TWA Induction: Last Miles and Campus Acclimation

Krystal checked her makeup in the outside passenger door mirror. Still perfect. Rising from her own face reflection, she stood next to the stretch limousine parked under the loading dock canopy behind the elegant River Walk hotel in San Antonio.

She looked every bit the liveried chauffeur in her black skirted uniform, her tits on pushed-up display by the button clinched blazer. Her long blonde hair bun was pinned professionally tight to her head beneath the short-brimmed driver's cap.

On-time earlier, she had waited to guide the several Escorting Coach Tutors into the rear cabin. Greeting each virile man with a chaste cheek buzz, she had succumbed to their ass pats and clutches, grinning professionally at their presumptuousness, and pressing each in turn towards the open door. Thus the check of makeup and d├ęcor.

Now it would be the subsequent reception upon the appearance of the second contingent of her special manifest of riders. She heard the acting TWA Housemother for this juncture in the journey herding her covey of young TWA candidates through the passageway that led to the rear entrance.

"Come along, ladies. Don't keep your men waiting. That's just not the polite or proper way for a Total Woman Academy candidate to act. You must learn to be punctual."

The clicking footsteps of high heeled feet quickened its pace and the future coeds bustled into the open area. They were still dressed as they had been for the private breakfast just finished: high heels, skimpy thongs, cleavage boosting bras.

They had gathered there with their assigned coach tutors, who had spent the past few days getting to know them intimately as they transported them from their former homes to this interim assembly point. The jovial aspirants milled in a cluster, continuing the bantered gossip with their heretofore unacquainted travel mates.

Krystal took control. She touched her cap and reached out for the nearest girl's small satchel of personal items. She read the name tag, 'Abby', and set the case aside while motioning the lithe blonde to enter the open rear door of the limo. Abby ducked inside, ass bobbing, as she bustled aboard.

The next one was 'Brenda'. The brunette surrendered her handbag and followed the blonde into the town car. And then 'Cate', the redhead and 'Danni', and the dark twins, 'Elisha' and 'Evelyn'. Buxom 'Francine' followed last and as her heels cleared the portal, Krystal closed the door.

Last bit of business to do, she gained the housemother's assertion that the troupe was complete and placed the seven small cases in the truck. A quick safety walk around the vehicle ended when she entered the driver seat.

She observed the males and females distributed in clusters in the back seats, already chatting closely. A flip of the switch and the smoky privacy panel lifted to block her view of the passenger space. They would appreciate the seclusion during the five-hour drive to the South Padre Island TWA campus and she had safe driving duties to perform without frolicking distractions.

The couples and trios were quietly conversing in getting-to-know-you schmoosing. The friendly nature turned more intimate with a little cuddling and kissing as the ride progressed down I-37. Clothes were slowly jettisoned and gathered in a pile in the central footwell.

Abby and Cate had bookended Diego on the rear-facing front bench, while Francine, Brenda, and Danni sat with Raul on the side bench. Big black Karl was splayed across the backbench, a familiar twin under each arm. The black twins were taking turns stroking their hands up and down ebony beefcake Karl's huge erection. Evelyn casually leaned over and swallowed his rod, bobbing her head leisurely on his shaft.

He stared through squinted eyes across the compartment where blonde Abby and redhead Cate were staring back, mesmerized by the exhilarating but intimidating manhood being worshipped.

Karl pondered which lithe white girl he fancied better. He had sampled many in his role as a staff coach tutor. This current assignment was scheduled such that he would arrive in south Texas for his annual seminar in dungeon and bondage scenarios. It was only one of the many weeks he spent around the world imparting his specialty to interested coeds and alumni.

A natural redhead was unusual to happen upon and that settled his decision. He hadn't pounded red-haired pussy in a long time. He whispered to Elisha who nodded and leaned over to whisper in her fellating sister's ear.

Evelyn rose off the mouthful, slurping on the knob in a lingering caress of the alpha male man meat. She took her sister's hand and crawled over to Cate.

Abby moved aside as the naked ebony twins eased in to bracket Cate. They cuddled close to the apprehensive white girl, their hands tentatively smoothing along the redhead's limp arms as they complimented her complexion. Cate remained unmistakably tense.

Lightly gripping her biceps, their other hands traced over her abdomen, lingering with light fingertip brushes. Elisha traveled north to finger her pert pink nipples as Evelyn descended south and brushed the outer edges of Cate's labia.

