I wandered home on cloud 9. Ma'am was amazing, Ma'am was incredible, Ma'am was beautiful. I was going to miss her though, and with no porn or gaming to do it was going to be a long 2 weeks. I guess I could spend more time watching telly or with my mum... or I could immerse myself in my studies. Yep, that was it. Study. That's what she wanted, she wanted me to better myself so that is what I would do. Like most teenagers the future wasn't really that important. I knew I wanted to go to university but more for the experience than the education but it was dawning on me that my education was important. She knew it was and I was realising it too.

At home I was a bit aimless, I did a bit of cleaning and watched a little TV. I went to my room and sat in front of the computer. I was suddenly aware that everything I did here was now being logged. Usually I would be straight to some porn on a Saturday evening but instead I just did some social media stuff, threw out a few "lols" at some posts my friends had posted.

A couple of people were asking me about my birthday as it was 3 weeks away. I replied, no big deal, maybe go into town. Somebody had spotted that a half decent band were playing. Maybe do that, have a few drinks... I was going to be 19 after all. The thing was I'd rather be with her. I had some good mates but at this moment they didn't seem as important to me.

Christ, I was tired. All the excitement was wearing off. I went downstairs, got a beer and watched telly for a while then went to bed. One welt was quite sore but otherwise my arse was OK.

I slept like a baby and as usual woke up with a stiffie. It felt like it might have been there all night and I slipped my hand down and started to stroke.

I sat bolt upright. Hang on, hands off Tom. That's not allowed. I briefly felt annoyed but told myself to stay strong.

Day 1 and I'm struggling. Get a grip. I had some breakfast. It had been agreed by some of my mates that the band and a night out would do. It was a Friday so I would still be able to see Ma'am that weekend.

I turned on the computer and looked at her face. Beautiful yet demanding. I started studying and kept at it until lunchtime. I tried to carry on in the afternoon but I had too much nervous energy to concentrate properly so I decided to go for a run. That would help, burn off some energy and keep fit. When I got home my mum was back. She had had a brilliant time with her friends and I was really pleased for her. She even commented on how clean the house was and I blushed, little did she know!

Later that evening I was back in my room, doing a bit of studying but I was mainly looking at Ma'am in the corner off my screen.

My cock twitched a little and I wished I could access some porn. I wanted to see bound men and latex clad Dommes.

Hang on a second, my phone! Why hadn't that occurred to me? I couldn't put it through my computer to watch on a bigger screen but so what? A small Domme was better than no Domme at all.

I went immediately to my favourite site and found something suitable. It started playing and I began to stiffen. The sub was tied spreadeagled to a bed and the Domme was teasing his nipples and his cock which was in a chastity cage. I could see his flesh bulging through the bars as his cock tried to escape. It looked a bit painful but I found it very erotic. After a minute of so she unlocked him and somehow pulled the cage off him. His cock flopped on to his stomach and quickly hardened. Mine was already very hard. I watched as the Domme slowly ran one finger up and down his cock. It was exactly like what Ma'am had done to me.

What Ma'am had done to me.


My promise, my hand stopped moving. I had promised, I remembered the pride I felt as I said it and the smile she had given me. I hadn't lasted a day, pathetic.

OK, I had stopped. I hadn't cum. I logged out of the site and took a deep breath. This was good, well maybe not good as I had watched some porn but I had realised my mistake. It wasn't a 'good boy' moment but I was learning. She was definitely in my head, the chances that I would ever have stopped in that situation a few weeks ago were zero, but now I had. Rome wasn't built in a day so I gave myself a small internal 'good boy' tucked my cock away and went downstairs feeling pretty good.

I woke up hard again on Monday morning but I ignored it and went off to school. They were ramping up the workload a bit now so I had no problem when I got home in finding things to occupy my time. I even did an hour or so extra. No doubt that the mini Ma'am in the screen corner helped.

Tuesday became Wednesday, I was still keeping busy. I had exchanged a couple of texts and emails with Ma'am but I figured she probably didn't want as much attention as I wanted to give her. She did something in finance, it sounded quite serious so I just replied to whatever she sent and left it there.

