Just like she had said the hairstylist got to work on Vince's hair. She cut, then carefully painted strands in a thick foul-smelling paste until al of his hair was completely covered in it. With that job done she went away to dye the extensions.

In the meantime, a short chubby nail stylist arrived at his chair. "Hey there, I'm here to take care of your nails, now since you seem have a pretty clear picture of what you want, I would like to know what you'd like your nails to look like." She asked in a slightly awkward way. She didn't really know how to behave towards a guy looking to get his nails done.

"Of course, I would like to have my nails, both finger and toe nails to be varnished in a wet looking deep red colour with an emerald green rhinestone in the middle. I would love to have some almond shaped one-inch acrylics on my fingers." Vince said while the paste in his hair was slowly turning his hair lighter and lighter in colour.

While it wasn't all that surprising for Vince to choose something so ultra girly and impractical anymore, it still got a good laugh out of his audience of salon going housewives. Feeling somewhat bad for him the nail technician tried to make it all a little less awkward by complimenting his choice. "That's a great choice, I believe it will look wonderfully festive." She said even though Vince still didn't seem bothered by all the laughter at his expense.

Trying to stay as professional as possible she went to work shaping and varnishing Vince's nails to perfection. The long red nails made his hands look that much slenderer than before. With his nails done and left to dry the hairstylist came back carrying a bunch of blonde nearly white extensions.

"Oh wow, your nails really have come out beautiful. They'll look so Christmassy with your new hair, I'm sure of it." The hairstylist said genuinely impressed. Vince's requests were outrageous, especially for a guy, but she could see how it would all come together in the end. It would look over the top, but very festive.

"Thank you very much, that's exactly what I am aiming for. I don't care what it takes I really want to look my Christmas best." Vince said with a smile as he looked at how the hairstylist was weaving in his extensions, slowly working to a very full mass of long nearly white hair. It was all coming together beautifully.

The procedure wasn't nearly done yet, but Vince was already looking like a gorgeous girl. He looked a lot like his sister only girlier. His sisters eyebrows were nowhere near this girly and her nails were rarely varnished, her hair while styled nearly exactly the same was still their natural honey blonde colour instead of this nearly white colour Vince had gone for.

While he still was the centre for mockery in the parlour, everyone had to admit that he actually made a very pretty girl, a flat chested one for sure, but pretty none the less. They were all waiting for what he would choose in the next step.

Up next was the makeup artist, a woman who could only be a few years older than he was. At first they hadn't thought make up would be necessary given he was a guy, but after seeing his choices so far they were just about ready to give him the most extreme makeup look possible.

"Hello, I'll be doing your makeup. You're looking very pretty already, but I just know we can turn that pretty face of yours into the envy of every woman." She said excitedly. She had never done a guy's make up, but then again, she had never had such a gorgeous canvas to work with either.

"I have never worn makeup before, and I don't have a single clue how to put it on or touch it up. Do you have anything that absolutely won't smear and will stay on for a while?" Vince asked to the surprise of many women in the parlour. With his exaggerated choices so far they would have thought he would have been trying makeup from as soon as he could have held the brush.

"Well we can work with stains which generally last longer and don't smudge that easily, but even then, I can't make any promises depending on what you like to do with it. If it's just for an evening out at a restaurant stains really should do the trick. If you have any wilder plans, I can't guarantee a thing. Still stains are the best I can do unless you're going for permanent makeup, but that's like a tattoo. It will slowly fade over a life time, but as the name hints at it won't be going anywhere unless you take an extensive laser tattoo removal treatment. Even then it can take up to a year or longer to remove it all. When you want a full makeup look, I certainly would advise against it." The makeup artist said, feeling kind of obliged to give all the options, but very reluctant to actually go through with this kind of treatment.

To everyone's shock Vince replied. "Great, then I'll go for the permanent makeup. It sounds perfect for what I have in mind. Could you also go for the eyelash extension and some Collagen lip fillers? I really want to go for that big luscious pout."

