Ellen woke up bleary eyed, a look at her phone told her it was just after 9am on Sunday. The bright sunlight shining through the curtains was dulled but still made the room quite well lit. She contemplated pulling the covers over her head and going back to sleep but decided she didn't want to risk losing most of what looked to be a beautiful day to sleep.

Despite having a late night out with her friends and having had a few drinks Ellen was feeling pretty good. She stretched and yawned before getting out of bed. Ellen went over to the curtains and pulled them open, flinching slightly as the unfiltered light poured in. The sky was a bright blue with no clouds in sight making Ellen contemplate how she should spend the day. To her it looked like it might be a perfect day to go to the beach. Just as the logistics of her plans were running through her head her stomach rumbled and the need for coffee and something to eat asserted itself over any plans she was making for the day.

Ellen checked how she looked in the mirror on her dresser to make sure her appearance wouldn't give anyone a fright or worse, an opportunity to tease her. Her dark brown shoulder length hair was tousled but nowhere near the Bride of Frankenstein's hair level of disaster. Her hazel eyes were clear and her face looked fresh. She was glad that she hadn't gotten absolutely wasted the night before or she probably would have been paying for it this morning. Her face was quite pale but that would be fixed by a bit of time lying on the beach out in the sun.

Satisfied with her appearance Ellen left her bedroom to get some breakfast. She didn't bother to change her clothes, the oversized t-shirt she wore as a bed-shirt was sufficiently long enough to cover her underwear and prevent any inadvertent flashing. She also didn't feel the need to put a bra on as her smaller sized breasts wouldn't move around too much to attract attention from her parents.

Walking down the hallway to the kitchen Ellen noted that the house was very quiet, normally there would be music playing or the sound of something from the television. Passing the living room there wasn't any sign of anyone. While her older sister Stacey usually stayed over at her boyfriend's house on a Saturday night, her parents were almost never out of the house this early on a Sunday morning. Entering the kitchen Ellen saw a note on the counter along with some money. The note told her that her parents had gone out on a day trip with their neighbours, the Atkins and they wouldn't be home until late. The money was for Ellen and her sister to get some pizza or some other fast food for dinner.

After reading the note Ellen went to the garage to check which vehicle her parents had taken. Opening the door to the garage she saw that her father's truck was still there and then sighed with disappointment. Her father didn't like anyone else driving the truck so he kept the keys on him at all times. If Ellen wanted to go to the beach she would have to get one of her friends to drive.

Ellen made some coffee and toast and then called up each of her friends to see if they were up for a day at the beach. Unfortunately most of them had been drinking pretty heavily last night and were in no condition to leave their houses. Her friends Brooke and Maria were the only ones that had been like her and not gone overboard with drinking but that was because they had already made plans for today. Brooke asked if Ellen wanted to join them and their boyfriends in playing some mini golf but she declined, not wanting to be a fifth wheel.

At this moment Ellen wished she had a boyfriend herself, someone to take her places and to spend time with her. But she didn't have a boyfriend and knew that she wasn't interested in the give and take that a proper relationship would involve.

Ellen slumped against the kitchen counter feeling defeated, despite the good weather it looked like she might be stuck at home. Giving her head a shake, she decided to take a shower and see if she could come up with something to do.

Stepping out of the shower Ellen studied her reflection as she dried herself. After coming out of winter she hadn't spent much time out in the sun and so her body was the same pale white all over. Once she had thoroughly towelled over her chest she looked at it critically, she often wished that her breasts were larger, but right now standing there examining her naked body she was able to appreciate how well they suited her slim frame. Her light brown nipples stood out in stark contrast to the pale flesh of her breasts.

