Sister-in-law finds my secret sissy desires and turns me into her cuckold. (MMF, reluc, cuck, bi, cd, anal)


How did it happen? A young man named Tony with his full life ahead of him, and it all changed so much! I know I married young, maybe I wasn't ready for it, maybe I should have matured more first, who knows. I always liked looking at porn, especially bisexual porn and guys that were cuckolds; I think that is the term. I always liked wearing fem stuff even since I was little.

Of course, my wife of six months knew nothing about this, we were both virgins when we married and she didn't really seem to enjoy sex. Maybe it was my small cock I guess, which is only four inches at best, thin and cut. It was four months of married life before I actually penetrated her hymen; I always came as soon as I put it in. She wanted sex less and less; I wanted it more and more, so I read more porn, found chances to buy some fem undies for myself and dress now and then. Went on chat as a fem and I really enjoyed playing cybersex with some awful man using me.

Anyway, I was able to get a new job in the south of England, but it meant leaving my newish bride for a period of up to six months. Fortunately (or so I thought at the time), I was able to stay with her sister and her husband.

She was a year older than my 23 years, a tall and sexy woman. Her sister, my wife, is small and petite, nothing like her outgoing sister. Her husband is a lot taller and broader than me, me being 5'6" slim, but fit, blond hair blue eyes, he's 6'1" dark, fit, but very strong and also outgoing like Sandra his wife, my sister-in-law.

We always got on well, so I was quite happy about staying with them. With going for so long, I decided to take my secret stash with me. None of us had children, and we all worked, so it started well enough, apart from the nightly noise from their bedroom, they seemed to fuck for hours and such a noise. I used to jerk off listening to them, reading my porn. Harry, her husband, seemed to orgasm almost as many times as her, but I was only able to make it once a night.

I had found a place to hide my fem clothes and mags; it was under a loose floorboard under a rug. I was lucky to find it so quickly. All was well for a couple of weeks, and then I went back to my wife Jane for a sexless weekend. I went straight to work on my return and got home early to find Sandra home already; she was a teacher so finishes quite early. She had a stern look on her face and her arms folded which took me by surprise. I asked what the matter was and she just tutted and walked towards my bedroom, I meekly followed.

To my utter horror I saw my undies, suspenders and stockings laid out on the bed next to my porn. She told me that I had left in too much of a hurry on the Friday; she called me Eileen, the name I use on the chat sessions. I almost collapsed as I realised that I didn't close my session before I left, as I was in such a hurry. I remembered that last session, the man was supposed to be old fat and ugly and had taken me (as a fem) to a porno shop with cinema and cubicles with glory holes in them. During the session I had sucked cocks, swallowed cum and piss, had cum running out of my pussy (being fem) and my ass, and was a total slut.

I nearly collapsed. Sandra asked me what Jane would think of all this, and I just stammered and almost fell. She coldly looked me in the eyes and told me to strip. My mouth dropped open, and I stood there helpless not comprehending what she had ordered me to do. The hard slap across my face brought me back to reality. Like a zombie I started removing my clothing as she stared into my eyes. I stopped when I was wearing just my boxers. She slapped the other side of my face with a stinging blow and screamed that she had told me to strip. I quickly dropped my boxers.

My cock had shrivelled to almost nothing, my balls almost disappeared. The tension was shattered by Sandra howling in laughter, tears flowed down her face as she doubled up laughing and pointing at my manhood. She then cut me like a knife, by telling me that now she understood why Jane had took so long to lose her virginity and why she had never orgasmed. Jane had been talking to her about our private sex life; I was devastated and stood helpless looking to the floor, my whole-body blushing in shame.

The fem undies consisted of cutaway lace panties, suspenders and fishnet stockings, all deep pink. I'm sure my face was the same colour as I put the clothes on. She told me that I was to be punished for violating her house like I did by having those bisexual magazines and using their internet for my sexual gratification. She then threw me by asking if I wanked listening to them make love. I blushed and nodded.

She grimaced then told me to go to the garden shed and fetch her a bamboo cane. They had a long garden, and the shed was at the far end. It was still broad daylight, and the house was overlooked on both sides, one side by this old guy who always seemed to be in the backyard and the other side a family with 2 boys similar in age to me. The old guy was a disgusting individual who didn't take care of himself; I had kept clear of him to date.

I bent to pick up some clothes and received a third stinging slap, she didn't have to say anything I understood what she wanted. I was petrified, but I went anyway, peering both ways and nearly wet myself when I saw the old man right next to the fence. Fortunately, I saw no sign of anybody on the other side. I tried to creep along, but then he looked straight at me. I just ran, not listening to the disgusting comments. I retrieved a cane and ran back, avoiding his stare.