Cate's felt the bold erogenous touches. She had yet to engage in sisterly caresses during her life so far but she wanted to fit in. She warily willed herself to accept the changes she was experiencing throughout this trek towards a better life and forced herself to relax.

It was surely different from her mother's admonitions but it did feel good. She let the sensations flow. Her eyes squinted and she languidly sagged further in the black leather bench, unconsciously spreading her loins to give Evelyn freer access to her pussy.

Elisha leaned in and nuzzled the red hair covered ear, whispering, encouraging the corralled little white girl to peek across at the raging black cock.

"Have you ever seen a cock that big?"

Cate gently shook her head 'No'. Evelyn continued the sexy discourse.

"It's wonderful. A fullness like you've never experienced."

Cate's mind flashed a disquieting image of Karl's meaty thickness lodged deep in her cunt. She gave a twitch of resistance but the twins were committed to their task.

"Come, he wants you now. Let's give it a try."

They took her firmly by the arms and conducted her to the seated black man across the cabin space.

Karl had continued a languid stroke during the twin's brief absence. His cock remaining big, black, and solid as he watched the timorous co-ed's approach. Cate was spellbound by the erection she was being towed towards.

Karl watched her stoic face. Cate continued to look only at the macho meat portended to pierce her pussy. She arrived at the man's knees. The twins pulled her up to half stand in the low roofed space. She craned her neck down to watch as the sisters maneuvered her body to straddle his lap.

They posed her over the pillar and pressed her down until the tip touched her nervous moistened lower lips. She jerked, tried to raise higher at the poke but the sisters held her in place. A gentle cooing from her handlers accompanied the insistent pressing down. In the background, she heard other noises, stifled gasps from the other females watching the penetration.

Cate bit her lip in angst and her eyes watered as the plump knob stretched her cunt lips wide, beyond even her prior imagination, but she felt only pressure, not pain. The intruder intruded more and she glanced at Karl's face. He saw her passing anguish and was emboldened by her teary-eyed expression.

Whether it was fear or pain didn't concern him. He had seen it so often before during the escalating stages of his seminars. Ecstatic pleasures would overcome her initial emotional ache as she experienced the occasional distending.

Her hands darted to catch his shoulders, bracing her partially penetrated squatting stance, trying to preserve a modicum of control. She just as quickly realized it was probably futile; alpha male Karl would never surrender his masculine domination tendencies.

The sisters help her raise and lower on his shaft, deeper and deeper until his tip pressed hard on her cervix. She cooperated more willing now, aiding the slow strokes. The discomforting fullness was giving way to a bearable rubbing inside. She felt a budding prickle where female fingers strummed her clitoris.

Karl was a gentleman, not overexerting the girl's first time on a cock of his size. He just let it go with the flow and let the scene play out naturally. He didn't hold out long and tranquilly loosened his cum load into the redhead's tight little core. She collapsed against his chest when she felt the warm flow of semen flood her womb. He hugged her loosely as he shrank inside her cunt.

Cate felt a curious satisfaction at having survived the novel ordeal. She sensed it was the first of many similar future events. She would be overstuffed and used many more times. She hadn't achieved her orgasm; maybe next time. The novelty and fear would allow her to be less tense.

Karl released her and she slithered off his tumescent prick. His voluminous essence driveled onto a convenient towel strategically placed by the twins.

She wearily crawled back to her seat next to Diego, who placed a comforting arm around her shoulders. She leaned against his side and he kissed her forehead, dotingly patting her shoulder. Abby's face was meanwhile busy in his lap, lapping and suckling the Latino's erection.

"Well done, little one. Rest."

He looked at Abby's bobbing head and then back at Cate.

"Because I also have plans for you."

A general orgy followed car mates sharing and swapping during the remaining hours. Cate swallowed two less sizable doses of anonymous male ejaculate. At the end of four hours, everyone had enjoyed the sex-filled journey and the stretch limo turned into the long gated drive at the TWA South Padre campus.


The girls alighted while the men remained in the car. It pulled away leaving the line of naked coed candidates watching a group of smiling residents guided towards them by a middle-aged housemother. The arriving TWA candidates were introduced to their Undergraduate Advisors, a senior level coed sister who would be their orientation guide during their probationary month. The seniors and neophyte undergraduates paired off and toured the new environs.

