"If I had known you had such a big dick, I would have asked you to the prom," Cheryl said.

"He didn't until yesterday," Cybil said.

"The potion works?" Cheryl asked.

"You're looking at the evidence," Beverly said. Jeffrey was blushing again.

Cheryl grabbed Jeffrey's cock and stroked it. Jeffrey was shocked and embarrassed by her taking such liberty with his private pole.

"Feels real. Are we on for tonight?" Cheryl asked, releasing her grip on Jeffrey.

"Yes, midnight at the sacred meadow," Cybil said.

"I will be there, but I must get back to work now, Goodbye High Priestess," Cheryl said.

Cheryl left just before Angela woke up and sat up on the floor. Her breasts had indeed grown, and they were large now, not ridiculously top-heavy, but very ample. Obediently, Jeffrey drank his elixir, passed out, and crumpled face-first onto the sofa. But Marvin stirred and tried to stand, sporting a seven-inch erection, nearly doubling his natural endowment.

When Jeffrey woke up, and his cock was slightly longer. Both Angela and Marvin noticed the change, and they licked their lips. Marvin and Angela looked at one another with searing jealousy. Cybil laughed and waved her finger; the two rivals retracted their claws and behaved. The group all stopped to eat pizza and drink more margaritas. Jeffrey was equally impressed by Angela's enlarged rack. Angela lifted her breasts in her hands, smiling.

"Do you like them, Jeffrey?" Angela asked, referring to her newly enlarged breasts.

"They look delicious. Can I suck Angela's breasts, Mistress?" Jeffrey asked.

"No, I want you to sit with her on the love seat and make out; these things should not be rushed," Cybil said.

The two introvert former classmates sat together on the smaller overstuffed leather sofa.

"Now kiss her gently, Jeffrey," Cybil said.

Beverly grabbed Marvin and placed her erect slave plaything on his back. She lowered her shaven sex over his shaft, screwing right on the living room carpet. Jeffrey kissed Angela sweetly, but Angela became the aggressor and forced her tongue into his mouth. She placed Jeffrey's hand on her breast. Jeffry fondled it uneasily.

"I will leave you to get acquainted, but no sexual intercourse. That will come later," Cybil said.

Cybil then sat on Marvin's mouth as she faced her stepmother. The two older females began to kiss each other.

"Lick her ass, Marvin, you know you want to," Beverly said.

Marvin happily forced his tongue up Cybil's ass as she moaned her appreciation. Cybil climaxed from the anal attention. Angela showed Jeffrey how to pull her nipples the way she enjoyed it, having done the same to her breasts many times. Jeffrey was a fast learner, and soon, Angela was moaning between kisses. Jeffrey tried to move his hand down to her pussy. Angela was wet and moaning, wanting more.

"Not yet, Slave Boy," Cybil said as she looked at the budding couple enviously.

The two young would-be lovers kissed again.

"Angela, I want you to stroke Jeffrey," Cybil ordered.

Angela began raking her hand up and down Jeffrey's shaft.

"Angela, I want you to learn how to tease him in a way that edges Jeffrey. Listen to his breathing and watch his reactions. When Jeffrey is about to cum, his breathing will go short, and he will tense up. That is when he is close to shooting, and you should stop," Cybil said.

Her hand pulled his cock harder, and soon he almost stopped breathing. Angela stopped stroking.

"Good job, Angela, you should keep doing that. It will drive him crazy," Cybil said.

When Jeffrey calmed a bit, she began moving her hand again. Once again, she brought him right to the edge.

"This is fun. I like Jeffrey at my mercy," Angela said.

Jeffrey wanted to cum, but Angela had no intention of allowing that. She still wanted to tease Jeffrey one more time and began moving her hand over his sensitive flesh again. Soon Jeffrey was moaning and involuntarily thrusting his hips.

"That is enough, Kids. We need to get ready for the ritual tonight," Cybil said.

At midnight, the seven ordinary members of the new coven, all-female, plus Beverly, the one bequeathing the second circle radiance to establish the forming coven. The three slaves were nude in the meadow. All the women also were nude, save Cybil and Beverly. They wore black velvet hooded capes over their heads and down their backs, but the priestess' fronts exhibited their bare bodies as wonderfully as God intended. Beverly wore nipple jewelry of the three moons dangling from her large tips. Arranged in the same opposing crescent separated by the full moon symbol that was the decore in Cybil's kitchen. Cybil wore nipple jewelry also, and a Celtic star clamped her nipples; the polished encircling decoration glittered in the dim light.

One destined to transfer covens as well, Cheryl was among them, and she looked sexy naked. Cheryll had a hot young body, and her large pink nipples had Celtic knot tattoos encircling them. Jeffrey knew she was a wild one, even in high school. The moon was new, and the field was dark, but many lit torches provided light for the ceremony. Under an ancient tree stood a flat stone altar. Cybil stood behind the stone, wearing an amulet priestess necklace, dangling between her clamped breasts. Beverly stood next to her, wearing her coven sapphire necklace. The naked ritual began with Angela gagged and tied to the altar, vulnerably spread eagle over it. Cybil lit a bright torch that shined a beam through a bloodstone ruby. The beam lit the edge of the flat granite and illuminated some words in Gaelic. "Broinn Torrach Na Talmhainn," it read, "The spirit of the earth's womb is pregnant."

