Crystal visits the Tri-Alphas with bells on and the virus affects Lindsey.


Chapter 4

Crystal stood at the door of the Tri-Alpha house, dressed only in a coat that barely covered her ass. Underneath she wore a pair of pink booty shorts and bell shaped pasties on her tits. She had a feeling she wasn't going to need much that night.

She rang the doorbell and a strapping man in a Tri-Alpha t-shirt.

"I'm here for the party," she said, pulling open her coat, "I said I'd come with bells on."

"Uh, who are you?"

"Holy shit, she really came."

"I hope to cum several times tonight," she said, walking into the house and dropping her coat to the floor. "Now what are you boys going to do to help me out."

The guy from her class, Jeff, walked over to her and she started to kiss him. The guy from the door, Mike, stepped behind her, kissing the back of her neck and rubbing her ass. Crystal rubbed both their cocks as they kissed and rubbed her. The other boys were watching, cheering them on. When Mike and Jeff were hard enough, Crystal dropped to her knees.

"I need cocks," she said.

Jeff dropped his shorts and Crystal took it all in her mouth. She took Mike's in her hand, stroking it as he stepped out of his jeans. She slurped off Jeff's cock and moved to Mike's cock, alternating from cock to cock. She stopped looking at the other boys watching.

"What are you waiting for? I need cocks."

The boys lined up and jostled for position as Crystal spent time sucking each cock like the pro she had become. She was practically drunk on cock. She felt hands reaching down and squeezing her tits and hands on her ass. The grabbed her and held her head down. She gagged on a few and that got laughs. She didn't care, she just wanted cock. The first guy, Shane, came and she swallowed all the cum she could. She couldn't get enough, proudly showing it off before she swallowed it. She moved up and down the line, swallowing as much cum as she could. As she swallowed the last bit of cum she noticed one boy still in a chair. She crawled to him, rubbing his inner thighs.

"Don't you want this pretty little mouth around your cock?" she purred.

"I-I-I...I have a girlfriend."

"She can share with me, can't she?" Crystal said, pulling down the boy's shorts. She put his balls in his mouth and stuck her ass up in the air. "I don't suppose anyone's ready for some pussy."

One of the guys dropped to his knees and started eating her out from behind. Guys were grabbing her tits and slapping her ass. A second guy took over for the first as the gently stroked the boy's, Charlie, cock, bringing it to life. She rubbed it across her face then kissed the bottom up and down. He groaned as she took the whole head in her mouth, sucking on it like a lollipop. She then swallowed it whole. It wasn't a big cock, but she didn't care. She bobbed up and down a few times then took it in her hands.

"Does your girlfriend do this Charlie?" she asked as she licked and sucked it. His head lolled back, but Crystal was too busy sucking on his cock. She stopped and said, "Charlie, does your girlfriend ride you?"

She straddled over him and lowered her pussy on top of his cock.

"Oooooh," he said as she slowly moved up and down. Crystal loved being on top.

"I wanna fuck that ass," a voice said and then she felt something pushing at her asshole.

"That's it fu-"

Before she could finish, someone shoved a cock in her mouth.

"I'm Ollie you little slut."

Crystal came right there, they were fucking her airtight. She felt Charlie's hips buck and felt the cum inside of her. The guy fucking her ass blasted cum into her ass. Ollie blew his load into her mouth. One of the guys, a huge, muscular black guy named Roosevelt picked her up and threw her on the couch then impaled her on his enormous cock, she screamed with pleasure and pain as he fucked her. Another guy practically sat on her chest and started fucking her mouth. He blasted a load into her mouth. She looked up at Roosevelt.

"Fuck my ass," she said and he obliged, flipping her over. She begged, "Please put it in my ass."

Roosevelt slid his cock into her ass and Crystal screamed.

"YES! Oh, God, yes!"

She felt his giant cock tearing her ass apart with each pump. Another guy shoved a cock in her mouth and started pumping. She moaned with delight when Roosevelt delivered a giant load all over her back. The guy she was sucking did the same to her face. She dropped to her knees and they circled around her. She jerked them off, taking their loads to her face and her tits. She squealed with delight despite her aching ass and pussy.