I finished earlier than usual on Wednesday. I pottered around on line for a bit. Bored, I stretched in my chair and noticed that I could still feel that big welt. Taking my clothes off I had a look in the mirror. All the other marks had gone but the double hit welt was still visible. A slightly raised horizontal red line across both cheeks. I remembered being bound to the cross and Ma'am Ma'am teasing me.

Sod it I thought and went back to the chair. I propped my phone up against the laptop screen, found what I needed and got down to it. I tried to go slow but all too soon I came. Big load too I thought but then it had been 5 days. I felt a twinge of guilt but not too much. I was an 18 year old boy, you cant expect miracles. After clearing up I aimlessly browsed some more porn on my phone then went to bed.

I got in the habit of masturbating one a day, just once. I rationalised this by firstly saying she would never know and by each day attempting to make it last a bit longer. By next Wednesday I was feeling quite proud, I had managed to last nearly 15 minutes. Hopefully this would pay off when I next saw Ma'am.

Birthday on Friday, Ma'am on Saturday. It was going to be a very good weekend.

I woke on Friday with lots of messages from family and friends, and one from Ma'am. Along with a very cheesy e birthday card she said that she would be back on Saturday. She thought operating power tools with a hangover in the morning probably wasn't a good idea but would I be able to come over in the evening, around 7 o'clock. She wanted to wish me happy birthday and give me a special present. There was a devil emoji and a wink after this.

Wild horses couldn't of stopped me, I told her I would love to come round. I couldn't stop smiling... a special present. My heart raced.

Friday night was great, most of my best mates were there. The band rocked and we all got pretty drunk. I stumbled home at about 1am, got a glass of water and fell into bed.

I woke up at about 10 feeling pretty groggy. Ma'am was right, I would have been useless at hers. But being 18, I mean 19, I recovered quickly and was feeling fine by the afternoon. I couldn't wait to see her. Time seemed to crawl, I did some revision but I'm not sure it was worth it. I told my mum I was popping into the village with some friends, and headed off with a big smile on my face.

I knocked on the door,

"Hey birthday boy! Come in."

She gave me a big hug and a big sloppy kiss.

She was wearing skin tight black leggings and a tight black top, accentuating every curve. We chatted about last night and I asked how her trip went. It was all good, very good. I couldn't take my eyes off her, she was glowing.

"Right then, time for your present I think."

She gave me a deep passionate kiss, laughed and led me by the hand into the dungeon. I was pretty sure my cock was going to rip straight through my jeans.

"Clothes off, and back to the cross baby."

My clothes came off in record time and she deftly secured me.

"He's seems very happy," she purred and gave it a quick squeeze.

She then unfolded a little table and put it in front of me and placed what looked like a cool box next to it. This seemed odd but what did I know I thought.

"Back in a tick." She went up the stairs and came back very quickly with a laptop which she placed on the table. Moving close to me she held my cock very gently and moved it slowly up and down, just an inch or two. It felt so good.

"So I've been watching you boy. You've been doing lots of work these last couple of weeks haven't you?"

"Yes Ma'am, I've received 2 'A's this week."

"I know boy, well done. You never asked me specifically what I do for a living. I'm co owner of a small financial company that specialises in finding fraudulent activities. Not big corporations, just individuals that are ripping their employers off."

Her hand still felt amazing but I wasn't really sure why she was telling me this now. Was my mum secretly a high level fraudster? That seemed incredibly unlikely. Was this some kind of blackmail scam? I couldn't see that either. We didn't have enough money to go to all this trouble.

"That bit of spyware I installed in your computer is state of the art. The analytics it sends back are mind blowing. It can do other things too."

She opened up the laptop, pressed a few buttons and in front of me were exact details of everything I had done since it had been installed. It was as if my computer was in the room. I still had no idea where this was going but I couldn't see where my special present was coming from.

"That's very impressive Ma'am" was all I could say, and to be fair it was.

She came back to me, smiled and resumed her gentle ministrations.

"As I said it can do other things. Remember that photo I sent you to download? There was a reason for that. When you plugged your phone in to the computer it immediately downloaded a programme into that too."

Ah, I thought, I can see a problem here.

