Before getting started, just a little background on us. We are Jan & Michael, not married, but a committed couple in a very long term relationship.

At the time of this story, I (Jan) was in my mid 40's. At 5'9" with shoulder length blonde hair, perky B-cup breasts, and trim figure. Still turn my fair share of heads!

We've written many stories about Jan's adventures/encounters with black men, still have more to tell, but thought we would go back in time to where it all began!

What follows is a single story, but told from two perspectives, the first from Michael, then from mine.

I'll let Michael begin, since it was his encouragement (nudging) that allowed what follows to occur!

From Michael:

While Jan and I have a great sex life, on occasion she indulges my favorite fantasy, watching her having sex with other men. Luckily for me, she enjoys being watched, allows pictures to be taken to record the experiences.

We have visited Hedonism numerous times, meeting many people there, some of them even becoming close friends. Take Rod for instance. We were casually introduced to him on a previous trip but never really got to know him.

All we knew is Rod is a tall, good looking black man, with a muscular body and a considerable "package"!

Lots of ladies love to have pictures taken with him, as a momenta of the trip, something to show their close girlfriends back home. Very likely the source for future masturbatory fantasies. Their husbands are either jealous or like the thought of their wife being ravished by his huge member!

I fall into the latter category!

One day on the beach, Jan pointed him out to me saying, "You know, I think Rod is a handsome man, but I could never handle his huge cock!"

With a laugh I told her, "Maybe not, but I'd sure like to see you try! You know what they say - pussy will stretch a mile before it tears an inch!"

My comment was rewarded with her elbow jabbed in my side! However, her words about him being "handsome" planted a seed in my mind, one that just wouldn't go away!

Jan being somewhat shy, had to be encouraged to join Rod in a picture. I finally convinced her, by saying it was "for my sake!" Eventually she acquiesced, letting me take a picture of them during a beach party.

It was so hot seeing Rod standing next to her, his arm around her waist, and her breast, nipples erect, resting against his side. I'm sure this fact was not lost on either of them!

It was this picture that marked the start of the friendship between the three of us.

Given my cuckold tendency, it was only natural to fantasize them together, perhaps with Jan's lips wrapped around his thick black cock, or both of them naked with Rod between her legs, the contrast of his dark skin against her light complexion making it even hotter! Fucking her deeply, his black cock stretching her ever wider, as it disappeared over and over again into her tight pussy, his huge ball sack slapping against her ass, then finally filling her cunt with his potent seed.

With this in mind, I put forth my best effort to turn this fantasy into reality.

However, Rod's popularity with the ladies complicated my plans.

Unlike other women that directly approach Rod, asking him to come back to their room for sex, Jan is much more reserved, preferring to be pursued, vs pursuing!

Taking pictures with my trusty camera was the easiest way to put them together, hoping that something more would eventually come of it, as they became more comfortable with each other.

For example, on Toga night Rod wore one of his "minimalist" togas, to the delight of all of the ladies. It was basically a sheet wrapped around his cock and balls, then twisted into a single rope tied around his neck!

Jan's friend Karen suggested I take a pic of them with Rod. I jumped at the opportunity.

This time Jan looked more relaxed and comfortable around him, even bold enough to rest a hand on his 6 pack. I was ecstatic! Things were finally looking up, my plan was beginning to come together!

Unfortunately the following day, we saw very little of Rod on the beach. I assumed he was busy satisfying one or more of his female admirers. This left me feeling somewhat cheated, there wasn't an opportunity to move my plans further along.

However, the day wasn't a total loss. The Lingerie Party that evening provided multiple opportunities to place them in more intimate proximity.

The first pictures, taken early in the evening, with Jan in her provocative sexy lingerie, looking a little tentative, again posing with her hand on Rod's muscular stomach, standing closely by his side. I didn't notice it immediately, but when I later reviewed the picture, saw that Rod had wrapped an arm around her waist, pulling Jan close enough to keep his hip in contact with her pubic mound, her breast resting against his chest. I didn't know if it was accidental or by design, but discovering it was very exciting!

