"Please Jermaine! Don't make me move out... let me be your bitch!" I begged, prostrating myself onto my hands, mewling and begging.

"Are you fucking serious?"

I looked up to see him looking down angry at me.

He grabbed me by the hair and lifted my face up to look at him. "Why the fuck would I want you as my bitch? After I've already fucked you all weekend... after me and the boys gangbanged you. I've already used your holes. I've made you suck my dick clean after it's been in your ass! I've already bitched you OUT! What more could you offer me?"

My face was flush with heat and tears were forming in my eyes as I stared up at him. Jermaine was no longer my friend -- he only saw me for what I had been reduced to.

"All of me... anytime." I said, but felt it wasn't quite enough. "Please... anything you want... tell me?"

His scowl told me he still wasn't happy with the negotiations. He reached down and grabbed me by my throat, choking me. I moaned submissively.

"I already told you what I want. But you're too fucking stupid to get it through your head. Or are you afraid?"

"Afraid... I think," I answered, his scowl not showing much improvement of the situation. I was afraid. I had been afraid. But I needed to not be afraid anymore. "Please... let me make it up to you. I want to be yours! Your submissive. Your slave!"

He laughed, thinking it over. He slapped me across the face. "First of all... if you really wanted that, you'd know never to tell me it's what you want. As a submissive, it's not about what you want. It's about ME!"

I nodded in acknowledgement but he still seemed unsatisfied as he grabbed me by the chin and shook it. "Use your fucking words bitch."

"Yes, sir. I understand... it's all about you."

"That's better. Now, why don't you think carefully before you speak... and say what you want to say," Jermaine said, standing tall in front of me. He had released my hair and allowed me to speak freely.

I looked up at him, feeling weak and pathetic but also certain that this is what I wanted. "Please Sir... may I be allowed- may I offer myself to you. May I please be allowed to stay with you and serve you? May you please consider me as your live-in slave bitch?"

I must have gotten through to him. And there was a long silence during which he stood contemplating, looming over me.

And then finally. "Wait for me in the lounge."


Despite my expression of devotion to him, I clearly still had a lot to learn. He admonished me for sitting on the couch. I was supposed to be in the submissive position. I guessed what that was pretty quickly -- on the floor, on my hands and knees. I felt a pang of guilt that I hadn't done it already. He clearly expected better of me. I had to learn to do better. I wasn't supposed to be told, I had to learn and know how to act like a sub.

So now that I was on my hands and knees, with the added over-correction to my earlier slight by taking my clothes off, I waited for Jermaine's next instruction.

"if you're gonna live with me, you need to forget about us being friends. What I want is a sub. A sub who will be willing to do anything for me. Who will be my bitch, no matter what. If that's what you want, say 'Yes Daddy'."

"Yes Daddy."

"And I want my sub to NEED me. To need to please and serve me! To need to please my dick! And to NEED to fulfil my every desire! Understand?"

"Yes Daddy! I NEED to serve you! I Need to please you! I NEED to please and worship your dick! I NEED to fulfil your every desire!" As I repeated back the words, I made them true. I NEEDED to be his. As much as I needed food or water or air.

He walked over and placed a sheet of paper on the coffee table. It was a contract. I read it, feeling excitement building as I did.

"Read it. Out loud," he instructed.

Contract of Submission to Master Jermaine:Rio McCollough, henceforth referred to as pussyboy, willingly agrees to submit to Master Jermaine Brookes and in effect, become his submissive sex slave. pussyboy is henceforth to address Jermaine in the appropriate term -- Master, Daddy, or Sir, or any other term commanded. pussyboy is to refer to his ass as pussy, and accept that it is the property of his Master Jermaine. In the presence of his new Master, Rio is to refer to himself in the appropriate submissive terms.

pussyboy willingly agrees to give possession and free reign of his body and allow Master to do with it what He desires. In becoming His submissive, pussyboy devotes himself to pleasing and pleasuring his Master. pussyboy is to devote himself to learning how to best please his Master daily, sexually and otherwise.

