Editor's note: this story contains scenes of non-consensual or reluctant sex.


I hadn't heard from anyone at FD Corp. since I was brought in for my very kinky medical examination. No one contacted me about any bad test results, so I figured that physically and emotionally I was acceptable and available for whatever 'corporate assignments' that Ms. Stone would send my way.

I was doing OK in all my classes. My new workout regime and diet had me feeling pretty great. It was a relief knowing that my tuition, housing and food were being paid, and I was even getting a bit of a stipend for spending money. I wasn't in want of anything, but it was just enough money that I had to be sure to stay in FD Corp.'s good graces. I was obviously being held on a tight leash.

I was hanging out in my dorm room, looking forward to three days in a row without any classes or any demands on my time when one of my cell phones rang.

I had been given a sort of burner phone by Ms. Stone so our conversations would be unrecorded and totally private. She had told me to be sure to take it with me on all jobs so that they could "ping" the phone to check on my whereabouts. Everything was to ensure complete discretion for the clients and safety for me.

Sure enough it was Ms. Stone. "Hello Randy. I assume that everything is going well with you."

"Yes ma'am. Everything's great."

"I understand that you are doing very well with your new exercise and diet programs and that your tuition and housing are being paid with no problems."

"Yeah, everything's working out just great. Thank you."

"Excellent. That is what I want to hear. Well, I have your first assignment for you, one that will require your role-playing skills. As you have three days available this assignment shouldn't interfere with anything."

"Okay." Boy, if she knows I have this free time, they really are keeping close tabs on me.

"One of our main benefactors is a Mrs. Twombly. She has been responsible for a number of scholarships and endowments to FD Corp. She is very old, very rich, and very eccentric. She would like you to be her pool boy for an afternoon. I imagine you can figure out how to seem as though you are cleaning a swimming pool."

"Sure thing shouldn't be a problem."

"She does have a few more requests. You will be receiving a package later today. There is some clothing and...equipment, along with some instructions. Appointments have been made for you with a hair stylist, and a tanning salon. A chauffer will be picking you up at 2 a.m. tomorrow morning."

"That seems like a very odd time for a..."

"As I mentioned, Mrs. Twombly is very eccentric. All will become clear to you. She is very important to the corporation, Randy. I expect you to follow all the instructions you will be given."

"Yes ma'am, you can count on me."

"Good, that's the attitude I want. Be sure to get some sleep so that you will be outside the dorm and ready to be picked up at 2 a.m."

With that, she hung up. It looked like I was in for a free haircut and spray tan. Sounds like a good deal.

Just then there was a knock at my door. Sure enough, it was a deliveryman with a package for me. I opened it up to find some slip on sneakers, what looked like medical scrubs, a small tote bag and a smaller box. There was also a note that read: 'Mr. Summers, when the chauffer comes to pick you up be sure to be wearing all the contents of this box, especially the cage."

I opened the smaller box to find a male chastity cock cage! WHAT THE FUCK???

I was about to reach for the burner phone and tell Ms. Stone that the deal was off. Then I remembered. I had met with the financial aid office when my previous scholarship funding had run out. There was really nothing else available for me except FD Corp. If I said no to this assignment, I could kiss my degree goodbye. I sat there and hung my head. I don't like feeling backed into a corner, but I realized I had no other options. Like an athlete under contract to a team, I was pretty much owned by FD Corp.

I looked at the instructions for the cock cage thing. There was a sort of ring part that went around my cock and balls and a clear acrylic cage part that locked on to that with a key. My cock was clearly visible through the acrylic cage. There seemed to be a hole at the tip to allow me to take a piss. Once the cage was locked there was no way to get the thing off without the key.

I managed to stuff my junk into the contraption. Everything just barely fit. Jeeze, if it's this snug when I'm soft what the hell will happen if I start to get hard?

I put it aside. I wasn't going to put it on a minute before I had to. I set the alarm so I'd have time to shower and shave and be dressed and ready by 2 a.m. I can't say that I slept well.

When the time came, I was outside and as ready as I would ever be. I'd locked myself in to that hellish contraption and was wearing the scrubs and the slip on shoes. The chastity cage key came on a long ribbon, so I put that around my neck. I didn't want to lose it. My wallet and dorm keys were in the tote bag along with the burner cell phone that Ms. Stone had given me.

