All characters are eighteen years of age or older. This story contains bisexual women; exhibitionism; watersports; and non-con references. Reader discretion is advised. This is a work of fiction. The names and events are not real, and not related to anyone currently living or dead.


"Why do you think the guy disappeared? Bigfoot? Ghosts?" Tamsyn asked, leaning her young freckled face in front of the camera. Fritzi turned the phone around to film herself, and dramatically stroked her chin.

"Judging by the dude's décor, my guess would be an existential crisis with crippling medical bills," Fritzi said, leaning closer to one of the numerous posters of UFOs and aliens, hanging on the walls. "When a probe gets stuck in there, it'll cost your reputation to get it removed."

"This wouldn't be knowledge from personal experience, would it?" Tamsyn said in a quieter tone; giving her an impish smile.

"If I had lost anything up in there, I would have displayed the x-ray in my bedroom window."

"Somehow I'm still surprised by that," she said, picturing what such an x-ray would have looked like. "I know I shouldn't be."

Fritzi shrugged. "Hey, if a doctor is going to zap me with space lasers, then I'm gonna take home pictures of it."

"Chicas locas..." José muttered from the other room. "Las niñas no hablaban así cuando yo tenía tu edad."

"Oh, you know I'm just kidding, José," Fritzi said, rolling her eyes.

It was wild seeing Fritzi open up, and be silly. She had always been the tiny, quiet tomboy in the corner in class. Fritzi Frei, just another name during roll call in senior year English class. It had probably been the same the other way around too. At first glance, they looked like they came from two different worlds. Tamsyn was the sunny girl next door, while Fritzi was the quiet metal-head with piercings. They looked like such an odd couple, but Tamsyn couldn't imagine having a better friend.

Their relationship was still fresh. She wasn't sure what kind of relationship they had. They had only started talking a couple months ago in class; shortly before graduation. Outside of school, they had been texting each other. Sometimes it had led to cybersex and role playing on the nights where her younger siblings weren't there to annoy her. Were they girlfriends or simply friends with benefits?

Whatever they were, Tamsyn was eager to take things to the next level. However, the next step was also scary. She had discovered they both shared the same kind of kinks, but pretending in text was different than actually going through with it. It was embarrassing, and she had felt too shy to explore them outside of their mutual online masturbation sessions. Her heart longed to share everything with Fritzi, and her body lusted hungrily; yet her mind still lacked the confidence.

Watching where she stepped, Tamsyn filmed around the cluttered bedroom. She zoomed in on what was once a pile of clean laundry, which was now just dusty white briefs, strewn about the floor. The owner of the house clearly had a fascination with extraterrestrials. Urban explorers had given him the nickname "UFO Guy". It was surprising how well preserved the house was, given how many curious people had to have gone through the place over the years. There were no broken windows or graffiti yet, which was unusual for an abandoned property.

Sliding her phone into the small pocket of her light blue skirt, she pulled out the band from her long platinum hair, and readjusted her ponytail. Heart racing, her hormones threatened to take control over her body. In a way, she wished it would, and force her out of hesitating further. All she needed to do was bide her time for the right moment, and then just do it. No over-thinking or worrying; dive in head first, and throw caution to the wind. The fear of being caught trespassing was far outweighed by the thrill and anticipation of being 'caught' in the act.

Tamsyn had always been very shy, and hated her body once her breasts started growing; if she could even call them that. During P.E. she had always worn her gym clothes under her regular clothes, so she never had to be seen by her classmates. After reading Fritzi's stories, she wanted to be seen; tuberous breasts and all. It had awakened a side of her, she hadn't realized was there. Exhibitionism wasn't the only kink they had in common, but she felt so tame compared to the erotica Fritzi had written. She wanted to try it all, so long as she was with Fritzi.

Her panties moistened as she tried not to squirm with a full bladder. Either she was going to find the right moment alone with Fritzi, or she was going to start peeing her panties in front of everyone. Turning red, the embarrassing thought turned her on more than it should have. Her frayed inhibitions prevented her from doing something stupid—or at least something stupider than what she had already been planning.

Ogling Fritzi's small petite frame from behind, her arousal emboldened her. She watched Fritzi's hips sway as she moved. Black jeans clung almost loosely to her body; hiding the panties she so desperately wanted to see. A simple tug might be enough to drop them to her ankles. Was that her visible panty line, or just a wrinkle in the denim? Blushing, Tamsyn vividly pictured her in detail, using the details of the stories based on Fritzi: thin, but lightly toned body; smooth fair skin; neatly trimmed auburn pubes; and a clit so fat, it was the size of her thumb. The exact details of her self-insert may have been exaggerated, but she was one smile away from throwing her onto the bed, and finding out first hand.

