Dee came through the door to her home around 8 PM and immediately began disrobing. She slipped her skirt off of her hips and pulled her blouse over her head. With one hand and 100 years of experience, she reached behind her back, unclipped her bra, and let it fall to the floor. She was going to make a night of this, and with a display of tremendous restraint, she took a quick shower.

While in the shower, Dee started working out how she was going to play tonight. A moment later, she was rinsed and feeling squeaky clean. Her pussy was still soaking from her shopping spree, but she knew that just wasn't going to stop anytime soon. Not one to spend effort on futile tasks, Dee accepted that her pussy replenished her wetness the moment it was wiped away. She didn't want it to go to waste anyway.

Dee went to her room and started shuffling through her extensive lingerie collection. She wanted to feel sexy while she let a machine fuck her silly. Dee was looking for something crotchless, so she could be fucked while still feeling the lace or satin against her skin. She found what she was looking for. Dee pulled out navy blue and sheer black chemise. She unzipped the zipper on the side of the garment, stepped in, and pulled it up her body. Dee looked at herself in the mirror as the outfit stretched around her luscious curves. The soft material felt like the gentle caress of a lover as it slid and shifted against her skin when she moved.

Dee had ample breasts, and she noticed in the mirror that the act of getting ready, combined with her anticipation, had erected her nipples. She thanked herself silently because the chemise she had selected was cupless. If Dee needed to play with her nipples, she wouldn't have to struggle with anything being in the way. Dee was sure that she would need to play with her nipples.

Dee found her nipple clamps and attached them gently but securely to her nipples. The clamps attached to the hardness at the end of her tits. She admired her breasts as they hung slightly over the underwire in the chemise. She zipped the lingerie and whimpered as it pulled tight against her skin, sending sensations through her body and teasing her as it slid to its final position.

She then found a pair of black sheer thigh-high stockings with a floral lace band. She attached them to her garters and gave herself a final glance in the mirror. 'I'd fuck me,' she thought as she looked herself over.

Her pink nipples were starting to swell from the clamps. The chain was hanging to just above her navel, ready to be tugged on when needed. Dee's lithe figure was highlighted by the chemise. The blue pattern in it pulled her eyes to her precious anatomy while forcing the viewer to pass over little sheer black windows of flesh.

The chemise came to mid-hip, leaving her tight, swollen pussy exposed. The garters appeared from beneath the chemise and formed a very short skirt. They pulled her focus down her slender legs. She could make out the subtle lines formed by her muscles wrapped in the sheer nylon. The small peaks in the stockings where the garters connected formed arrows directing her attention back to her pussy.

'I am drop-dead gorgeous,' she thought as she ran her hands up her silky outfit. Her image reflected the seduction, making her lust for her own body. After a few moments of self-appreciation, Dee tore her eyes from the window of her beauty and began the rest of her night.

Dee set up the machine in the middle of her bed. She laid a pillow before it to prop her hips up and align her pussy with the cock. One of the smaller dildos was selected from her new collection that she'd purchased for the machine. Of course, Smaller is relative, as she mounted the eight-inch cock to her machine with remarkable ease.

She usually preferred to spend her evening sandwiched between two men. Occasionally she encroached into more kinky territories. Tonight, however, she had Azrie to think about and her recounting of what she had done with the boy she'd picked. Tonight a touch of femdom would be gracing the movies in her mind as she imagined herself under Azrie's spell.

Dee laid down in front of her machine, collected some of her homemade lubricant that was oozing from her, and applied it to the cock. Ready to go, she guided the head of the dildo to her waiting opening and turned on her machine. Slowly at first, she felt the thickness slide in and out of her, pushing deep into her body. She inhaled in anticipation of the gentle thrust pushing her lips inside of her. She exhaled on the outstroke, which stretched her lips and tugged on them as she gripped the dildo with her pussy.

Dee thought of Azrie's pussy, exposed, forcing Steve to vacuum himself from Azrie's pink heart. She felt a moan escape her body as she headed slowly toward her first orgasm.