She smiled again,

" I think the penny has dropped... I have been able to see everything that you have been doing on your phone too."

I opened my mouth, I'm not sure what I was going to say but she stopped me.

"Don't bother boy. Phones are quite well encrypted these days so I couldn't get access to your camera or microphone. However I do have access to them on your computer. Your laptop webcam has basically been on 24/7 for the last couple of weeks."

She went back to her laptop, clicked a few more buttons and stepped back.

"It really was good of you to rest your phone on the laptop."

I watched in horror as short video clips showed me masturbating away, day after day. I watched myself cum and clean it up. I even watched myself scoop some of it up and eat it.

I stood there, bound, shocked as clip after clip played. Oh shit. This was bad, this was so bad. I was genuinely scared now, sweating and breathing hard.

"Words can't really describe how disappointed I am boy. But I expected it really. I knew it was too much to ask but I had hoped that maybe, just maybe, you were going to surprise me."

My cock had shrunk back to it's flaccid state with the fear, but Ma'am's words hit me like a hammer. I had been given this amazing opportunity to be with a truly incredible woman and I had totally and utterly fucked it up. I could feel tears welling up. What an idiot, what an absolute moron I was.

She shut the laptop and stood in front of me and just stared.

I broke and started babbling out nonsense, anything that would maybe help. I was sorry, I could change, give me another chance and god knows what else.

She just watched impassively until my ramble came to an incoherent finish.

"What am I to do with you boy? I am tempted to just be done with you and never see you again. I am also tempted to damage you so badly that I'll have to call an ambulance to get you out of here."

She left that one hanging in the air. My fear returned in spades. She could do anything she wanted to me right now and there wasn't a damn thing I could do to stop her.

"However, I have seen a noticeable improvement in you in a lot of ways. I can also see a lot of potential, both in you and in us."

OK I thought, maybe I will get out of this alive. Maybe I'll even get out of this and still have some kind of relationship.

"Stop shaking boy, I'm not going to hurt you, well not much anyway and I do want to keep seeing you but there have to be some major changes from you."

"Yes Ma'am, thank you Ma'am. I'm so grateful and so so sorry Ma'am.

"I know you are boy. I know how much this means to you. Do you want your present?"

I was hardly in a position to say no but this was a surprise change of direction again.

"Err yes. Yes thank you Ma'am"

She collected a small black box from upstairs and put it on the table. There was a pause,

"Guess I will have to open it for you. Any ideas?"

I haven't got a clue Ma'am." I honestly replied.

She picked the box up and opened the lid. Inside was a black velvet bag.

Jewellery I thought? Surely not.

She gently teased the cord holding the bag closed, put her hand inside...

"Ready?" She said.

"Yes Ma'am," and from inside the bag she brought out a beautiful polished metal chastity device. She placed it on her palm and lifted it up for me to see better.

"Beautiful isn't it? Hand made by a specialist."

It was indeed beautiful. I had seen chastity devices before, even browsed Ebay a few times wondering about them but in comparison to this they were cheap and nasty looking things. It almost seemed to glow under the spotlight. The base ring was thicker than most I had seen, probably three quarters of an inch deep with a slight curve to it. The cage was a series of bars with cross bars for strength. It had an integrated lock too, that again looked slightly bigger than previous ones I'd looked at.

"It is a work of art Ma'am"

My cock had ironically sprang back to life despite my realisation that I was almost certainly soon to wearing something that was designed to stop exactly that.

"Now that is exactly the reaction I had hoped for boy. I had noted that quite a few of your videos featured chaste men. Obviously in those videos the men get released and usually have an orgasm. But as I've said before most porn is made from the male perspective."

She let that sink in while holding the device in front of me. It was both sexy and scary. I had read about chastity but I knew that actually experiencing it would be a completely different story.

"Let me tell you about this cage," she said,

"It's made from a steel chromium alloy, one of the strongest metals in existence. An angle grinder wouldn't even touch it, assuming you were daft enough to try. The bars are connected seamlessly so there are no little burrs or sharp edges. You might have noticed that the integrated lock is a bit bigger than usual. The lock and the casing, which completely covers the lock are both made from the same alloy. When locked no part of the mechanism is exposed and there is a small screw in plug with rubber flanges that forms an air and water tight seal so the lock will stay in pristine condition. The lock is custom made by one of the worlds top manufacturers. There are probably fewer than 10 people in the world who could pick it.