The grounds and gardens were sculpted and well furnished. A pool with a lounging deck, a hot tub, and hedges shaped to create secluded alcoves covered the near rear of the mansion. Beyond that was the private beach bathed by the Gulf of Mexico and subtropical sunlight.

The grand manor house held gathering and dining rooms on the ground floor; a gymnasium and several fantasy and fetish suites were in the basement. And upstairs were the coed residences, private dorm rooms with individual ensuite baths. The girls were settled into their rooms and shown the baths, cosmetics, and closets with the on-campus required dress code outfits.

The UA's twitted about, gaily dressing their charges sexily in see thru nighties, no panties, and strappy heels. The first night's welcoming ceremonies were soon to begin. The UA's counseled them that the first rule of campus life was to follow any from alpha males they encountered.

"How will we know which are the alpha males?"

"On campus, you will only encounter alpha males."

That seemed to be an easy rule to follow.

The new girls were guided to the ground floor ballroom. A gathering of staff Coach Tutors was waiting, having drawn random selections to a roster, three men for each new inductee during the inaugural weekend: Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday. A mingling ensued, where the casually dressed gentlemen and the skimpily clad ladies engaged in small talk. The short soiree ended when the housemother shooed her newest wards back to their dorm rooms.


Cate was wandering around her room, reexamining the accouterments. A buzzer sounded, preceding the bold unbidden entrance into Cate's new personal residence by a confident aired familiar man. He was barefoot and wore only a loose pair of gym shorts.

Ned stepped familiarly close and spoke with an assertive sneer into her eye locked face.

"Hello, Cate. Remember me? Of course, you do. You showed demur continence towards me at our first meeting. But I pulled rank at the Induction Weekend Coach Tutor roster drawing earlier this evening and claimed your first slot."

Cate stood stoic, recalling the admonitions to be deferential to the on-campus alpha males. And Ned was certainly one of those. Even as her pussy ached from Karl's brusque fucking, it quivered with the memory of her first real lifetime fuck with Ned and her clitoris throbbed a beat.

"You seem to have adjusted to your this new lifestyle. Shall we get on with it?"

Cate figured any negative response was futile; sure to be ignored. She just stared and weakly nodded. Ned assertively cupped and squeezed her left breast through the flimsy nightie and, holding it firmly, leaned in for a soft kiss of re-acquaintance. That became a passionate hug as both hands roamed her curves and softness veiled by the silky fabric, smoothing a round hip, squeezing a pliant ass cheek.

Seeking more intimate caresses, he lifted the thin nightie off her luscious body and hugged her close again. The bare skin boob press renewed his ardor for her now less innocent charms.

She stood steady as he dropped his shorts, exposing his tumescent erection. She looked down and saw it slide between her thighs as he lifted her by the ass and waddled towards the bed. When he laid her back on the mattress, she intuitively parted her thighs.

He mounted up confidently, gently entered, and stroked himself inside her to attain depth. He held her body close and engaged her lips with his own. The passionate kisses and the gentle genital connection led her to a willingness that gave herself freely to this middle-aged man atop her.

She languidly rocked her hips, still a bit sore and weary from the recent limousine fucking. But Ned was an expert at female arousal and managed to grow her ardor. He patiently worked them to the peak and let out a stupendous howl and discharge. Cate wasn't ready yet for her own bliss and was dismayed when Ned ebbed the motions inside her.

He lay sluggish, hugging her warm cooperative form beneath him, as he half-deflated in her spunk loaded cunt. He rolled his lips to her ear, whispering his complements of her natural sexiness.

"Welcome to the Total Woman Academy, Cate. I know you are going to prosper here, mastering the sophisticated TWA skills that will induce you to pleasure the esteemed alpha males of this world when summoned."

He flexed his semi-stiff rod inside her for emphasis. Feeling his cock jump in her core, she clamped her vaginal muscles in reply and hugged him tighter in appreciation of his prophecy. She trusted that mastering those sophisticated TWA skills would teach her how to enjoy orgasms of her own while pleasuring others.

Thus, Cate's weeks of evaluation assessments and the transfer excursion ended her old life and launched her future of elite education and sexual coach tutoring at the Total Woman Academy.;u=11122;u=4691

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