Ok, it's the big final. All three of us are on stage, separated, and lights on each of us. The magician is first to have his name called. That's bad, he is toast. Sure enough, he is eliminated, now there are just two. We are brought together under one light at the front of the stage.

My legs are shaking, I put my arm on the comedian for balance. They call his name. This is the moment that changes my life forever, one way or another. Typically, when they call the name, he is the winner. I have tears in my eyes, I came so close. It was the one judge, it had to be him that did me in.

I hear the fateful words, "Damien McMiller, you have been eliminated. That means that Marco, you have won the million-dollar prize."

And then I died.

Somehow my mother got a handgun into the theatre, and as everyone is cheering, she whips out the gun and takes four shots at me. Two strike me. I fall to the ground with Damien trying to hold me up. I sit on the stage, happy that at least I won, and my sisters will be ok. I can feel a pool of blood under me. I have no tears left; I am dead.

The end.

Author's note: I can almost read the comments now, "You can't kill him! They bring him back, right? It was just a flashback or a dream. The truth is, I like a happy ending, save the unhappy comments for someone else.

I see a bright light. I feel like my body was fried like an insect in one of those electric bug zappers. I hear, "Clear! WE HAVE A PULSE!

It's a week later, and I wake up in the ICU. My eyes are closed, Maria and Maggie each are holding a hand and their talking.

Maria sounds excited, "The doctor said they stopped a medication that kept him in a coma. He could wake up now, hours from now, days from now, or ..." She sighs. "... never."

Maggie won't have any part of that, "Doc said we have to be positive for Marco. No matter how bad the brain damage MAY be, we need to be positive."

Time to have fun, "I don't feel drain bamage." I swapped the first letters.

At first, they are excited, "Marco, your awake! Doctor. He is awake!"

The doctor comes over, "What did he say?"

Maria is a whole lot less enthusiastic, "I don't feel dain bramaged." It's from an old, old Bob Nelson comedy football skit on YouTube.

The doctor laughs. Maggie and Maria look at him like he is on crack.

The doctor tells them, "He reversed the d and the b to be funny. That's an excellent sign, he has a sense of humor."

Maggie is fuming, "I don't quite see the humor right now. I might have to finish the job myself."

I hear a bunch of people running.

When the door opens, the doctor yells, "HALT! Only two at a time. If he crashes, my nurses need room to move. I WILL NOT have you endanger my patient. Maggie and Maria out, two more in, the rest, wait in the waiting room. You will get your turn.

Kim and Bret are next in the room.

Bret is serious, "I need you to sign your check, and you need to give someone power of attorney to pay your bills before they toss you out of here."

Kim takes over, "They fired Cindy for killing your mother. Because it was such a crowded place, taking a shot is against their policy. She is close to losing her house and car. The girl doesn't deserve that. She saved your life by not allowing your mom to shoot you again."

With a frail voice, "Maggie gets Power of Attorney, I will sign, hire Cindy as head of security for me, pay for her house asap. Naptime."

I fall asleep.

Maggie is at my side with two pieces of paper and a pen. I sign both, and a nurse notarizes. Maggie runs out, and Cindy walks in with tears flowing down her face.

I chuckle, "You saved my life, of course, I want you for my security. Can you put up with me?" She smiles. "So, what happened?"

Cindy explains with tears running down her face, "Security cameras only show her using the washrooms. We look at every toilet, all but one has a handgun in a baggie to keep it dry within the toilet tank. She pulled the trigger five times, two hit you. From the side of the stage, I shot twice, and both hit the heart.

"The news media is calling me the marksman of the year since a mother that kills her own child obviously has a tiny heart." This is amusing, but chuckling hurts. "Then the home office recalls me, and immediately I'm fired. Bret flies me back, so you can see me. He knew you would want to. I feel like I am taking advantage of a defenseless young man."

I smile at her, "Lucky me, I have my own security now. What do I need saving from?"

Cindy's eyes go wide, "Oh wow, you have a huge fan base already. There are thousands outside, singing your songs. That awful judge is hiding in his house and was fired from the show. You are non-stop news. They cover your death, being brought back, the odds of brain damage, your ability to sing, speculation is rampant.

"Maria's phone is non-stop ringing from agents and recording companies. Bret is up for man of the year in the city. He's doing a ton of public speaking. Maggie was crying non-stop until you woke up. She has been contracted to do a pair of albums, but only if it's with you.