"I pass this sacred orb from my coven to yours," Beverley said as she handed a transparent light green crystal ball to Cybil.

"The Trinity alps coven accepts the green earth orb thankfully," Cybil said.

Seven witches, as well as Jeffrey and Marvin, looked on, the men's hands restrained behind their backs. Shiny green ribbons shimmered, each one tied to a tree limb at the edges of the clearing, as a paranormal wind blew.

"I place the orb in its rightful place," Cybil said as she set the orb into the depression carved for it in the altar. A mini cyclone fanned the torches, increasing the light as if the breath of the divine had answered.

Cybil used the torch to light a bonfire, and the divine breath made the flames dance against the dark sky.

"The master of light bequeaths you your first stone knife as well," Beverly said as she passed a stone knife to her stepdaughter; the fire popped as if on cue. Cybil passed the blade through the bonfire flame, and again the fire cracked. She danced brazenly around the fire with her boobs undulating to a drum that Cheryl was playing. The drums beat as Cybil danced around the coven members. Every time she got close to the fire, it would brighten, as if it was one with her will.

"Now for the mingling of blood," Cybil said.

The seven sexy witches danced once around the fire and to the altar. Each one sliced their palm and danced over to drip a little blood on the head of the altar. The altar had a depression to contain the blood, but it drained under Angela. She could feel its wetness contacting her skin as it traveled under her to collect in the dished cutout between her legs. The witches then danced around the fire again before returning to their assigned place. Angela was frightened; she feared she was to be a human sacrifice. Cheryl beat the drum in a fertility rhythm, and the enticing witches took one another's hand and danced around the three slaves and the alar. The dance was set by tradition as they gyrated their breasts and bottoms, the fire danced with them, mirroring their moves. The large flames looked like a human form, spinning and convulsing to the beat. When the song ended, the spicy witches returned to their places.

"Now for the fertility sacrifice," Cybil said.

Cybil took the stone knife and danced around Angela. Angela pulled against her restraints, trying to free herself. Whenever Cybil got close to Angela, Cybil would ceremoniously place the knife close to Angela's throat. Angela, flinching, looked afraid she was about to die. The fire popped loud as a gunshot while Cybil held the blade to Angela's throat. Just as Angela was sure it was all over for her, Cybil sadistically enjoyed her torment of Angela. An owl hooted as Cybil retracted the stone edge. Cybil was jealous; she knew Jeffrey and Angela's path entangled. But regardless of her wish to continue frightening Angela, she stopped because the moon approached the correct sector in the star-filled sky. The stars seemed bright in the almost moonless night firmament.

"This sacrifice is not a sacrifice of death, but of life," Cybil said.

Angela moaned into her gag.

"The purpose of this ritual is to begin life, not end it," Cybil said.

The witches untied Jeffrey's hands, and they forced him onto the altar on top of Angela.

"It is time to begin life, ravage her Slave Boy," Crystal said.

Jeffrey pressed his cock up to Angela's waiting pussy. She was ready after several hours of coached foreplay earlier. He thrust into her Angela, and the virgin lass was in pain for just an instant as his penis head burst through her hymen. But soon, all she felt was pleasure and fulfillment as he lovingly pushed his large cock in and out of her virgin sex, pinning her to the sacred stone. She felt fulfilled, as this was the culmination of the years-long crush she had for Jeffrey. Angela had loved him since grade school. She had fallen for him when Jeffrey had moved to Redding. In and out, he thrust as Angela writhed beneath his lovemaking. That is when she remembered her unprotected state, Jeffrey could make her pregnant. She moaned into her gag. Jeffrey stopped to remove it; he wanted to kiss her again. He kissed her sweetly, and once again, Angela forced her tongue into his mouth. His penis shoved into her again, all the way in, stretching her tight hole. Her abdomen lifted to meet each thrust as their passion burned hot. She lost her train of thought in hedonistic pleasure.

"You will make me pregnant," Angela said minutes later between kisses as the fear inspired thought returned.

"I hope so," Jeffrey said as he kissed her ardently. He hammered at her entrance relentlessly, enjoying the velvet glove encasing his member. Angela felt reassured by his word and let herself go. Jeffrey pumped her shamelessly before the audience of witches as they enchanted in an ancient tongue. He ejaculated into her womb, as Angela began her orgasm as his hot jets hit her inner walls. The fire flared as the climax happened, and the two lovers labored for breath on the altar stone.

"Far a bheil s├Čol math a 'lorg ugh torrach, tha beatha pailt," Cybil said. Where good seed finds a fertile egg, life abounds, she said.

"What begins in the natural seals the spiritual," Beverly said.

"New life, New coven," the coalition of witches chanted as they danced around the altar three times. The witches rubbed the bodies of angela and Jeffrey as they wound around them. When the dance finished, the sexy witches untied Angela and helped them off the sacred rock.