Dee was controlling the experience. The last thing she wanted was to end the evening early by rushing. She knew if she came too quickly, she'd be done, and Dee wanted to cum repeatedly. Somehow, probably a century of practice, she was able to control herself. Her cunt was begging to be fucked harder and faster, but she resisted allowing her pleasure to build slowly, one buried dildo at a time. She could feel her orgasm mounting, threatening to grow out of her control. 'Let it,' she thought, 'I want to see what it can do to me.'

Dee's first orgasm was arriving with the machine still at the slow pace she started with. With a little more friction, caused by the machine's repeated impaling, her orgasm would be pulled through her body. Dee was sitting on her hands, not wanting to involve her clit just yet, but knowing she couldn't be trusted as her clit was screaming to be touched. Her knees were pulled up to her chest, spreading her open and giving her the sensation of a man on top of her, burying his giant dick into her pussy.

And then, it began. Dee's first orgasm was powerful. She shook violently as wave after wave of pleasure struck her body. Her pussy grabbed at the cock, still sliding in and out of her. It started building her next orgasm before she was done feeling the first.

With her pussy still pulsing and spasming against the cock she turned the speed up and let it drill her cunt like a jackhammer. Dee was on the verge of screaming from the intense pleasure being pushed rapidly into her pussy. She wanted to scream with longing when it rhythmically pulled out of her. Teetering between these sensations, Dee was beginning to go cum-crazy.

Her second orgasm was waiting for her to press the go button. She couldn't deny herself further in her intense and erotic condition, and she placed a finger to her clit. The moment she felt her hood press into her pink nub, a jolt ran through her, and she came again. Dee kept playing with her clit through the orgasm, adding to the intensity between her legs. As she came down, she decided to swap dildos.

Dee noticed that she was soaked. Her pussy, her lips, and even her thighs were all covered in the wetness that seeped from her. Every time the cock came out of her, it beckoned out more of her juice and lathered itself with her fluids, preparing itself for the next smooth thrust into her.

Dee needed a moment to catch her breath, and her wetness was going to allow her to step up a notch. The next dildo in line was nine inches long and had a girth of two and a half inches. Dee giggled excitedly as she swapped the little dildo out for its bigger brother. She noticed the midnight blackness of this cock made a nice contrast against the light pink skin her pussy had.

Ready to begin again, Dee positioned the head of the cock at her opening, and slowly she allowed it to push into her. She got a feeling of fullness as the cock stretched her cunt. The stretching of her pussy alone threatened to give her another screamer if she just waited a moment. Dee didn't want to wait, though. She wanted her pussy pounded. Dee turned the machine up to a faster speed and let it delve all the way into her pussy. She let out a yelp of pleasure every cycle as the cock bottomed out inside her. She could see the small bulge from the huge dick spreading her insides.

Dee pressed her clit down to feel the motion of the dildo behind it. It slid back and forth with each stroke as Dee turned up the speed again. A moment later, her back arched involuntarily, and she screamed in ecstasy. When she arched, the dildo started slamming into her G-spot, quickly supplying another orgasm just as this one was drifting away. Dee began to squirt furiously, her cum flying across her bed spurting out of her uncontrollably. Every contraction pulled more of the liquid from her.

As Dee came down from her high, she slowed the machine to a stop. As she cooled and regained coherent thought, Dee remembered she still had two more dildos. Immediately excited for another ride on the device with a new dildo, she attached one that boasted a 3-inch girth. Dee mounted the log onto her machine and had to tighten the straps keeping it still on the bed to prevent it from tipping forward under its new weight.

She wanted to be extra full this time, and she reached into her drawer and pulled out a buttplug. The silicone toy had a gem on one end, and the other was a large bulb. Dee collected some of her natural lubricant from her pussy and made sure her ass was well coated. She pushed the plug into her pussy to cover it in her wetness. Then she pressed it against her asshole. Slowly it opened and accepted the anal toy. The slight pressure the plug applied satisfied the craving she was feeling.