Shifting her gaze downwards she smiled at the sight of her toned stomach, turning to the side to see her profile she was pleased with how flat it was. With a slight waist and only a minimal flare to her hips she had quite an athletic figure. Ellen turned her body back to face the mirror and she focused on the well maintained patch of dark brown pubic hair at the top of her pussy. She brushed a hand against the soft hair on her mound, it was still short enough that it didn't need trimming just yet. Turning side on again Ellen frowned as her gaze went to the only part of her body that she was really dissatisfied with. Her backside was small, keeping in line with the rest of her body. While her ass was firm and had a nice roundness, to Ellen's mind it looked small and flat making her look like a teenage boy. In fact back in high school at one time she had really short hair and she had been occasionally mistaken for a boy by people behind her. The experience had made her vow to never cut her hair short again. Ellen was somewhat envious of some of her friends who had more fuller figures and breasts, they in turn told her that they would rather be slim like her.

Not lingering on the perceived flaws of her body Ellen ran her hands from her hips down the sides of her legs. As she had shaved them yesterday before going out they were still smooth to her touch. Giving herself another quick look over she found that overall she looked pretty good. Ellen went to the gym at university often and while she had always been slim her workouts had given her a more toned appearance.

Ellen put on some casual shorts and a t-shirt and lay on her bed to think of what she could do. Without a car of her own she would have to take public transport to get around. That would prevent her from going shopping as she really didn't like having to carry around a bunch of bags. She also considered seeing a movie but there wasn't anything she really wanted to see.

Thinking of the clear blue sky Ellen wanted to be outside and spend some time in the sun. Since she wasn't able to go to the beach maybe she could settle for the next best thing. The Atkins had a pool and a hot tub, Ellen could always go for a swim.

Since her family was close friends with the Atkins they were happy for her to come over and use their pool. They unfortunately didn't have any chairs that she could use to lie down on and sunbathe for a bit. That however made her think, she could do some sunbathing in her backyard and then go next door for a swim. Her only concern was the potential for the other neighbours to watch her sunbathe. None of the houses surrounding her home were two storeys so there wasn't any possibility of someone looking down into the backyard and watching her but that didn't mean that she still couldn't be seen.

Besides the Atkins, Ellen didn't really know the neighbours. She had seen the other next-door neighbours every now and then when her coming and goings coincided with theirs. She would say hi or wave to them but that was the extent of their interaction.

Of the houses at the back of hers, Ellen had never met or seen who lived there. Sometimes when she was out in the backyard she could hear people talking but she had never seen anyone in person. Ellen had no idea if any of the other neighbours might be at home and could see her sunbathing.

When she stepped out onto the back porch Ellen looked toward the surrounding houses to check whether anyone would be able to see her lying out on the grass. From what she could see the fences would be high enough to block the view of the houses at the back of the yard. When she turned toward the next door neighbours house she couldn't see any of their windows and so figured that they wouldn't be able to see into the backyard.

Convinced that she would have enough privacy Ellen went back into the house to change. Currently Ellen had only two swimsuits, a one piece for when she actually wanted to swim and a bikini for casual fun. After putting on the bikini she put her hair up in a high ponytail to keep it out of the way.

Ellen went out into the backyard again with a beach towel and picked out a spot on the grass that was in direct sunlight and was somewhat close to the house. She knelt down on the spot and looked around at the surrounding houses again. When she was satisfied that she wouldn't be able to be seen from the surrounding houses, she laid the beach towel out onto the grass. She then went back inside to grab a few other things including a book, her phone, sunglasses, a bottle of water and importantly some sunscreen.

While she wanted to get a bit more colour, she didn't want to get cooked so she liberally applied sunscreen all over her uncovered skin. Her back was a little tricky but she was eventually satisfied that she got sunscreen everywhere she needed it. Once that was done she lay down on her stomach, feeling more comfortable with starting with her back facing up.

Immediately Ellen reached behind her back to undo the clasp of her top. She then pulled the straps off her shoulders and took her arms out of the loops. Once she was free from the top she pulled it out from underneath her and set it by the other items she had brought out. Being topless like this didn't bother her, she and her friends had done this at the beach often enough. While there was a sense of strangeness at being topless in the backyard of her home Ellen reminded herself it was far more private than the beach.