The extension of pussyboy's existence is best described as an object of sexual basis, and of secondary stature, compared to Master Jermaine, in the confines of the apartment.

pussyboy will also take on the role of a "house bitch", which includes cleaning the apartment, cooking and washing for Master. A maid role, in other words. pussyboy is to perform all required house duties daily while Master is at work or out of the apartment -- and be ready to perform sexually when Master returns.

Master Jermaine may use whatever toys or objects He desires to bring pleasure or pain to pussyboy. He may insert His manhood into whatever orifice he desires for as long as He likes, whenever He likes. He may restrain or use physical force to achieve His sexual satisfaction. pussyboy Rio agrees to perform any sexual act that will please Him and assume any position that He desires.

pussyboy will also wear any clothing, jewelry, ornament, or object that Master requires. Additionally, pussyboy will accept a complete wardrobe adjustment to fit into his new role as a sub.

pussyboy will happily receive any guests Master invites to the apartment with respect and be a good host, including being a waiter if required. Also if required, pussyboy will allow said guests to use him. pussyboy will pleasure them with the same enthusiasm as he would for Master.

pussyboy accepts that he is a slut and will not only allow his holes to be used at Master Jermaine's discretion, but also accept that he is a cumdump, with the desire to receive as much dick and cum as possible. pussyboy shall endeavour to be dick-hungry at all times, and pleasure Master on a daily basis as a minimum. Unless otherwise instructed.

pussyboy will suck, fuck and submit to anyone Master commands him to, and agrees to being publically shown to other people both in person and through media such as video.

pussyboy will take care of his body to stay in shape and fitness, keeping it clean and well-manicured. pussyboy will shave off all the pubic hair and keep his pussy region hairless. pussyboy shall keep his ass fat, as Master Jermaine likes the booty thick, through continuous exercise such as squats and lunges. pussyboy will learn how to twerk.

pussyboy shall refrain from playing with his dick when getting fucked, or at all times, unless given permission by Master. pussyboy may orgasm from having his pussy fucked or stimulated.

In agreeing that pussyboy is a slut, a hoe, a cumdump, and a slave in service to Master Jermaine -- pussyboy agrees to allow himself to be whored out, for money or other recompense, as Master Jermaine sees fit.

pussyboy agrees that failure to comply with Master's commands or expectations, stated or otherwise, will result in punishment which may include spanking, slapping, flogging... or any other form Master deems fit. Continued failure to comply or with Master's commands or wishes will lead to the termination of this contract. pussyboy will at all times be thankful to Master and strive to show his appreciation.

_________________________________Signature -- Master, Jermaine Brookes

Signature -- pussyboy

_________________________________Date Valid From

Date Valid To

That was the contract.

By the time I finished reading, my body was flush with excitement. I finally understood. Jermaine wanted me... but only as his submissive.

He was not a friend anymore. He was Master Jermaine and I was his live-in pussyboy.

"Well? You gonna sign it or what?"

I looked at the pen he was holding out. A moment that felt so heavy -- I reached out and clasped it. I immediately signed it. Accepting my new life and role as HIS submissive.

In that moment, Master Jermaine stood over me, fully clothed while I was prostrated in the submissive position, on my hands and knees. His hand touched my chin, lifting my gaze up to look at him. He was beaming, a big smile. And a bulge in his trousers.

"Well done. Now your training begins."

I blushed, feeling happy but in a different way. Like a child might, for performing a chore well. "Thank you Jer- Daddy!" I said, feeling stupid for almost referring to him inappropriately. To remind me, his hand swatted against my face, stinging me with a slap. Followed by a drop of spit, which landed on my forehead.

"You're welcome, pussyboy." And he grabbed my head, forcing it down onto the carpet, before administering several stinging slaps to my ass. I cried out, squealing in pain... but then I thanked him, each time. Eventually, even pain would be a source of pleasure. Then he lifted my head up, revealing he had his dick out, already erect and at attention

A moment of celebration followed as I sucked his dick. Then he pushed my head down, putting me in all fours. Knowing what my new place was made me happy. I wanted to laugh, I was so happy to be a submissive.

"Ohh yes Daddy," I moaned as Master Jermaine mounted me, sliding his engorged manhood inside me. Inside his willing pussyboy.











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