"Word got out about the help the Opera provided, and now their sales are through the roof. Every sporting event in the state wants you to sing the National Anthem. Your sales of the duets online skyrocketed. You and Maggie each have $400,000 in royalties so far."

I giggle, laughing hurts too much, "You left something out of my report. ... How are YOU doing?"

Cindy is taken back by that statement.

I continue, "Employment offers, marriage offers, offers to speak to law enforcement groups. How are you coping? Do you need help? Sorry, let me rephrase that, what do you need?"

That did nothing to stop the crying.

Cindy takes a good deep breath and wipes her eyes, "The marriage offers, I've been getting those for years. I prefer women. You addressed my financial issues, talking to you has eased my personal issues. I did get offers, but not ones I wanted. You gave me the one I really wanted. As to what I want, well, it's what everyone wants, to fuck you."

Oh, laughing hurt for that one.

Cindy continues, "Companies are contacting Maria about agents and recording deals. It sounds like a lot of money. They have started looking for a house. Would you believe Bret knows people? How much do you want to be involved?"

I shock Cindy, "None. I want an agent and a recording deal for me. For Maggie and me, I want singing coaches and an arranger. I prefer the LA Opera if possible, offering them billing on the songs and a slice of the pie. Kim, Bret, Maggie, Anna, Maria, and YOU are my board of directors. You find and decorate a home, make the deals, hire more security, a chef, a trainer, a driver. Make sure everyone else is well paid."

Before Cindy can object, "If my key people are paid well, I'll be happy. That's all I ever wanted in life, to be loved, and to be happy. You all work out the rest. I'm going back to sleep."

Chapter 13 -- Coming Home

It's been two months in the hospital. I worked hard to build up my muscles again so I could walk from the wheelchair to a car. I don't want anyone seeing me being carried. For the last month, I sing every other day to entertain the patients and to work on my voice again. I can't hold my notes as long ... yet.

Everyone is at the hospital to pick me up. They are all especially happy to see me and have smiles that go on forever. They're all up to no good. I have a small press conference where I tell the world how thankful I am for the hospital and the staff. I agree with every word I said. The doctors and nurses were all special people.

There is a large limo outside to pick me up. I own it. It's about a three-hour drive, in bad traffic, to our home. Yes, ours, not mine. Everyone will be under one roof. It's a fantastic home. Two stories of bedrooms, a game room, a pool, a hot tub, music studio, home theatre, a baby's playroom, nursery, and I have only seen part of the house. I am getting tired.

The house has an open modern theme but with beautiful wood furniture that I like. This isn't a stuffy house that's for show. Nope, this is a house for living in and entertaining. I meet the staff, and they're all charming people. My sisters moved in first, just over a month ago. Bret and Kim sold their house and moved in this week. I see a few things of theirs throughout the house.

My record deals gave me a big bonus upfront. I make slightly above standard rates on all sales and the playing of my albums and songs. The same is true for Maggie and me. So, now it's time to have the talk with her. We all sit in the living room, there are four couches here.

I ask Maggie, "We're a company, we record and earn money together. We may do concerts together. The question is, what do you want to do? You have a ton of money at your disposal. Men will be throwing themselves at you, and I love my sisters still. You can stay here, but you certainly don't have to. You can sample the world, travel, the world is your oyster. Regardless of what you decide, you and I will sing duets, and you will continue to make a boatload of money."

Maggie smiles, "You're so cute. You offer me freedom. You offer me money. You offer me an endless supply of men and sex, that's a hell of a life. Yet it pales in comparison to a man that gives his family his life decisions because he trusted us with complete faith. Where do I find guys that offer that? I plan to stay right here, and even though I won't have exclusive access to you, I approve of all the others that will take my time.

"The money - and what it offers me? You're all I need, rich or poor. I plan to use my money to help under-funded grade schools and other things that need help. I have a room, but I plan to spend most nights in your room, snuggled up with the man I love."

Someone yells out, "Dinner is ready."

Everyone jumps up, they want me to go first. We all sit in the formal dining room. The table is enormous, and it looks like it could expand a lot more. Someone was thinking ahead. A tray of carved fruits comes out of the kitchen. I can't help but stare at it. Then the dinner comes out, and it looks terrific as well. Our executive chef used to work on a cruise ship. She got tired of the storms and wants to enjoy a real life.