Sandra took me into the front room and told me to bend over a chair and not move. I was trembling but did as she commanded. She positioned me so I was bent as far down as possible and my butt totally exposed, and she spread my legs making it difficult for me to squirm too much. Then she let fly, and did I scream, it felt like my ass had been cut in two.

I leapt up, and she told me she would have to start again as I had moved. She swung again despite the shock, even though I knew it was coming, I managed to stay relatively still. She had hit me four times when I heard the door, each time she hit I screamed helplessly.

As the fifth strike connected, I screamed and felt even worse as my eyes met those of Harry. She hit me seven times in all, my ass throbbing. She made me tell Harry why I was being punished, and I had to do it without moving. He chuckled and told me he had better punish me too. I was crying by then.

Six swipes from Harry and I collapsed onto the floor, a trembling mess. Sandra gave me a kick and told me to take the bamboo cane back while she talked to Harry. I staggered outside rubbing my ass, and as I looked at it, it was lined with purple red bruising.

I hadn't even realised I was walking past the man next door and jumped when he tapped me on the shoulder and asked if I had been a naughty girl. I stumbled away as fast as I could, then something else hit me: I had an erection. I was totally confused.

When I went back inside, they were talking, and Sandra giggled as she saw me. She pointed, and Harry laughed. She was pointing at my erection which wouldn't go down. Sandra told me to take Harry's out, and they both doubled up laughing, and the more they did the harder I got. She nudged Harry, he undid his flies and pulled out six inches of flaccid uncut cock meat.

I stared, blushed then looked away. Sandra told me not to be shy and to touch it. I glared at her but felt my cock twitch at the same time. I started to try and talk but just stuttered that I had never done anything like that before. She just ignored me and told me to kneel and take it in my hand. I dumbly obeyed my hand trembling as I touched it. There were juices seeping out of the end, I shuddered when I heard Sandra tell me to lick it.

Like in a trance I moved my head forward and licked the end, the taste was quite pleasant, so I licked more and felt it twitch in my hand, growing. She told me to suck it so I did. Then Harry held my head and started pushing deeper, in and out. I realised he was fucking my face. I struggled, but he was far too strong. He was choking me, I could feel my face going red as I coughed and spluttered.

He didn't seem to notice, or if he did he didn't care. It was getting bigger and even fatter as it filled my mouth and throat making me wretch. I heard him calling me names like cock sucker and faggot, so was Sandra. He pushed hard, and I was panicking, his thick pubic bush was in my nose, and he was fully in my throat, I couldn't breathe at all, then I passed out.

When I came to, I was alone on their bed, still wearing my fem stuff, but spreadeagled with my head at the end of the bed, tied and helpless. I heard them talking, then they came in, virtually ignoring me. The surprising thing was that they were both totally naked. Sandra was beautiful and all woman. She stands at 5'9", is very fit, she swims a lot, her breasts are 36c, with prominent, hard, deep pink nipples. Her hairless pussy shone with her juices.

She straddled my head and lowered herself. For the first time I was going to taste pussy, Jane had never let me do anything like that she said it was to dirty and I was a pervert. I was in heaven and I felt my erection return. She rode my face and filled my mouth with her juices groaning as I licked furiously.

Then I saw Harry with his 9" (as I was told) erection right in front of me slide into her. It meant that I licked him as well as her. He fucked her slowly at first, each thrust bounced his hairy balls all over me. It went on for ages with both of them groaning, she was half up so nowhere near my cock and virtually ignoring me. Then as he started to speed up I felt her free my cock and balls from under my panties. I was in heaven, hoping for at least a stroke and possibly my very first blow job. Was I mistaken.

She rose up even further as Harry was going like a steam train. Then she started slapping hard on my cock and balls making me scream into her cunt. She did it hard and fast. They both groaned as I screamed, then I felt him and her both explode in orgasm. He pulsed again and again, squirting his load deep inside her.

I wanted to curl up in the foetal position, but of course I couldn't. She moved forward slightly, and his cum and juice covered cock slid into my mouth. Instinctively, I knew what was required, and I sucked him clean, he felt almost hard still, and as I cleaned him, I felt it harden even more.

Harry pulled away and Sandra sat her pussy back over my mouth, Harry's cum pouring into it. It didn't hit me at first, but I was eating sperm, swallowing it like a slut. Then I didn't care, I knew Harry was watching and that excited me. My cock had shrivelled with her slapping, but she told Harry it was getting hard again, they both laughed.

