Ellie couldn't stop thinking about her last encounter with Matt. She'd never have guessed he'd be into something like watching her pee, and what was even more surprising was how much she'd enjoyed it.

They hadn't spoken about the incident too much afterwards, at least not directly, but suddenly there was a nervous anticipation in the air. It was as if they were both just waiting for their next opportunity.

Ellie still wasn't completely sure how she felt about the fetish itself, but just thinking about Matt's reaction had her stomach fluttering and her panties dampening.

The way his cock stiffened as she'd opened her legs and relaxed. The near-animalistic manner in which he'd fucked her afterwards, both still covered in her urine. How dirty and naughty and sexy it all was... Yes, she knew exactly how she felt about that.

Their morning run was the obvious chance for round two, and Ellie wanted to be ready. She'd downed a couple of glasses of water before Matt was even out of bed, determined not to mess up her chance to perform for him.


Their run went smoothly - though it felt twice as long as usual. When Matt suggested they take a shortcut to cut off the last few bends, Ellie didn't think to question it, just as eager as he was to get back to their apartment.

Perhaps even more eager. When Matt made the suggestion, he could see in her face some of that same desperation from yesterday's shower.

As they paused to decide, her eyebrows were furrowed in concentration. Was she jogging on the spot to stay warmed up, or warding off the tickling sensation in her groin? Did she need to go already?

By the time they got to the door, Matt had his answer. As he searched for their keys, Ellie paced back and forth, stopping to cross her legs and bounce up and down.

He reached for the lock, trying unsuccessfully to slide the key inside.

"Oops, wrong one," Matt grinned back at her.

"Matt! Please, I'm practically bursting," Ellie whined, sliding her hand between her legs to grip her crotch tightly.

Matt unlocked the door and Ellie immediately squeezed past him into the apartment, sliding off her shoes and rapidly tiptoeing towards the bathroom with her legs together and that hand still pressed up against her shorts.

For a second, Matt thought he was about to see the door shut behind her. Then she called out, "Are you coming?"

He entered the room to see her already removing her bra, not wasting any time. There were those erect pink nipples again, surrounded now by visible goose bumps covering her soft white breasts.

Matt walked over and cupped a hand around one of them, whilst sliding his other hand across her cheek and through her hair, slightly damp with sweat from their exercise. He gripped a fistful and pulled her face into his, meeting her lips in a passionate open-mouthed kiss.

As he caressed her chest, thumb circling her areola, his tongue explored her mouth. She moaned as he found her tender nipple, squeezing it gently against his index finger.

For a few seconds, Matt's advances caused Ellie to forget the urgency of her situation. Then she felt another twitch between her legs, and realised a fraction too late that she'd let a few dribbles escape her.

She could feel the warm dampness spreading out in a patch on her panties, and she froze in horror.

This wasn't how it was supposed to go. During yesterday's encounter she'd been in control, a liberated woman choosing to fulfil her man's secret desires. Now she felt like a child after an accident.

Matt started to pull away, noting Ellie's sudden change in demeanour. She hastily reached out and lifted up his shirt, trying to find a way to distract him.

If she could keep them undressing and get him in the tub quickly, maybe he wouldn't notice. He helped her remove the top before moving back in to continue their kiss.

For a second, Ellie thought she'd pulled it off, then she felt his hand sliding into her shorts.

Before she could react, his fingers were pressing up against the expanding wetness of her underwear.

"Damn, you're soaking!" Matt broke away to exclaim. "Wait, is this pee?"

Ellie's stomach dropped and she turned her face away in shame. Her cheeks were burning and in response she could only mumble, "Sorry, I didn't mean to."

"What are you sorry for?" Matt laughed. "Don't you get how sexy this is to me?"

He kissed her on the cheek before making his way down her body, over her smooth neck, her naked breasts, crouching down so his head was level with her hips. He took her waist band with both hands and lowered her shorts to expose those wet undergarments.

Ellie watched him cautiously as he leaned in towards her. He was close enough now to inhale her aroma, and he closed his eyes to savour the scent for a moment before planting a kiss right in the middle of the dark patch.

He stood back up and looked straight into her eyes.

"There," he said. "Now how are you going to be embarrassed about a bit of pee getting on your panties when you've seen me willingly put my face in it?"

Ellie was smiling again, her confidence restored and that humiliating stain suddenly feeling like a badge of honour.

Keeping her eyes locked on his, she slowly bent down to remove her underwear, stepping out of it and lifting it up to his face again. She could see his lustful expression as she held it under his nose and knew he wasn't just lying to placate her.