A similar picture, taken a few drinks later, had Jan looking much more at ease, her hand again resting on his stomach, his hand behind her out of sight, cupping her ass cheek, pulling her even closer. The smile on her face replacing the slightly uncomfortable look she wore earlier in the evening.

A short time later I took some additional pictures of the two of them. This time her pose was different again, more relaxed, more intimate, as she raised a knee so that her legs were now straddling his, their inner thighs touching, her pussy, covered by only a thin G-string panty, rested comfortably against his outer thigh, just inches away from his cock.

After this picture was taken, Jan turned her attention further towards him, but remained in this same position while they chatted. I later found out Rod rocked his leg, so slightly it wouldn't be detected by anyone other than Jan. He did this while keeping his thigh in constant contact with her pussy lips and clit, again only the thin piece of material separating them from each other.

Jan later told me later that evening, while she enjoyed his pussy teasing motion, she had to back away too soon, fearing if she stayed any longer, her G-string would be soaked enough for everyone to see.

The fact that Jan even told me about getting excited thrilled me! I was beginning to think my fantasy might just come true!

Although nothing further happened that night, I thought it was just a matter of time, and didn't want to push her, and possibly ruin things for the future.

The next day, the resort hired a professional body painter! The man was a true artist, transforming Jan into a "Fire Cat". I took lots of pictures of her, but unfortunately Rod didn't make it into any of them. My favorite was taken in our room, with Jan on the bed, kneeling on all fours in a cat like pose.

In reality, I wanted Rod to be there as well, taking in this view, then ultimately enjoying Jan sexually.

Now that, would have made a great picture!

Unfortunately before we knew it, our vacation week was over. Although we had gotten to know Rod much better, the right situation or opportunity just didn't happen. Just like that, my hopes of getting Jan and Rod together vanished.

My mistake was in not making my intentions clear enough! Rod being a gentleman, sensing a real friendship beginning between the three of us, didn't want to offend either of us by pushing too hard.

After returning from Jamaica, I kept in touch with him, both of us talking openly and honestly about "missed opportunities", hoping the situation would be corrected in the future.

I also told him about our plans to return to Hedonism, on the very same week next year. He explained that same week was already booked for him as well.

Hoping to keep his interest piqued, I sent some pictures of him and Jan, including the beach, toga night, and lingerie parties, as well as my favorite "Fire Cat" picture.

The final picture had some special "editing". Using photo shopping tools, I pasted Rod's naked image behind the Fire Cat, making it appear he was fucking her from behind. Included also was a note saying, "This is what Jan really needed!" In his response, he thanked me for the photos, adding, "I like the way you think, and agree whole heartedly! Let's make this a reality next year!"

Before our next trip to Hedonism, a significant change occurred! Jan got her breasts done, they turned out beautifully. Now she a 36 DD! The transformation made a major change in her attitude and confidence! I couldn't wait to show her off.

Knowing Rod would be at Hedonism at the same time, I kept the news of her transformation secret. I wanted to see the surprised look on his face when he saw the new Jan for the first time.

Finally, almost a year to the day, we returned to the resort. When we got to our room we didn't even bother to unpack, just stripped naked and headed for the beach. It was late afternoon, although there was a beach party going on, it was beginning to wind down.

We had just arrived at the beach when Rod spotted us. Wrapping a towel around his waist he came over to greet us, but had a quizzical look on his face.

Finally recognizing Jan's new "enhancements", he broke out into a big smile saying, "Either my memory is failing, or there has been some major changes since I last saw you!", then, "Wow, Jan you look fantastic, come here beautiful lady and give me a big hug!"

As she walked towards him, he opened his towel, wrapping it around both of them, pulling her close as he did so, her new breasts pressed tightly against him! Although I couldn't actually see it, I'm sure his cock was snuggling against her, but couldn't determine if it was just smashed against her stomach, or snuggled up between her legs, resting just under her pussy!

I, of course, was secretly hoping for the latter!

When their special greeting ended and the towel removed, they walked together, hand in hand back towards me. I couldn't help but notice Rod's cock had undergone some transformation in the last few minutes as well. Now he was sporting a semi-erection, the topside of his shaft was glistening with a shiny fluid, which I assume had been placed there, curtesy of Jan's pussy.

My earlier question was now answered!