Sure enough, at the stroke of 2, this huge Rolls Royce Limo pulled up. The driver lowered the window and I walked up to the car.

"Mr. Summers?" He was an older gentlemen, I figured he had been with Mrs. Twombly a long time.

"That's me."

He motioned for me to go around to the passenger side. He got out of the car and came around to open the rear door for me. Just as I was about to get in he said, "One thing, Mr. Summers. I've been instructed to make certain that you are wearing the chastity cage. "

"I'm wearing it. It's uncomfortable enough."

"I'm afraid it will be necessary for me to verify it visually."

"Fine" I sighed. I loosened the drawstring on the scrubs and dropped trou. The chauffer smiled.

"You will also need to give me the key. It will be returned to you during your appointment with Mrs. Twombly."

Oh great, I'm supposed to spend a whole fucking day and a half trapped in this thing? I had seen the instructions. I could only pee sitting down without making a huge mess. I made myself count to ten to calm down, and handed over the key.

I got in to the limo and buckled myself in, and off we went.

We drove for a while. I thought I knew the area. But at that dark hour I couldn't be sure if it was Brentwood, Bel-Air or Beverly Hills. We passed through some sort of security gates and came to what looked like a row of shops along some sort of promenade. We stopped; he let me out of the car and escorted me to what must have been a very exclusive styling salon. The windows seemed to have black out curtains. The chauffer rang the bell and the door opened. He ushered me in.

It was so bright inside it took a minute for my eyes to adjust. Standing before me was this knockout babe with Ginger hair, wearing hot pants and a tight t-shirt. She had just the figure to fill them.

"You must be Randy. I've been expecting you. Come this way."

She led me over to one of the styling stations. My pal the chauffer parked himself in one of the lounge chairs where he would have a good view of me. I wondered what was in store. I found out soon enough.

"Please remove your scrubs. You may put the shoes back on."

Well, Ms. Stone said that Mrs. Twombly was eccentric. At this point there was no going back. I stripped and sat in the styling chair. She eyed me up and down and had no reaction to the chastity cage.

"You are already a blond, but I am going to give you some highlights and do a bit of styling. You'll look like the perfect California surfer dude or pool boy."

I have to admit that she gave a great shampoo and scalp massage. I almost started dozing in the chair. She sat the chair upright. She put a styling bib around my neck. Not one of the long ones that cover all of you, but a short one that just covered my shoulders. My caged manhood was fully on display. She went about clipping combing and fluffing until she seemed satisfied with the style. Then she started brushing some nasty smelling concoction on parts of my hair.

"Hmmm, I really want to make sure that these highlights look very natural, especially from the front. I need a better angle." With that she straddled my lap and sat in the chair.

Seriously, her pert booty is now parked right on top of my trapped junk. I groaned as I felt the erection start. It hurt, a lot.

The chauffer was watching all of this very intently. I thought I saw him slowly rubbing his crotch. I'm sure he would be reporting everything to Mrs. Twombly.

While she continued putting in highlights she whispered in my ear; "I'm sorry Randy, but I'm under very strict orders to tease you. And you can look, but not touch, which in this case is a pity. I can think of a number of things I'd like to do to you besides style your hair."

I winced as my poor, proud, painful cock valiantly tried to get hard in its confinement.

"You're real cute and I like blond guys. And FYI, I don't have any gag reflex."

All I could do was groan.

A bit more time, a session under the hairdryer, a rinse and blow-dry and this part of the ordeal was over.

The chauffer got up from his lookout post and came over.

"Very well Mr. Summers, it's time for you tanning session. Come along."

I noticed that he was holding the tote bag with my clothes.

"Umm, shouldn't I get dressed?"

"No need."

He pushed me out the door of the salon, took my arm and led me down the promenade. I covered my crotch with my hands. It was the middle of the night and there didn't seem to be anyone around, but this was a bit nuts. We came to the door of a tanning salon with more blacked-out windows. He rang the bell and in we went.

I was greeted by this smoking hot MILF. "Ah, Mr. Summers. There you are. It's time to get you tanned."

She was another Ginger, wearing yoga pants and a tube top. This Twombly broad that arranged this whole scene has no mercy. She led me over to a salon chair and sat me down. She didn't seem the least bit surprised that I was naked except for a chastity cage and shoes.

