"I, I, I don't.." I stammer and he cuts me off.

"Come here Nicolette." I'm frozen. "NOW you little bitch!" I take a couple of steps and he leans forward and grabs my arm and roughly pulls me into him. Next thing I knew he was giving me a deep kiss, his short beard rough against my face. I could feel his dick pressing into me. He wrapped his arms around me, the cold from the beer bottle he still held against my back made me jump, he was holding my arms at my sides as he kissed, licked and slightly bit my lips. I couldn't decide if I should struggle or fall into him. I'd never had someone kiss me with such veracity but it felt wrong on so many levels.

He stopped abruptly and issued a small but stinging slap to my face and grabbed my cheeks. "Do you think I'm not gonna get what the fuck I want?" I was bewildered. "You're back up to owing $300 young lady. I call your parents or this, your choice!"

"I, I, I'm sorry. This is just. I didn't think this is how I'd be spending my afternoon!" I searched for the right words. I was so nervous but could feel the mounting desire for him growing rapidly.

I looked at him; he was olive complected, decent build, a bit of a stomach from too much beer and salt & pepper hair, I had to do what he said. I wanted to do what he said. I was his for the afternoon, I might as well enjoy it. I looked up at him, and he let go of my face, I pressed my body softly against his, wrapped one arm around his neck and quietly said "I choose you Mr. Wilson." That devilish grin crept across his face and he kissed me hard. This time I kissed back, his tongue invaded my mouth hard and I felt him reach down and grab my ass cheek and squeeze it. He dropped his beer on the floor in favor of grabbing the other cheek, as I encircled the other arm around his neck. His thick cock almost hurt as it pressed into my lower stomach.

His kisses and licks went down my neck and quickly his mouth landed on my right breast and into his mouth my hardened nipple went. He was rough, biting, seemingly chewing on my soft pink flesh. I yelped and he looked up at me, mouth still on my nipple and bit down hard then simultaneously sucking. I suppressed the urge to cry out in pain and instead put my arms around his head and moaned. I could hear a slight muffled laugh as he busied himself with my left breast. Biting and sucking so hard, small purple bruises and bite marks were already visible. I watched in awe as the pain he delivered turned into pleasure I didn't know possible.

He licks and kisses and nibbles back up to my face and we begin to kiss roughly again. He stops, pulls off his shirt, exposes a hairier chest than I had ever seen in my life. Dark tight black curls with the occasional gray. He shimmied off the work pants entirely and there we both were. Naked in his garage. I had a feeling what was coming next but then he walked away to the garage fridge, got another beer out, and began sipping it as he leaned against the fridge door, about 8 or 9 feet from where I was. He stroked his cock.

"Drop to your knees and crawl to this cock." He commanded. I knew not to have him ask twice, so I dropped to my knees to crawl across a garage floor, nude, to a man I had known my whole life, inevitably to suck his dick. The cool concrete was smoother than I thought it would be, but it still ended up leaving small scrapes. When I arrived at his feet, I sat back on my knees and was face to face with a cock that seemed as big around as a large Red Bull can. "Open wide Nicolette." He smiled and I obliged as he shoved his dick into my waiting mouth. I sucked furiously, trying to keep up as he mouthfucked me, taking his free hand and shoving me all the way down, his balls resting against my chin, the hair scratching at my face. I gag repeatedly but I keep sucking as his moans of approval get louder "You like my nuts on your chin? How about in your mouth?" He takes a gulp of his beer and with his free hand lifts his cock up, wet with my saliva, and slowly strokes it and nods slightly. I lean forward, cup his sack in my hand and begin to suck and lick. I feel small pubic hairs in my mouth but keep going. "Look up at me." He is watching me intently as I lock eyes with him, every few moments taking his dick and smacking me in the face with it as I tend to his sweaty, slightly unkempt balls. He takes swigs of beer and spits them in long streams like a fountain onto my back, it runs down my asscrack and pools beneath me, mixing with the spit that has run down my body and the juice from my pussy that is inexplicably leaking from me.

Mr. Wilson decided he wanted his cock back in my mouth, so he shoved it in, I gripped the base tightly and began to move it up and down with my mouth like I had seen on a porn once. Long strings of spittle hung from my mouth to dick when I came up for air. He liked it. "Goddamn that mouth feels fucking good Nicolette." I kept going, tasting his precum, thinking about all that white ooze that would soon coat my throat. He grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled me off his cock and onto my feet. "When someone gives you a compliment, what do you say?" He was serious.

"Thank you Mr. Wilson." I smiled and licked the corners of my mouth. He grinned and made an approving growl and kissed me hard.

"Now you're back down to $250." He said matter of factly. All that for $50 I thought?!

With no warning he whipped me around and bent me over one of the bar stools that seemed to have no place in the garage. I felt his large hand go up in between my thick but toned thighs and felt two fingers rub their way up and down my sopping wet pussy. Mr. Wilson laughed and I turned my head back to look at him, he shoved the fingers in his mouth and smiled with approval. "Not gonna need that lube of yours after all. Good girl." I felt both shame and glee as his hands ran their way from my hips down my thighs, back up again, over my small waist and up to my shoulders. He moved his hand once more between my legs and pushed them slightly apart. And with no warning his thick cock, so erect it felt like it was made of rock ripped into the soft, pale rose folds of my pussy. I cried out in pain, as I had never had anything that big around inside me before, but the pain quickly subsided into a sensation I had never felt. I tried to steady myself with the stool but could barely hold myself up he was fucking me so hard. I heard low grunts every time he pushed himself into me. I began trying to match his rhythm, I found myself beginning to moan, wanting him deeper but his squat dick had girth not length going for it. I arched my back and gave into him completely.

"Those bitches can't do this to you can they?" I barely got out a no and shook my head. A large slap landed on my ass check, stinging but pulsating into my filled pussy. "Tell me you love this dick!" A series of smacks landed on my ass, each one harder than the last.

"I love it Mr. Wilson!!" I almost shouted and more slaps, that wasn't right, it wasn't what he wanted. "I, I need it Mr. Wilson, I need your fat cock. I love it." Still not right as slapped my ass harder, then slid deep into me, and covering my upper body with his, I felt his hand around my throat and it tightened. "Tell me how much you love this dick, in your tight little pussy you slut. How much you love your Daddy's best friend fucking you." He whispered in my ear. His grip didn't let up and I didn't know what to do, did I admit that I liked it?

"Mr. Wilson, I want you. Fuck Mr. Wilson, I need you. I love your fat cock fucking my little pussy!" I couldn't believe the words escaped me as I looked back at him, his pumps going faster. "My pussy has never felt like this. Mmmmm. Did you see how wet I got for you? I need that fat cock Mr. Wilson, oh my God I need it!"

What was I even saying? Did I mean it? I think I did! I was breathing heavy and all of a sudden heard his breaths change and I knew he was going to cum. I thought about the lack of a condom. He had raw dogged me and suddenly I wanted his jizz to fill up my eighteen year old pussy. I had used condoms with the two guys I had been with and was sort of grossed out by jizz but in this moment I inexplicably wanted his. A memory flashed and I remembered Mr. Wilson talking about getting "fixed" when he was with his ex wife. His thrusts were hard and short now as he held onto my hips for dear life.

"Fill me up Mr. Wilson," I shocked us both. "Fill my pussy up. Fill me up." I could only whisper, still too far from orgasm myself but wanting to feel his. Suddenly he seized and I felt the warmth shoot inside me. He stayed, his dick pulsing in me, filling my young cunt with his fifty something jizz.

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