Covered in cum and practically blind Charlie handed her a towel.

"Least we can do is let her use the shower," he said.

"That's okay boys, I don't care who knows I'm a cumslut," she said as she wiped out her eyes and pulled her coat back on. "Rosie, come see again soon."

"You know I will," he said back.

Later that night Charlie would fuck his girlfriend like he never had before and infect her as well. She would later fuck her Poetry professor, as she had been all semester, who would then go home and infect his wife. The Tri-Alpha boys are a whole other story.

Meanwhile, Lindsey isn't paying attention in class. She's staring at everyone, imagining what the football player's cock would look like and what it would be like to eat the ass out of the Asian girl sitting in front of her in ECON. She was so wrapped up in her thoughts she missed the lecture. She had to go to Professor Allen's office and talk to her. She packed up her back and gasped when she saw that she'd brought the strap on with her.

She'd never noticed that Professor Allen was really cute. Her greenish-gray eyes looked up when Lindsey came into the office. Her dirty blonde hair hung down to her shoulders. She'd taken her jacket off and wore a sleeveless green shirt. Her legs, long and shapely, were crossed.

Lindsey smiled and said, "Can I have a word Professor Allen."

"Lindsey, I've told you, call me Becky," she said. "Take a seat."

Her short skirt moved up, flashing dark green underwear under panty hose. Lindsey was soaking wet. She had a thing for older women. What was wrong with me?

"Prof-Becky, I, uh," she couldn't remember what she wanted to say. Becky leaned forward and whiffed in. She blinked. Lindsey stood, closed the door to the office and pushed Becky back in her chair. She gasped.

"Lindsey, what are you doing?"

"I'm going to fuck you stupid professor." "Wh-" Lindsey planted her lips on Becky's. She resisted, but Lindsey pushed her back, straddling her, her tongue parting Becky's lips.

"So much better," Linsey said. "I've been waiting two years to do that."

Lindsey kissed her again. This time Becky couldn't stop. She'd never been with a woman and Lindsey was a very attractive young lady. When she pulled up the bottom of her shirt, Becky gasped. It was rough, with intent.

"Lindsey," Becky said. Lindsey yanked her back by her hair and kissed her.

"I am going to fuck you."


"Say it,"

"Lindsey." Lindsey kissed her mouth again, then her neck. Becky gasped. Lindsey ripped open the older woman's shirt and manhanled her perky breasts. She fell to her knees and reached up her skirt, ripping a hole in the panty hose, She shoved Becky's legs apart while pulling aside the silky green panties and started to tongue fuck her favortie professor.

"Uhhhn," Becky moaned. Her husband didn't do this anymore, she ran her fingers through the girl's hair. She stopped, ripping the skirt.

"Say it," Lindsey said as she rubbed Becky's clit.

"Oh fuck."

"Say it."

"You are going to fuck me." Lindsey shoved everything off the professors desk. She picked her up, Lindsey was shocked at how little she was. They made out the whole time, kissing and rubbing. Becky touched Lindsey only hesitantly. Lindsey grabbed her hands and roughly made Becky squeeze her breasts.

"What am I going to do?"

"Fuck me." Lindsey reached into her back and pulled out the strap on dildo.

"What the..." Lindsey was adept and it took no time before she pushed the dildo into her professor's pussy. Becky squealed and bucked as the co-ed fucked her. This was nothing like her husband. She pushed what ever else was on the desk aside.

"Fuck me Lindsey," she said. "Fuck me."

The professor came multiple times. Lindsey pulled out and walked around to where Becky head hung over the back of her desk. Lindsey forced her on her stomach. She started skull fucking her professor as she played with her ass. The professor gasped.

"Mmmpf! Guh! Guh!"

When Lindsey felt she was done, she left the professor in a heap on her desk. That night Becky would fuck her 19 year-old step-son Josh then her husband when he came home. Josh would fuck get a blowjob from his girlfriend that night and fuck his friend Janice. The next day, in a fit of passion, Becky's husband would fuck his mistress. It was all happening so fast. & Topic_ID=2901

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