Two weeks later, things are back to normal. I have a sex rotation with Kim, Maggie, and my sisters. Maggie gets extra attention; I am falling for her hard. Our creative sessions for new songs are amazing. The Opera guys love working with us. They love good students, and we are both improving, which we and our studio love. They have all their writers developing new stuff for both me and us.

For now, I am redoing old songs; it satisfies the masses. They will want more, and that is our project right now. But that isn't what's on my mind right now. No. A few months ago, a request was made. I feel that my stamina is back to acceptable levels that I can perform.

Like most nights, we have an excellent dinner, discuss the songs and how we are progressing. Both Maggie and me make appearances for TV, so we need to keep schedules straight. Anna handles that and travel, but I like everyone to know what's going on. After dinner, we all go out for a swim. My pool has a tent over it so we can skinny dip. I don't want the paparazzi to get pictures in my own back yard.

Cindy is the only one that wears a suit still. Today, I am going to have fun.

I ask Cindy, "You've seen all of us naked and having sex how many times? Yet you still are embarrassed to join us? That hardly seems fair. I know I'm nothing to you, but certainly, there are enough beautiful women here to excite you?"

Cindy blushes, "I don't mix work and pleasure."

I give her my bullshit look, "So yesterday, in the closet with Phyllis, you were cleaning your ... guns? Phyllis is here; you can swim if you want to. Shy? You have seen all of us fuck, you must be curious."

Cindy walks into the pool, and then in a quick move, pulls the strings on her top. She throws her top onto the cement around the pool and swims to the deep end. Everyone is giving her catcalls and wolf whistles. She is, of course, blushing, I go to her rescue. I pull her to me, oh my, her breasts are amazing. Her hands "accidentally" touch my cock a few times.

As I push away, everyone else moves in to take a turn hugging Cindy. Eventually, the blushing stops. Kim is last. She hugs, kisses, gropes, and unknown to Cindy, releases her bottoms, leaving her naked. Nobody looks or says anything. Kim places the bottoms with her top. I am amused, Cindy is cautious as she approaches me. She sets her vagina on my cock. She has no clue she is sliding back and forth on top of my cock, no penetration.

I ask Cindy a serious question, "Do you wish you were still with the FBI?"

She looks at me concerned, then questioningly asks, "No, why?"

I hug her, "I want to make sure you're happy. Soon, I will be able to apply a lot of pressure to help get your old position back. I wanted to make sure what you want first. You didn't have a choice when you left. I didn't like that you lost your job because of me."

Cindy laughs at me, "It was your mother's fault. I knew it was wrong, but I couldn't let her win. I knew I was good enough to not hurt anyone else. There I fought a lot of passive harassment. Here you all have made life quite interesting. I care for your group, like my own family."

She snorts, smiles big, that looks into my eyes, "Besides, no way in hell I slide my bare vagina against my last boss's cock like I am yours. How in the hell did you remove it?"

I giggle, "Have you heard this line? I didn't do it."

Cindy giggles, "I believe you. No way you do that without consent. KIM!"

Kim is sitting on the edge of the pool, "I'm guilty, want to beat me?"

My voice is soft, "Back in the hospital, you said, 'As to what I want, well, it's what everyone wants, to fuck you.' That hurt like hell, but I think there is a ring of truth in there. You have seen but never experienced me. Today, now, is your chance. I could wait until tomorrow, but certainly no longer unless it's a Friday."

Cindy mock hits me, "You are so weird at times."

I reply, "They love you, each one signed off on this if you want it."

Cindy turns around, and everyone is nodding their head. Now she has tears in her eyes. She grabs my hand and pulls me towards the steps leading out of the pool. We are both naked. The house staff has seen glimpses and know what we do, but this is the first time that we are blatantly walking naked through the house.

The chef saw Cindy, and as I walk by, she yells: "You go, girl!" Surprisingly, Cindy isn't rushing this. She is calm and taking her time, savoring the moment.

She looks at me with a sly grin on her face, "I'll get even with Kim. Count on it. I come from a family of practical jokers, and I am the master."

I ask, "You seem rather calm. Did you know I was going to do this?"

Cindy turns at the top of the stairs; my bedroom is at the end of the hallway.

Cindy smiles, "No, I didn't know for sure. However, that hint that I dropped and the pool today, and I know this is the type of thing you could do. No pressure, just asking my opinion. I like that. As you know, I have had just the opposite all my life. I am walking slowly, to see how excited you are, and your walking at my speed, to not pressure me. Fascinating.

