikachu giggled, handing Ben the X Box controller; a sly accomplice. Now I knew the game was fixed, but I accepted another challenge anyway. I wanted Ben's mean tricks more than ever, and whatever he had in mind for his next wish was fine by me. Love you Bro, peace out sexy x











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