It was almost 8:30AM when Kajal came back. The room was tidied up and Vikas was in the shower. Kajal walked into the bathroom, took her clothes off and got in the shower with him.

Vikas welcomed her with a smile. A minute later she was impaled on his cock. They kissed under the warm water as Vikas slowly fucked her. She embraced him tightly and rode his cock. His throbbing cock was drilling her smoothly deep and Kajal got hot very fast. She started moving her hips up and down to ride his long, hard cock faster and harder. She loved how it stretched her pussy and rode it hard knowing that she completely belonged to this cock.

When she came her whole body jerked hard and her knees gave way. Vikas kept her in his strong arms and drilled her cunt with hard, fast strokes until he came in her. That made her moan even louder as she took his load in her pussy.

After the shower also, they kept kissing and touching each others as they dried. Then Vikas brought her into the room, pushed her on the bed and mounted her.

"Mumma!" She screamed as his big hard cock speared her deep and hard.

Kajal opened her legs wide and wrapped them around his hips, encouraging him to fuck her hard. He passed his arms under her shoulders and nailed her ass into the bed with long, powerful strokes, his chest grinding on her soft tits. It was not long before Kajal was lifting her ass off the bed to take him deep in her pussy, hungry to cum on his cock. Her face was buried in the crook of his neck. The smell of his body, even though covered by shampoo and shower gel right now was enough to push her over the edge. She sucked his neck as her body squirmed under him. He continued to drill her harder and faster, and let his cock explode in her just as her orgasm was receding.

It always excited Kajal when he came in her. It was like he was marking his territory with his cock. She had a small orgasm as his cock sprayed his hot cum inside her.

"Oh, baby!" She breathed in his ear "You always know what I need. I really, really needed this. Thank you."

"You are welcome, my pet." He kissed her slowly and Kajal sucked his lips as she squeezed his cock with her pussy.

When he allowed her up, she happily sucked his cock clean. She could not help smiling as she took his thick cock into her mouth and moved her head up and down, sucking all the cum from it and swallowing it. She had learnt to keep the eye contact with him while she sucked his cock. It turned Vikas on a lot because she had a gorgeous face and it looked even hotter with his cock passing between her luscious pink lips.

"Did the prayer go on so long?" He asked as they were both getting dressed afterwards "I thought they were finishing about 6AM."

"You are right, Patidev," Kajal said "the prayers did end at 6 AM, but then we had to go to the police station."

"The police station?" Vikas frowned "Why?"

"Because my brothers and brother-in-law got in trouble at the club and got arrested."

Vikas sighed "I should have known. Why didn't you call me, pet?"

"It was not yet your level of problem, Sir. I am learning to deal with things on my own and not bother you for every little thing."

"That's good. How did you deal with this?"

"Oh, I am your student, Patidev. I used the money I had for expenses. Paid some for property damage, paid a little to the stripper they groped, and paid some more to the police."

"Wow, you bribed the police and didn't get arrested?" Vikas said "You are learning well."

"Thank you, Sir. It's easy when you are just a helpless little woman." Kajal batted her eyelids.

"You are as helpless as a fox, my darling." Vikas came over and kissed her "And Thai girls are very capable, much more so than Thai men. The cops were probably used to seeing women bailing out their men."

"As always you are right, Sir." She said "But I am proud that I handled it without dragging you out of your bed for this nonsense."

"You are right to be proud." He kissed her again "Let's go to breakfast, I need to feed my champion."

Kajal smiled "You just fed your champion, Sir. Best breakfast a girl can have." But she picked up her purse and followed him out to the breakfast room.


"So that answers the question - what's the harm in letting the guys go clubbing by themselves?" Vikas said once they were all settled around the table in the breakfast room.

The guys hung their heads.

Rhea was the only one to speak "Yes, we went direct from the temple to the police station. It was a fun ride."

"Well, from now on you guys won't be going out alone, so no drinking unless someone else is with you." Vikas said.

Mostly there were nods of assent around the table but Hemant said "Sorry, Vikas. It won't happen again."

"Yes, it won't because you won't be going out alone." Vikas told him.

Both Hemant and Guddu accepted Vikas' ruling, only Prakash protested.

