I actually took a pretty quick shower. Dried off and wrapped a towel around me. I felt really good and confident. I stepped into the living room and saw Ashley sitting in a chair with music on and a bottle of whisky on the side table.

She looked over at me and said "Towels stay in the bathroom sweetie. In my house you stay barefoot and naked unless I give you something to wear."

That was fine with me I liked being naked in front of Ashley. She made me feel good about my body and appreciated.

I returned the towel and came back out. "There's my beautiful baby." she said. That made me blush. "Come over and let mamma see you." I walked over and stood in front of her.

"Kneel down in front of me baby" She said and I complied. She leaned forward in her chair and placed her hands gently on either side of my face. "You have beautiful eyes, and such smooth skin. Close your eyes for me." I closed them and then felt her lips on mine. I have kissed a girl before, but I Have not been kissed before. I didn't realize the difference till now. I opened my mouth and let her kiss me. Still holding my head she slid her tongue in my mouth and it tasted like whiskey. Sweet and intoxicating. I was lost in her passionate kiss and didn't want it to end. When she pulled her mouth away I stayed still with my mouth still open and eyes closed. "Did you like that sweetie?" she asked.

"Yes Ms Ashley. That was the most wonderful kiss I have ever had. It was different than other kisses." I told her. "It feels so good to live in the moment and not have to be in charge." She smiled and nodded a knowing smile.

"I cant live your life for you babydoll, but I can sure make it interesting." She moved her hands down and pinched my nipples. I gasped and let out a moan it felt so good. "You like that too don't you little darlin. These would look so good pierced, and your little belly button." She said as she continued to explore my body with her rough hands. "Put on a few tattoos, I didnt realize how firm your muscles were. I just thought you were a twig boy. All that skateboarding and buke riding have made you pretty lean." My heart was pounding and I was feeling weak. She took hold of my hips and lifted me to stand so my still cock was at eye level to her.

"I'm not really into dicks but yours is so smooth and perfect it looks like a dildo. And I do like dildos." She said as she rubbed the pre-cum on the tip of my cock. It felt so good, like lightning shooting through me. She poured some whiskey into her shot glass and dipped her finger in it, then rubbed it into my cum hole. It Burned and I flinched. She wrapped one arm around my ass to hold me still and she dipped her finger again and rubbed more whiskey on the tip of my dick. It really started to feel good.

The hand she had on my ass relaxed and one of the fingers found my little hole. She dipped that finger in whiskey and started to rub my virgin asshole. It burned at first but started feeling so amazing I started pushing my ass against her finger hoping she would slide it in.

"You seem pretty close to cumming and remember you are not allowed without my permission." She said moving her hands away and sucking the whiskey from her fingers.

"Yes Ms Ashley, I remember but you make me feel like I never have before. Its going to be difficult." I said to her.

She reached into the box from storage and said "Maybe I can help a little, you will be trained pretty quick to hold your orgasm until I permit you." She pulled a bootlace from the box and wrapped it around the base of my dick several times and Tying it off. "That will do for now until we van get you something more professionally made."

With that she stood up and took a handful of my hair and pulled my head back. "Open your mouth babydoll, now don't swallow any of this. Just hold it in your mouth." She emptied the shot glass into her mouth then leaned over and spit it into my mouth. I was surprised and almost choked but was able to hold it in my mouth. She took another shot and spit it into my mouth. She stroked my cheek and said "Good boy, now hold that there for mamma." It tasted good. I had never drank anything other than wine coolers and this was so much better.

She put her mouth over mine and suck out ll the whiskey and swallowed it. Followed by another intoxicating kiss. "Delicious babydoll. Now put bend over and grab your ankles. " I did and then she took out a pair of handcuffs and locked each wrist to each ankle. I found this exciting and couldn't wait to see what was next.

She spread my legs apart and placed one hand on top of my ass to balance me and used the other to slap my ass. I realized I was helpless and she was going to spank me. I had never been spanked before. Not even as a child. I realized I didn't just like it, I loved it.

After about a dozen good smacks she said "You took that like a champ darlin. Your little bottom is as red and a ripe apple." I heard a click and realized she was taking pictures on her phone. "These are gonna look great on my instagram. Don't worry I wont show your face in them yet." she said, "Your little balls are turning a little blue there baby, how are you doing? Would you like to cum? She asked.

"Oh yes Ms Ashley" I moaned. " Please can I come? Just a little bit? If you think I have earned it." I realized the cord around my cock really made a difference. My cock was bulging bigger and harder than ever. I felt like a bomb ready to go off.

"OK we will see how it goes." saying that she walked into the kitchen and came out with a large salad bowl. I guessed so I didn't mess up her floor when she let me cum. "OK darlin, don't miss the bowl when you cum or else it will be awhile before you can again." I felt like a cow she was getting ready to milk and I liked the feeling. To my surprise she didn't milk me. She kneeled behind me and spread my cheeks apart. "You have suck a beautiful little hole. So tight I can tell you haven't been fucked in the ass yet." Saying this she started licking my hole. My first time being rimmed I closed my eyes and rode the wave of emotions and feelings.

She started pressing against me with her tongue until she slid it in and I gasped. I started pressed back against her wanting it deeper inside me. "I think we found your g-spot darlin. I can tell you love that. Lets see how you like this," I couldn't even speak to reply. She spit on her hand and rubbed it into my little rosebud. Sliding in one finger with ease. I welcomed her inside me. She pushed her finger all the way in stretching me out and licked around it. I could feel my cum building, there was a long stream of gooey pre-cum already puddled in the bowl.

She started fucking my ass with her middle finger, Pushing it all the way in and turning it before pulling out to thrust it back in. "Come on baby, cum for Mamma, you like getting your ass fucked by Mamma don't you. Come on and cum for me baby." She said in a husky voice, I wasn't sure which of us was enjoying this more.

I couldn't hold out any longer, I shot a long wad of cum into to bowl. "Oh I love you Mamma!" I gasped as I came so hard in multiple streams of cum. Probably more cum than I have ever shot.

Leaving her finger in my ass, still more slowly and gently now she took my dick in her other hand and squeezed out ever last drop. "That's a good boy, get it all out for mamma." she said as she stroked my cock. "You did so good baby, you get a treat. How about some ice cream?" she said pulling her finger out and standing up. "Don't move little one, I will be right back."

It was hard not to collapse in relief but I stayed put till she came back with a hand towel and a bowl of ice cream. She wiped off my dick and freed my hands and feet. I laid on the floor just breathing. "OK sweetness put these on and come sit in my lap." She said and handed me a ladies red lacy thong. I thought it was really pretty and felt good against my skin as I put it on. She sat in her chair and admired me in my new thong. "That is gorgeous on you baby boy. Bend over and grab you ankles again." I hear her taking more pictures. You are going to be a perfect little dress up doll for me. I can tell you like those panties. I think we will go shopping for more tomorrow, but now your ice cream is melting" I climbed into her lap feeling more content and happy than I can ever remember.

"OK Princess let momma feed you your ice cream, let me get your special topping." with that she poured the bowl of cum onto the ice cream. I looked at her and smiled. We turned on the TV and watched Toy story while she fed me my ice cream. I fit perfectly into her generous lap.

I discovered I like my own cum, I love being spoon fed, and I hope to spend a lot my time cuddling on her lap kind of like a little kitty cat with her bog strong arms around me.

== Part Three is in the works. Any comments on what you might like to see them do next are Welcome. Next chapter in the shopping trip to the mall. ======











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