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Ashley's P.O.V.

Phew, I was so terrified, I mean I like Sean but him spanking me as a friend was awkward, moreover I have special feelings for him, I don't want to do stuff and not mean it. Well, this doesn't defy the fact that I actually loved it, I never thought he'd be so good at being rough, maybe he can be my master one day. Speaking of master, I should check my phone for Matt's messages.

[Matt: We need to talk.]

[Matt: Meet me at 1, my place.]

[Matt: Don't be late.]

Oh no, I only have 20 mins, I walk over to Sean who is busy making me breakfast, "Hey, I need to leave, my mom called, it's an emergency!"

Sean raises an eyebrow, "What kind of emergency?"

"Sean, I will explain later, Can you give me some sweats or anything to wear, a see through shirt would be the death of me."

He chuckles and brings me a hoodie and a pair of sweats, "Here, you can wear this but not gonna lie, you look cute in my shirt." He glances at the white shirt which barely covered my thighs and smirks, "Do you want a ride?"

Wait did he just call me cute? Ughhh here we go with the butterflies again. "No, I will take a cab and thanks for the clothes." I run to his room and change my clothes, I can't afford to be late.

Sean's P.O.V.

I smell cap. She looks anxious or maybe I shouldn't have commented about the shirt. What's wrong with her??

"Hey, I am leaving, see you tomorrow." She picks her broken shoes and weirdly walks out with her wallet. Where is she going in such haste? Should I ask Matty? I guess I should talk to him about Ashley's training, he kind of went the extra mile last night, I don't like it, it was too much pain and she doesn't deserve any of it...unless I am the one inflicting it. Hmph.


I am in the cab and stuck in traffic since past ten minutes...Matt's gonna kill me. I am so petrified, I am going to be late and I don't even remember what happened last night...I remember using my safe word but... oh shit!! He asked me to stay away from Sean...sometimes I don't like Matt interfering with my personal life, I gave him the right to control me and punish if I fuck up but I don't know why he is so obsessed with Sean ...and most importantly, Matt is just there to train me, no feelings involved except power exchange, he has never kissed me or had sex.

(Time: 1:15 P.M.)

The cab stops, I pay the fare and stand outside Matt's door. I breath in and ring the bell. Matt opens the door and gazes at my outfit top to bottom and smiles, "Come inside, Ash."

I walk in as he locks the door behind him, "I am sorry about..." he cuts me mid-sentence with a stern look in his eyes and a deep voice, "You are fifteen minutes late, against the rules, ain't it, sweetie?"

I gulp in fear and look down.

He says in a serious tone that send shivers down my spine, "Talk to me, where were you? And whose hoodie is that?"

Matt's P.O.V.

This is not acceptable, she is late and she lied to me yesterday.

She murmurs, "Matt..." and I slap her across the face, she falls down and hits the floor.


She looks up at me with tears in her eyes and weakly says, "Master, I am was traffic...this hoodie is...Sean's, I am sorry about last nig-"

I pull her up by her hair and slam her against the wall and grab her jaw. I look into her hazel green eyes, she's mine, all mine. I don't care about Sean, that bastard learned this master shit from me and now wants my favorite slave, Not on earth! She is the prettiest girl I have ever had, I have always taken it slow, didn't even fuck this bitch yet, still she keeps on going after him and now she is going to pay for it.

I calmly whisper with a tighter grip on her jaw, "What did I tell you about Sean?"

"To stay...away from...him...but we are...we are like...friends...he is...sort of...important to me..."

Important? She has my blood boiling at this point. I move my hand from her jaw to the neck of hoodie and rip it off into pieces like a wild animal. She stands there with her eyes shut.

"IMPORTANT?? I WILL TEACH YOU THE IMPORTANCE OF DISCIPLINE NOW!" I scream at her and punch her in the guts, dragging her all the way to my bedroom by her hair.

Suddenly, she pushes me off and wraps her arms around herself and her voice begins to break, "Stop Matt, You are hurting me...I know I shouldn't have lied to you but you have no say in who I make friends with, I met you last month...but he has always been a friend...and what you did last night was-"

"A PUNISHMENT, YET TO BE CONTINUED." I have always had anger issues but this girl has triggered something even worse. I grabbed her by the wrists and pinned them above her head against a wall. I can see the fear in her eyes and I love it.