"Vikas, we are not children, you know..." He started defiantly but got so many hostile stares from around the table that he changed his tone "I mean, we are sorry, but you don't need to make that rule."

"I shouldn't have to make any rules." Vikas said "But every time you have gone out, the result has been bad. This time, fortunately, Kajal was able to square it off with the police. But your actions are getting progressively worse with each outing. So, I have to make the rule. Whether to comply or not is up to you."

"Of course, he will follow." Amisha said on her husband's behalf "You are only looking out for all of us." Her words were quickly endorsed by the rest of the family with nods and murmurs.

"But Vikas, we are here to enjoy." Hemant tried again "It's not like we are going to come to Thailand every year."

"I am all in the favour of enjoyment and individual freedom as you should know already." Vikas said "You can enjoy as much as you want as long as it doesn't encroach on someone else's freedom or enjoyment. Every time you have gone out you have created an uncomfortable situation for the ladies, and that's why I am having to make this rule."

After that nobody could argue any more.


Since they had only two more days in Bangkok the guys wanted to go for another massage. After the incident of last night they were not in a good position to mention that but while they were whispering among themselves Rhea overheard them.

"You want another massage?" Rhea said loudly "How much massaging do you need, Bhaiya? Are you getting so much stress from being on holiday?"

"No, I think they are right." Vikas said, which surprised everybody "It's the last couple of days in Thailand, so why not experience the local facilities? Thai massage is famous because it's good. I think we should all have one."

Vikas' suggestions were taken as order by the family. So, they all had a massage. It didn't really suit the guys as they could not get the kind of massage they wanted with their wives present.

Even though he had made the rule that the guys could not go out drinking by themselves, Vikas made sure that they got to drink by taking the whole family out in the evening.

This time Amisha got to dance with him. But this was a small club where the dance floor was visible from where the family was sitting so Amisha didn't get to make out with him which was what she really wanted.

"He's a wonderful dancer, Kajal." Amisha said as she came back to the table with him.

Kajal nodded "He's a wonderful everything." She took Vikas' outstretched hand and got up "He's a wonderful husband."

Vikas led Kajal to the dance floor and took her in his arms. She was wearing a silk dress with a very low back. He let his hands caress her bare back as he led her in a very slow and intimate dance. He kissed her neck and let his hand move down, boldly squeezing her soft, firm ass not caring who could see them.

"Mmm, I love dancing with you." She whispered in his ear.

"And I hate dancing with you, simply cannot stand it." He said as he pressed her closer until her soft tits were crushed on his chest "That's why I keep dragging you to the dance floor with me so often."

Kajal laughed softly in his ear and slapped his back lightly "You are so bad."

"I know." He said and kneaded her ass, making her moan.

"You know something?" She said after a moment.


"I was a bit worried when you said let's go on a family trip for our honeymoon."

"Really? You didn't let on."

"Of course, I could not say it but I was worried that having the family around will interfere with our sex life. But it's been amazing. You have fucked me every night, and so many times in so many other places too."

"Well, it is our honeymoon," he said "and you are my property, remember?"

"I will never forget that." Kajal kissed his neck and pressed her cheek to his "And even having the family with us feels so great. They are getting to know you well, and they love you."

"Maybe a little too much." Vikas said "Did you know that Amisha wanted to be a model?"

"Seems like she still does," Kajal said "she mentions it at least once a week. She thinks I stopped her but I only told her that she would have to sleep with the agency heads and photographers to succeed. She pulled back. But now she's bored and thinks she missed a chance."

"I told her she can still be, she's not that old."

"That must be why she was talking about it again recently."

"Not planning to encourage her but if she really wanted to try it, I could introduce her to some people."

"I am not sure Prakash jiju would let her." Kajal said "He's quite possessive and jealous."

"Well, I did tell her that you were right and it's not worth risking her marriage for it." Vikas said "But I think she's been thinking about it."

"She was always like that, once she gets an idea in her head, she can't let go of it."

"It seems like that now." Vikas said "Would it bother you if you knew she was out in the field sleeping with producers and casting agents?"

"Not me, she's not my responsibility," Kajal replied "but her husband wouldn't like it."

"Most likely she won't tell him."

"It would be better if you took her in hand." Kajal suggested "She's a wild one, she won't be safe on her own."