"I also heard them talking last night if they should let me into your 'harem.' Nothing against me, the person. Mostly me as in less for all of them. In the end, everyone likes me and decided they wanted to. They made me cry. I have got to tell you, right from the beginning, your whole group has been fantastic to work with. They're open, honest, and fun. Most groups or people ignore us or hit on me. You all made it easy to do my job."

We are at the door to my room, everyone else is walking up the stairs, with Bret at the top.

Cindy looks mad, I have fun, "You saw all of them have sex. Do you think there's any chance they were going to miss this? You like women, there are a lot here, I might make this a hands-on night."

Cindy crosses her legs and blushes.

I climb up on the bed, and Cindy follows. Everyone else is around the bed, including Rose. She is doing much better psych wise and physically as well. I have Cindy lie in the center of the bed, with her head on a single pillow.

I announce, "Tonight is an 'Overload' night. We're going to send Cindy to another dimension. I read about this online, so I don't think I'm an expert or anything, but it sounded like fun, and we have enough people. Everyone; come close and watch me. I am rubbing my hand over her skin in long swaths. I try to never touch her skin, only the hairs above the surface. I will call that 'Magic Hands,' ok?"

No objections.

I might tell you to attack her nipples, ass, or clit. I don't literally mean attack; I mean softly rub. See a pattern here?"

They all nod their heads, yes.

I am soft with my voice, "Gentle, slow, 'Magic Hands.'"

I am between her legs. I reach up the center of her body and wrap my lips around just a nipple. Cindy orgasms. Yikes, we might kill her. I grasp the opposite nipple with my lips, and she again has a small orgasm. Wow.

I tell everyone, "Ok, I want everyone massaging a body part. Bret, I want your world-famous foot massage on her feet."

I use my hands to cup her breasts, and that gets no reaction. I rub my thumb across her nipples, and she shudders. Too sensitive. I move down the bed.

I am almost giggling, "Ok, ladies, wide tongue, soft, gentle strokes, anywhere you can reach. Slow. Gentle. Go."

I will contrast them by aggressively eating her pussy lips. I use some suction, forceful knocking them with my tongue, and a slow, gentle rubbing of her clit. My tongue touches every part of her lips. I run on the inside, the outside, and then down into level two, where it's harder to reach.

Cindy is moaning loud and deep. Her breathing is fantastic up until she orgasms. Now she turns pink. I stop, and everyone else does as well. They must have been watching. Wow, they do care. That makes me swell up with pride in my family and friends.

Now, it's time for the main event. Cindy has a huge smile on her face.

I must ask, "It's been fun so far ..."

Cindy is direct with me, "Cut the crap and fuck me, dammit!"

I tell everyone, "'Magic Hands' again. As she climbs the orgasm ladder, you can go faster. Improvise if you feel the need. Beware those nipples, they're made of plutonium. Big boom. We're going to start out slow."

I glide my cock straight into this wonderful woman. She's had lots of dildoes in her, I went in much easier than I expected.

Cindy screams out, "HOLY FUCK! It's huge! He's splitting me in two, damn. That is so much better. It's warm! It bends perfectly. Oh shit, I am not letting you go. This is awesome. Hot damn!"

I pull out.

Cindy screams, "NO! NO! No, stop that you mother fucker! Put it back!"

I shove him back in.

Cindy screams, "Fuck yeah! Oh my, that is awesome. YES! YES! The veins, I understand now! YES!"

She is so funny. I pick up the speed. I am still slower than most of the women I entertain. I have been given a hard time limit of thirty minutes. They are all watching the clock. They have a signal to notify me. It was something like, "Trust us, you will know the sign."

For the next thirty minutes, I slowly fuck her, and she yells all kinds of babble. We all chuckle at her nonsense. Sure enough, at thirty minutes, I did notice the sign. Everyone, including Bret, cup their breasts, then push them up, let them fall, push them up, and let them fall.

Cindy laughs, "He, ha, ha, haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Let me guess, thirty minutes is up?"

I respond by moving to nearly my fastest rate.

I give orders, "Not too aggressive, but clit, bunghole, tits, earlobe, feet, anything you can touch and excite her, go for it. They all grab a body part and go to town. Cindy can't talk anymore; she is holding on for dear life. She is a mess. Her makeup is running down her face. There is a pool of fluids under her body, and her hair is like a bird's nest. She would scream if she could. Usually, this would be too soon for maximum speed. However, with so much help, I might be late to the party.








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