"Master, please calm are hurting my wrists...I need to talk to you...please.." she pleads.

I tighten my grip around her wrists, I bet it must leave bruises, I take a rope out of my pocket using my other hand swiftly tie her wrists with it and hang them to the swivel hook hanging down from the ceiling. I slide down her pants leaving it around her ankles. There she stands helpless, vulnerable and waiting for me to hurt her.

"Master please...I am sorry...but can we please talk first?"

Ignoring her pleads, I unbuckle my belt as her eyes widen in anticipation. Yes, I will fuck her today but not so soon.

Ashley's P.O.V.

What is he doing? Oh god please stop, I need to talk with him first, we need to set some boundaries, he is overdoing it.


"Owwwww my belly... stoppp", I can't believe he just hit me with his belt, it hurts like hell.



The next three land on my tits...the pain is intense and before I can scream,


Right on my thigh, I shriek, "ahhh...please I beg you."

Suddenly he slides his fingers inside my panties, "Oh how disappointing, I thought this excited you...or maybe I am not being rough."

Rough? The man is putting all his strength in each stroke, I feel pain and keeps on getting intense...

SNAPPPP! Right on my pussy

"nooooooooo" I scream in intolerable pain, this is the first time he is using belt on me and it stings...I can't take another blow...I just can't.



(right on my belly)

"RED! RED! RED!"I start crying and screaming. I see blood and it freaks me out more and I can't stop crying.

"AWW does it hurt that much? I like marking what's mine!" he whispers in my ears and starts untying my wrists.

"I am not yours!! You abuse me in the name of-" he chokes me and slams my head hard against the wall, for a second, my head gets lighter, until-


"pleaseee" he hits me on the exact spot with blood, and that I swear took everything, my screams my tear was so intense.


"owwwwwwww stopppppppppp redddddd" he hits me right there again, I hear the blood splashing, he used the buckle side of belt this time. Why isn't he stopping, I just used my safe word??

"Fuck RED, You don't deserve to use it today!" he PUNCHES me right in the sensitive spot on my belly with all that blood oozing out.

I realize my bound wrists were no longer attached to the hook, I try to run away but the pants stuck in my ankles make me collapse on the floor.

"Can't even walk properly? We have just started slut, I am yet to rearrange your guts." He stomps towards me.

This can't be happening, no,no,no, I need help.

I start crying and begging, "Matt, I am in pain please stop everything, please this is too much! And safe words are..." he kicks my knee as I groan in pain and laughs like a devil, he truly is a sadist.

Abruptly, someone rings the bell. This is it!! MY ONLY CHANCE TO ESCAPE.

"Stay here and don't make a noise and I don't need to tell you otherwise" he barks and goes outside to answer the door leaving me alone in the room, trembling in intense pain.

With everything left in me I start to crawl, dragging my body outside to seek help, I try to stand with the help of a wall but my knee hurts so much, my entire body aches.

Sean's P.O.V.

I tried calling Matty but he wasn't answering, so I am outside his door. I need to talk to him about the what happened at party.

Matt opens the door and smiles, "What brings you here?"

He is really weird to initiate a conversation right on the door step, could have asked me to get in, idiot!

"It's about Ashley. Can I come inside?"

He walks me to the living area and looks kind of tensed "Wha-what about her?"

I suddenly see her wallet on his table and realize she is already here and I probably intervened their session... "Hey, umm Let's talk tomorrow. I think I should leave."

Matt nods and I turn around to leave until I hear, "Hel-help me, please... help me." It was her, I look around and...

There she stands, with blood all over her body, her face red, eyes swollen with tears, my heart stops beating for a second. I can see the pain in her gaze, she is trembling, walking towards me.

"Sean, you should leave, we are in the middle of a session." Matt grabs her arm.

"Hel-help mee..." she sobs, my heart aches at her plight. I push Matt away from her,

"Are you okay Ash?"

She walks towards me and suddenly passes out in my arms, I look at Matt with the ultimate disgust, "I am going to kill you!" I carry her to my car and drive her to my place.любимая-музыка-из-игр/?page=82 & t=21097


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