"What do you mean?"

"Let's suppose, I wanted to be a model, I don't, but if I wanted to, will I have to sleep with producers and agency heads?"

"No, but that's because you belong to me." Vikas said.

"Exactly." Kajal said "She will be safe in your hands, but not in the field on her own. So, don't introduce her to people. If you have time then take her in your hands, if you are busy then tell her you can't help her at all."

"I would rather she didn't try at all." Vikas said "Her marriage is more important then the wild goose chase. Prakash would be jealous of me helping her as well."

"Probably. But having her in your control is better than having her wild in the show business. Then she will definitely wreck her marriage."

"That's what I am afraid of. That's why I am telling you. Try to keep her away from this."

Kajal turned her face up and kissed him. "I love you so much." She said "And my pussy loves you even more."

Vikas grinned and took her hand. He led her through the dance floor to the stairs leading down to the toilets. A long stone corridor led to two cubicles marked Men and Women. He led her into the women's and closed the door. Kajal immediately bent over the toilet tank. Vikas got behind her and hiked up her tight minidress. She was not wearing any panties as he liked, and her pussy was soaking wet. He opened his zip and slid his thick cock into her tight, wet pussy with a smooth, but firm thrust.

"Ungh, baby!" Kajal gasped as the thick beast filled her tight hole and knocked her breath out. Vikas started a rhythm of smooth in and out strokes, fucking her slowly and not very hard.

But she still moaned as the thick, meaty shaft was grinding on her pussy walls and Kajal was immensely turned on. He gradually increased the speed of his strokes and Kajal had to bite her lip to keep from screaming. She held tight to the toilet tank but it started to rock with the force of Vikas' strokes.

"Ah, baby! Ah! Ah!" Her orgasm was sudden and furious. Kajal might have fallen down as her knees gave in but Vikas reached in just in time and held her up, his hands grabbing both her tits.

His hands kneading her soft tits made her moan uncontrollably and her orgasm continued long and intense. Vikas increased the force of his strokes again and Kajal could feel her orgasm go on and on. She closed her eyes and tried to keep from making too much noise, but she could not help moaning with his hard thrusts. His throbbing dick inside her tight pussy felt too good for her to bear without moaning and yelping.

"Mmmmm, god!" A longer, louder moan escaped her lips as she felt Vikas' cock erupt inside her and flood her womb with his hot load. She loved his cum in her mouth or on her skin as well but when he came inside her, Kajal felt like it was lighting a fire in the very centre of her body that made her whole body burn up.

Vikas slowed down his strokes and finally pulled his cock out of her pussy. Without a word, Kajal stood up, turned and sat down on the toilet seat. She took his cockhead in her mouth and started to suck his cum off his thick shaft. She loved his part because it allowed her to show him how much she loved him. She had now learnt to suck his cock while keeping her gaze up in his eyes and found it highly erotic. She usually got soaking wet from sucking his cock.

She wrapped her soft, pink lips around his shaft and sucked it in and out of her hot mouth. She smiled as she saw that she was leaving pink lipstick smudges on his cock. While Vikas himself was fair skinned, his cock was darker than the rest of his body. Kajal was very fair and found the contrast very erotic when she held him in her hand. She wanted to take photos with his dark cock lodged between her fair, white tits but so far she had not had the nerve to ask him.

Once she had it fully cleaned, he stroked her cheek and she tucked it back into his pants. This was always tricky. She always liked to suck his cock clean but then if she got carried away, he would be erect very quickly and it would be impossible to put his huge cock back into his pants. She was learning to find that balance where he was clean but not yet too hard. This time she had sucked it a little too long and had to struggle to put it back in his pants.

Vikas smiled and took it from her. Her warm hands were only making it harder. He tucked it in and zipped up, though his rod was still outlined a bit in the pants. He leaned down and kissed her cheek. Then he nipped around to the gents' toilet leaving Kajal to clean up in the ladies'.

When Kajal came back to the table, Vikas was already in his seat. He extended his arm and she came to him. He took her hand and guided her down to his lap. She put her arm around his shoulder and settled on his lap sideways.

Hemant said "Vikas, you are so shameless." He laughed.