The only problem now was her bikini bottoms, she wanted to minimise her tan lines as much as possible but her bikini covered a lot of her butt cheeks. Ordinarily she was happy with the coverage it gave her but it wasn't ideal for sunbathing.

She pulled the material covering her ass up higher, giving herself a slight wedgie in the process. Ellen sighed, having her bikini like this was uncomfortable and she would still end up with tanlines, it would be better if she could just take them off. The thought came to Ellen immediately, if no one could see her, was there any reason she couldn't take her bikini bottoms off completely?

There was a spike of tension in her stomach, with her top already off if she did remove the bikini bottoms she would be fully naked. Getting naked in the backyard seemed a bit too much but she told herself again it wasn't like she was in the line of sight of any of the neighbours' houses. In order for someone to see her they would need to come right up to the fence and peer over it. That wasn't out of the question but it was very unlikely to happen. If Ellen wanted to avoid tan lines this was her best opportunity. The tension in her stomach turned into a kind of nervous excitement as she convinced herself that it would be fine. Even if someone did peek over the fence, due to her lying on her stomach they wouldn't see much more than they could already.

Before she could chicken out Ellen hooked her thumbs under the waistband of her bikini and lifted her hips off the ground before pushing the bikini down off her ass. She got the bikini to below her butt cheeks so that it was sitting in the crease where her butt met her thighs. It was a lot more comfortable without her bikini wedged in her crack. She lay there like that for a moment listening out for anyone who might be nearby.

Not hearing anything, Ellen lifted her butt and brought her knees forward. She was aware that with her head down and ass up she was exposing more of her body but accepted that it would only be for a moment. Reaching back she pulled the bottoms down her thighs. Once her bikini bottoms were around her knees she lowered herself so that she was lying flat again. Wriggling her legs up and down, she was able to get the bikini bottoms to gradually slide to her ankles, she then lifted her feet and bent her legs so that her ankles were by her butt, close enough for her to reach back and pull the bikini bottoms from her feet before putting them with her top. Ellen felt a slight thrill of excitement about being naked, she couldn't believe that she had actually fully stripped down in her backyard.

On a whim she grabbed her phone and took a photo herself, making sure that the picture captured a view of her bare ass behind her. She had absolutely no intention of posting it on the internet or sending it to anyone, she just wanted something to remind her of how daring she had been. She then set a timer on her phone to tell her when she should turn over.

It occurred to Ellen that she now had skin exposed that had not been covered in sunscreen. The last thing she wanted was to get sunburn on the parts of her ass that would be coming into constant contact with clothing or would get irritated every time she sat down. She reached over for the tube of sunscreen and put a good sized blob on the palm of one hand before rubbing her hands together to transfer some of the sunscreen. Reaching back, Ellen started at the top of her ass and then gave her cheeks a good going over before sliding her hands in between them. It felt naughty to be touching herself like this out in the open and that feeling only increased when her fingers grazed her butthole and the bottom of her pussy. A tingle went up her spine and when she touched them again she told herself she was just being thorough with applying the sunscreen. With her back now properly coated in sunscreen Ellen picked up her book to read as she soaked up some sunshine.

At first Ellen kept her legs together to maintain some semblance of modesty but then she realised that she might end up with rather odd tan lines on the inside of her legs. She separated her legs a fraction at a time until her feet were about shoulder's width apart. She was overly aware that her pussy was now exposed though anyone in the position to be able to see it would probably need binoculars to get a proper look.

Feeling exposed, Ellen's body was tense as if she was preparing to cover herself at any moment. Eventually Ellen relaxed and let herself enjoy the warmth of lying out in the sun while she read her book. While she knew that wearing a bikini didn't provide much more cover, being naked felt more freeing. Ellen considered that feeling that way was probably also due to the comfort of not having people around looking at her.