The older urban explorer guide climbed over a narrow bookcase that had been knocked over in the doorway. José panned his camera around the cluttered room. "Every time, it gets a little messier in here," he said. "I don't think it'll be much longer before the walls are full of holes and spray paint."

"How long did you say this guy's been gone?" she asked, inconspicuously. Turning away, she felt her body lubricating.

"Ah, ocho años—eight years, maybe?" José replied, scratching his graying goatee. "Some people found mail with dates on it. They said the stuff was from eight to ten years ago. No one knows for sure though, but it's been a long time."

"Dude, are you serious?" Fritzi said, nudging some clutter around the doorway of the closet. "Aside from a few drawers and cupboards being tossed, this place looks like somebody just, like, went out to town to get groceries, or something."

Tamsyn nodded. It was eerie. Dishes were still drying by the kitchen sink. The bed looked like the guy had just rolled out of it hours beforehand. Clothes still hung in the closet. There was even a mostly full bottle of shampoo in the shower, and a still wrapped bar of soap. If it hadn't been for the curious rummaging of previous urban explorers, the house would have been pristine. The other abandoned places they had visited were utterly trashed. Windows broken; toilets smashed, or ripped out entirely; and graffiti everywhere.

"What did happen to the UFO guy?" she asked. Spinning the top of a silver kinetic perpetual motion pendulum doodad on the desk, the toy sprang to life, and started swinging back and forth.

"Dunno," José shrugged, and shook his head. "One day he just disappeared, and no one has seen or heard from him since. Happens a lot with some of these places."

A loud crunching sound came from the living room, as a thin young man with glasses stepped into view of the doorway. "If I were to hazard a guess, I'd say the most plausible answer would be either a sudden death, or imprisonment," said Bart, the fourth member of their local club. He looked around and snapped a few photos.

"I dunno. I still prefer to think of him as being stuck in that alien UFO, on his way to planet Zippotron, being anally probed for science, and amusement," Fritzi said, as she carefully pulled open a drawer with the tip of her black leather combat boot. "At least that's how I imagined it in one of my stories," she said, half-joking. She gave Tamsyn a knowing glance, and a wry smile.

"What kind of stories do you write for real? I wouldn't mind reading them sometime," Bart said.

Tamsyn and Fritzi gave each other a quick glance. Playing it cool, Fritzi pretended to adjust her black and white ball cap, to hide her blushing cheeks. "Eh, you wouldn't like 'em. It's just boring girly shit. Rainbow ponies, unicorns, and dull shipping fanfic stuff. Besides, they're not that good, and I haven't finished writing them."

Smiling, Tamsyn turned away, to snap a few more photos. She had been featured in several of Fritzi's stories. It had been the raunchiest, hardcore smut she had ever read, and she loved every bit of it. Her pussy twitched just thinking about it. Anxious and horny, she continued to bide her time for the perfect moment. It was hard to concentrate being on the verge of wetting herself. Unconsciously clutching the cotton fabric of her skirt, her bladder muscles began to quiver.

Mortified and aroused, she sucked in a breath through clenched teeth. Ready or not, it was going to happen any minute now. All she needed was a minute alone with Fritzi. The guys had stuck close to them the whole afternoon. Mentally she begged the guys to leave. Looking towards the doorway, she contemplated retreating to the bathroom, but she knew she wouldn't make it. If she moved, the dam would break. Uttering a silent gasp, she thought she felt it start to leak out.

Time slowed to a grueling crawl. The group poked around for several more minutes, before José called out. "Okay, chicas. It's getting late. We better head back if we don't want to get arrested, or bump into any psychos who might be hiding out around here."

"I'm going to grab a few more shots from the outside real quick before we go," Bart announced, as they headed out of the living room.

Adrenaline surged through her veins. Now was her chance. Tamsyn pinched the short sleeve of Fritzi's anime tee. Silently she nodded back towards the bedroom, and pulled her along. "What?" Fritzi whispered.

Blushing, she smiled awkwardly, and subtly motioned for her to make sure the coast was clear. Fritzi quirked an eyebrow at her for a moment until a mischievous grin crossed her face. Fritzi stood halfway in the doorway, and glanced back and forth. Tamsyn paused until Fritzi looked back and gave her an inquisitive look.

