[Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. All characters in this story are at least eighteen-years of age or older.]

My wife and I are both psychologists who happen to share the same sexual interests. We were curious about consensual incest, and wondered if there was a way to actually induce such behavior. My wife and I had twin daughters, and knew we had a chance to find out.

On their eighteenth birthday, my wife and I let our daughters, Lucinda and Lisette (Lucy and Lisa), hold a sleepover. Traditionally, such a rite of passage was known to involve some sexual experimentation, and my wife and I were curious to see what - if anything - might transpire. So we set up some hidden cameras, left some porn (notably girl/girl porn) in the den, and retired to our room to watch events unfold.

Both of us were highly aroused by the prospect of witnessing at least a partial success in our experiment.

Lucy and Lisa had grown into attractive young women. They shared a graceful, slender build with lovely, softball-sized breasts. Lisa kept her dark hair longer whereas her sister, Lucy, liked it somewhat short. This helped them differentiate themselves from each other, as well as facilitated identifying one over the other for the rest of us. (Yes, my wife and I could tell, but had been tricked a few times by our twins pretending to be the other over the years.)

The four girls did what most eighteen-year old teens do at a sleepover: They watched movies and ate junk food; did each other's hair and nails; and talked. We began to fear that this was all that was going to happen with some disappointment, to the point where my wife was tempted to go out and encourage the girls in some light exploration but felt that this would invalidate the night's experiment. My wife and I were encouraged when Lisa, completely unselfconsciously, popped in the girl/girl DVD and cuddled up with her sister and friends.

Their friends were a bit shocked, and were initially resistant to the idea of watching porn. But our girls told them it was totally alright, that my wife and I watched them all the time, and their friends, Candace and Bethany, agreed to watch. Candace, or Candy, was a particularly cute young woman of medium height, with large breasts and curvaceous figure. Bethany was also attractive. Tall, slender, with small breasts but fantastic legs and ass, my wife especially found Bethany sexually attractive. My wife and I wondered if our daughters had chosen these particular friends to sleep over because they knew, on some level, that these friends could be trusted, and might even be interested in exploring some bisexual or lesbian feelings.

To our delight, it wasn't long before the tell-tale signs of interest and arousal were evident in all four of the girls: eyes stared, blinking less often and going almost half-closed; breathing quickened and shallowed; and they swallowed or licked their lips more frequently. The girls all shared a huge throw, and we could see that Lisa had begun to surreptitiously caress her collar, then sneak her hand to her breasts to lightly brush them without being seen. Lucy, on the other hand, watched the movie with hardly a glance at either her friend, Candy, who sat next to her, or her sister or Bethany. Her hands remained hidden below the cover, though suspiciously in her lap.

The girls were breathless for about five minutes, roughly the length of one scene, before they resumed breathing and shifted, trying to cover any arousal they may be experiencing. My wife and I were incredibly encouraged and turned on by this early promise of arousal in all four of the girls and masturbated each other as we continued to witness the proceedings.

The girls laughed nervously and began to ask whether or not any of them "had ever...". Only Candy had any sexual experience previously, and while it was still new to her, admitted that it had only been kissing and petting.

This lead, naturally, to her being asked if she liked kissing another girl, to which Candy replied, shyly, in the affirmative. That broke the ice, and Candy asked if any of the others was "interested in trying it?"

Our girls and Bethany all admitted to a curiosity, and moved together. Lucy sat on one end, next to Candy, and then Beth, and Lisa at the other end. Lucy leaned in and tried an experimental kiss with Candy while the other two watched. My wife and I saw Lisa grow breathless and still while her sister kissed their friend, and showed (to us) obvious signs of increased arousal. She covered it by glancing away and catching her breath once Lucy and Candy broke their kiss, and Candy - who was enjoying being the focus of attention - turned to her left and drew Bethany in for a kiss. It was Lucy's turn to watch and stare and grow shy and aroused before she, too, looked away to cover it. Lisa had to lean across Bethany to share a kiss with Candy before backing away and taking it in. All of them sat a moment before Candy asked if Lucy and Lisa had ever "kissed like that" before.

Our girls grew unusually shy and shook their heads, which was, of course, of great interest to my wife and I. Candy, almost teasingly, suggested that our girls "try it." My wife and I watched, enrapt, as - after a moment's hesitation - Lucy and Lisa leaned across their two friends and shared a tentative, but non-sisterly, kiss.

Non-scientifically and non-clinically, I have to say that there was an electrical, sexual charge that was almost palpable as our daughters broke their kiss. My wife could see the impact that kiss had on my state of arousal, and stroked me slowly and admitted that she was incredibly excited to see what would happen next. I touched her pussy to find her incredibly hot, and sopping wet!

Our daughters broke and retreated to their respective ends of the sofa, pulling the cover up over them all as all four watched yet another scene. My wife and I had left this particular DVD out as it contained many types of girl/girl sex, including oral, fingering, sixty-nining, and scissoring. We felt it would be both instructive as well as suggestive, and we were proved to be correct.

It didn't take long before it became evident that at least two of the girls - Lucy and Candy - were touching themselves beneath the throw. It must have been even more obvious to the girls themselves as they would see and hear the movements of the others. Lucy appeared to have a small climax as she closed her eyes and went taut and still, and held her breath as she shuddered. Candy, seeing or feeling her friend climax next to her, followed suit, Lucy's orgasm apparently making it acceptable for her to act on her own arousal and fulfillment. Bethany was clearly uncertain, and Lisa was seeming to be resistant to acting as openly as her sister to any arousal she may have been feeling. My wife and I found it all fascinating, as well as incredibly arousing!