"Now you must join your blood with ours and join the covenant," Cybil said.

Cybil grabbed Jeffrey's hand and cut his palm, dripping some of his blood on the flat stone. Angela held out her hand.

"No, you already bled on the altar," Cybil said, looking at the blood left from Angela's virginal penetration.

Angela and Jeffrey looked at each other lovingly.

"Now for the initiation spankings," Cybil said, wanting to stop the tender moment between the lovers.

The witches held Jeffrey and Angela over the altar, each one pulling a limb across the stone, as Cheryl handed Cybil a flat wooden paddle. Cybil pushed the two hazes where their hips were touching each other. Then she swung, administering a painful blow. The long paddle landed on both their bottoms simultaneously. Cybil released a flurry of similar blows, wanting to make them cry. Though the rite was not necessary for the beginning of her covenant, She was jealous and wished to make them pay. She hoped that they would have been more reticent about having a child together.

"He is not the one for you, Cybil. Your destiny entwines with another," Beverly said.

Jeffrey and Angela began crying, and Cybil's wrath subsided. The welts on their bottoms looked menacing; they would hardly be able to sit on them. Jeffrey looked into Angela's eyes sympathetically as they sobbed together. Angela stopped crying and became incredibly horny, but was still more concerned with Jeffrey. Jeffrey quit crying as well, and his penis showed his ardor.

"Now to extinguish the torch," Cybil said as she snuffed the flame.

Marvin stood neglected, still tied with a ruby ended plug sticking from his sphincter. Cybil looked at Marvin and then at Beverly.

"Why did you bring him?" Cybil asked.

"I want him to suck Ron hard for me. If I had the time, I would have stopped and tied him up in the playroom at home," Beverly told Cybil.

"Too much information; Ron has been like a father to me since dad passed," Cybil said.

Since Cybil's father was gone, Beverly had remarried, and she had two-step parents. But hearing about their sex life still seemed bizarre.

"You are an adult; it should not bother you so much," Beverly said.

"Some things you never want to hear," Cybil said.

It was nearing one-forty-five in the morning when they arrived at Cybil's, and Jeffrey figured his mother would be asleep by then. Beverly took Marvin and some elixir for Ron home with her. Jeffrey, the perfect son, would have otherwise texted her.

"I need to get home. May I go, Mistress? Jeffrey asked.

"Yes, but I want you back at six-thirty Tomorrow evening," Cybil said.

"Yes, Mistress," Jeffrey said.

Jeffrey dressed and went to get in his car, but Angela beckoned him inside her house instead. Jeffrey snuck inside, hoping Cybil would not notice his car was still there. As he entered the door, Angela stopped him.

"I used your phone to text your mom earlier; I told her you were staying at Tim's," Angelica said. Tim was Jeffrey Nixon's best friend, and Angela knew that text would be believable.

"I want you naked leave your clothes in the entry," Angela said. Angela had not put any clothes on yet, either, and Jeffrey wished she had. He liked being naked for clothed females.

When he entered the dining room, Angelica trained the camera on him.

"You are going to model for me," She said.

Angelica had placed a pile of her panties on the antique oak dining table.

"I want you to try on the panties, one by one, until we find the ones you look best in," Angela said.

All the panties were feminine and lacy. Jeffrey put on the black ones first, and Angela took several photos, but this time it was Cybil that looked on from the adjoining house. The scene unfolding in her neighbor's dining room both excited and incensed her. Angela had left the curtains wide open, fearlessly.

"No, those are not right," Angela said. Jeffrey donned a red pair. Jeffrey felt excited by the silky fabric on his shaved erection as Angela snapped more pics while his cock poked over the waistband of the bikini style briefs.

"try again, Jeffrey," Angela said.

Jeffrey, always obedient, put on a purple pair, and Angela worked the shutter rapidly. Cybil fingered her sex as she looked on, while Angela took her eye off the camera viewfinder and made eye contact with Cybil defiantly. Cybil's rage excited her sexually, and the witch climaxed immediately. The orgasm felt as intense as any she had experienced. Angela blew Cybil a kiss and went back to the photoshoot.

"Still not the ones, wear pink ones," Angela suggested.

Jeffrey removed the red and pulled on the pink lace thong. It hardly covered his junk; Angela worked the camera shutter. The overly competitive Cybil, now recovered from her intense orgasm, planned how she would punish the two lovers. She intended to torment them for nine days on the houseboat anyway, but now she felt even more motivated.

"Turn around slowly, yes, that is it," Angela said as he slowly turned.

"Now bend over and look over your shoulder," Angela said. Jeffrey complied embarrassingly.

Angela now had all the leverage she would need, and she found the photoshoot incredibly hot. She stopped shooting to kiss Jeffrey as her hands roamed freely over his body. Angela grasped his stiff shaft as she pulled him into her bedroom. Angela's bedroom wall was covered with blown-up photographs; she had taken. She pushed him onto his back and fished his member further from the panties as she lowered her wet sex onto his weeping shaft. Jeffrey felt loved as her hot box engulfed him. She quickly rode him for her pleasure, and they climaxed As one. They fell asleep in one another's arms.











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