Speaking to the both of us, "I knew you were arriving sometime this afternoon so I reserved us some lounge chairs and towels, I know how exhausting the first day can be!"

Then added, "You guys just sit and relax, let me be the first to buy you a drink.", then headed off to the bar before I could protest. Already somewhat buzzed from the drinks consumed on the flight, bus ride, then in the hotel lobby while waiting for our room, I didn't really need another.

Soon he returned with a tray holding 6 drinks, laughing and giving Jan a wink saying, "I had them make two for each of us because, well, sometimes one just isn't enough."

"To the best breasts on the beach!", his toast to Jan.

Sipping our drinks, we noticed the crowd had thinned out even more, most folks had headed for the hot tub. Asking Jan if she wanted to do likewise, but she decided to just rest on the lounge, and chat for awhile longer, perhaps even wait to watch the sunset.

With Jan sitting between Rod and myself, we began to talk about events of the past year, and the many changes to the resort. Before long our first and second drinks were gone. Returning Rod's earlier favor, Jan offered my services to get us another round.

Weakly protesting, saying I was now very buzzed, but did so anyway. You know, happy wife, happy life, plus I wanted to give Jan and Rod some alone time.

Returning with drinks, they were both still chatting, but now she had her hand resting on his muscular thigh, looking very relaxed. Noticing me staggering a bit, both of them began laughing at my obvious state of inebriation. Grabbing my arm to steady me, they helped me into my chair saying, "Maybe you really don't need another drink!"

I just said, "I'm all right, perhaps a little tipsy!"

After watching the sunset, the beach was now virtually empty except for a few couples. I gave Jan a hug and a kiss, laid back in the chair and soon passed out. The last thing I remember is seeing Rod kissing her on the lips saying, "Welcome home, so glad you're here!"

Some time later I awoke to the sound of Jan moaning and heavy breathing. Opening my eyes, I saw Rod lying on top of her, kissing her deeply!

To my disbelief, not only was he lying on top of her, between her legs, the movement of his hips indicating he was about to fuck her as well, right there on the beach, in the fading daylight, out in the open where anyone that happened to walk by could see them.

I suddenly realized he wasn't wearing a condom! Knowing Rod would be riding her bareback gave me concern, but made it even more exciting.

To my knowledge, Rod's cock was the largest cock she had ever attempted to fuck!

Seeing his huge bare cock sliding back and forth over her pussy lips and clit, his cock gathering the moisture that would surely be needed to penetrate Jan's cunt, was almost more than I could stand!

I felt a growing need to stroke my own cock, but resisted, hiding behind my sunglasses, still feigning sleep, so as not to disturb them!

Now ready for the action to begin, Rod raised his hips high enough to allow his cock to dangle directly in front of Jan's now sopping wet slit. An open invitation requiring Jan to act!

Raising her head off the lounge, Jan strained her neck to be able to see the large black cock that was poised to enter her!

Realizing it was now or never, she reached between her legs, grabbing his massive cock, spreading her moisture up and down the shaft, then guided its purple head to her waiting pussy.

Both of us watching intently, me from my stealthy vantage point along side of them, Jan looking between her wide spread legs, glimpsing a view of the large head of his cock as it disappeared between her labia, and began to enter her vagina.

Her pussy now breached, there was no turning back! She was about to be fucked by her first black cock! A very large black cock!

For my sake, I hoped it was the first of many to come, it was that hot to watch!

I heard her gasp as his cock advanced slowly but steadily deeper into her, its descent only halted when his kinky pubic hair meshed with her neatly trimmed bush. His member now fully planted, he kissed her deeply, but remained momentarily motionless, allowing Jan's now very full cunt to further adapt to his girth and length!

Soon he began moving his hips side to side, grinding his pubic bone against her clit, while simultaneously widening her pussy for the strokes that would surely follow.

Remaining motionless, still playing possum, I continued watching them closely as they began to fuck in earnest. Rod's first strokes slow and methodical, but this didn't last for long. Soon his pace increased to the point where his body was slapping noisily against her! With her moaning louder by the minute, they had to know that I would awaken at some point, but didn't seem to care.