I've been in discussion with the manufacturer and showed him photos of you. There is a camera in here too by the way, and he is sure that this will fit perfectly. He always errs on the side of too small just to be on the safe side."

This talk wasn't softening my cock at all, quite the opposite if anything. Ma'am was clearly very pleased by that.

"Good boy, well your cock had made a clear choice. He wants it a lot. But how about you boy? Before you decide let me say a few things. Firstly, you have clearly proven over the last 2 weeks that you can not be trusted to control your urges. Don't worry, few men can. But your urges and desires have made you lie and cheat. That is unacceptable. Secondly, you clearly have a big chastity fantasy. It's in your psyche to want to be controlled and nothing is more powerful than wanting your manhood, the very essence of what makes you a man to be taken from you. Thirdly, this is pretty much a deal breaker. If you don't want to try then I will let you go right now and you walk away. No hard feelings either way but we both know that there is a lot of potential here. Lastly I have to warn you. This isn't a 10 minute video. This will be very real. It doesn't come off every day for an orgasm. I will unlock it when I want, I will lock it when I want, and what happens when it's unlocked is entirely up to me. I want total and unlimited control over your cock and your orgasms."

In my psyche? She was right. My cock was still at full erection. I would agree to anything right now.

"I'm going upstairs for 10 minutes. You will give me your decision when I get back."

I was left there, strapped immobile to the cross, cock helplessly bobbing away looking at the beautiful device on the table.

I took a moment, she always told me to relax and breathe so I did. This was serious. I had put myself in this predicament by my own hand, literally as it turned out. I had lied and cheated just for a few cheap thrills. I trusted her. She knew I was submissive, I had always suspected but had never really had to confront it until now. It occurred to me that chastity was always probably going to have been part of our relationship in the future, but that I had forced her hand. Had I done it deliberately, or through my subconscious? That was way too deep for me to consider. Maybe I would bring it up with her at some time in the future. The future kept coming into my mind. I wanted it to have her in it. I needed her in my life for so many reasons.

Decision made. I relaxed a little and waited.

Down she came. She stood directly in front of me and put her hand on my chest.

"Have you made your choice Tom?"

"Yes Ma'am, I have."

I knew what was expected.

"Ma'am. Please lock me in chastity. I want you to have complete control over my cock and my orgasms. I willingly give you my cock Ma'am."

She kept her hand on my chest. I knew she could feel my heart thumping away.

"Are you certain?"

"I am Ma'am.I trust you completely. I beg you to take my manhood."

She smiled and took a breath.

"I will my boy. Thank you, thank you so much. This isn't a very dominant thing to say but I demand honesty from you, and I will give you honesty in return. I was climbing the walls up there. I was worried I had gone too far, worried you would be too scared and run. But I trusted my instincts and I was right to.

"Right then, let's sort this big boy out."

Her hand slid down my chest and gripped my rigid member. She massaged it gently at first, right down at the base. Watching carefully she modulated her speed, feeling the pulses in my shaft. Moving to my head she deftly slid my foreskin down and let her finger tips graze across my sensitive knob. She licked her fingers, wrapped them around me and pumped slowly back a forth. I was in heaven. All my thoughts were centered on the amazing sensations she was creating. I closed my eyes and let the feelings engulf me. It was building, it was coming. I was moaning softly, and barely registered a little noise in the background. Oh yeah, oh yeah...

Suddenly my cock was gripped by something freezing cold. I cried out, what was happening? My eyes flew open and I saw that with her other hand she had reached down, opened the cool box I had seen earlier and had wrapped my cock up tightly in a freezing cold towel.

"Ahhh nooo!' I cried out, "Ma'am, please no."

She just smiled, a different smile, a wicked smile. It was the physical equivalent of that tone of voice I had heard a few times. This was her as a Domme.

"Ah Ma'am, please Ma'am"

She laughed and said,

"Have I punished you for lying to me and cheating yet?"











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