This is a true story... with just names and a few other details changed for privacy reasons.

Sadie was my fuck-buddy. A friend with benefits, if you like.

But with Sadie, it wasn't just about sex. She was lovely, quite tall at about 5' 9", with curly dark blonde hair which reached her shoulders. I guess she was about 38 or 40 years old, but her face was still attractive, with green eyes and a lovely smile. Her figure was delightful, fairly slim, but with enough flesh to make her feel like a proper woman. Her boobs weren't huge, maybe a B or C cup; just a nice handful.

She had lovely long legs, which tapered perfectly to her peachy bottom, and she maintained a very light spray tan, especially during the winter, which gave her a sun-kissed look. The first time I met her, she was wearing a short blue summer dress and heels - and looked stunning in a wonderful 'girl next door' way. She was also intelligent and could hold a conversation on most subjects.

I'd found Sadie on the internet and was intrigued by her profile, which listed, amongst other things, Watersports; Anal; Anal Play and Fisting. She was divorced and was at a stage in her life where she didn't want a relationship, just No Strings fun with whoever she wanted to play with.

After a bit of chatting and a cup of tea, we agreed that we both fancied each other and decided to head upstairs. I followed her up the stairs and was treated to an enticing view of her lovely legs and shapely behind.

Once in her bedroom, Sadie quickly slipped off her dress, revealing matching fuchsia bra and panties. In a few moments, we were both naked... her perfect, so-suckable nipples were revealed and I admired her beautiful, hairless vagina.

I commented on how incredibly smooth her pussy was - not a trace of hair or stubble. She explained that she'd had it lasered and that the hair would never grow back. I loved it and soon had my face buried in it and made her cum a couple of times. I soon discovered that she delighted in having her butt hole licked, my tongue worming around inside her tight little opening.

Then she pushed me over onto my back, took my cock into her mouth and proceeded to expertly suck it, long and hard, till it went down her throat. Without a hint of gagging, she plunged her head up and down and she insinuated a finger into my asshole. But she clearly didn't want our session to end abruptly, and after releasing my cock from her lips, she moved up my body and straddled me.

Lifting her body slightly, she took hold of my cock and rubbed it up and down between her pussy lips, coating it in her slippery juices. Then she gently squeezed her body down, and a second later, I was buried deep inside her, my cock engulfed in delicious, slippery wet warmth.

She began a gentle rise and fall and placed her fingers onto her clit, rotating them in small circles, throwing her head back as she delighted in the pleasure. There was little else I could do, except tweak and tease her swollen nipples as she worked her pelvis back and forth.

Then she leaned back... and slid her four fingers into her vacant pussy hole!! It was at that instant, that I realised she had fed my cock straight up her asshole! It had gone in with so little resistance, that I wasn't even aware which hole I was in.

The dawning of this realisation, which was a huge mental turn-on, coupled with the amazing sensations she was evoking as she milked my cock, soon became too much. Before long, I reared up and was pumping great jets of thick spunk deep into her rectum. She clearly orgasmed at the same time, with a look of utter bliss on her face.

Sadie was, without doubt, the sexiest woman I'd ever met. Her skills and techniques were beyond compare and we met numerous times and explored everything and anything. She was totally open and would discuss any aspect of sex without a hint of shyness or embarrassment. One day, I was fucking her in a missionary position, when she reached behind me and shoved a big vibrator up my ass. That was typical of her fun-loving approach to sex. I think there was only one occasion when she was at all reticent. I wanted to fuck her butt, but she refused, saying she hadn't managed to poop and didn't want me to meet traffic coming the other way.

Another time, we had spent some time pleasuring each other - massaging, licking, sucking and generally enjoying each other's body. I asked her about the 'fisting' thing she'd mentioned on her profile. The thing was, other women I'd met who mentioned this, actually meant 'fingering', not fisting. Any attempt to get more than 3 or 4 fingers inside their pussy was refused.

Sadie explained that she could indeed take a whole hand inside her pussy. She fetched some special water-based lube from the bedside cupboard and instructed me to smear it generously over my hand and her pussy. Then she said to start off with two or three fingers and gradually work up.

She settled on her back with her legs parted and knees slightly bent, so as to open her pelvis. I bunched three fingers together and, helped by the slippery lube, they easily disappeared right inside her. I worked them in and out and started to spread my fingers apart, to help open her up.

'More!' she said, clearly enjoying this. I tucked my little finger beside the others and pushed them inside. In they went, right to the knuckles, where my hand widened so much.

It seemed as though I had reached the limit of her pussy's ability to open up, but I continued twisting and pushing. I turned my hand palm up and concentrated on massaging her G-spot with every thrust, but her opening was unrelenting, not allowing my knuckles to pass the circle of sinew. I removed my fingers, then slathered a fresh quantity of lube all over my hand. With the four fingers forming an arrow shape and my thumb tucked underneath, I pushed them in, right up to the knuckles, but there was still resistance at her opening.

'Go for it, you won't hurt me!' she panted, and shifted her hips slightly, to open her pelvis even more.

