This is a work of fiction. All characters portrayed are fictional and over 18 years of age. However, the school and its cute uniform exist and can be viewed online for visual context.


It was the beginning of Summer and the weather gods had smiled favourably on Loreto girls high school in Toorak. The sun was out that morning and the cloudless sky was a deep, clear blue.

Today was the day for the annual school Fete, with a multitude of food stalls, games stands, sports demonstrations and other money raising schemes lined up around the school playing field. A group of cheerleaders practised their raucous performance on the grass behind the stands. Cheerful students, all wearing their pretty Loreto Toorak school uniforms, mingled around the stalls in excited anticipation of the Fete opening.

A tall, male teacher stepped forward and announced in a loud voice that students would now be assigned to their various roles to assist with the Fete. He ran through the long list of different stalls and activities, naming one or two girls as he went to let them know where they were assigned.

Getting down the list a bit, he came to the kissing booth. His hardening cock twitched in his pants as he looked at the girl's name that he had written alongside: Ms Claire Fuckwell.

Ms Fuckwell had been carefully selected by him for this important role, given her stunning good looks and his burning desire to use this as an excuse to have his way with her.

Quickly finishing off the rest of the list and dispersing the crowd of gabbering school girls to their alloted assignments, he turned on his heels to make a beeline for the kissing booth. He would take this opportunity to personally train Ms Fuckwell in the true art of the kissing booth.

She looked up at him expectantly from inside the booth, noticing that he was steaming toward her with a purposeful look in his eye. "Good morning, Ms Fuckwell!" he beamed as he arrived at the booth's front, open window.

"Good morning, Sir!" she returned cheerfully with a big smile, happy to be helping out and being noticed by her favourite teacher.

"Now - this booth is the most important one here today and is expected to raise the most funds for the school today" he stated seriously. We are all counting on you to deliver your best performance, Ms Fuckwell. Are you up to the task?"

"Yes, Sir" she nodded enthusiastically, although a little nervous now with the focus squarely on her.

"Well, then. I should make absolutely sure of that if I'm going to do my job properly. I'll pop into the booth with you quickly to check."

With that, he seized open the side door of the booth and squeezed into the small space. Claire was surprised but didn't really have time to react before he had thown his strong arms around her waist and started kissing her mouth. Her pussy tingled as his tongue slipped into her mouth and twirled with hers, his hands now gripping her arse and his muscular body pushing her into the other side wall of the booth. She instictively returned his affections, her tongue playing with his - she moaned and started rubbing his bulging crotch with a free hand.

Some girls nearby saw the shaking booth and heard Claire's moans so a little crowd of onlookers soon formed at the front window of the booth. They swooned and cheered encouragement as he started finger fucking her and then roughly pulled down her white cotton underwear from under her school dress.

He kept French kissing her all the while, even as he lifted one of her slender legs up onto the front counter so that he could ease his hard cock into her dripping cunt. The girls outside laughed and joked: "Is this a kissing booth or a fucking booth?!"

Ignoring them, his lashing tongue fucked her sweet mouth as his raw cock slipped in and out of her lovely little gash, building to a cresendo of relentless, animalistic pounding that shook the booth violently.

The girls cheered louder as his final thrusts and loud grunting signalled an explosion inside Claire as his hot wads of cum shot deep into her fertile cunt. Finally, his spent rod slid back out and he relinguished her mouth. Their mixed saliva spilt out of her mouth and dripped heavily down the front of her school uniform. A large glob of fresh cum oozed out of her bare cunt and down the inside of her upright leg, running into her white ankle sock below.

Flushed with sex, Claire reached down to pull up her crumpled underpants, shuffling her hips to slide them back under her school dress. Sighing happily, she straighted out her dress and tidied her hair. "Um, thank you, Sir."

"Ok girls, that's how we run a kissing booth! As long as the customer maintains a single kiss, he is permitted to do whatever else he wants. Clear?"

"Yes, Sir!" chorus the cheerful girls.

Putting his now limp, slimy cock back in his trousers, he exits the booth to join the onlookers at the front.

"Now, tell me girls - who else wants to volunteer in this booth today? We'll have lots of Fathers arriving soon to pay $25 for a kiss and it would be great if some of you could spend time in here to relieve Ms Fuckwell."

The girls squealed with delight as all their hands shot up into the air enthusiastically. They were all soaking wet and ready to please. & action=getinfo & userid=155251 & org.apache.catalina.filters.CSRF_NONCE=EBC3E97EB0A6A874652A31410C1C17CF

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