Now on the spot, she hesitated with last minute second thoughts. Paranoid, Tamsyn glanced around the room, as she stood over the pile of underpants on the floor. It was now or never—a shiver shot through her body as her muscles started to give out. Hiking up her light blue skirt, she squatted down, and hastily pulled aside her matching light blue and white trim panties.

"Aahh!" she whimpered; eyes rolling back. She barely pulled her underpants out of the way before she let loose. She watched Fritzi become wide-eyed. "Oh..." a soft moan escaped her lips. Peeing had never felt so liberating and thrilling. She felt cobalt blue eyes scouring every inch of her. Staring, Fritzi's jaw dropped, and quickly forgot about guarding the door. Her hand drifted across the front of her dark denim jeans; fingers pressed down.

Tamsyn rolled the tip of her middle finger over her swollen clit; tempted, yet terrified to start masturbating. She could see Fritzi was having the same debate; hovering over the button of her jeans, on the verge of ripping open the fly. They watched each other. The stream continued to soak through, and spread over the formerly clean laundry.

This was taking too long. She thought it was going to be a quickie pee, and then be done, but she kept going. Sucking in her lips, she listened closely to the footsteps from outside, as Bart circled the building, right outside the bedroom. Stifling a nervous squeak, the puddle spread to the brown carpet. Gradually the pressure of the stream slowed to a trickle. Her middle finger vibrated over her clit. It didn't take much effort. "Haaah..." Cumming hard, she almost lost her balance. Carefully, she stood up and wiped her hand on the back of her skirt.

Fritzi had a hand clamped over her mouth, stifling a moan. Her eyes fluttered. "Mmph!" Her body went rigid, and her eyes rolled back. She held her breath, and pressed her knees together. A dark spot appeared on the front of her jeans, and then spread down her inner thighs, from the heavy torrent of ejaculate.

Tamsyn knew she was a squirter, but this was the first time she had seen her orgasm face-to-face. It was a beautiful sight to behold. The shocked wide-eyed expression on her face said it all. 'Oh shit,' was right.

"¡Ándale, chicas!" José called out from the front door.

"C-coming!" Fritzi hollered a little too loudly, as a second stream of cum gushed through her pants. "Holy shit," she uttered breathlessly, resting against the doorway.

"Whoa," Tamsyn was impressed. It looked like someone had turned on a faucet in her pants. She thought Fritzi had been exaggerating in her stories, but clearly not. Maybe some of the girls in those amateur porn videos weren't faking it after all.

Standing about a whole head taller, Tamsyn leaned over and kissed her on the lips. Her hands held onto Fritzi's hips, her body lusting for more. She dared to feel the wetness for herself; cupping her hand between her legs, and pressing upwards. In turn, she felt Fritzi grope her ass, and squeeze—not that she had much ass to grab.

Tamsyn didn't want to let go. This was the first time either of them had touched like this. There had been the cybersex; the erotica; and the one time they had sneaked in a brief kissing session while getting a slice at the pizza place. She wanted to rip their clothes off, and fuck right there on UFO Guy's bed.

It was difficult to tell, but she might have felt Fritzi's erect clit through her jeans... She became all too aware of the back of her panties being exposed, as Fritzi lifted the back of her skirt. Her hands were strong as they gripped Tamsyn's buttocks. A finger prodded between her butt cheeks.

"Mm..." Closing her eyes, she momentarily forgot where she was. Fritzi's hand snaked underneath the leg hole of her panties, and spread Tamsyn's cheeks. Her finger poked Tamsyn right on the butthole, causing her to jump and squeak. Breaking away from the kiss, she looked over her shoulder down the hall. "We should get going," she said.

Heart pounding within her chest, she readjusted her panties, and straightened her skirt. If she didn't stop herself, she would have lost all self-control; though it was arguable that she had already lost it. Fritzi beamed, but had a slight hint of disappointment, as the mischief ended as abruptly as it had started.

"Does it show?" Fritzi asked, examining her pants.

Stepping back, Tamsyn assessed the damage with a satisfied grin. "Looks like you wet your pants," she giggled. Ducking into the bathroom, Fritzi grabbed some toilet paper, but Tamsyn interrupted her. "Leave it. Go like that, I dare you." She felt bolder by the minute.

