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"I'm home!"

"How was your day, Zoey?"

Zoey dropped her purse on the floor of the corridor, kissed Chloe, went past her and rested on the sofa. Zoey was a tall, 30 year old brunette with latino origins, wearing white lab coat, jeans and sneakers. Under the labcoat was her iron man T-shirt. She looked like a huge nerd and in fact she was one, but Chloe did not care about that, she loved that nerdy side of her girlfriend.

"It's such a headache Chloe, we still can't find any volunteers and we can't stretch our lab budget to offer more money."

"Is that about your earbuds project? I thought it was completed a month ago."

"Nope, the higher ups said it needs to be human tested before we can launch production."

Chloe and Zoey were living together for about a year, they moved in together just after they got married. Zoey is one of the lead engineers at a big tech company and she was making a lot of money, so after they moved in together Chloe became a housewife.

Zoey was also brunette, she was 23 years old, was much smaller than her girlfriend and had mostly asian features.

"Maybe I can help? I can't see you suffer so much."

"Really!? You are the best. Let me go to the office and print the needed documents."

"Wow, you sound eager."


After some time Zoey got the papers ready. All Chloe needed was to read through them and sign it up. But that was easier said than done. The document had small print, had many pages and many unknown words such as "cognitive" or "enticing" also Zoey was all over her, kissing and teasing her.

"Heyy, just sign it, and let's go to the bedroom... I even let you be the one with a strapon."

They had a game where they would compete for dominant role in their sex life. They both loved playing that game and they were very competitive. Currently Zoey was leading the score and Chloe was not going to let that chance on winning this night round go to waste. She quickly signed the papers and ran with Zoey to their bedroom.


After a hot make out session and all that followed after that. Zoey brought the earbuds and Chloe put them in.

Then Zoey got her smartphone and started poking it.

"That's it? What do they do? I didn't have a chance to read instructions. Will it help me sleep better or something?"

"Yeah yeah something like that, let's go to sleep now."

After saying that Zoey pressed something on her phone and Chloe started hearing some whispers. She could not hear the full phrases, but she did make out a couple of words: cleanliness, order, submissive. Then she felt really tired. Soon she fell asleep.


Chloe woke up feeling refreshed. She had a wonderful dream where she was a beautiful maid that helped around the house and served her beautiful mistress. The mistress in her dream looked awfully familiar. Honestly it was not surprising after having sex with her gf right before she got to sleep. There was something else that they did yesterday, but she could not remember what, so it must be unimportant.

Zoey already left for her job. So Chloe had the whole house at her disposal. What was she gonna do today? Was she going to clean the house? Yeah, that's a good idea. She felt pleasant thinking about all the places she was going to sweep.

But she needed a uniform, you can't do cleaning without a uniform, right?

After thinking about that she went to the drawer and got a leather maid uniform that Zoey got her on the valentine day. She didn't like it really much and wore it only once, but it seemed to be perfect for the job.

The maid outfit consisted of a leather miniskirt and separate top both decorated with ruffles. Why didn't she like it the first time? This costume is awesome! Oh and last but not least: a buttplug. All the maid cleaning the house has to wear one, right? Luckily Zoey liked to play with that kind of stuff, she was way more kinkier than Chloe. So she went to the drawer where they stored their toys, took the biggest buttplug Zoey had and after some time, tons of lube, some grunts and moans it was in and she was ready for work.


House keeping was relatively boring, plain work: washing windows, cleaning dust, occasional erotic thought about mistress - nothing unusual. After an hour or two of cleaning, while doing the dishes, she froze. Some strange thoughts started coming into her mind. But soon she started to like ideas that came up in her mind. She stopped doing the dishes and went to the bedroom. In the bedroom she took two pairs of leather handcuffs from Zoey drawer. With the first pair she cuffed her legs near her feet, and with the second one she cuffed her arms behind her back over the elbows. She still had an ability to move, but her speed and agility was reduced greatly. With that setup she got her smartphone, shuffled all the way to a big mirror in the living room, then took a photo of herself and sent it to Zoey. I hope the mistress likes it, thought Chloe. She was about to start shuffling to the kitchen for her to continue doing the dishes, but then froze. Pleasant thought of how good of a maid she was and what a great gf she was filled her mind, but that wasn't all, she also started getting aroused. And, by all means, she was already pretty aroused before, but now it was much stronger. Wave after wave pleasant thoughts filled her mind. She started to breathe heavy and sweat. While in that trance she was not moving as if someone ordered her to. Also she was able to look only at herself in the mirror while her mind was being assaulted. After about 20 seconds her legs started to shake and she moaned - she was cumming.

Immediately after her legs stopped shaking as the orgasm ended, Chloe raised her miniskirt, took another photo showing her wet pussy and sent it to Zoey. Then as if nothing strange had happened she quickly shuffled her way to the kitchen to continue cleaning.


Zoey opened the door and was welcomed by a very sexy maid.

The maid was standing in the hallway for about 10 minutes already. Chloe was unable to move, was desperately holding to the ends of her raised mini skirt and was tremblin.

"W-welcome mistress"

"Ahh, you are so cute when you are about to cum! I see that you were a good little maid, but I need to review the results, so we need to turn that mode off."

Zoey pressed something on her phone and Chloe started to realize that what she was doing all day, was not how normal maids operated, but she still was standing in the hallway in a submissive position, with her raised skirt, not being able to move an inch, trembling from waves of sexual pleasure. She was only able to move only her head, which seemed to be free from the frozen state that the rest of her body was in.

"Z-Zoey what is happening to me? Is that the buttplug that I borrowed from you?"

"Oh yeah, I forgot one more thing, let me turn that function off as well."

She user her phone and now Chloe remembered about earbuds that still were in her ears.

"Zoey p-please!"

"Please what?" asked Chloe, simultaneously getting close to Chloe and putting her hand on Chloe's exposed pussy, starting to play with her clit. She was just lightly stroking it, but Zoey started trembling even more.

"T-turn that thing off-f, AND LET ME CUM ALREADY!"

"Chloe, why are you so greedy? I am in a good mood today, so I won't get angry at you, and I even fulfil your request, but only one, choose." With that she started stroking Chloe's clit as fast as she could.


"Good choice, I will even add a little extra and turn off frozen mode".

The release was so sudden and Chloe was so occupied with orgasming her brains out she forgot that her legs were still restrained by leather cuffs, tried making a step back, stumbled and collapsed on the carpet. But that didn't seem to bother her. After some time she stopped spasming, closed her eyes and fell asleep with a big smile on her face.

"Honey we will have so much fun..." Said Zoey, took the cute maid in her arms and carried her to the bedroom.;u=5493

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