Up until now everything had seemed like a very elaborate festive look, but this permanent makeup would be a serious commitment. Still Vince didn't seem phased in the slightest. All he cared about was arranging to give Connor a Christmas he wouldn't forget. As far as he was concerned, he didn't even realise why everyone was making such a fuss about this. People could be weird sometimes.

"Are you absolutely sure? There is no going back from this. It isn't like with the waxing either, this won't just go away in a month or two. The collagen filling and the eyelash extensions might wear off over time, but once that makeup is on it isn't going anywhere." The makeup artist voiced her concerns.

"Oh I insist, the permanent makeup really is the ideal solution for me. Even if I get tired of it I'll have a good outline to colour over, so the longer it stays unsmudged the better." Vince said confidently, much to the amazement of everyone around.

"Well if you are that certain then I'll do it. I have warned you and you have signed that paper so legally we're good. Still I feel like you shouldn't go through with this. Tell you what. I'll start with the eyelash extensions, then I'll do the collagen and if you're still sure you can tell me what look you want to go for." The makeup artist offered hoping he would still change his mind.

"Sounds great to me." Vince said with a smile as the lady in charge of his makeup started the careful process of eye lash extension. It was much like fake eyelashes in effect, creating that long very full look. With this procedure individual hairs were carefully glued to the lashes themselves however, ensuring that you didn't need to take them off. They would disappear eventually as the lashes they were attached to shed, but it would take at least up to a month for them to get noticeably thinner again. After the application they were curled to perfection.

The collagen was semi-permanent as it couldn't really be removed, but over a course of 6 months they should start to lose their volume. Administering the injections carefully, the makeup artist made his lips swell to a pout even Kylie Jenner would be proud off.

With the lashes and full lips Vince face looked exceedingly feminine. So much that it would be near impossible to mistake him for a guy at this point. The lip fillings were barely done when Vince spoke up to explain his makeup wishes, the fact that he still didn't hesitate after getting to think about it this long was enough to convince the Makeup artist to go through with it even though she remained reluctant.

"I would like to get my eyebrows touched up, so the arches are more defined. For my eyes I want bottom and top eyeliner, extending in a wing off to the side. My lips I want to be outlined in a nice cupid bow, defining their new fullness even further and I want them in a red matching my nails. For my cheeks I want a nice natural looking faint blush and finally for my eyelids I was thinking about an emerald green smoky blend." Vince said effortlessly making it seem like he had thought this over very carefully. He actually hadn't, but for some reason he just knew what he wanted when asked.

Hearing the heavy night-time makeup look Vince wanted to go for, the makeup artist was even more unsure about this, but he seemed so sure that she just got on with it anyway. Once his makeup was done, he was led back to the backroom where he could get dressed again.

As he walked through the store to the counter to pay for his makeover, he drew even more amazed and confused stares from everyone. Between all the treatments he had gotten Vince's face really looked like the embodiment of femininity it was such a stark contrast with the casual sweater and jeans he was wearing. So much that it looked down right absurd. Yet Vince didn't seem bothered.

The girl behind the counter was so shocked seeing how amazingly handsome guy she had crushed a little on when he first entered now looked like the most gorgeous woman she had ever laid eyes on. She was so stunned that she couldn't bring out a word. All she was really capable off was pointing out the price on the screen.

1365 dollars, the total sum of his treatments was crazy expensive, but then again he was left with a very long lasting stunning look. Without a worry Vince swept his card through the machine, taking the money out of his car fund. It was a big set back in his savings, but there was still plenty left, besides money wasn't an issue. He just wanted to ensure that Connor would have a Christmas to remember.

"Thank you very much for the amazing job you guys did, you really are the best." Vince said loudly into the parlour before turning around and leaving, everyone in the now very busy parlour had become dead silent as they just watched him go in amazement. If they hadn't seen what had happened with their own eyes, they wouldn't have believed it.