Dee turned over and got on her knees. She wanted to get rammed from behind. Dee held the giant head to her slightly gaping pussy and bypassed the machine's slow and medium speeds. She had the machine force the dick into her. Dee experienced a sudden stretch that felt like she was being cleaved in two. She was instantly dumb-fucked. Nothing else in the world existed except for the log that was pushing her forward. It thrust her forward with every cycle. Dee felt the toy gaping her cunt open, stretching it wider than she thought possible.

The gyrating dildo was pressing against the toy in her ass. It was pushing the plug around, fucking her ass in concert with the monster encroaching deep into her insides. Dee was drooling and mumbling. The double penetration pushed her mind to the limit of pleasure it could receive.

She came again and again quickly. Her face had fallen to her bed with her arms unable to support her. The quivering of orgasm was constant now, and she rolled from one peak to the next. She lost any sense of being and was replaced with continuous pleasure and excitement.

Dee had no thoughts, only feelings and sensations. All she could do was feel her cunt getting stretched and pounded while she came and squirted with vigor and a quantity of bodily fluids only the lecherous could produce. Dee wasn't sure how much time had passed, but eventually, the pleasure fog lifted from her, and she realized the machine had stopped.

Dee wanted to be back in that pleasure state, getting fucked to stupidity, and she hoped she hadn't broken her new experience. She checked the machine. It had seemed to have stopped because of some built-in safety limit.

Dee replaced the dildo with the final beast she had purchased. She nearly didn't buy it as the price tag on several pounds of molded flesh tone silicone was a couple hundred dollars. She was salivating with anticipation now, though. Dee was thrilled that she'd decided to take care of herself and get the monster anyway.

The 4 inches of girth on the beast would make most people fearful, but Dee looked at her pussy with a mirror and could see the dark blackness from her stretched open hole. Her cunt was ready to take the beast. She returned to her face-down ass-up position, aimed the head at her wet spot, and turned the machine up to eleven.

Dee was instantly thrust out of her brain, and an intense bliss immediately replaced all thought. She was screaming and moaning in pleasure as she was stretched as wide as she had ever been stretched. She gasped every time the beast hammered into her, drilling her cervix deep inside her.

Dee sat there, only moved by the hard thrusting of the machine. Her pussy was perpetually spasming now, pushing more squirt out of her every so often. An outside observer may have looked at the scene and seen a drooling mumbling woman with a tree branch impaling her and been concerned, but this is what Dee had wanted. She was fucked beyond stupid, only vaguely aware that there was some existence beyond the neverending bliss radiating from her pussy. As one orgasm ended, another seemed to begin.

Dee was supposed to be thinking about Azrie and her cherry-popping feeding, but that idea left the building with the second dildo. Dee was in such intense pleasure she didn't notice when the dildo combined with the futile squeezing of her pussy forced the butt plug out. Dee merely existed in that spot in that position and just accepted an intense feeling coming from her center.

Finally, after countless orgasms, what looked like gallons of pussy juice and squirt coating everything within a 3-foot radius of her pussy, the machine stopped. Dee didn't move. She just felt the beast resting inside her. After a moment of feeling thoroughly fucked and stretched out, with a slight whimper, she let the beast fall from her.

Dee felt the tension release in her vagina as it slowly returned to its original size shooting little sparks of pleasure up her spine as a soft encore for the experience. Part of Dee wanted more, though, and as soon as that part voiced the thought, the whole of the rest of her body shouted it down. Her body needed to recover from that blissful agony.

Dee was aware enough to realize she couldn't sleep in her bed tonight. She wasn't capable of cleaning the wonderful mess she had made. Dee found her way out of her bed and wiped her pussy with a towel that she immediately dropped to the ground. She stumbled, barely able to move her legs, with every step reminding her how she was just fucked. She made her way to her guest room. When she was close to the bed, her body gave up, and she fell forward onto the bed asleep before her body came to rest.

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