A break was in order, and the girls - apparently having fulfilled their needs in the moment - decided to have a bathroom break as well as replenish their food and drink, and relaxed into more talking and gossiping. My wife and I relaxed, giving each other another orgasm, before settling down to watch more idly until such time as anything more occurred. I confess that the small talk and gossip was not very interesting to me, though my wife still found it a fascinating means of bonding, and forming and maintaining social connections.

But it wasn't long before the sexual interests of our four subjects came to the fore once again, and they returned to the video and settled even more deeply beneath the cover. This time, however, all four of them surreptitiously masturbated beneath the throw cover. Well, as surreptitiously as was possible for four eighteen-year old girls sitting next to each other on a sofa. Meaning: they all were turned on enough that they didn't care that the others knew. They simply weren't ready or willing to do so openly where their masturbation could be seen. Which was a bit frustrating, honestly, as my wife and I longed to witness any or all of them naked and sexual.

This time, the girls didn't break their interest or cover for it. They stayed where they were and continued to watch the video until they were ready to masturbate again, which didn't take long. My wife and I timed how quickly they resumed, and how each subsequent masturbation session followed more quickly than the last. The girls were building into a near frenzy of self-satisfying sexual gratification.

Lisa was the first to remove her sleep top and toss it aside, staying covered by the throw but obviously topless beneath it, and clearly masturbating. Candy was next, followed by Lucy, and then at last by Bethany, who also tossed out her panties. This made the other three remove theirs and toss them on the floor where the others could see, so they knew they were all naked next to each other as they masturbated together.

More climaxes and small rests in between. And then another breakthrough: Bethany turned to Lisa and kissed her, sexually and hungrily. To which our daughter responded in kind, turning and embracing her friend, thrusting her tongue into Bethany's mouth.

This sparked Candy into turning to Lucy, and the two of them started to make out. The throw slipped off of them and my wife and I got to see their naked tops as the girls kissed and groped each other. Lucy pushed down the cover, kicking it off of her, as she and Candy embraced and touched each other more sexually. Candy slid her hand down to Lucy's pussy and touched our daughter. Lisa pushed Bethany back and kissed her way down her friend's body until she paused at Bethany's pussy. Lisa hesitated only a moment before she dove in, eyes closed, but with the most sensual expression on her face as she lapped at her friend's pussy.

My wife and I were totally absorbed in watching. She got on all fours and I took her from behind so that we could both watch this orgy unfold.

Candy took inspiration and encouragement from Lisa's going down on Bethany, and went down on Lucy. Lucy, however, nudged Candy into a sixty-nine, which was also followed by Bethany and Lisa, so there were two sets of teenage girls eating each other out in a sixty-nine for my wife and I to enjoy!

The girls came; Candy, then Lucy, followed by Lisa and Bethany - though Bethany seemed to have several orgasms in a row, followed by one big one.

The girls weren't done, however. Bethany and Candy embraced and began to kiss and make out, leaving our twin daughters to either simply watch or pair off together. This was a moment of truth! Would our twins, encouraged by their friends' actions, as well as my wife's and my support in their sexual experimentation, have sex with each other? I was holding back from climaxing in my wife's sopping wet pussy as we watched in hopeful suspense.

Lisa broke the tension first, crawling over toward her sister. Lucy moved to meet her, and the two embraced and shared a very long, sensual kiss, while their hands caressed each other's bodies.

At long last! I mused as my wife and I witnessed the fulfillment of our years of preparation.

Lisa and Lucy kissed and caressed a very long time, seeming to resist any impulse to cross that line any further. Until Lucy leaned down and kissed her twin sister's breasts, and licked Lisa's nipples.

Lisa sighed and closed her eyes, savoring the sensation her sister was giving her.

And then Lucy gently pushed Lisa back and kissed and licked her way down her sister's body.

I came as Lucy went down on Lisa, and Lisa came shortly thereafter.

Lisa then swapped places with Lucy, and lapped her sister into climax.

Candy and Bethany had cum a couple of times together, and watched our twins with blissful awe, caressing each other idly as they watched.

My wife came as Lucy had her third orgasm from her sister's tongue.

Lucy sat up and kissed Lisa warmly, and they saw their friends watching and became awkward and shy, covering it with giggles and laughter. All four girls came together and embraced and caressed, and I thought it was all over. A success! But I was mistaken.

Lisa, who seemed the "leader" of this little menage, made some gestures and all the girls lay down into a daisy chain. Lisa went down on Candy, who went down on Bethany, who went down on Lucy, who completed the chain by going down on her sister. It was a stunning and awe inspiring circle of beautiful, sensual teenage girls - all the more so by the consensual incest so clearly being enjoyed by our twins.

My wife and I made love hungrily and passionately. This was a huge success! We had proven to ourselves that it was possible to create the environment for a loving, consensual, incestuous relationship to occur.

As we lay together basking, cuddling in each other's arms and watching as the four girls continued to kiss and caress and lick and suck and finger each other all night long, my wife said: "I wonder... Would they be willing to have sex with us, their parents? Or is it just something between the two of them? How do they experience making love to their twin? Is it like masturbating because they're basically you?"

I kissed her and shushed her. "I guess we'll just have to run an experiment and see...". She smiled and returned my kiss.




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