Out on the street the outrageous contrast between his head and the rest of him, turned the head of everyone he passed. The reactions were rather mixed between cat calls and outright disgust, but Vince didn't pay either of them any attention at all.

All of the procedures at the parlour had taken a big chuck out of his day and Vince wasn't near ready yet to go and give Connor that Christmas he would never forget. There was still a lot to take care of. He still needed to gather a festive meal, an outfit and some presents as well of course. First he grabbed some lunch however.

After his lunch he made a quick stop at the piercing pagoda where he had both of his ears pierced and fitted with gold bells that would jingle with every step he took. He also had a small rhinestone stud inserted at the left of his nose, just like his sister had.

The shopping street was very busy when Vince went on his gift hunt apparently a lot of people did last minute Christmas shopping. Despite everyone seeming to be in a hurry, nearly everyone he came across stopped and stared at him as he passed by. In one of the first stores Vince had bought a big red velvet Christmas bag with a white faux fur top nearly matching his hair.

Instinctively Vince knew where to go and what to get, with everyone clearing a path for him so they could stare his shopping went surprisingly fast. In no time he had gathered a rather full bag of presents.

His next stop was the grocery store where he gathered up a whole bunch of pre prepared meals to make up a royal Christmas menu. The meals weren't the regular ones you found in any fridge or freezer. They were top class freshly prepared meals that just needed reheating.

With the Christmas meal arranged Vince went to his last stop, a big sexshop just on the outskirts of town. There he looked for a nice outfit for himself, along with some accessories to go with and underneath it.

Chapter 3

Walking into the sexshop it was empty, not at all that surprising given that it was near closing time. It was pretty late already, and most people were already off to their family celebrations. He could hear the woman behind the counter sigh when she heard the door bell so close to closing time. Chelsea might be eccentric, but she also had a Christmas party to attend. She hadn't had to stay open this long, courtesy of being your own boss, but she had anyway and now she was regretting it.

At least until she saw who her client was. It was weird to see such a gorgeous high-class feminine face on such a casually dressed male body. Chelsea liked weird though. Seeing people of all sorts who were weirder one way or the other than the average Joe on the streets was what she loved most about this job.

She certainly wouldn't mind having some fun with this guy, even if it was only some in store fun of helping him out with whatever he was looking for. "Hello, what can I help you with today?" Chelsea asked suddenly excited as she came from behind the counter looking like a sexy Miss Santa Clause.

Chelsea was wearing a big velvet Christmas hat with a fake fur border, and fake fur ball at the end. Her dress was a simple red velvet strapless tube dress with a border of faux white fur on the top and the bottom, a broad black belt was buckled around the waist. Her legs were wrapped in sheer white stockings and on her feet, she wore a pair of very high heeled black leather knee length boots with yet another white fur border.

"I'm about to give someone a Christmas he will never forget, and I am just about ready. All I am lacking now is the perfect outfit and maybe a few accessories to spice things up a little. For my outfit I was thinking something like a sexy elf, or Santa's helper costume. Something sexy and short, with nice lingerie underneath, but just modest enough to be able to wear it in public." Vince said calm and collected.

The excitement only grew within Chelsea as this guy shamelessly explained what he was looking for. While she herself was very confident, caring little about what people thought about her, she had to admit that she might have met her match. Well someone who was even more confident than she was. She couldn't even begin to imagine the nerve it must have taken to walk around like this in public, let alone getting that look done and yet this guy was absolutely calm and confident. All she could really do was admire that.

"I believe I don have something that should fit you amazingly. Can I just say that I love your style? It's just gorgeous." Chelsea gushed, it was like a bi sexual dream come true, such a gorgeous womanly face, yet on what looked like quite a hunky male body. She was tempted to invite this guy to her own Christmas party as her date, one of her dates to be more exact. Yet since he had said that he was about to give someone a Christmas to remember she didn't bother.

It didn't mean she couldn't have some fun right now though even more fun than she initially suspected when she took his hand to start leading him to where the clothes were only to be interrupted. "Now that I'm thinking about it, there might be some sex involved this evening, you don't happen to have a toilet and an enema kit now do you?" Vince asked casually.