Her legs were now high up in the air, wrapped around him, feet on his ass, pulling him in deep.

At this point I'd have to say her pussy was well adapted to his cock!

They were definitely "lost in the moment!"

After watching them fuck for several more minutes, I finally gave the appearance of waking from my drunken stupor.

Seeing I was now conscious, and staring somewhat wide eyed at the spectacle I was now witnessing, they momentarily ceased fucking.

Jan sheepishly looked at me saying, "Hi Babe!, Welcome back to the world! I hope you don't mind us not waiting for you. We would have asked you if it was ok for us to have sex, but you just passed out, so we thought it best to let you sleep it off a bit. One thing led to another and oh well, things got a little out of hand!"

"We were pretty sure what your answer would have been anyway!"

Continuing, "Honey, just lay there and watch, I know this is what you wanted, begged me to do. You've been waiting for this to happen for almost a year, so just enjoy yourself!"

"Oh, I can tell you already are!", she said with a smile. "Your cock is a stiff as a board! Stroke it if you wish, but don't come! After Rod finishes fucking me, we can go back to the room and you can fuck me as well, add your load to his!"

Raising himself to a pushup position, Rod kept his cock fully planted in her cunt saying, "Michael, Jan is one hot lady, her pussy so tight, it fits my cock like a velvet glove. She's the best fuck I've had in a long time. You're one lucky man!"

Without another word, they resumed fucking while I continued to watch. I was almost afraid to touch my cock for fear of exploding right then and there, but did so anyway.

Rod just kept driving his cock into her over and over again, Jan now constantly moaning, loudly urging him on!

"Oh fuck, oh fuck! Michael, my cunt has never been this full! His cock is stretching me in all directions, but it feels so good! I hope you can see it clearly! I love this man's cock!"

Then to Rod, "Use this pussy for as long as you want! Empty your balls into me, yes that's right, fill me with your cum! I don't care who's watching!"

The two couples remaining on the beach moved closer to watch the spectacle, trying to see just who was having sex. I heard one man saying, "That's Rod for sure, but who is he fucking?"

Seeing me sitting there next to them, his wife said, "OMG, that's Michael sitting there, so it must be Jan! It looks like she's getting the fuck of her life!"

Her husband chiding her saying, "You sound a little jealous!", but I didn't hear her reply, if there was one!

After watching for a while they walked off, but both husbands couldn't resist turning around, for a last envious look of Rod's ass moving up and down between Jan's legs, while his large cock continued ravishing her cunt."

They fucked non-stop for at least another ten minutes, until I finally heard Jan cry out, "Oh fuck, oh fuck, I'm coming, don't stop!" Her body shuttering as her orgasm hit.

Rod must have been waiting for Jan to come, as he almost immediately slammed his cock deeply into her cunt, and began to come as well.

Changing my vantage point to directly behind them, I could see the base of his penis pulse and throb, as spurt after spurt of hot cum was pumped into her. The man was a sperm producing machine, producing so much that Jan's cunt couldn't contain it all, and it began to seep out around the base of his cock.

The pulsing finally ceased, signaling his balls were now empty! Now collapsing on her, her breasts flattened against his chest, his cock still luxuriating in her wet warmth, trapping his load deep inside!

After a few minutes he finally began to withdraw his cock, Jan's pussy still clinging tightly, as if it was unwilling to release him. It was an agonizingly slow movement. Inch by inch more of his cock reappeared making it seem as if it went on forever! Obviously Rod wanted to savor every moment spent in Jan's warm cunt!

Finally the purple head re-appeared between her pussy lips. Once free from her completely, his cock dropped unceremoniously between her legs. Amazingly it was still just as thick and long, but not nearly as hard.

I was still amazed Jan was able to take such a huge cock completely!

Now free from any obstruction, a sea of cum, began to flow out of her, running down the crack of her ass, coating her anal rosebud, and finally dripping onto the towel she was laying on.

Rod finally spoke to me, "Michael, you might want to have a closer look at this, now that is an epic cream pie, one you won't easily forget! I'm proud of my work, if I must say so myself!"

Jan obliging, keeping her legs spread wide, knowing full well I would want to see for myself! & com=1039773#formu

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