She dropped her undies to the floor and started to remove the remainder of his clothing, his penis springing out of his boxers to greet her. Then she took his hand and led him over to the tub.

Matt followed her inside, watching her hips sway with new-found boldness. Her butt bounced with each step, and as she turned to plant herself down on the corner of the basin her breasts bobbed with the ripple of the movement.

Then she spread her legs, and his full focus was on those red lips down below. With two fingers on one hand, she parted her labia to reveal the small opening to her urethra, whilst with the other she reached out to take his penis in her palm.

Ellie started to slide her hand up and down Matt's shaft, looking up into his eyes before finally relaxing her pelvic floor muscles.

A golden stream started to cascade out of her, forming an arc from her pussy to the floor where it splashed against the acrylic. They were positioned at the opposite end to the drain, so the fluid slowly began to trickle and flow along the tub's length.

As soon as her pee began to exit her body, Ellie had felt Matt's cock grow in her hand. Whilst her gaze was locked on his face, his was transfixed on the source of her fountain.

Her eyes rolled back into her head and she steadily exhaled a long sigh of relief, resting against the wall behind her. She continued to massage his penis with increasing intensity, once again relishing a combination of emotions.

She felt hot and naughty with her legs spread for him, she felt the pleasure of finally being able to relieve her urge, and that warmth of knowing you're making someone else feel good.

Meanwhile, Matt was intoxicated. The tub was almost covered in his beautiful girlfriend's urine, the scented air drifting up into his nostrils and filling his lungs.

He brushed the back of his hand against her flushed cheek and she looked back up at him, before a glint in her eye informed him she was about to do something even more daring.

Ellie shifted her bottom slightly and used her fingers to redirect her pee towards Matt. She watched as his leg hairs started to dampen, spraying down to his feet, then up to his knees, all while continuing to tightly grip his erection.

Matt revelled in the blissful comfort of her shower, even if it was only on the lower half of his legs. The way she'd so quickly gone from accepting his unconventional desires to actively participating in them was part of what made her so special to him.

As her stream faded, he leant down to kiss her again, removing her hand from his penis and kneeling down in front of her.

With her legs still wide apart, he closed in on her glistening vulva, which was still drenched with dripping urine. It trailed down the creases in her skin, causing shimmers in the light.

Again he breathed her in, then opened his mouth to extend his tongue towards her. The tip made contact with the bottom of her pussy, before gliding up and inside whilst his lips enveloped hers.

His mouth now covered her genitals, capturing the remnants of her pee, those slightly salty droplets stimulating his taste buds and mixing with an increasing amount of sexual wetness. His tongue explored the source, then moved up to gently caress her clitoris.

Ellie moaned as she ran her fingers through Matt's hair, pulling him in tight against her mound. She closed her eyes and began to gyrate her hips, riding his mouth up and down.

She could feel an orgasm slowly building, but she wanted him to share in her pleasure. She pulled away and guided him down to the floor, laying him flat. Then she swivelled around to give him an eyeful of her ass, moving one leg back either side of his head.

She lowered her vagina down to reacquaint itself with his mouth, whilst lowering her own mouth down to meet his penis.

Matt certainly wasn't complaining about the position change. Her tongue was now encircling the head of his dick while she went back to fucking his face with her soaking pussy.

She briefly took him all in her mouth before returning to focus on stimulating the head, simultaneously using a hand to rub up and down the shaft. Her actions grew more and more vigorous, her cries only stifled by his cock effectively gagging her.

As she once again reached the point of orgasm, Matt gripped her ass-cheeks with his free hands and pressed his tongue hard up against her wetness. He felt her shudder with contentment on top of him.

Ellie slowly lifted her vagina away from his face, still bobbing her head up and down on his penis. He tried to move his mouth back in again for more, but she shifted further away, hoping he'd get the message.

For a few moments, he was slightly confused, but then he saw her pussy start to drip once more. She clearly still had some pee left in her.

Hovering over his chest, she began to let loose, showering him with warm urine. With her soft lips sheathing and unsheathing his penis over and over, it was more than he could take. He tensed up as he felt his muscles contract, spurting cum up into her mouth.

As he felt the last of it shoot out, he also felt her last gush of piss cover him. He relaxed again, totally satisfied.

Ellie slurped up as much of his semen as she could, before sitting up and turning to face him. Meeting his opening eyes, she proudly swallowed before breaking into a sweet smile.

Then she lay down on his pee-soaked chest, nuzzling her head in his neck. They held each other tightly and caught their breath together, mentally preparing to finally begin their shower.


The support on my first story was fantastic, thank you! I already have chapter three planned out, and all the positive feedback is helping drive me to get it finished as soon as possible.



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