After what seemed like a short while Ellen's focus on her book was broken by the alarm on her phone ringing to tell her that it was time to turn over. She was a little hesitant, she had never even gone frontside up topless at the beach and now she was about to have her tits and pussy out in the open. She reassured herself that there hadn't been any sign of people in the neighbouring yards so she thought it was probably safe.

Ellen took a quick look around to confirm that no one was around before she turned herself over on the towel. It was unreal looking down and seeing her bare breasts and her bush out in the sun like this. She reached for her phone again and took a photo of her point of view. It was a good photo but Ellen thought her breasts looked too flat and wanted another photo that was more flattering to her chest. Turning to lie on her side Ellen was happier with how her breasts looked and took another photo, this time including her face in the picture.

When she put her phone back down she grabbed the sunscreen. With a playful smile on her face Ellen held the tube above her breasts and squirted some sunscreen across her chest. Seeing the white cream splatter over her tits gave her chuckle and she felt compelled to take another photo before she began to rub the sunscreen into her skin.

Using her fingers Ellen spread the sunscreen out over her breasts before progressing to using the whole of her hands to thoroughly massage the sunscreen in. She kneaded and pushed her breasts together then pressed her thumbs against her nipples just to make sure they were covered too. Her touch caused her nipples to harden and she felt a faint flush of heat spread through her body. Ellen stopped her hands and moved them away. While she had to acknowledge that there was a part of this she found sexually exciting she scolded herself for giving into that feeling. A moment later Ellen felt she had herself back under control and she could continue applying sunscreen to her body.

However the massage of her breasts had her more worked up than she wanted to admit. After putting some more sunscreen on her hands she began to rub it on the parts of her hips and pelvis that had previously been covered. When her fingers reached her pubic hair Ellen had to stop herself from lifting her pelvis to press back against her hand. She was embarrassed by how her breathing was getting heavier and how much she was being affected by relatively innocent touching. Ellen was a little concerned about what she might do the closer she got to touching her pussy.

Biting her lip Ellen moved her hands down to her thighs and applied some sunscreen to the soft silky skin of her upper thighs. Her fingers then slid up and down the sensitive skin of her crotch, tantalisingly close to her pussy. When she had worked the sunscreen in she paused, thinking that she could stop now, most of her skin had been protected and it wasn't like she was going to be sunbathing that long. However, there was an insistent voice in her mind that asked whether she really wanted to risk a sunburnt pussy. It seemed unlikely but the possibility was enough that she bit the bullet, put a little more sunscreen on her hands and quickly ran her hands over the outer lips of her pussy. The pressure of her fingers was quite pleasurable and she could feel her body reacting to her touch. After making sure the sunscreen had been worked into her skin properly Ellen fought the urge to run a finger through her pussy. She was sure that if she did she would find herself wet and end up masturbating out here in the open.

Ellen was self conscious about how heavy she was breathing and felt like people would be able to hear her and know what she was doing. She focused her attention on her surroundings and tried to listen out for signals of other people. There was still no hint of anyone being around but she became painfully aware of just how loud her breathing was.

Looking to calm herself she stretched out with her arms above her head and closed her eyes. Blocking out everything but the feel of the sun on her skin Ellen was able to control her breathing. Enjoying the feeling of freedom from lying out naked in the sun Ellen was able to relax, her arousal waned and was forgotten.

Unfortunately it wasn't too long until the warmth of the sun began to get to Ellen and make her a little lightheaded. She drank some water and figured it would be a good idea to go for a swim and cool down.

With a touch of disappointment Ellen put her bikini back on before picking up everything she had brought outside and taking it back inside the house. She thought about putting on some flip flops to walk over to the Atkins' pool but it was a short walk that was mostly on grass so she didn't bother. With the towel and her phone in hand, Ellen went from the backyard up the side of the house and used the side gate to get to the front of the house.

Out the front Ellen saw that the street was quiet, there wasn't anyone else in sight. As she walked around the fence separating her front yard from the Atkins' she looked over to the neighbours on the other side of her house. Neither of their cars were in the driveway but they could just be parked inside their garage.











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