Harry told me to rim Sandra, the thought turned my stomach, but I did it. I licked her sphincter and tasted her insides, but it didn't seem that bad, so I went to it with more gusto. Sandra told Harry he was in for a treat when I did it to him, making me glance at Harry and take in the fact that he was a very hairy man, and the thought made me shudder. I pushed my tongue into her and she groaned. I was beginning to like it, but then Harry's cock pushed my tongue out of the way and slid into her asshole.

It seemed to go in so easily. Her pussy returned to my mouth and as I licked, I watched with amazement his big hard cock go in and out of her rectum. It was so incredibly big, more than twice as long as mine and much, much thicker. I watched it go in and out, getting coated with brown as it did; his cum continued to fill my mouth.

He sped up, and she orgasmed and squirted juices, flooding my mouth with such a different taste, not cum, not piss. It was sweet as I swallowed. This took Harry over the edge, and he emptied his balls into her bowels. She moved after his orgasm subsided, and his messy cock filled my mouth again. The taste wasn't as bad as I thought it might be so I happily sucked to bawdy comments from both of them.

I was kind of hoping that was it, yet also, deep inside me, hoping it wasn't. Once he was clean, but still not totally soft, he got up. He said he would get some drinks, and Sandra turned and sat facing me with her ass over my mouth. Once again I knew what was required and licked and sucked the slime from her ass. When Harry returned, he had three glasses and a bottle of wine. Then they released me, and we moved into the lounge. We sat around sipping and looking at each other but not talking.

Harry finished his glass and refilled it, then beckoned me over pointing at his cock saying nothing. I crawled over in my fem undies and took his cock in my mouth, not bound this time. I didn't even notice the camera flashes. I sucked him hard, then he pushed me on all fours. I started to beg him, telling him I was a total virgin which I was. He ignored me as Sandra pushed creme into my ass and guided him inside me. I screamed as he pushed hard, and it really hurt. He ignored my plight and pushed deeper and deeper until he was fully in. He pulled right out, and this time rammed it up to the hilt. I screamed again, but by the fourth time it didn't feel so bad.

Sandra then started to jerk my cock inside my panties making me squirm. Harry started to slap my poor sore ass, and I yelped. He told me to fuck him back, or he would slap harder. Before I could, I was embarrassed to feel my cock explode its load into my panties. Sandra laughed and told Harry who told me I was a good slut. Then he fucked me with a vengeance, and I did my best to fuck back. Again, I didn't even notice the odd camera flash, nor did I see the video camera in Sandra's hands.

It was incredible when I felt his cock twitch and expand even more. Then his spasming cock filled my ass with his sperm. After he subsided, he pulled me round so I could clean his cock. I dutifully complied tasting my own shit mixed with his sperm. It seemed to go on forever, and he held my head. I could feel him start to grow as he fucked my face. He told me that I was a good cocksucker and that he was going to cum, but I must hold my mouth open like a good slut.

With that he fucked harder and faster, then suddenly grunted and pulled out. I watched squirt after squirt of thick copious cum fly from his piss hole. The first couple filled my mouth, the rest covered my face, going in my eyes and up my nose. He wiped his cock on my hair as I felt Sandra take my hands behind me and tie them. My ass was seeping cum, and I was covered in it.

I had to blink to try and get my eyes clear of sperm. When I did I saw Sandra looking at me, still naked and looking fantastic. She smiled and told me they were off to bed, but I was to stay there on

the floor as she had video for me to watch. She turned all the lights off, and they went to their bedroom, chuckling as I saw the TV flicker.

She had videoed me somehow capturing most of what had happened, but only, very clearly, showing my face, not theirs. I was mesmerised and moved to get a better view, feeling cum seeping from my ass and running down my face. Tasting cum in my mouth, I watched myself "willingly" get used like a slut. It was impossible for me, but as it went on my erection was reborn. When the movie finished it automatically rewound and restarted.

I suddenly realised I had fallen asleep watching it and awakened to daylight with the images still on in front of me. I sensed the drying cum on my face and the cum still leaking from my pussy ass. When I woke up I was in pain and had a sort of erection, but it really hurt. I felt my groin and realised my cock was covered in a small metal cage. I staggered out and bumped into Sandra. Helplessly, I pointed down and asked what was going on. She smiled a wicked smile and told me that when I passed out she fitted me with a Steelwerx Looker 2 with urethral tube, a very small version as I a have a very small cock. It has a very secure lock so can't be removed without a key. I became desperate reminding her that I was going back to see Jane and staying for a week. Her smile became wider, and she just walked away laughing, dangling the key and saying it "may" be unlocked on my return.

What was in store for me next, and how will I cope with Jane I wondered.


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