How could he do this? She never did anything to him. She got good grades, never talked back, and before this started never caused any distraction in class. She fumed with rage and then she charged, she just charged at the Professor and tackled him to the ground. She didn't have a plan and she did not care.

The Professor was able to get her off of him and quickly stand up. Beth feared he would run and then be back to square one as who would believe her that a professor was doing this to her. The professor turned away, however, instead of running he turned back to beth. He was now very apologetic and admitted a couple of things. He too was being blackmailed and being used as a puppet. He explained, that one day he came into his office and saw a letter on his desk explaining what to do. The letter contained pictures of a momentary weakness he had. He explained he was ordered to give you the notes and how he was supposed to treat you in class. After apologizing one more time the Professor just ran, while leaving the black bag.

Beth reluctantly opened the bag. She didn't see any clothes. She then noticed a tube and a note. The tube was glitter this time. The note explained that she has to put all of the glitter on and then go to her parent's home. The note went on about how she had some tasks to do. She could sneak around all she wanted and never had to say a word. But she had to stay there until the tasks were done. She had to start at 5 p.m. The note also stated they were able to get into her parent's security camera to record.

The tasks were:

1. Be in every room.

2. Have an orgasm while on the kitchen table.

3. Make sure at one point your parents are in the background.


As always, no covering.

Glitter must stay on.

Beth thought about just refusing and not obeying. However, all the videos and pictures would be released to everyone she knows. On top of that, she might never get her stuff back. Sure she could simply buy more clothes once this was all over. However, she had spent a lot of money on her clothes. And they also had her purses and other personal objects. She had thought about calling the police multiple times and really wanted to do so now. However, what would she tell them? What could they do? She didn't even know who was doing this to her. Sure, they could question the Professor, but in her heart, she believed what the Professor was telling her the truth.

So the choices were to continue with this, or go to the cops and have them question the Professor which would amount to probably nothing. And going this route would ensure all the videos and pictures be sent to her friends and family and she would probably never see all the belongings she had in her dorm room again.

So, at 5 p.m., she went to her parent's house. Luckily for her parents had a big house and they were still at work when she arrived. She immediately went into every single room to complete that task making sure to flip off the security camera while she did. If not for the task where she had to be visible with her parents, she could have just masturbated on the table and left right away. However, as she recalled her parents normally arrived home around 5:15. So she decided to hold off as she didn't want to take the chance that she would be right in the middle of masturbating when her parents got home. Rather, she decided to wait until her parents went to bed. That way she could sneak in their room and even though they would be sleeping they would still be visible in the background. She felt that was breaking the spirit of the task, but not breaking any rules. After that, she would complete her task of masturbating on the kitchen table.

Her parents arrived at 5:15 just as she thought. The first couple of hours were easy, her parents got ready for dinner and then ate. Beth stayed out of her former room and simply waited.

After her parents finished eating and had cleaned up, Beth decided to hide in the bathroom. She almost got caught right away when her mother came in there. She was in the shower with the curtains protecting her. As soon as her mother left she decided to go to another room because eventually one of them would come back to take a shower. She then crawled into her dad's office as that was the only other room as both of her parents were now downstairs watching tv. She waited under her father's desk as that was the only place since there was no bed or closet in her dad's office. Then all of a sudden, her father came in and she wanted to start crying. Here she was butt naked, covered in glitter, and wearing a stupid collar and leash.

Then to Beth's horror, her dad turned on porn, pulled down his pants, and started masturbating. Her father's penis was right in front of her face. She thought about turning around or even sideways, but she was terrified that she might make noise and get caught. Then after a couple of minutes her father came. She tried to duck but some of it landed on her face. She immediately wiped it off.

After that incident, her parents went took a shower and went to bed. Beth snuck into their bedroom and looked at the security camera, she had just completed that task. She then went to the kitchen table and masturbated to completion. Unfortunately, she moaned a little too loud and she heard her father say who's there? If she ran out the front door she would be caught for sure. If she hid, she would probably end up getting caught because this time her father was looking for an intruder, and there weren't many hiding spots where she was currently anyway. So, she ran out to the nearest exit which was the back door. She didn't think she had time to run around where the fence was because her father had heard her, so she jumped in their pool and started swimming around. When her father came out, she just stayed next to the edge of the above-ground swimming pool with her arms out in front. She simply told her dad she was in the neighborhood and really wanted to swim. She wasn't sure how believable that was, but it was the best she could think of at the moment. Her father just went back inside not saying anything.

Beth streaked back to her dorm and on her bed, she saw another note. She was so relieved at first. The note said that there would only be one more task and that all would be revealed soon, she was overjoyed with emotion. However, the note continued that she had earned two punishments. She screamed how the fuck did I earn two punishments. The note went on saying the first punishment was for covering at the pool. The other punishment was for not managing to keep all the glitter on her until midnight.

Just then Emily came barging in and was worried for her when she heard her scream. She started yelling at Beth demanding to know what has been going on. Beth confessed to everything. She then showed Emily her task and her two punishments.


Have an orgasm on the Radio and read the prompt in your sexiest voice.


1. You choose someone and they choose 3 tattoos for you to get. They also choose where they go on you.

2. Choose someone and tell them your Facebook password


Each tattoo has to take a minimum of an hour to prevent really lame tattoos, after all, this is a punishment.

You must tell whoever you choose they are not allowed to tell you what tattoos they choose.

You are not allowed to change your Facebook password after you tell them. & uid=116411

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