Even Chelsea was taken a back slightly by the sheer boldness of Vince's question. Asking to try one of the products in a sexshop was not done for obvious hygiene reasons. Actually, asking to use something that could be as messy as an enema kit however was really unheard of.

Quickly recuperating Chelsea's shock turned to a big smirk as she had an idea. "Tell you what, I live above the store and I'm definitely willing to let you use my bathroom. I can even show you how to administer a proper enema if you want." She said hoping this guy would agree, getting up close and personal with this guy would certainly be a treat, and worth being late to the Christmas party some of her loyal subs were throwing in her honour.

"Sure, that sounds wonderful I have never done an enema before and a helping hand that knows what it's doing would certainly be very useful." Vince replied grateful to get some help here instead of being tasked with trying to find everything on his own.

"Great, follow right along then." Chelsea said, not that she was giving him much of an option in her excitement. She was still holding his hand and used it to drag him along to her office/workshop, through a door and up the stairs.

Chelsea's apartment was huge, just as big as the store underneath. The interior was very strange to say the least. There wasn't a single interior wall in the entire apartment. The walls were painted plain white with countless of works of fetish art hanging on the wall. There was a kitchen island, a huge couch which kind of defined a lounge area. The centre piece of the room was a huge bed, so big that it looked like it had to be custom made.

One wall held a whole collection of crops, paddles, whips and anything that could be used to hit someone with. Semi hidden eyebolts were fastened to pretty much every piece of furniture those would give away a love for bondage, but it was more likely that it would be obvious form the giant wooden cross with cuffs, or the sex swing, or the suspension rig.

The apartment had everything it needed for optimal comfort, it was very spacy but just like with most of Chelsea's life it had strong elements of kink sprinkled in. Ever since she had moved out of her small hometown, she had said fuck it and unapologetically been herself.

Since Vince seemed unphased by it all, Chelsea had a sneaking suspicion that he was very kinky himself. Something which made him look even more fun in her eyes. Too bad he seemed to be preoccupied with someone else given the plans he had told her about.

Leading him further into the huge room that was her apartment, they arrived at a clear glass cubicle which had a clean tile floor as only part of the apartment. While it was only glass it still was the only room in the entire apartment that seemed to be boxed off. Due to the water that might spill most likely.

The bathroom had a big rain shower head, a jacuzzi like bathtub, a sink and a toilet. "Why don't you strip and get comfortable while I fetch the enema kit?" Chelsea offered, licking her lips at the prospect of seeing this guy naked. To her it seemed that he was at least a little into her as well. The way he had flirted, telling her he could use a hand with his enema.

While Vince was at least interested in Chelsea for a fling he wasn't aware that what he did was perceived as flirting. It was one of the down sides of completely losing any sense of social constructs. Then again, if that hadn't been the case, he would have never come here especially not like this and this apartment would have freaked him out for sure.

Not seeing anything strange about it, Vince stripped completely naked, revealing his baby smooth strong flowery smelling body. It sure was a remarkable sight such an athletic male body with such a pretty head and nails.

When Chelsea came back up, she was smiling from ear to ear seeing this sharp yet beautiful contrast. She already knew the outfit she wanted to offer as well. It would destroy the look of contrast, but she had her suspicions the guy would love it, that it would be what he wanted to go for.

Getting into her Mistress mode with all the excitement of having this gorgeous toy naked in her apartment, Chelsea snapped her fingers. "Alright down on the floor and start kissing the tips of my boots!" She ordered firmly smiling as Vince did exactly that. Weird, gorgeous, kinky and submissive. It was everything Chelsea looked for in a partner, most of the times settling if just a few of those criteria were met.

She thought Vince was a real catch, she wasn't aware of how Vince was just totally obvious to what was normal and what not. He just thought this might be part of the enema. After all he was no expert all that matter was giving Connor an unforgettable Christmas and this enema could really help.











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