"First I'm going to do your face and neck area. Do you recognize this?"

She was holding one of those makeup airbrush things I had seen on TV commercials. I nodded.

"I use a formula of my own. It has vitamins, conditioners and even SPF. And I promise that you won't look 'orange'. You will have a beautiful golden tan befitting the perfect California pool boy. With your blond hair and big, blue eyes you should look quite spectacular when I'm finished."

She suddenly pushed my legs together and straddled my thighs. Her gorgeous tits are practically in my face and her beautiful backside is pressed against that miserable cock cage. She felt me squirm and heard me groan. She leaned in very close and whispered in my ear.

"I'm sorry, but I'm following orders. I'll try not to make you too miserable. From what my daughter told me you must be packing a real nice piece and I bet that cage hurts. It's a pity that you're confined. My daughter and I love 3-ways. Remember, we're being watched. Now close your eyes and keep them closed while I spray."

DAUGHTER! The hair stylist was her daughter? Okay, I'm going to get up, take the key from that damn chauffer and get myself free from this thing clamped to my crotch. I want them both. I want to fuck them and eat them out and give them multiple orgasms and be their sex slave for life. But instead I just sat there.

The spraying actually felt cool and pleasant. I managed to relax. This was followed by some warm air blown on me. She did several coats of tanning solution in this manner.

"Ah, your face looks just perfect! Now open your eyes stand up and come over here."

She led me to an open booth of sorts.

"Okay Randy, I'm going to do the same thing I did to your face to the rest of you. However, Mrs. Twombly wants the perfect pool boy to have the perfect tan line. Put this on."

She handed me what looked like a rubber Speedo. Once I had it on she made a few adjustments tugging here and there.

"This will give you a nice, sharp tan line. Now stretch your arms out and slightly raised, take off the shoes and spread your legs. I'll put these safety goggles on you. That way you don't have to keep your eyes closed unless you want to. I'm putting some lotion on your palms. I don't want them to get tanned. Now try not to move."

The same spraying and drying routine was now being done to my body. The spray felt cool and refreshing and I was relaxed enough that my cock stopped hurting.

"All right Randy, we're finished. Don't take a shower tonight, and in the morning please just rinse yourself, no soap. By the time you have your session with Mrs. Twombly you'll be able to swim or shower or whatever without any tan coming off. It's not permanent. It will fade in a few weeks with regular activity and showering. Now you can put on your scrubs and shoes, head back to the dorm and get some sleep. I imagine you're exhausted."

Exhausted is right I barely remember getting back in the limo and getting back to the dorm. I must have dozed off. The chauffer woke me when he opened the car door.

"Very good Mr. Summers, please be in front of your dorm the day after tomorrow ready to go at 10 a.m. You may wear what you're wearing now. The key to your...contraption will be given to you at that time."

I staggered back to my dorm room, threw off the scrubs and headed to the bathroom to see what had been done to me. I hadn't been given any time to look in any mirrors at the salons. My dorm bathroom door came equipped with a full length mirror. As I got a look at myself, I felt my jaw drop. Those Ginger beauties sure knew what they were doing.

My new diet and exercise regime had me more buffed and ripped than I had ever been. My hair and skin looked like polished gold. My ass looked snow white in comparison. I could have been one of those fashion/fitness models you see in magazines. Damn, I looked good. I felt a familiar stirring in my groin. Shit, that's all I need; to get turned on by my own reflection. I threw myself into bed. I got out my tablet. I figured with all these elaborate preparations I'd better look convincing so I got on the internet and researched videos on 'how to clean your swimming pool'.

I slept fine, except for the times I dreamed of those Ginger babes and the pain from my confined cock woke me up. I'm still so horny and so frustrated. I'm almost afraid to find out what this Twombly woman has in store for me.

The next day the chauffer arrived at the appointed time to find me outside the dorm in my scrubs. We drove through Hollywood, up one of the winding roads through the Hollywood Hills. I wish I could say that I remember where we went, but I dozed off in the limo. The chauffer awakened me.

"We're here, Mr. Summers. Please take off the shoes and scrubs and leave them in the car. The pool deck is that way across the lawn. In front of the patio doors you will find a table with some items of clothing. Wear the items you find. Please face the patio doors as you dress. Once you are dressed, you will find the pool skimmer and other equipment on the deck so that you may 'clean the pool'. Oh, and before you dress, you may remove the chastity cage."