I pushed forcefully and suddenly, my hand surged forward, the knuckles went through and - my entire hand was buried in her pussy!

I felt her ring of muscles clamp around my wrist and for a moment, was afraid that I might not be able to get my hand back out again! Sadie put her hand on my wrist, indicating to me to stop for a second, to allow her over-stretched pussy to accustom to the massive intruder. I was in awe... I could move my fingers around inside her pussy, feeling the wonderful ribbed texture of her vaginal walls.

Rotating my hand and easing it back and forth with a slow pumping movement, caused her to gasp; she was clearly enjoying this.

I was delighting in exploring her insides and was able to locate the opening of her cervix with my middle finger, which I rubbed around the entrance to her innermost sanctum. I briefly wondered if it would be possible to get a finger right in there.

I started a more adventurous pumping action, withdrawing my hand to where the knuckles hit the tightness of her opening, then back into the depths again. I used my other hand to squirt more lube onto her pussy and my wrist and after a while, I was able to repeatedly pull my hand right out and push it back in again. I was moving my hand in and out like a piston, causing Sadie to thrash about in ecstasy. She was repeatedly grabbing and clawing at the sheets.

Then with my hand fully embedded inside her and her pussy clamped around my wrist, I very gently bent my fingers, feeling them grate against her ribbed vaginal walls. I was so pleased I had carefully trimmed and filed my fingernails. They suddenly slipped past the fleshy wall and my hand formed into a fist. I couldn't believe it... my fist must be at least four inches across and nearly the same depth! Yet she was taking it - and clearly loving it!

I started a pumping action, pulling out as far as I could, then pushing forward, so my fist was gently punching her cervix. I pumped faster and harder, her greedy cunt dominated by my arm, buried so deep inside her.

Sadie was panting in shallow breaths. Suddenly, she went rigid and arched her back, lifting her hips clean off the bed. She stayed like that for some moments as her body spasmed and convulsed. I felt her muscles constrict round my wrist and honestly thought it was going to snap under the pressure. She finally lowered herself back down, panting heavily and started to drift back to consciousness. I carefully straightened my fingers to unfurl my fist and then started to pull back, applying a reverse pressure on her entrance. Her muscles relaxed for a moment and my hand slid out.

I was amazed to see my fingers covered in a thick, white sticky cream. When I opened my fingers, I was fascinated to see that it hung in webs between my digits, a lot like semen, but even thicker. Never having seen anything like it before, I showed her, playing with it between my fingers. I lifted my fingers to my nose, taking in the erotic scent. Licking my fingers, I tasted her cum, pulled out from her very depths.

I was so turned on by this whole experience, which was totally new to me. I needed to shoot my load, and as if reading my mind, Sadie said, 'Even after that, your cock will still feel good inside me. My muscles just snap back to normal in a few moments.'

And she was right. A few moments later, I had my rigid prick buried in her wanton pussy - and it felt as good as ever!

The next time I saw Sadie, I resolved to broach something with her. I had seen this porno, where two lesbians were playing outdoors. One was seated naked on the tailgate of an estate car, with her legs wide apart. The other was laying on her back on the ground and was rubbing her foot over the other one's pussy. After a while, she succeeded in squeezing her whole foot into her cunt, almost up to the heel.

I told Sadie that I'd love to try this. She it was an erotic idea, but was very doubtful to start with, and said my foot would be way too big. But then I showed her the size of my foot, compared to my hand and fist and agreed that it really wasn't any bigger. So she agreed to give it a go.

We started off much as we had before... lots of lube, a few fingers to start with, then gradually working up to my whole hand going inside. But this time, I didn't make a fist; I just wanted to get her pussy ready for the main event. When my hand was sliding in and out quite freely, I judged she was ready.

I turned round on the bed and after covering my foot with lube, positioned my toes in her slit. Sadie giggled when I wriggled them about, then I bunched my toes and pressed them forward into her slippery hole. Her pussy soon opened up again and my foot slid forward into her depths. Moments later, it was embedded deep inside her, with her pussy lips almost around my ankle. My big toe was pressing against her cervix and I found I could wiggle my toes around inside her, much to Sadie's delight!

Once she had accustomed to the intrusion, she began to really get into it and was humping her hips back against me. Each time I pushed home, I pressed a little harder, stretching her cunt obscenely as it took more in. I was able to maintain a rhythmic thrusting action until she had another ecstatic orgasm. Once it had finally subsided, I gently eased my foot out of her abused vagina, followed by a flood of juices which soaked the sheets.

'Well,' Sadie said, when she'd finally recovered her breath. 'That was a first for me. There aren't many things I haven't done, but that was something quite different. I loved it.'

Needless to say, I was still as horny as hell, so turned her over and slid my throbbing cock straight into her ass, then pounded her until I shot my load deep into her rectum.

Sadly, Sadie moved away to another country, so we lost contact. But I often look back on our escapades with fond memories and realise that I miss her a lot. Truly the best sex of my life.


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