"Well, she is my wife," Vikas replied "and I love her. This is my honeymoon. So, if I want to have my wife with me, I would."

"At least Vikas is romantic and shows his love." Amisha said "You and Prakash should learn something from him."

"I would be shy if I had someone else's wife on my lap." Vikas grinned.

"You could have me on your lap, Jiju, your half-wife." Rhea said.

"Rhea!" Sonali admonished "You are becoming so naughty."

"It's the Thai air, Sasu Maa." Vikas said "I have heard that it does things to people."

He deliberately didn't look at Shriya when he said that but Shriya's cheeks turned red. She lowered her head to hide it.

Prakash said "They are newly married, Hemant. Let them survive as long as we have, then we will see where the romance goes." Hemant liked that argument and gave Prakash a high-five.

Vikas put his lips to Kajal's ear and whispered "Can you keep from screaming if I nail your ass next time we go down?"

Kajal's cheeks turned pink and shook her head.

"Then keep the assfucking for when we get back to the hotel?"

Again, Kajal only replied by nodding her head without speaking but her face was getting flushed.

"I am going to get a drink, does anybody else need anything?" Amisha said getting up.

"You don't need to go," Vikas said "the waitress will come and take your order."

"No, I want to look around as well. This is a nice club." Amisha said "Kajal, want to come with me?"

Kajal looked at Vikas who nodded. She got off his lap and went with Amisha.

As they were waiting at the bar, Amisha leaned in close to Kajal and said "He fucked you in the toilet downstairs, didn't he?"

"How did you know?" Kajal asked with surprise.

"I went down to use the toilet, and I could hear your...screams from inside."

Kajal turned a bit redder and nodded "I can't say no to him. When he wants me, he takes me."

"That's how it should be." Amisha said "I count myself lucky if I can get sex once a month. Then also, he can never make me moan like that."

"Like your husband said, we have only been married a short time. In a couple of years, I am sure it'll be the same as you. Vikas would be going for massages and I will be sitting at home."

"Somehow I doubt that." Amisha said "Vikas is different from our husbands. You two were having sex before marriage too, weren't you?"

Kajal nodded "From our second date. I had never done that before, but he's so handsome and sexy. I could not help myself."

"Has the sex tapered off after marriage?"

"No, not at all." Kajal said, as they took the drinks and walked to a railing from where they could see the crowd on the lower floor "It has actually speeded up. On the trip he has been fucking me pretty much every day, at least once. More than once when we stay in."

"Looks like having the family around doesn't bother him much."

"I don't know. It's a little different from when we were alone on that little island."

"That Gili place?" Amisha asked "How was it there?"

"Oh didi, it was so much fun! We went out a lot." Kajal said excitedly "He fucked me everywhere, indoors, outdoors, in a club toilet, in a back alley, on the beach. Oh, that was fun. There was a shape of my naked body printed in the wet sand after he pounded me so hard."

"Sounds amazing." Amisha said "That's why I know your marriage will be different. I had nothing like that on my honeymoon."

"Well, I think Vikas is very sexual. If we go out with family, he teases me when we are out and he takes me every time when we get back to our room. So many times on the ship I came to dinner with you all after just being fucked by him in our room."

"And that's when he was banging all those sexy waitresses too." Amisha said.

"Yes, that didn't slow him down. I think it made him even more sexually demanding."

"See, I would not mind letting Prakash fuck other girls, if that would mean that I get some good action as well."

"Didi! What are you saying?"

"Hey, don't try to look shocked with me." Amisha said "You give your husband permission to fuck other girls. You told us, you would let him fuck me and Shriya Bhabhi if he wanted."

"Yes, I would." Kajal nodded "I wasn't even joking."

"Why do you let him fuck other girls?"

"Because I get amazing sex. Like fantastic sex and lots of it."

Amisha nodded "That's what I am saying, if Prakash fucked a few waitresses and came home and fucked me like that, I would accept it as a happy arrangement."

Kajal nodded "I agree. I think it's a good deal. So many girls have a boring sex life soon after marriage and it's bad for their marriage too."

"Not so many girls, sis, the example is in front of you." Amisha pointed to herself "I am beginning to wonder why I got married in the first place. I should have just gone into show business and had my own life." & p=10755620#post10755620

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