He handed me the key to the cage. Hot damn! I was going to be free of that contraption. I took the tote bag with me, after all my wallet and keys were in there. As I walked across the lawn, naked except for that chastity cage, I got a good look at the house. It wasn't one of those mega-mansions like you see today, but certainly a mansion. It was very old-school, the fa├žade was all stone. As I got closer to the patio area I could see the spectacular view of Hollywood below.

I found the table the chauffer had mentioned. There was a yellow floppy fabric hat with a wide brim, some very expensive designer sunglasses with yellow trim, some pricey looking flip-flops, also in yellow and a very, very small men's Speedo. Now I've taken swimming classes and worn racing suits. This was a bit different. The yellow fabric was not very stretchy, but very thin and also unlined. Just holding it I could almost see through it. Oh, brother!

I resigned myself to whatever was in store. I took the key and got my cramped cock and balls out of that damn contraption. After almost 2 days in captivity, my cock sprang to full hardness instantly. I thought I saw movement behind the sheer curtains of the patio doors. I was being watched. I put on the Speedo. With a bit of stretching and tugging I was able to get it to contain my hard-on. My cock showed no signs of going down, so I had to 'dress right'. The rise on the suit was so low that my cock shaft was barely covered. I felt as though my cock could spring out at any minute. Even so, the suit and my tan line seemed to line up perfectly. I put on the flip-flops, hat and sunglasses. I got a look at my reflection in the patio doors. If this were a porn movie about a pool boy, this would be the look. I thought I saw the curtains flutter. Yep, I was being watched from inside the house.

I found the pool cleaning equipment and got to work skimming the leaves and scrubbing the sides, emptying the leaves from the filter. That video I watched came in handy. I kept busy for what seemed like a very long time, I had worked up quite a sweat in fact. Just then I heard motion from the patio. A woman in a lounging robe was pushing another woman in a wheelchair out onto the patio under the awnings out of the sun.

"Randy, come take a break. Mrs. Twombly would like to say "hello'. I'm Mrs. Twombly's assistant, Ann.

I hustled on over. Ann was a reasonably attractive middle aged woman. Mrs. Twombly, on the other hand, was ancient. She was wearing beach slacks and a top, along with a huge hat and sunglasses. Her skin was paper white and she was wearing way too much rouge and lipstick. I'd seen enough movies to know what to do. I leaned down, took her hand and kissed it. She gave a delighted giggle. She grabbed my other hand and pulled me closer to her wheelchair. Her voice was a very cultured, low, croak.

"Randy. I want to thank you for coming out to clean the pool." As she spoke I could tell that from behind the sunglasses, her eyes were zeroed in on my crotch. "It's so nice to have such an attractive young man around." She turned to her assistant. "Ann, bring lemonade, Randy looks thirsty."

In truth, I was thirsty. The cold lemonade hit the spot.

"Well I'm sure you have a bit more work to do, so I won't keep you."

I went back to make more of a show of cleaning the pool. I really was sweating now, as the sun was quite warm. As I worked, I became aware that Ann had wheeled Mrs. Twombly over to the deep end of the pool to watch me as I worked.

Suddenly there was a commotion. Mrs. Twombly was excited and a little frantic.

"Oh dear, oh dear, and it's my favorite. Randy, would you come here?"

I trotted on over to her wheelchair.

"Randy, I've dropped a brooch in pool. Its hand painted and I'm sure the chlorinated water won't be good for it. I'm afraid I dropped it in the deep end. Would you be an angel and get it for me?"

"No problem, Mrs. T, just leave it to me." I did see something in the bottom of the pool so I dove in giving what I hoped was my most graceful swimming class dive.

The brooch was quite tiny so it took more than 1 try for me to grab it. I had to come up for air once or twice, but I did manage to retrieve the object. I climbed out of the pool dripping wet, and handed it to Mrs. Twombly. Her gash of lipstick had formed into a huge, lascivious grin. I looked down to see that my wet swimsuit was transparent, and Mrs. Twombly's face was mere inches from my cock! I covered myself with my hands.

"Mrs. Twombly, I'm so sorry. I didn't know the suit would be so..." She cut me off.











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