Fritzi held her breath, contemplating the idea. Sighing, she relented. "I've created a monster," she said flatly.

"Are you chickening out?" Tamsyn asked.

"I'm not a chicken—you just kinda, like, caught me off guard here!" Fritzi hissed in a hushed tone. "I didn't think you'd go and make me cream my pants like this!"

"I thought you did this all the time."

"What? No! I—I only peed in my panties a couple times in the backyard, with swim shorts on while pretending to cool off with the garden hose. Other than that, I've only flicked it in the bathroom during lunch at school," Fritzi admitted.

"But... your stories. I thought you were way more experienced than I was!" Her face burned bright red.

"I'm not complaining, dude. You made me cum so fucking hard, my head's all, like, super fuzzy right now."


Fritzi reached under Tamsyn's skirt, and stroked her vulva through her soaking wet panties. A faint moan escaped her lips, as she parted her legs, and leaned against the bathroom sink.

"I want that pussy right now, but we already took too long. One of them is going to come back and get us any second now," Fritzi whispered. Despite her urgency, her hand lingered, massaging her pussy.

Tamsyn's body trembled. She waited for the touching to stop, but it didn't. Her body was frozen and powerless to resist. Fritzi was right; they were taking too long to get back to the SUV. The others were calling them from outside. It had gotten dark so fast, she didn't even notice until she could hardly see Fritzi's face from what little light still came through the small frosted bathroom window.

"Show off those girly panties, missy," Fritzi ordered, pawing for the zipper.

"N-no..." she moaned softly, guiding Fritzi's hand to the zipper on her hip. The grip of her waistband relaxed, and her skirt fell to her ankles. Something warm and wet licked across the front of her baby blue panties. "O-oh g-gosh..." the words barely escaped her lips. Her fingers clutched Fritzi's hat, which was now turned backwards in the dark.

The front door opened. "Ms. Bates? Ms. Frei?" Bart called out. Footsteps approached. Tamsyn clamped her hand over her mouth; edging closer to another orgasm. A flashlight shined in the hallway. "Hey, are you in there?" he called into the bedroom.

"Be right there," Fritzi said calmly, pulling up the skirt. The light shined into the bathroom, and Tamsyn let out a shriek. Bart ducked, and turned away. "Hey! Don't look, pervert! We're having a private girls' moment here."

"Oh! Sorry! Sorry," he said, turning his back. He plunged his ringing ears.

Tamsyn held the bottom of her shirt down, covering herself, while Fritzi held on to her loose skirt. Suddenly Fritzi let go, dropping it to the floor again. Her heart nearly leaped out of her chest.

"Tamsyn was so embarrassed all day, because she needed help getting a foxtail out of her clothes," Fritzi lied, and pulled Tamsyn's hand up to fully expose her panties. "We just needed a minute alone to try and find it without guys trying to peep on us."

Fritzi turned her to face Bart in the doorway. The back of Tamsyn's panties were pulled down, and fingers combed through her thick unshaved platinum blonde bush. Fingers found her slit, and parted her labia. Tamsyn's knees were wobbly, and her mind was too stunned to think. Her panties were tugged down further, leaving her lower half on full display. They fell to her ankles, and without thinking, she stepped out of them, widening her stance. There was a sudden sensation like she was about to pee herself, and then the orgasm slammed into her. She heard the squirt of girl-cum dribble down onto the floor.

"Ah! Sorry, sorry! Uh, the engine's running; we got to get out of here before they catch us," he said, getting more flustered.

"You can say that again," Fritzi mumbled under her breath. "We'll be right there. Just give us a sec, and we'll be right out." She spoke so casually, despite being knuckle deep into Tamsyn's pussy; curling her fingers upward. He had to have heard the wet squelches from the hastening finger fucking.

Clenching her eyes shut, Tamsyn tried to exhale as quietly as she could through her nose, as another orgasm rolled through her. Bucking her hips, her internal muscles squeezed tight around Fritzi's fingers.

"Sorry, again. I-I'll be—we'll be waiting in the car. Just hurry up and get that stickler out. We have to get moving," he stammered, shielding his vision. Plunging his ears again, he retreated back outside.

"Ah..." was all Tamsyn could utter. Before she knew it, Fritzi was squatting down in front of her, burying her face into her pubes, and flicking her tongue over her clit. Letting out a quivering moan, she bucked her boney hips, and then came again. Basking in the afterglow, her mind was numb.











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