The more she tried to block the image of Eric naked or the trembling memory as she allowed her bra to fall free and let Eric see her topless, the more they pushed against her will with the same persistence that echoed with each throb of her pussy. As her thighs relaxed and she relented against the inevitability of her need, she remembered having her eyes closed and the feel of Eric's hard dick against her lower stomach. She imagined just how she and Ellie must have looked as they struggled topless, her nipples rubbing against the soft skin of Ellie's big, firm tits. The way Ellie's own nipples felt against her skin. While Eric watched it all, his dick hard, completely unashamed.

She should have been ashamed and humiliated, rather than excited, to have been exposed and forced to do the things that she had, with both Eric and Ellie. But as she reached a shuddering climax, she knew that it was really the shame and humiliation of it that excited her most of all. As her breathing slowed and the throbbing in her pussy subsided, she found comfort in her bed at last and finally let sleep take her. & u=97668 & s=view & id=694982

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